Stay away…. I m nt ur husband!!… (Episode 14) “bcoz u deserve it”

Hii guys… me back to torture you by my chapter… lol.. kidding….
N I also wanna cleat you one thing that till now what ever the story is or will be until the mystery is solved will all be sanskar’s point of view…. nothing will be swara’s point of view…. Every thing I will say about swara will be Sanky’s thoughts…. ok…
If any queries you can ask…??…

Acha ab no bak bak….

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Sanskar is standing facing the window of his room… his eyes are moist… He is watching outside aimlessly as if a body without soul… He just don’t want to breakdown… He makes his fingers into tight fist to control his emotions… bt while seeing outside he speaks in a choked voice….

Sanskar : ( choked voice ) Swara don’t leave me please… It’s not like that… plz don’t go….

Swara : what u are thinking…. It can’t happen I am sorry… bt I should leave now…. n for the last time I am speaking I am nt swara… ok…

Sanskar : for me u are n always will be swara….

Swara : mind ur business Mr sanskar maheshwari…. n good bye….

Thn sanskar heard the door opening sound…. He immediately turned n ran towards swara…. He held her free left hand…. trying so that she can’t go…

Sanskar : plz swara don’t go… I can’t live without plz…. u have come as a light in my dark world plz don’t make it again dark… I will die…

Swara : ( not looking at sanskar ) u r such a selfish person u know. … always thinking about urself… what will happen to you… ever u thought abt me…. n leave my hand let me go…..

Sanskar : plz do anything beat me scold me do anything bt don’t leave me…

Swara : u r not getting me… I m going so that I can’t be related to u by any cause… even if it be beating u or scolding u…. I don’t wanna make my hands dirty by beating u… or even nt my mouth by scolding u…. just let go off me….

Sanskar : plz don’t leave me…. atleast tell me the reason why you are doing this to me…..

Swara : reason is u mr. Maheshwari…. now ok.. u got the reason… u deserve this…. u don’t deserve love… u are good for nothing…. no one can love you… love doesn’t suits you… kavita was right by leaving me… u deserve it… u don’t deserve anyone…..

Sanskar : plz don’t say like that….

Swara : I am speaking the truth…. n it’s a bitter one….

Sanskar : plz… (He started sobbing holding her hand n kneeled down… ) plz no… It can’t be true….

Swara : it is… now leave….

Swara jerked her hand…. n took her luggage n just shut the door behind her….

Sanskar just saw her going… his eyes welled up…. He reached for her bt it was too late. … she was gone….

Sanskar : ( shouted ) no…. plz don’t leave….

Suddenly he heard sounds…..

Voice : wake up! Wake up! Nobody is leaving u ok… wake up…. Sanskar….

Sanskar open his eyes… his vision is blurred bt soon clears it…. swara is sitting beside him… n shaking him by shoulder…. His t shirt has gone wet due to sweating…. He was breathing heavily… as soon he saw swara… He hugged her tightly as if his life depends on it… swara hands moving in his back to n fro to keep him calm…

Swara : ( softly ) don’t worry it’s a nightmare…. its ok…

Sanskar : hmm…(still hugging )

Swara tries to break the hug bt sanskar’s grip was too tight for her to break… thn she resume the hug after seeing his condition…

Swara : how often these nightmares comes to you…

Sanskar : hmm… didn’t came after u came….

Swara : it’s all my mistake sorry…

Sanskar : huh (confused)

Swara : I took yesterday kavita’s name n today again u got the nightmare… sorry…

Sanskar hearing it breaks the hug…. bcoz this time it was nt kavita leaving bt swara was leaving n it was worse than the all other nightmares…. He was confused….

Sanskar : ( confused look ) Kavita? ?..,

Swara : don’t look so confused…. I m very good at maths…

Sanskar : excuse me… kuch b bakti h… now how maths came here….

Swara : Arre yesterday… I joined all incidents like 2+2=4 thn I concluded that that day u got the nightmare was of kavita… m I right or am I right..?

Sanskar: ya true so…

Swara : so what…. I know I am always right… (saying this she jumped out of the bed..) so ofcourse today also u got the same famous “kavita mat jao” nightmare…

Sanskar: no swara listen…

Swara : ( pulled him out of the bed n pushed him to washroom ) now enough of ur plz don’t go dialogue… n she will not come back so… don’t spoil ur life n go to washroom n freshen up… go…

Sanskar : swara ( bt thn he saw he is in washroom) huh… This girl…

From outside sound came : pata h pagal hu… now freshen up n come downstairs… We will be waiting for you…

Thn he heard of door being shut…. thn he again came to room to take his clothes bt then he sees swara has already kept clothes for him…. n curve appears on his face…. He then when to the washroom….

N again infront of Mr. Mirror…. his mirror knows all his secrets his feelings his every actions meaning….. bt unfortunately it can’t speak to advice him or to betray him by his secrets to others….

He washes his face n again looks at the mirror like always but the difference is that today he has a smile on his face that glow his face….

Sanskar : what she is doing to me… I don’t know. .. today I saw the worst nightmare… is loosing her my worst nightmare…. thn I am determined to not loose her… everything that I wanted from this life god has always snatched it from me… bt I will not it happen anymore… I will not let her go… I know she must have a family or something like that bt I am selfish… I will create circumstances that she will never get her memory back… bt she will create new memory with me… bt the most astonishing thing is after every nightmare I am like an animal freed from a leash….. bt she knows how to sooth me… n now I m smiling…. her touch is so spcl that can even calm a mad elephant… she knows to male me smile… n now I will do anything to make her smile….

He then comes out from his thoughts…. n then freshen up… n where swara’s choice… Brown blazer , black tshirt n faded jeans… He was looking all knows breathtaking handsome… (varun kapoor ???)

Now he is already to go downstairs… After looking last time in the mirror he went downstairs n saw… HIS FAMILY having breakfast together laughing n talking…..

As he entered Dp n Panchi became silent n were eating there food… He felt sad as this is the effect on his family by his presence…. now he realised swara was soo right…. He was not able to meet his eyes from both… bt his trance was broken by swara….

Swara : oh.. now I understood why you both became silent so that this Mr. Angry bird doesn’t become violent…

Sanskar : oh… hello. . I look like a angry bird… We should surely take you to eye’s doctor u need it…

Swara : u look like it or not…. I don’t know. .. bt ovio u act like one… Mr angry bird… anger is in the tip of his nose… (makes faces)

Sanskar seeing her making faces smiles bt suppresses it n said : don’t talk while eating…

Swara : hawww u forgot yesterday’s session… It took some much time to make you understand that we should talk while eating…. uff.. again I will has to waste my energy on you…

Sanskar : swara shut up n sit down…

Swara : Acha who gave you the Mr. Best business man award… I will sent that guy to mental hospital…

Sanskar : what. ..

Swara : he needs to go… what he saw in you j gave you the award… u can even understand one true logic.. what u will understand business…

Sanskar : swara….

A voice comes from back side making all startle…

Voice : who is planning to send me to mental hospital…

A man aged like Dp in 3 piece suit comes n seats beside Dp… All are smiling bt swara is confused….

Dp : come shekhu…. sit… swara he is Mr. Shekhar Singhania… like a mentor to sanskar n my dearest friend….

Swara just looked at sanskar showing what-to-do look…

Sanskar hold her hand n squeezes it a little to make her comfortable..

Sanskar : swara greet Singhania uncle… He has only taught me business n he was the only one who presented me the award… who you were talking about….

Swara started to cough…

Swara : aa..umm.. uncle… can I call you uncle…

Mr. S : what you call duggu….

Swara : (confused) duggu? ?..

Dp : shekhu u are embarrassing me infront of my daughter in law….

After listening daughter in law he choked… bt sanskar gave him a assuring look to say.. talk to you later about it…. so he composed himself…

Mr. S : so what I will call you duggu only even infront of ur grandchildren…

Swara blushed n sanskar gave a annoyed n death glare to Mr. S…

Mr. Singhania : so what was I saying. .. ya.. what u call duggu…

Swara : papa…

Mr. S : so you too call me papa. .. no partiality between me n duggu…. I am also like a father to you n sanskar…. today looking at I remembered my 4 years old daughter….. ( moist eyes )

Dp kept a hand on Singhania’s shoulder to support him…

Swara : you have a 4 years daughter now…

Mr. S : (smiled) Arre no no… I last time saw her when she was 4… my wife left me… bcoz I was completely back of money…. so she left me taking our daughter with her… when she went away… thn I came to know her importance… I miss her a lot… I tried to find her a lot bt all in vain…

Swara : don’t worry papa… even I am an orphan… I m lyk a daughter to you…. or no… I m ur daughter ok…

Mr. S : (laughed ) double ok…

Dp : ( pouty face ) so means u r his daughter bt u r lyk my daughter… that’s cheating….

All laughed seeing his face….

Swara : no papa u got bonus… I have to relation with u… One is daughter n other is daughter in law… so u are in profit….

She looked at Mr Singhania n said…

Swara : bt I will not call you papa…

Mr.s : Arre why…

Swara : bcoz I will be confused between you two… so one is papa n u are… umm… pops.. cool…

Mr. Singhania : super duper cool…

They gave n hi five…. sanskar smiled at the fact that how swara so easily mending with his family…

Panchi : hawww. .. Chachi u got 2-2 papa’s I don’t have even one…. (made a sad face)

Swara caressing her hair : Panchi Don’t be sad ok…

BT sanskar interupted… : Arre I am na there… I am like ur father Panchi….

Panchi (face lit up ) : really….

Sanskar : yup kiddo (caressed her hair)

Panchi thn remained silent for few minutes bt thn : ok… dadu I am done…. I have to go to school….

Sanskar looked disappointed bt Swara kept a hand on his shoulder….

Swara : it will take time….

Sanskar : ( sighed n smiled ) I know….

Dp n Mr. S was watching all this n where smiling…

Mr. S : they have created really a great bond….

Dp : swara is changing him…

Sanskar : shona pass me the aloo ka paratha… its yum… who made these delicious things. .. I wanna kiss that hands…. so like shah jahan I will cut those hands so that this can’t be made again… its 8th wonder of world….

Dp : will be yummy. .. only… swara made it…

Sanskar looked at swara n she smiled…. bt both were embarrassed….

Mr.s : bt what’s shona? ?.

Sanskar : wo wo.. nothing….

Swara : ( smilingly ) wo sanskar calls me lovingly shona….

Mr.s : not bad sanskar… I thought u are good in our business bt u are even good in husband business….

Sanskar coughed….

Mr. S : I will also call you shona ok..

Swara nodded…

Sanskar : not ok… only I can call her shona….

Mr.s : ok ok… don’t be Mr. Possessive…. I will call her swara only…

Swara blushed….

Swara : acha Sanskar now say na our wedding story…. no more false stories….

Dp : false stories…

Swara : I m not talking to you papa u even joined him in his prank of love Marriage…. wo toh yesterday I came to know abt kavita…

Dp : kavita… ok…

Sanskar : ( thinking – why always topic of marriage comes up… jo kabhi hua hi nhi usme mai kya batau ) wo actually……

Swara : ( hits her head from her palm ) Again his wo actually started…. papa I have query mom had taken radio as a diet in her pregnancy period… his radio always stops at wo n actually….

Here his mother’s name room became silent…

Sanskar : ( cold voice ) we had an arrange marriage…. umm.. yeah… u worked in my office… n one day dad saw you n liked you… n we ended up marrying… I thnk so all ur queries are now solved…. chalo Singhania uncle we are late…

Sanskar n Mr. S leaves….

Swara was confused by the reaction….
Screen freezes at swara’s confused face….

~~~~~at evening~~~~~

At evening sanskar returns from office…. He was utterly tired….

Sanskar : swara plz make coffee for me….

Swara : papa plz tell him… its in kitchen…

Dp : beta….

Sanskar : baba I heard….

After sometimes….

Sanskar : swara why you are not talking to me….

Swara : papa tell him… bcoz he deserves it….

Sanskar recalls the dream…. He was really afraid that really Swara is leaving him or what…. at it was morning dream he was more afraid people say it becomes true….

He immediately ran to swara n hugged her too strong that she can’t protest…

Sanskar : plz don’t do so….. plz don’t leave me…. plz….


Credit to: sujata


  1. Dp = duggu ?????

    Sanskar really needs swara.. He would literally die without her…

    I love shekhar n Swara’s bond ??

    Update Next soon ?

  2. Natasha

    ????:O :O :O Subah subah heart attack dene ke plan kar rahi thi tu?????? Mujhe kuch jo jata toh??? ??????

    • Natasha

      I GT heart attack wn I was reading the 1st I mean that nightmare wala part.. ??? apni behen ko Marne ki planning me lagi hai tu??? ****** (Tujhe sharminda nhi karna chahti hu..isiliye asterisk.. tu chinta mat kr fb pe clearly bol dungi.. don’t take tension babe.. 😛 😛 ) sujju ki bachchi.. 😛 😛

      Its awesome.. fabulous.. beyond awesome.. Nd where is precap baby??? Nd darling Agar kisi epi me aisi heart attack honewala part hai toh mujhe pehle se hi bata dena.. taki main precautionary measures le saku.. 😛 😛 😛

      nd Behena.. u r thinking about about VK… ??? wo Teri jiju hai.. yeh hai Teri jiju.. The great Sanskar Maheshwari … jiju pe najar nahi dalte behna.. bad manners.. ???

      • Natasha

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    • Sorry behena to give you a heart attack…. now fine na??… nt no Tention tu doc hai na khud ka elaj khud kar legi….
      Thik h pehle tujhe agli baar se bata diya karungi that aayesa kuch hoga….

      Arre mujhe b nhi pata h Mai ye likhne wali hu…. bt jab likhna shuru kiya… thn ye likha… maine toh bht jald bazi mai likha tha…. Mujhe laga bht gali sunne ko milega…. bt thanX god nhi mila….

      Oye vk mera jeeju kab se hua….
      Pehli baat teri usse shaadi nhi ho raha n dusri baat mai dayan ki behen nhi…. so nazar lagane mai koe problm nhi…?

      VK ???

    • Thnx stoneheart ?…..
      Will try to upload asap…
      Actually 12th is going so busy with studies…. so not possible to be regular

  3. Anamika

    I think swara is mr singgania’s daughter.
    SShe knows about sanskar’s past. So she came to change sanskar and loves him.
    Its just my assumptions.
    Will be waiting for next episode.

    • Thnx anamika ?
      Let’s see what’s the matter bt that can be only be know after the mystery is disclosed….
      Will upload nxt ASAP

  4. Jitha

    suju u almost gave me a heart attack in the begnning…..i didnt even thought that i could b his dream i thought somethng would have happnd aftr swasan returning frm shopping nd u even mentioned abt the mystery ……bt yeah nw i m ok….episode was toooooo good…..nd ur short stry also as always going gr8 upload the nxt episode of both ff ns ss as soon as possible…….. :*

    • Sorry yâar jitha for giving you heart attack…. now u fine na??…
      I also not thoughtto write a dream it just came to my mind….
      BT it’s the starting of heart attack… so abhi se hi appointment le le doc se…. bcoz u will get many more in my story….
      Will upload nxt ASAP

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    Aewsome awesome awezome. I said this three times cuz this ep was just great. even three times is not enough hehe. Love u di and tc

  6. Neha

    God sanskar’s dream just gave a heart attack to me but after that everything super cool so sanky won’t let her leave him and Mr.S. I think he’ll be swara’s father… Anyways superb epi ?

    • Thnx sana….
      Don’t say yâar fan we all are friends……
      I am nt superstar to have fans dr ..
      Will upload nxt ASAP

  7. heena

    hey sujata di awsm epi u r best writer di lv ur ff plz update nxt epi soon cant wait for it

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  9. Sneha grewal

    Nice episode dr , keep it up ..ur writting is just awsm..thanks for episode and pls update soon

  10. vyshu

    amazing episode…..sanskar not wanting to lose swara?

    swara is shekhar’s daughter…….yeah!!!she will b stuck with sanky.

  11. Yaz

    I m eagerly waiting for ur nxt updates… first fav ff stay away nt ur husband…plz continue….???

  12. IREENA

    thank God that it was. a dream. his dream was Horrible. Otherwise the chapter was awesome. I think Shekhar is Swara’s father. plz post next soon.

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    • Thnx aditi…
      Dr I did a poll for it…
      BT most ppl cancelled the idea…
      So I dont think so entry of kavita….
      Let’s hope

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    • Hello mr. BB…. how’s you??…
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    I thought you will give it in today’s episode!
    Anyways episode was too good!

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    Love u lots….hugs….tc buddy

    • I know dream was frightening… many told they got a minnie heart atrack by this….
      Gald u liked it dev….
      Love you ?
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    Oh god !!! I am a late reader… How couldn’t I see it before.. Bad luck…

    Oh !!!!! Swara Shekhar daughter but still waiting for the whole mystery to reveal….

    • Yup a lil late… bt u read it…. that’s the tHing. .

      I was waiting for ur comment….
      Atlast u made it….let’s see what mystery says…
      Have patience sweety…

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  19. Episode is awesome?…… The way swara moulding sanskar is too good…..and I’m eagerly waiting for sanskar and Panchi’s bond

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