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Stay away…. I m nt ur husband!!…(Episode 12)”why it’s always me?”


Hii… guys…what’s up. ..I m back… sorry readers was nt able to reply to ur comments on prev chapter. …
Hope u are enjoying my writing. …. will try to always entertain u. …

So prev ep :

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Now let’s move to the chapter…

He ran n reached ground floor… only to find where he left swara was empty…The place was empty lyk his heart became after nt seeing her…..
His heart dropped to his stomach as he was nt able to see her… an unknown fear engulfed him and he gulped due to fear… His body stiffened and he was shivering with fear…

Sanskar : ( murmurs ) may be those goons have. …. (was nt able to complete it)

He was nt able to move an inch…. just stared at the empty place where his swara…. no… swara should have been…her scared n uncomfortable face flashed in his mind again n again…. making him flinch…

His heart beat stopped for a min… only by thinking this… how she must b.. how they would have been treating her… she is innocent dammit. …
He started cursing himself to leave her when he was also nt comfortable in leaving her… He is never responsible whn ppl are near bt whn he loose thm… He finds there importance. …

He was still on his spot… resolving this inner turmoil…

Thn he watched his watch… thn he realise not much time has passed him, leaving her…. they must have nt taken her far away. .. time is still there…. He can save her…. whn realisation stuck him… He started to run aimlessly. … don’t know where he is going… his mind was a complete blank…

Sanskar : ( himself ) where I am going… I have to search her… I have to… I have to find her…. I have to find my life…yup she has become my LIFE…. bt I dont love her… I adore her. .. respect her… care for her… bt I can’t love her. ..I actually can’t love anyone… bcoz I have once committed it n still regretting… n dont wanna repeat that again… n I am so unlucky. .. who ever I love, leaves me.. I don’t want that u leave me swara.. where are u… plz come back…. what I m thinking I should stop my mind…N should start finding her….. yes I have to find her… find her as soon as possible. … what to do… what to do…. yes. .. yes… I should call rishav… yes… stupid me…. I should have think it before…

He started calling rishav… bt he was nt attending the call… actually call was busy. … He was cursing him badly. .. If he would have been infront of sanskar he would beat his life out …… *I know talking abt police wo b ACP bt he is his friend so can do that ??*

He was so frustrated after calling him 5 times… He was going to throw his mobile….. bt to the phn’s luck it started ringing…. as he saw the caller ID… its BABA… He started sweating. .. He was sweating earlier too… bt now more… He thought to attend it or nt… atlast concluded to attend it…

Dp : sanky hello…

Sanskar : hello baba… u called ?..

Dp : Arre whn will u return.. its late dr…n is swara enjoying? ?…

Sanskar : mmm… hmm.. baba enjoying…

Dp : sorry beta bt was worried… sorry for disturbing ur romance. .. (He laughed ) bt what to do I have become old n have my concern…

Sanskar : shut up baba (smiles ) u n old. … its lyk a joke….. my friend used to say u are lyk my brother nt lyk a father…

Dp : ( laughed ) hmm… I know. .. must be sandhir na… I have always loved sanyukta…

Sanskar : ( smiled ) hmm.. I till now remember u thought her as my gf… n u n randhir’s mocking talks…

Dp : ( laughed ) randhir is literally extremely possessive with her… Acha was swara able to cope with thm….

Sanskar : (now sanskar’s smile faded… He for a second forgot abt her missing ) hmm…mm… yaa… mm.. nn baba….All ok…

Dp : ( stiffed) what’s wrong sanky ?…is Swara alright? .. give phn to her..?…

Sanskar : ( sweating ) baba… woo. … actually. ..

Thn he found rishav calling. …

Sanskar : baba a very important call is coming… I will talk to you after coming. .. ok… bye take care…. ( said in one breath )

Dp : but sanky….

BT till thn sanskar hang out. ..n received rishav’s call…

R: hel…

Sanskar : ( cutting off ) u blo*dy stupid idiot moron jerk….. why were u nt taking the call… from whom u were talking….n for so long…. girlfriend or what. … should I say madhu abt it….she will teach you a lesson….

R : hey. .. hey.. hey. .. wait wait… why are you after my marriage…. frst of all u r nt doing urs bt intending to break mine….. n I was talking to DCP ok… I m a police officer u r forgetting…n I have to work… nt lyk u mr. Cool business man… n frst of all say why u did so much of mehenat of praising me… stupid idiot moron… I m police dammit.. give respect. ..

Sanskar : do shit with ur respect… ok… listen… its serious. .. ok… swara is missing…

R : frst stop panicking… ok??.. n give me full detail what happened…. (serious tone )

Sanskar: ok.. (takes deep breath) we were doing shopping in ambience mall… We did lot of it… n it was impossible to take thm to car at one go… so I divided…n gave half to swara…n left her at ground floor. … thn whn I returned she was…. missing (choked )

R : listen have patience….

Sanskar : I can’t I have to find her…may be those goons have found her…

R : frst stop panicking…. n now say are those bags there which were with her…

Sanskar : ( looked back ) no.. place is empty…

R : so if goons would have taken her….. they would have left the bags… may b case is different…

Sanskar : ( sigh of relief for the possibility ) bt I can’t take chance rishav understand ok…

R : ok… If goons would have taken her…ppl would have seen her struggling… start enquiry with ppl showing her photo. … till thn I am coming.. as u can’t file FIR this will create problm for her….

Sanskar : ya u r right.. ok… bye… (going to cut bt again realisation stuck him) wait wait…

R : now what. ..

Sanskar : I don’t have her photo. ..

R : what… now what will you do….sketch artist will take atleast 5 hours to drawn the sketch… remember any time… atleast one click…

Sanskar thn remembers sanyukta taking selfie of her n swara at lunch….

Sanskar : ya ya.. don’t worry…. I got the pic… u come asap ok??..

R : sanky it will take time as I live just opposite to ambience mall… till thn u start asking for her…. ok??..

Sanskar : ya ya. .. u come bye.. take care….

He hanged up…n thought to call sanyukta bt dropped the idea as she will become concern about him…So he thought to message her…


Sanskar : sanyu plz give me the pics u clicked of shona… urgent. .. send fast…

Sanyukta : sorry sanky. … I m really very very sorry. … I shouldn’t have said about kavita… swara is ur wife she should have felt bad…. now randhir scolded me lyk hell… n I realised…. sorry ya….

Sanskar : leave that. … All is well now. .. give me pics sanyu… urgent hai…

Sanyukta : frst u tell you forgive me….

Sanskar : ( now it was enough for sanskar ) jaldi de.. nhi toh mujhe se burra koe nhi hoga….

Sanyukta : dara kisko raha h…. n I know tujhe bura koe ho b nhi sakta…. frst tell you forgave me….

Sanskar : ( thinking – that’s why I hate all girls…. no… no. . Nt all…) Acha meri maa… I forgave u long back… now give….

Sanyukta : waise why u need it….. For ur office table or what. … thn click na…. she is with u only. … she always looks pretty. …

Sanskar : sanyukta if you will nt give the damn pics in 5 mins. … I will come to ur house…. n thn amicicide will nt b a big deal for me….

Sanyukta : ok..ok.. I know ur anger issues sending….

Whn pics were being send. ..

Sanyukta : any problm sanky. …

Sanskar : talk to u later. …

He got the pics… thn he heard his phn beeping for sanyukta’s msg… bt swara was his priority right now….

He started thn showing all the ppl pic….n enquiring with thm… Some ppl said they have seen her bt thn she disappeared automatically….. nobody knows how… even he enquired abt goons… as If somebody would have seen her struggling bt the answers were all negative…

He was running in all directions asking from all the ppl he could see….

Some old lady said “ u will find your love soon beta… love always finds it’s ways to reach u…. whn it’s true…”

He had no time to correct her assumption…. n also no time to tell her it’s her assumption….. He was really horrified for swara…n was worried… n was tensed…. nt only tensed he was panicking….

He thn stood in the center of the mall…n did a 360° round to see all ppl busy on there own stuffs… n his mind had only one word… nt also a word bt only 5 letters…. that’s – SWARA……

The feeling he felt just few hours ago of loosing her has again engulfed his heart…. He ws feeling so so. … so much low that he can’t define his condition…

Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Laqeeran vich likh di judaai

Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..

( sanskar again started to ask to ppl… He even went to security to ask about thm… bt all were giving him negative answers. .. He asked for CCTV photoge bt they said they can give bt authorisity permission was needed… He could have done that bt it will take a day… so he waited for rishav… bt again went to the shops near by where he left her to ask about bt again disappointment only stricked himm)

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (x2)

Aisa bhi kya milna, saath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun sazaa humne hai paayi, Ranjhana ve
Phir se mujhe jeena, tujhpe hai marna
Phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai, Saajnaa ve
Laqeeron pe likh di kyun judaai..

Gair sa hua khud se bhi, na koi mera
Dard se karle chal yaari, dil ye keh raha
Kholun jo baahein, bas gham ye simat rahe hain
Aankhon ke aage lamhe ye kyun ghat rahe hain
Jaane kaise koi sehta Judaaiyaan.

( After sometimes he was now tired of running….. HOPE these 4 letters which he had few minutes ago were fading as if they never existed. … tears started running through his eyes making his vision blurred… He sat on the floor on the knees completely breakdown… completely broken… who can think it is the same business man who can shut 100 mouths with his one word…)

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (x2)

Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Lakeeran vich likh di judaai

He was kneeling down an was crying his heart out… many ppl were watching him…. bt he didn’t gave a damn… because emotion are lyk stagnant water in a dam… It always inside a dam nt moving an inch… bt whn any crack occurs in the dam it comes out. .. thn it doesn’t care for anyone… It just flows away…. If once released, it only lead to flood… same was the condition of sanskar… He has always trapped his emotion in a jar.. today it has cracked… so only a few can’t come out…. bt whole jar have to vacated…..

Sanskar : ( to himself in between his cries) why…. why…. why al..always me… what I have done wrong to u… why are you giving me this punishment wit…without my. .fault… what is my fault ha… frst u took away maa… sorry dat lady… bt… I. . Didn’t say anything… bcoz… baba…. was there… He was also… broken…. bt we three managed each other…. thn adarsh bhai….what he had wrong to… u…. parineeta bhabhi gave me some motherly love that also u snatched from me…. what ws Panchi’s mistake… why u snatched her parents with her. …. why snatched my bhai… thn kavita came in my life. .. I thought a light. …came to fulfil my darkness…. bt she went n even closed the last door for my happiness…. thn I stopped loving anyone. … I stopped getting attached…. bcoz u r jealous of me… yes god u r jealous of me… u cant c my happiness… thn again u send swara to my life…. she opened again the door of happiness in my life. … yes I was happy with her. .. In just 2 days she taught me the meaning of life again. … bt again u can’t see my happiness.. u took her away… I know she ws nt permanent…. I know I shouldn’t be attach with her…. bt I did… she was irresistible…. atleast u should have given me tym to prepare my self for her departure….. bt u took away. .. u took away…. u took away my life…. u r selfish. …. u cant c my happiness….. whn u didn’t want my happiness thn…… why u sent her…. why…. to break me more…. c u r successful…. u r successful…. u won… u won god…. u won…. why me… bt why me…… answer me why me…. I m the unluckiest. …. WHY IT’S ALWAYS ME?…. I always wanted to say her STAY AWAY…. I M NT UR HUSBAND!!… bt now I wanna say… plz come back even if I m nt ur husband…. u r a light to my dark soul… I need u… (his cry now turned to sobs )

He was still siting on that position looking aimlessly no where…. don’t know what to do…. don’t know where to go….. lyk a lifeless soul…. his hands are bleeding bcoz he while enquiring clashed with a sharp objects… bt that pain was nothing to the pain he was feeling now…He didn’t even noticed the blood…. bt suddenly his ears dropped at a conversation of two ladies standing near by….


Lady 1 : today…. I don’t know strange things are happening… see that guy is crying…. He was enquiring for his wife… I think so he didn’t get her….

Lady 2 : ooo…. One more incident took place u know… on the north section of mall…

Lady 1 : what…. I didn’t heard about it….

Lady 2 : Arre these goons have turned lover now a days…

Lady 1 : say clearly yâar…..

Lady 2 : Arre some local Don was after a girl… that girl some how got free from his clutches…. bt his goons were searching for her…. today they found her in the mall n where taking her…. she thn took a knife from goon n cut her hand…. goons ran away… as ppl started approving n to avoid death body. .. bt luckily she survived n ppl have called ambulance it would have come till now…. mall authorises were horrified….

Lady 1 : Omg….

She was cutted off by a masculine voice. …

Man : plz can you say where is the girl… plz it’s pretty urgent…(restlessly )

Lady 2 : who r u?

Lady 1 : Arre he is the same man searching for his wife….

Lady 2: today’s generation… cant even take care of his wife… may b bcoz of his careless attitude she would have ran with somebody else….

Sanskar : will u shut up (yelled ), u don’t know with whom you are talking ….n talking about whom…. n it will b nt good if u know….. stop wasting my time. … blurt out the thing….

Ladies became scared of his anger. …n both pointed at the direction…

Sanskar not giving a damn about thm… ran to that direction… He ran as fast as possible bt stopped just before the crowd…. that means she has nt been taken to hospital….

Sanskar : (thinking) am I ready to see her in this condition…. answer is totally no… A big no…. how much my heart what’s she must not be her… bt also what’s she must be her that atleast he found her… found his LIFE… that now resist inside her…. bt he had to see who this girl is…. He has no other option…

He stopping the train of his thoughts went near the crowd… pushing ppl he entered…. as he entered he was shocked to see the scene… bt other shock also came attached to it… Some one back hugged him…. He again got a shock n he turned n looked at the person… person hugged him… bt he was numb…..

Screen freezes on the shocked face of sanskar…..


I know u will curse me to show sanskar’s devdas wala side…. bt don’t worry…. Dp is coming soon…. ppl who are missing Dp will enjoy a lot the nxt ep…. hope u lyked this one. … I tried my best…. I know ppl love jolly scenes. … bt intense scenes have now just started to come…. There are much more to come…. bt I will try to add fun too there….

Anuj Sachdev entry as sahil sen gupta ….. let’s X what he do in the serial…. expecting real intense love story of swasan…. getting many spoilers let’s c which is the true one. …

BT now my reaction is : Cvs ne thann li h..
Swaragini ko Barbaad karna h matlb karna h….. simply karte… wo cLiff se giri. … Memory loss hua. … Sanskar hospital le gaya. … sab ko bhul gayi… modern swara back… Sanskar kuch din k liye devdas bt phir phirse patane chala…nok jhok… swara ko connection feel hua… bt ignore…. New entry… Sanskar jealous lyk hell.. Sanskar n new entry conpetion to win her… laSt mai swasan again back… date… long drives… lateNight talks… etc phir shaadi thn swara ka memory wapas. …. cute couple back….
Maine ye socha tha n ye kya ho raha h…
bl**dy cvs… swasan gaya swaragini bye bye.. phir toh mujhe lagta h varun b chod Sega show… as uske liye koe ladki hi nhi bachegi.. means our most wanted munda heroine less… hadd h crap cvs… phir wo log varun k liye kisi ko layenge… phir pata chalega swasan toh legally married h…n more dramas mai pagal ho jaungI literally

Let’s c what happens….

I was thinking to ask about ur favourite scene in the serial if the scene is lyked by 3- 4 ppl will add that in my ff too at correct timing….

My favourite scene is whn swasan comes to badi as fake couple n laksh approaches swara to find answer bt sanky stops him n said : durr se…. bhabhi h teri ….

There are many more good scenes gives me every time I c it is completely different….

Lyk this u ppl also say which scene u lyk the most I will try to add it by adding my tadka…



I know ppl I write lil filmy bt I think to add how much reality I can… lyk cctv… FIR reason. … etc… If you feel anything not good plz mention. .
I will only learn from it. ..

Credit to: sujata

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