Stay away…. I m nt ur husband!!… (Episode 11) ” Silence speaks a lot to her bt nt to him”

Hii guys… sujata is back with ep 11… I can’t believe I completed till ep 10… plz keep reading n enjoying Dr… n commenting to motivate me…

Ep starts :

Swara : ( whispers ) KAVITA

Sanskar is looking at her like a lion to his prey… Keeping eye on her each movement to find a response…. her silence is killing him with thousand daggers… people say silence speaks a lot bt he was here clueless of the silence… He was a person now standing on a abandoned road with fog present every where waiting for a light to come so that he can see the path ahead… swara is the light for him.. bt her silence is the fog which is nt letting him move ahead… He just wanna now Hug her and wanna answer her thousands of questions which he expects her to ask… bt she is nt asking even a single one.. dat is giving a ache on his heart…. He has lost everything till now… He is clear to the fact that he was nt suppose to get attached to swara bt he couldn’t resist himself from nt getting attracted to her… yup he is attracted to her…. bt it’s wrong it’s sin for him… bt it’s nt the time to think all this…. presently the thing which is most important is SWARA…. can he call her HIS SWARA. .. no he can’t. .. no .. that’s it… its the reality… u cant avoid it even though u want to…

He knew swara is nt there for him to be forever bt now he is nt ready not ready atall for it… not ready for separation…… may be never he will be ready for it…bt atleast not now.. he cant bear it any more…

Sanskar : ( choked voice ) Swara I… I… can explain…

Swara looked at him direct to his eyes…like reading his soul… trying to find every key to the door of questions she what’s…. connecting everything lyk 2+2=4…

He was here nt able to read her expressions they were unreadable… they were … something. .. something he can’t explain… bt her eyes… its the thing that is the mirror of her life… that contains lots of pain… immense pain… He had a thought may be the pain is given by himm… He always gives pain to the person he would never lyk to give he thought. …. n its nt new for him…

Suddenly swara left his eyes n turned n started to walk…
It was lyk a thunder lightning to sanskar… He was nt able to move a inch… lyk floors have plastered him with themselves… his thoughts were lyk he lost her… He again lost someone precious… again… again… how many times god will do this to him… He had stopped making contact with anyone… even distant himself from his own family to nt face it… to nt face the loss of any dear one… thn again god send this girl to him… just day before yesterday… to give medicine to his wounds… n how merciless god is…. she nt even finished doing the cure… He is again snatching her…

He was in his inner turmoil… bt he came out of it.. bt the sweetest voice he always wanted to hear… that was the cure of his every problm. ..n he looked at the source of it…

SWARA she was standing a distance away..n looking at him.. He was nt able to catch what was going on…. He had lost his mind completely…

Swara : what are you doing there. .. let’s come wanna complete the shopping…

He was confused what is going on in his life… It was his life n he was clueless… Some times simplest thing can be found to be most complicated… she just ignored kavita lyk it kavita doesn’t exist…. It was lyk total happiness for him.. bt he ws also confused lyk how can she. … she think herself to be my wife. . Thn how can she take it too light… It can’t be. .. ya it is happening…

These thoughts were killing him internally…
He had to ask to her… bcoz he is damn sure she heard it… thn how can she ignore it… If he will nt ask thn these questions will kill him….

He ran towards swara to match her pace…she look normal lyk nothing happened.. He was happy bt his mind was nt.. He felt as if he is nt important to her… is loosing him as easy for her??.. she said she loves me.. thn is it easy to loose love ones? Is it easy for her to hear her love loved someone else.? Is she really in love with me??.. or its just bcoz of the memory loss… as she thinks I am her husband? ?..
He wanted to ask these questions… bt can’t… He can never ask these. .. as If any of the question will reach her thn truth will also reach her… n that will nt at all good for her health…

Sanskar :… swara… wo… I can …can… explain… that.. kavita..n .. mmm.. I past… u know. ..

Swara : I know sanskar…

Sanskar : ( stunned ) u know. .? …

Swara : hmm.. as sanyu said. .. I can understand she is ur past…

Sanskar : ( sighed ) listen… Thanks. ..

Swara : no need sanskar… I can understand every body has a past… may b I too had one… bt I dont remember it…

Sanskar felt a stone on his heart… whn Swara said she too might have a past… yes… she might have one… n bcoz of this blo*dy memory loss she doesn’t remembers it… bt whn she will remember it thn.?

Thn? This is the question that by thinking only his body stiffens n he gets shiver on his spine… He doesn’t want to face that thn ….

What ever he feels for swara… is something spcl. .. something unique… that can’t b explained… that beyond the world… yup in these few days.. she had created a special place for her self in his heart…. n now he can’t deny he is attracted towards her… ya may b lov… no no.. He can’t love. .. just he can’t. ..

Swara : n this also gave me answers to my many questions. …

Sanskar : ( shocked ) bt u didn’t ask any…n I didn’t answer any… n what typ of questions…

She was walking bt halts n look at sanskar… lyk she knows everything abt him… n unknowingly he starts to avoid her gaze or eye contact. ..

Swara : sanskar u know silence speaks a lot….

Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

Kya uss gali mein kabhi tera jaana hua
Jahaan se zamaane ko guzre zamaana hua
Mera samay toh wahin pe hai thehra hua
Bataaun tumhe kya mere sath kya kya hua

Khamoshiyan ek saaz hai
Tum dhun koi laao zaraa
Khamoshiyan alfaaz hain
Kabhi aa gunguna le zara
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa.. haa..

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

Nadiya ka paani bhi khamosh behta yahaan
Khili chandani mein chhipi lakh khamoshiyan
Baarish ki boondon ki hoti kahaan hai zubaan
Sulagte dilon mein hai khamosh uthta dhuaan

Khamoshiyan aakaash hai
Tum udne toh aao zara
Khamoshiyan ehsaas hai
Tumhe mehsoos hoti hai kya
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zara.. haa..

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan

They were staring at each other… lyk never ending.. till eternity …. they didn’t move a inch… n watched each other like capturing each others face forever in there heart…

BT they came into the real world whn a child dashed with both of thm… He said sorry n ran away… leaving an awkward silence between both of thm… Both started to stare here n there… bt atlast sanskar spoke up…..

Sanskar : I can’t read silence… u know…

Swara : no one can… u can only feel it…. n u know ur face is soo readable…

Sanskar : ( cutting off ) just lyk ur eyes… (swara started to avoid eye contact ) I can see immense pain in thm.. does that is because of me… (said intensely )


Swara : do you still love her? ?..

Sanskar : huh? ?..( shocked. .. This was nt at all he expected..)

Swara : do u still love kavita (hopefully looking at himm)

Again silence engulfed both thm… they just staring at each other.. With thousands of questions in there mind…

Sanskar was in a gr8 dilemma… what to say or what nt to say… can he share with her.. mind was saying no.. u can loose her. .. bt heart Was saying yes.. u can.. u have to loose her one day or the other.. bt may b she can cure ur soul wounds…
BT the biggest questions was what to answer her… do I love kavita till now..??.. its true I am nt able to move on from her…. bt after swara’s arrival I just forgot only that kavita was once in my life. … bt do I love her till now? ?.. my mind gave the answer… I took a deep breath…

Sanskar : no.. I don’t love her now… bt I am nt able to forget her till now. .. Until. . Until. .. u came in my life…

Swara : ( sighed ) thm…do you love me…??..

This was something sanskar even didn’t know. .. did he love her… He don’t know. what to say her. now he is seeing immense love for him in her eyes as this love is nt 2 days old bt years old… lyk she had loved him for years…

Sanskar : I. .. I. .. told you earlier…na. … mm..

Swara : sanskar ur face always deceives u… u cant keep a mask on u lyk other business man u know… I have seen love for me in ur talks…. In ur care… In ur actions… even in ur eyes… bt what u said at morning was nt touching ur eyes.. I want truth sanskar….plzz…

It was high tym for sanskar. … He can’t tell the truth abt marriage… as it’s about her health bt he can atleast tell her about his feelings. .. as she should feel betrayal at anytime… as he will nt be able to bear it…He sighed n avoid eye contact…

Sanskar : truely speaking… I don’t know…. I can’t say that I m in love with you… bt indeed I am attracted towards u….. I m sorry..

Swara : ( smiled weakly ) don’t b sorry for nt loving me sanskar…. love can’t be forced n my love is enough for we both…

As she said it. .. He just looked at her shockingly… He can’t take it anymore he just wanted to divert the topic… It was getting hell serious… n he is nt ready for it…

Sanskar : ( smiled ) no body can say by ur childish activities that u can b so serious…. n will talk so deep..

Swara : ( laughed ) u didn’t heard the proverb or what hubby.. don’t judge a book with its cover… Every time it’s nt the same what looks… n thnx for saying truth.. (smiled ) n the questions u were asking ws that.. I was thinking why u rejected me.. means earlier… now I got the answer…
Sanskar was sooooo relieved that it didn’t took a negative turn n everything is being negative again… He could have never thought the trip we have started with so jolly n funny starting can b this serious… n swara who he always considered as a kid… has so much deep thinking…. n maturity to handle things. .. even much better than himm…. or any other normal girl…

Sanskar : Acha ab chalo…. We have to do the rest shopping… as I can’t afford one more leave… that will nt match my image….

Swara : ( laughed ) u r the boss sanskar. .

Sanskar : so what. .. boss too has to maintain his image….

Swara : waise I have to take revenge

Sanskar : now what I did…

Swara : u ignored me fully… whn u found ur frnds…

Sanskar : sorry yâar. .. actually after 2 years. ..

Swara : I can understand… bt revenge toh banata h…

Sanskar : ok.. jo hukum aapka…(bowed )

Swara : ok.. (laughed ) Mr. Gentleman… buy me the costliest dress of the showroom…

Sanskar : that’s easy one…

Swara : nt soo easy.. nt costliest by its price…. leave it.. u will understand…

Sanskar nodded his head confusingly..

They moved to a traditional boutique hand in hand…as if nothing happened…

They did lots of shopping… n swara bought many suites. .. Sanskar wanted to tell her. . That baba wouldn’t mind but he got office calls…. n till he returned… its was too late… so he avoided the topic…

Sanskar had many bags on his hands.. as if he was barely able to walk properly…. swara offered a helping hand. .. bt male ego what can she do.. atlast they were in ground floor n sanskar had doubt that he will be able to take thm all till parking… n now he can’t even ask swara’s help as he earlier rejected. ..n bags were really heavy to b carried bt her… so best option he found was to take it turn by turn…

Sanskar : u told costliest. .. bt u bought all simple n average priced dress…

Swara : I know…. bcoz they were nt that worth it…. n money it nt everything…

*Sanskar remember kavita saying she was with him for money… n a unknown smiles comes to his face seeing swara*

◇ I didn’t write that scene bcoz I will write it whn sanskar’s past with kavita will be shown… that how she ditched him ◇
Swara : the first dress u saw was the costliest for me.. bcoz it was ur choice…

Sanskar smiled n tears were brimming on his eyes bt he controlled. …

Sanskar : swara u wait here… With half baggage as we can’t take all at one go… so I will keep half in the car n thn will come to take the rest half… ok? ..

Swara : bt sanskar I can also take na..

Sanskar : no u will nt.. they are really heavy…. u will nt b able to handle it..

Swara : ( fake anger n overwhelmed by his care clearly seen on her face ) it’s my hand nt some delicate petal of flower that it will break if I carry thm…

Sanskar : ( winked ) it’s is even more delicate than petal for me…

Swara : ( blushingly ) u r so cheesy…

Sanskar : ( smiled ) sangat ka asar…

Swara : hawww… kuch b…

Sanskar : Acha now… be here only don’t move from here ok…

Swara : ( hold sanskar’s hand ) don’t leave plz….. I m scared…

Sanskar : swara it’s a mall people will nt eat u ok.. ( He said this even if he ws feeling uneasy leaving her )

Sanskar : n dont move from here (swara nodded innocently n sanskar smiled )

Thn he turned away To go to parking for keeping the baggage…. He turned to look at swara… n he found her little scared … He was nt feeling good to leave her….bt he thought he is being over protective…n he left…

?????PARKING LOT???????

He hurriedly came n keep the baggages on the back side of the car.. as he wanted to reach to swara as soon as possible he was feeling uneasy…

Whn locked the car n was going to return… his phn rang… displays – ACP RISHAV SINGH

He stood at that place just seeing the caller… He was nt able to move… He thought why is the day so dull today for him… now only he came out of a serious discussion… n now again..

Actually rishav singh is a school friend of sanskar. .. Sanskar discussed about swara’s case with him. .. as he can’t lodge a complain.. If he does so police will come to take her statement n that will nt be good for her…

Thn he closed his eyes making himself ready for the bad news… lyk rishav could have found abt swara’s family.. or about those goons…

BT until he could receive it… The call ended…
He again called him..

S : hello rishav….u called any progress…

R : no yâar sanky.. no progress ( hearing it a relief passed on his body..)

S : bt now what can we do…

R : nthing can b done until she gets her memory back..

S : n If never comes back thn.. ( He smiled )

R : thn u will have to keep her at ur house forever…hahaha… ( now sanky was lyk jumping in happiness bt didn’t showed )

S : may it be true ( murmurs )

R : u said anything…

S : huh… no.. bt what can we do..

R : Arre marry her… she thinks u as her husband only.. Just make it official…

S : shut up rishav..

R : Arre …. giving a good suggestion… isn’t she hot or not…

S: shut up rishav.. One more word I will surely kill u…

R : Arre baap re… so much Gussa.. n dhamki to police… hahah…. n that too for a girl. ..n given by women hater seems interesting… do you lyk her..?..

S : rishav bas.. bht ho gaya… say any lead of her or her family…

R : no yâar. .. u just told it was omni van white colour in ABC road… There are millions of omni vans yâar. .. u didn’t have its number even….

S : yâar it was dark couldn’t get it… n family. .?

R : no yâar. .. u r nt allowing even to add a photo on newspaper then what can I do…

S : yâar if that will be done thn.. those goons can find her n can harm her n even my family…

R : we will give security na…

S : no I can’t take the risk.. sorry. ..

R : let’s c thn.. what happens ok…will c u later…

S : hmm.. bye yâar. ..

R: bye..

Convo ended… Sanskar looked at the phone n said : sorry rishav… I don’t want that she find her family so soon.. so I am nt allowing by giving excuse of my family… I know I am being selfish… bt I am selfish… I don’t wanna let her to go.. atleast not till her memory comes back…

He thn stopped his thoughts as swara came into mind…. He ran to reach to her as soon as possible….. don’t know bt he was feeling uneasy… as if she is going away from her….

He ran n reached ground floor… only to find where he left swara was empty… his heart dropped to his stomach as he was nt able to see her… an unknown fear came into his mind….

Sanskar : ( murmurs ) If those goons found her. …

His heart beat stopped for a min… only bt thinking this…

Screen freezes at sanskar’s horrified face…

How was the ep guys? ??. Hope u lyked it. .?
How was the intense scene… hopefully it was intense. ?
How was serious swara? ..
Is sanskar started to fall for swara? ?.
Will sanskar share abt kavita to swara…?.
Where swara has gone? ..
Is she left himm? Or she got something about her past? ?..
Or those goons really found her? ….


Many questions ri8 guys.. bt keep patience my sweetos ?. …

Swasan new love story coming again. . BT news also says swara will nt live with dida or shomi bt a new entry called EHSAAS… let’s see what happens…



Credit to: sujata



    it was just awesome dear. n ha new love story but its not so easy. i heard Angad Hasija and Anuj Such deva respectively have shot a mock test with Swara. sanky pehle hi heartbroken hoga uske upar jealousy ka track oh god plz don’t give sanky so much pain.

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    • Thnx dev…?
      Gald u loved it dev. …
      Will try to keep things jolly bt serious toh hoga aage jake plot…
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    sujatha its awesome nd big actor like gurmeet wont act n cameo role…… i think its a rumour

  17. Natasha

    I don’t know where are u?? where have u gone?? but am flng worried..??????

    Nywys..A very happy Sunday..wish u a good Swasan day..

    And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO all mothers..

    God can’t be present he made moms…??

    I wanna say something to my mom…

    Hi mom,When I cried, you always knew how to bring a smile on my face and when I was happy, you were always happy with me.For this and many more reasons, I love you! I am the luckiest kid in this world to get u as my mom..u r the best mom..Your smile brightens my each day just as the morning rays shines on the hills and that gives me the courage to face the new day with joy..It’s my time to know you that how fortunate and special I am to be blessed with a mother as caring, loving as you…I believe in love at the first sight for you are the first person I saw when I opened my eyes and have loved you since that day dear mom..There are not enough hugs in this world and not enough kisses to allow me to show you how much I love you….As many as the stars on the sky, so do I have as much regards to the woman who brought me to this world…I love u sooooooooooooo much mummy…U r the best thing that happened in my life ever…Love u sooooooo much mom..lots of kisses and bone crushing hugs from me to u mummy..u r my 1st ever criticiser… my 1st love…my guide…aj main jis place pe khadi hoon usme 90% contributions aapki hai mom..main toh sirf padai karta tha..u made all my notes throughout the whole night..u were awake in every night wd me when I was preparing for entrance..Mera Sab kuch sirf aapki aur papa ki wajah se u loads mom…

    Love u loads papa..u r the best papa in this world..?????

    • Riya

      Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari aap aunty ko itna oil kyun laga rahi ho??? kaha jana hai?? south city??shopping karni hai kya? isiliye.???? =-O 😛 😉 🙁 🙂 :-! :-$ B-) :-* :O 😀 :'( :-\ O:-) :-[

      mujhe pagal mat samjha..I was checking smilies..

  18. Natasha

    M-any hugs
    O-nly love never anger
    T-eaching me
    H-elping me
    E-very smile when I was sad
    R-aising me to be strongest

    spells Mother…LOVE U SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MUMMY..u r the best blessing of god on me…Tons of hugs and kisses on ur sweet cheeks mom…???? I know ur cheeks are very sweet as I kiss u everyday 1000000 times.. Love u mom..??❤??????????????

  19. Natasha

    M- Magnificent
    O- Optimistic
    T- Trust-worthy
    H- Heroine
    E- Entertaining
    R- Romantic..

    mom aap sach mein meri heroine ho..???? u r soooooo r romantic..??

    U r the sweetest mom in this world..U r my bestest friend..

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MOM..U r the best..????????

    • Awww… nats u love ur mother a lot…
      Also tell to aunt happy belated mothers day from my side…..
      Actually I dont have any bond with my mother… soundsweird I know. .. bt I dont have contact with her too..
      Long story. …huh…phew. ..
      Will say u bt in email… don’t want sympathy n etc from other… hope u understand. ..
      BT wished my dadi mothers day ??. ..

      • Natasha

        Behna..don’t be sad..Ur mother doest not know how much precious diamond c is missing..u r soooo sweet..????? We all love u behna..and I wished my mom from ur side just now..??? C said c loves u sooooo much..and her best wishes are always with u..??actually I told mom about u..c knows u..??

        And I love my mom veryyyyyyy much..after waking up in morning I just wanna c my mom..Until my mom comes I don’t open my eyes..c is very sweet..I can’t live any single day without her..????

        and behna don’t think its my sympathy..We all love u soooo much..we all are here..and god bless ur life u just get what u want..u deserve the best behna..

      • Awww… thnx nats…
        Reading it gave immense pleasure…
        I m very happy now…. as ppl too love me except dadi. …

        Awww… aunty is also so lucky to have u… so cute

  20. Natasha & Raj

    Hmm..we are angry..????plz don’t talk to us..we also don’t wanna talk to u..???? every time u just disappear wdout even prior notice… u even don’t know how much worried we were..???? so aj se katti..???? we are damn angry…????

    • Riya

      Ahem Ahem..???

      Love birds..yaha bhi ek sath.. =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O kuch toh sharam karo.. hamari CLG ki RAJ-SIMRAN..????

      Raj tu at least yaha to Nats ki picha chor..?? bechari suffocated ho jayegi..??

      • Riya

        And u Mrs.Natasha Sanskar Maheshwari aap bhi..Bodyguard ko kuch der ke liye leave do plzzz.. bechari.. :-\ :-\ :-$

      • Mouli

        Riya baby..I love u soooo much..why are u risking ur life by telling all these to Raj????? ? :-/

      • Lol… clg k raj n simran….
        N Mr big brother apne bataya nhi bodyguard ki naukri kab se shuru ki…
        N riya they are do hanso ka jora (don’t know sayad yahi kehte h pair of swans.. In which both are always together.)… so ek dusre se alag nhi reh sakte… lyk do jisme ek jaan????….
        What’s say nats n big brother. .?

      • Natasha

        Riya..meri Maa..u r soooo sweet like ???..and if that happens then main behoos ho jaungi…tu mujhe aashirvaad de meri Maa…taki Mujhe Sanskaril jaye. ..then I will run away WD him for sure..,??mera baby..Sanku ke liye main kisi ko bhi chod sakti hoon..??? and I will throw a party for sure .?????????

    • Sorry sorry sorry literally sorry…
      Actually mere exams the I didn’t even watch anyone commented on my ep or nt…
      Really really sorry..
      Maaf karo yâar. ..
      Agle baar se paka nhi hoga…
      I will frst inform you both…
      Actually physics exam tha…n nats u know na mujhe usme kuch pale nhi padta… I hate that subject. …
      Plz yâar laSt tym… *puppy eyes *
      Sorry…phir nhi hoga….*pleading eyes*

    • N nats lol… Mrs. SM (sanskar maheshwari )
      Say what can I do that ur anger get kicked away…. n Mr. Big brother u toh angry mat ho yâar…. plz… *holding ears* Sorry. …

  21. Riya

    Heyyyyyy..I am a friend of Natasha and Raj..same college u know..?nd u r a gem writer…it was writing.. Nats smtyms blabbers about u…???so u don’t know me..but I know u..and u can call me Riya. writing..???

    • Thnx Riya ?. ..
      Glad you liked it dr
      Awww… sissy talks abt me…that’s so sweet…
      Don’t worry now I know u. …??

  22. Mouli

    Hello 2 is also a member of devil group..I mean Natasha and Raj’s friend..

    Its awesome..I was a silent reader..Nats always kps talking about u..sissy..I know..I know..Kp writing dear..??

  23. Raj

    Ach6a!!! to hamari peeche yeh sab bol rahe ho tum dono!!!!??????? waah waah..kya dost hai..???

    Riya meri dost Teri last wish kya hai????? bata sabko last chance milni chahiye..I’ll hng u tomorrow.. ok.??? tab tak yeh le ,???? Marne se pehle akhri rose..??

    • Hahah….. tomorrow’s news paper headline…
      LOL…what a gr8 news… n evidence of the incident are TU ppl..??

    • Yup u can call me anything u want….. ppl call , sujji ka halwa n all … atleast sujju is better than sujji ka halwa ??

  24. Raj

    No dear..ur sissy is not angry..c is sleeping dear..that’s y c is not online..?? and sujju..don’t worry..and don’t be sad..hum Sab hai yaha..we all love u soooooooo much. ..till the eternity..nd I wish u just get all the happiness and the bestest things in ur life..❤???? we all love u so much sissy..

  25. Natasha

    Good morning everyone..just WK up…mom is scolding me..??today is my holiday..and I went to sleep at its quite natural na??? BT mom is scolding me..?

  26. Natasha?

    Anuj Sachdeva is coming opposite to swara..he will be possessive for a word obsessive lover..???

    Aajao aajao..humara Sanky babu apka band bajayegi..iska watt laga dega sanky ne..yahi toh dkhna chahti thi main..jealous Sanky..??? sir welcome to our Family..but plzz don’t try to sprt our Swasan..otherwise we all will break ur skull for sure..BT ek darr hai..CVS khun ki aansu toh nahi rulayegi nah??? we wanted this track ourselves.. but plzzz CVS handle this track carefully and wisely..don’t make my sanku baby cry for soooo many days…??? thoda darr hai..but excited bhi hoon..triangle love story…meri sabse favourite..?? Ab dkhna hamara sanky babu kaise band bajata hai us new entry ki..????

  27. Natasha?

    Sanku iska tai tai fish kardega..???Hayyyyyeeeee..Sanky ladegi iss se swara ke liye..apni Princess ke liye..Jo bhi memory wapas aane se pehle hum sabko raw romance chahiye..rain dance,lip lock(??) bhi chahiye..??? and memory wapas aane ke baad us ladka ka shmne ek bone crushing hug and ek lambawala lip lock chahiye mujhe..??? and then again marriage…

    ND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST AGAIN A HOT SUHAGRAAT CHAHIYE..CVS yeh hai meri list..yeh plz de do Hume..main khush ho jaungi..tumhe bht sare aashivaad bhi de dungi..???? ???????

  28. Swaragini fan

    I have a doubt u all r swarag swasan fans then y dont comment on serial page only 5 comm r there now the trak is also going awesome??????????
    I know i didnt com on any of your epis but I m a silent reader foe ffs and only comms on few and really story is ging awesome san falls foe swara its clear

    • No idea dude… actually I watch it onl9 so no need to read the written update…n I only watch swasan scenes…

  29. Riya

    Sujju..u don’t know Raj always goes behind Nats..when c goes to shopping he goes with her..wn c goes to dance class he also goes..always..he follows her like shadow..????????? hayyyyeeee…If Nats is doing pracs and that day he doesn’t HV pracs then also he goes to prac room after his classes..just to see her..he goes and sits on a table and stares at Nats wdout blinking…????? itna pyar..???? Bht a6e se bodyguard ki job karti hai yeh banda..agar tumhari waha pe kisiko bodyguard ki job ke liye chahiye toh isse bula Lena..right Mr.Majnu?????????????

    • Hahah… lol… Mr. Majnu….
      Mr.big brother ko toh warn rehna chahiye kahi kisi din peecha karte karte girls washroom na chale jaye… lol… hahah??? *high five*
      Sure Riya dont worry agar mujhe bodyguard k job k vacancy k baare mai pata Chale toh sabse pehle Mr.big brother ko hi bataungi ???
      N Acha dono doc hote h.. n doctor doctor khelte toh boring hojata life… ab doc bodyguard nyc combo…??

  30. Natasha’s segment dkha? am so scared now..???? sahil(Anuj) and Swara ka sansar..uska bachcha.. “ss” pendant means SWARA-SAHIL…what the f***….yeh ho kya raha hai..we all wanted fresh love story of Swasan..and yaha swara sahil ka bach6a???????? kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha hain…but am very scared now..agar Swasan ko alag kar diya na CVS me then BYE BYE SWARAGINI..again ghisapita track..agar aisa hua toh iske baas sujju and whole mm USSe apna nahi payegi..apni nazron mein gir jayegi swara..sanku may be accpet scared sissy..??why are they spoiling swara’s character ??? main kitna exci thi..but alas..????? agar aisa hua toh then bye bye swaragini..mujhe yeh ghatiya cheez hajam nahi hoga..

    • Haewww…. what…
      Cvs ne thann li h..
      Swaragini ko Barbaad karna h matlb karna h….. simply karte… wo cLiff se giri. … Memory loss hua. … Sanskar hospital le gaya. … sab ko bhul gayi… modern swara back… Sanskar kuch din k liye devdas bt phir phirse patane chala…nok jhok… swara ko connection feel hua… bt ignore…. New entry… Sanskar jealous lyk hell.. Sanskar n new entry conpetion to win her… laSt mai swasan again back… date… long drives… lateNight talks… etc phir shaadi thn swara ka memory wapas. …. cute couple back….
      Maine ye socha tha n ye kya ho raha h…
      blo*dy cvs… swasan gaya swaragini bye bye.. phir toh mujhe lagta h varun b chod Sega show… as uske liye koe ladki hi nhi bachegi.. means our most wanted munda heroine less… hadd h crap cvs… phir wo log varun k liye kisi ko layenge… phir pata chalega swasan toh legally married h…n more dramas mai pagal ho jaungI literally

      • Natasha

        Behna..main hoon VK ke liye…always..???? swara and dhanya plz usko chod do..and mere pass bheg Do..????

        I CANT HANDLE THIS CRAP..IF IT HAPPENS BYE BYE SWARAGINI..mera yeh sab bekarwala serial dkhne ka surf ek wajah hai..and WO SWASAN..agar WO nahi rahegi toh then bye mujhe aur bhi bht kaam hai..???

  31. Natasha

    And behna yeh Anuj nah bht I jyada hot romance karta thoda dar hai..???

    Swara sahil ke sath hot romance..??????? nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….???Main bardasht nahi kar paungi..meri sabse buriwali sapno me bhi main yeh soch bhi nahi sakti..???????? BL***y CVS..WHAT THE F***…???? WHY ARE U SPOILING SUCH A SWEET LOVE STORY..MUJHE IS BAAT KA HI DAAR THA…KAHI CVS apni us pea size ki dimag chalake yeh interesting track ki band na Baja de..aur wahi hua..????? how cheap!!! swara sanskar ka biwi hai..puri tarah se..they consummated their can they show all those things???? They are insulting the most pavitra relationship…husband-wife wala..marriage ka majak bana diya CVS ne…CVS society ko thoda achchi msg bhi do na..why all these crap??? This is wrong msg to the society.. agar aisa hua toh…Swara sanskar ki patni hai..swara sanskar ki ban gayi hai hamesha ke liye!!!forever(consummated)..then???swara is only sanskar’s..patni hai woh..and its INDIAN society..not British.?????

  32. Natasha

    I changed my dp..its not good..I put that in hurry..I’ll change it later..will put a good one of mine

  33. Natasha

    Behna….mujhe 1 roll tissue paper de… mujhe swasan ki dekhke itna rona aaraha h…mai thik se class bhi nahi kar parahi hoon…ab I was just checking fb….maine today’s segment ka preview dkha… behnaaaaa…. swasan mujhe aur kitna rulayegi???????????????????

  34. Natasha

    Behna!!!!!!!?????????????????? 1 roll tissue kharid de plzzz mujhe..???? aj Sanky ka pain..?????? jate waqkt swara ne I LOVE U SANSKAR bola..That time my heart breaks into million pieces…????????? behna tissue kharid kar bhej dena..???? sablog mujge tissue do plzzzzz..???????? hayyyyyyeeeee..mera sanky..we won’t be able to see his killer smile till the reason of his smile is not with him..????????

    nd Anuj Bare body WD abs..?????? behna..samhalke..???? heart ko Zara samhalke rakhna..????shirtless sahil ki bahon mein sanky ki princess.. ???

    • Good morning behena…. abhi abhi 12th ep likha….. usme b sanky devdas ban gaya h…
      Toh mera ep padhae k baad tujhe 2 – 2 tissue roll issue kar dungi. ….

      Yup….. sahil is s*xy bt hamare varun ka toh alag hi andaz no one can match….

      Wo dekha anuj ne b helly ko bacchi ka tappa laga diya….. hahaha

      Bechari helly…. varun kam tha ki ab anuj b..
      Hahah. ..

      Acha hua sanskar ne baho wala scene nhi dekha warna pata nhi kya hota….

      Ab pata nhi sanky devdas ban jayega….

  35. Natasha

    Good Morning Behna?… I read in some site that Sanskar will go in trauma…He’ll blame himself cz he couldn’t save his princess..?????so he’ll refuse to talk to anyone..???? and after sometime He’ll becm somewhat mad..

    I know its intense track..sanku will bang on this role..BT I CANT SEE SANKU IN PAIN…he’ll die without his swara uski dil ki dhadkan hai…Mujhe Devdas type chahiye..not mad..I can’t see my baby mad..??????

    • Ye cvs pagal h…. mad ban k aaya tha. .. thik ek saal pehle phir mad banane ki koshish…
      Matlb jaha se shuru kiya tha waha phir aagaye.
      Yaar mai in cvs ka murder kar dungi for sure…
      Ek b mill gaya na toh uski khair nhi….
      Wanna join me di for it.

      • Natasha

        I’ll go with u dear..mujhe devdas dkhna hai..not pagal..??? and I want to c sanky is fighting for his lady love…Not MAD…BL***y CVS…???

        And plz no Di and all..only Nats

  36. Natasha

    Pata nahi kab next VAHE iv aayegi..kyunki ab Anuj and Hellu Iv degi..nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…mera Sanku…mera Swasan..

    Behna just soch when Swaragini end ho jayegi then we all cry our heart out..then Ganga ki water level bad jayegi..????? I don’t want to end swaragini soon…

    • Yâar zyada tar log swaragini swaSan k liye dekhte h…. n 80% ladkiya varun k liye…. agar varun ko kam space denge thn ovio band toh karna padega n haan ab iv mai swasanuj hoga… teeno iv denge I guess….bt yâar bas ye varun ko pagal na bana de….

  37. Natasha

    I was thinking to put my photo…BT am not soooo good looking..?? thinking..LTS c..??

  38. Riya

    Nats…U didn’t put ur PIC in dp..why???? plzz Teri sissy ko dikha tu kitna beautiful hai.. u know wat sujju c is the most beautiful girl in our CLG..plzzzzz Nats put ur PIC in dp..plzzzzzz..???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.