Stay away…. I m nt ur husband (episode 1)

Hii everyone. … its my frst ff…. I m a die heart fan of swasan so it’s SWASAN later u will find its RAGSAN also… how? I know it’s the question so to know read my ff… bt if u don’t lyk it I will nt continues….

In kolkata
King royal 5 star hotel
A award show is taking place…
The place is filled with all business man of kolkata… its a prestigious award so every one is eager to know the result… Every one is passing an attitude look to each other…party is in the air… Every one is enjoying to the fullest with their families… atlast it became 11 o clock. …. The time to present the award every one is early waiting to hear their name….

HOST : so is every one ready… I know u all are… excitement is truly seen in all ur winner can be only one…. to present the award I wanna invite Mr. Singhania. … whom I thnk so must have a set of this award a continuous winner from last 3 years… may be this year too… lets c…. so a big round of applause for Mr. Singh ana. ..
A man of late 40s comes..
Mr.S: it’s true I am winning it from last 3 years… let’s c of I will have to present it to myself only…so the award goes to
(Tention is seen on every ones face)
I am very happy to announce is the most young entrepreneurs of kolkata…n dearest frnd of mine … I m lyk a mentor to him…
Plz come n take ur award
Every one clapped done happily some were sad….

A man in white shirt , black blazer, black pant. …. looking scotching handsome n hot…. messy hairs. .. very young comes passing the crowd. ..All girks are wathing him lyk within seconds will eat him… He know of their attention bt ignoringly goes to take reward for his hard work..

He goes n touches feets of Mr. Singhania n takes the award… Mr. Singhania instead of loosing his continuation was proud…
HOST : plz Mr. Maheshwari say few lineswhom u dedicate this award….

San : thnk u every one For showthis much love to me. … thnx to baba for always supporting me… thnx to mr. Singhania for being a gr8 mentor… without him I was nothing he florished my every ability… thnx for my whole office staff for their hard work… bcoz behind a success full man their is efforts of lots of ppl… n I truly believe in it… thnk you…

He was about to leave but the host interupted
HOST : Mr. Maheshwari if you don’t mind we also know behind every successful man their is a hand of a women is it true in ur case. …

Their was deadly silence in the hall.. Mr. Singhania was cursing the host in his mind…n thinking plz sanskar hold ur anger plz don’t create a scene…
But to his suprisesanskar was calm…
San : If it is said thn it’s ofcourse true… Imy case also ( all girls looked disappointed but soon got a smile in their face)… but it’s nt necessary that the women should be present n support u to achieve success. … Some ttimes even heart break n betrayal can lead u to success I thnk so u got ur answer. …

Host can’t meet his eyes hall had a pin drop silence but suddenly they clapped for him n he decended the stair n went to the bar for a drink…All came to congratulate him… girls came to lure him… but offcourse he ignored…thn atlast Mr. Singhania came

Mr.s : I am very proud of you son. . Nt only for the award bt also to keep calm in the stage

San: she doesn’teffect me any more… she is past bt I am thankful to her if she didn’t have ditched me I wouldn’t have been in the place I m now.. now let’s leave baba will be waiting for me…

Mr.s: (in mind) I know sanskar it’s very difficult for u to forget her bt I am thankful to u dat u r trying n even u now have fought with ur depression bt old sanskar is lost… I pray to good a nyc grl come to ur life n again teach you to live… (coming to senses ) ya ya leave. … my frnd would have already announced to whole colony abt ur success .

Sanskar just smiled n they left for the house from back door to avoid media

Unknown road..

A van is driving very rashly…n suddenly a girl is thrown from the van or she only jumped from it.. n she lands in front of a black Mercedes. .. 2 ppl ascend from it. ..seeing ppl approaching girl the fan takes a U turn n moves away….

A girl is tied up with rope…In a white churidar suite… which is torn from some places her head is bleeding n she is unconscious
1st prsn : uncle Wat we will do now she is injured n unconcious

2nd prsn : don’t panic sanskar ( yes the frst person is sanskar ) we will have to take her ur home or she will die here

Sanskar : bt we don’t know her. … she must be a pet of business rival. ..

Mr.s : sanskar keep her fast in the car. .. If she must be a pet thn they must nt have torched her to death n I would have taken her bt I leave in hotel… now lift her quickly her blood is flowing continuesly

Sanskar now nt thinking much lifts her in his arm n take her in his car n drives off..

Credit to: sujata


  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Awesome hope it’s Ragsan too I’m happy that you make all of us happy 😉 We cannt complain now because Swasan fan will have their couple, and Ragsan fan too! Thank you <3

    • Yup.. its ragsan ff too but u will come to know it whn the mystery behind this girl will be solved… u can imagine the girl as helly or tejaswi. .. as both r fabulous actors… n I am saying this bcoz… wait wait u will come to know in scnd ep… nhi toh agar sab yahi bata diya thn koe mystery nhi bacchegi hope you will enjoy…n thnx for commenting lovely ( FF broken hearts )

  2. crazy

    Awsssooomeee buddy .
    Its indeed the first Swasan FF that I m cmmenting..
    As I just read n buzzz off but u…omg u made it just super yar….

  3. sujata

    Srry guys for grammatical error. … bt plz forgive me I use my phone to write it… I live in a hostel so lappy is nt allowed here…. hope you will lyk it bt if nt thn I will discontinue it… bashers r also welcome

  4. jaf

    i m supporting u! only coz u r saying ur a swasan fan! but pls dont make it RagSan at last pls! its a request!!!

    • It will always be a swasan ff… bt I will also be ragSan just wait n watch… I m a swasan die heart fan so I can never let swasan down… don’t worry…n thnx for commenting jaf

    • Thnx kittu. …. For lyking it… will post next by ni8. .. n by the way my besties name is also kittu. .. actually kirti…

    • Yup it will be swasan only… from beginning to end but will also be ragsan at the same time u will know it after the mystery reveals

  5. Monika

    You were saying it as swasan then why again ragsan. Are you going to end swara role in your ff. No no don’t do that please

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  7. shan

    nice….but only swasan no ragsan pls pls its a request…..or d girl who ditched s ragini????pls only swasan

    • Ya it will be swasan from beginning to end. .. don’t worry… I m also a die heart swasan fan. ..thnx for commenting shan

    • It is swasan. … n will be swasan don’t worry… from beginning to end. ironically ragsan too… u will come to know whn mystery unfolds. … n mystery etni jaldi nhi kholungi mai

  8. Natasha

    U rocked it suju…..(errr…,sry for not asking b4….can i call u suju if u dont mind???????i wont take it bad even if u say no…)pls…..pls……i am a die hard fan of swasan……..pls dont make this a ragsan ff…….pls…..pls?????

    • I have no problm if u call me suju… even my frnds call me dat… n if u don’t have problm I can call u nats… n dont worry yâar it’s swasan n will b swasan

  9. sima

    Ohhh pls make it ragsan atlast plsssss…. i can guess what r u planing for….but plsss make it ragsan

    • Actually dear it’s mainly swasan ff but whn mystery will be revealed u will know ironically it was ragsan too… hope u understand n thnx for commenting sima

    • Shareen it’s mainly a swasan ff.. but whn mystery will be revealed u will come to know that it was ironically a ragsan ff to u can imagine the girl 2 be helly or tejaswi. .. Both are fabulous actors. . Why I am saying so u will come to know after 3rd ep…

  10. Its the first time I read a swaragini fanfic.. Trust me.. First time and yeah! I liked it .will be waiting for the next epi.
    the title just made me eager to read it.

    • Thnx roshni for lyking the story n the title… I never thought dat the title will be attracting bt thnx. … even I was nt a reader few days before . .. bt I also started after reading really nyc stories…my story is nthing compared to thm… lyk: “swasan Mr maheshwari and I”. …hope u will further lyk my work. ..

      • Yeah dnt sorry dear. will support further. I had always adored swalak since the first epi. but after sanskar’s entry everything turned topsy turvy. I want swalak not awasan and since here is no laksh part. make it ragsan. Well, i dnt have a prob whatever it is. i will read it just like a story not a fanfic . Love you.

  11. sneha

    Interesting!!! Keep going nd update asap…nd ya the title is indeed very catchyy..liked it..!!! 🙂

    • Thnx neha for lyking my ff… yup I have uploaded nxt at 10 oclock only bt I thnk so it’s till now being reviewed so is nt shown… hope u lyk other ep too

  12. I habe uploaded the nXT ep on 10 o’clock I thnk so because of reviewing it’s taking lot of tym… hope u will lyk my nt ep as this one …. nXT is lil boring…. hope u all will nt bash me for it… bcoz it abour father n son bond….

  13. Ritika

    You are good at writing. Please don’t mind but if a girl is bleeding to death then why someone would take her to own home not to hospital? You could have added like hospital is far away from here and your house is nearby or simply cut the death line. Otherwise nice presentation. Keep it up. I would like to read more.

    • Thnx ritika for improving me… I will keep my common sense…. ur statement is damn true.. thnx for the correction n I have written till 3rd ep plz do read thm

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