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Hello Guys its me again Mineey. Back to disturb u all. What to do I just got a good idea and couldn’t wait to pen it down.

Once you have been really hurt by your loved one. No matter how much they repent or love you or show you care. It will always be in the back of your mind even with a smile pasted on your face. Bihaan stood in somewhat similar phase of his life. Though he was proved innocent his name was cleaned from the Blame of stabbing his bauji but it left its marks on his heart which can’t be healed. It was buried Deep in his heart forever.

“b. …bbihaan” Her sweet voice brought him back from his trance. He looked up from his sofa which has now became his usual place. This is where he passed endless sleepless night, crying and dying with the guilt of the harm which was done to his father because of him. He couldn’t say he was bearing all the pain alone, she was there with him, she was there with him to be a part of his sorrow, his guilt, his pain, she was there to encourage him, to tell him that there is someone who care for u. She was there to protect him.

“b…bihaan” she waved her hands in front of his eyes. “where are u lost…everyone is calling u for dinner” She went up to her cupboard ruffling her hands through the drawer. Her silky hairs scattered all over her eyes blocking her view. She turned around with a crease of annoyance on her forehead. He was watching her every move. They way she up curled up her hairs making into a ponytail was mesmerizing. He was lost in her beauty, in her charm, in her innocence. He was lost in his thapki. Yes…his thapki bihaan pandey.

His mind clicked back some memories. The way she stood against family, her blind trust on him. She fought for him in court. no one else had the courage to stand against balwinder pandey, but she did!!. Beside the fact that he was the one behind her pain. He was the one who hurted her. He clenched his fist in guilt and anger on himself. He felt disgusted about his behavior. Suddenly a feeling of warmth spread on his hand and he found thapki’s fingers trailing over, she opened his palm and intertwined her fingers with his with so much care. “forget it” “let’s start afresh” She whispered close to his ears with hope in her voice. “thapki I am sorry” he said with a trembling voice. She quickly placed her finger over his lips “ssshhhh” and slid one of her arms over his neck, while the other was still intertwined with his. And hugged him gently. She doesn’t need any confession. Her eyes clearly showed her feelings towards him. Her actions proved it. It was a Feeling which she can’t resist and a feeling that she can almost never forget. Being touched by this feeling is the most memorable of all. It was the feeling of love.

“bihaan beta come sit here” Vasundhra dragged the chair beside her. And pointed it to him. But he didn’t flinched and passed by her to sit beside his bauji the only person who love him selflessly. Since the day vasundhra pandey declared him as stranger, murderer, not a part of her family. Bihaan didn’t talked with anyone except his father and his wife, not even with dadi maa. How can they blame him?? How can they believe that he tried to harm his bauji?? No……may be it is not their mistake. Its his. What if it was dhruv. Would they have done the same with him too?? No. …dhruv is their blood. He is orphan. He has nothing of his own except his wife. Thapki saw his cold behavior towards vasu and like an ideal wife quickly went over to him, stood beside him by keeping one of hand on his shoulder, showing the family that she support him no matter what. She threw a cold glance at vasu before serving her husband.

bihaan smiled at his bauji who was looking a lot better “bihaan beta there’s a business deal and I want u to take the responsibility” after getting a slight nod from bihaan bauji continued “for that u have to go to Shimla” he finally looked up to find the uneasiness in sanjay and ashwin face and he very well knew the reason for it. He chuckled sarcastically earning an annoying look from both the brothers. “bauji….I..i. Want to say something” He stammered. “say it u don’t have to be scared. This is ur house too” bauji said with an angry voice. Bihaan got up from the table and went to the house temple. family followed him.

“bauji u have picked me up from streets, loved me as your son, even loved me more than your son, bauji you gave me everything more than I needed” he took bauji hands in his when he saw tears in his eyes and carried on “u gave me family, u gave me your name” “thankyou bauji thankyou for everything you did for me” as he said these words his voice trembled with emotions. He was really thankful for everything his father gave to him. “but the truth is I am orphan, and always be” Cold and haunting silence spread in every corner of pandey niwas while his words echoed “I am not complaining” “I have got loving mother, strict father, caring brothers, sweet bhabhi and dadi maa” he looked one by one at their faces with the tears glistening at the back of his eyes. “and most importantly I have got thapki” he looked at her saw determination in her face. Maybe she knew what he going to say. “bauji i may sound a little bit rude but the truth is I have nothing of my own except the name which u have given me and except my wife” his voice was filled with emotions but strong enough to surprise everyone. Nobody was expecting this kind of outburst from him. Everyone was surprised with the confidence and determination in his voice.
“bihaan what do u want to say. Say it clearly” bauji Was worriedly praying that his guess might not be true.

He walked over to thapki and forwarded his hand to her. Her eyes moved back and forth between his eyes and his hand. She smiled and held his hand lovingly as if telling him that she will always with him.

They both turned to family. “Bauji I want live my life on my own. I want to be something in my life, want to Fulfill my responsibilities on my own” he held up their intertwined hands in front of his family to let them see which responsibility he is talking about. “I want to start my life afresh away from this pandey niwas. I don’t want to be a burden on u” “Please bauji let me go” He asked like a son requesting his father to trust him and support him. Thapki tightened her grip and tugged closer to her husband, this is where he needed her the most. She was happy that bihaan a has finally thought about himself, about his future , about their future , and is becoming responsible. She promised herself to give him the love for which he was yearning all these years. She promised herself for a better future with him.
@3 years later: Sunday: 11:10am

“bihaan” thapki giggled as she ran around with flour in her hands and bihaan chasing after her with flour smeared all over his face in their house. Yes their house. Not a big one like pandey mansion. But big and beautiful enough for them to live a happy and carefree life.
“chuk chuk gaadi” “I’ll catch u” He finally caught her and pinned her to wall. “bihaan leave me” she requested with a cute pout on her face. He felt a sudden urge to kiss that pout away. He leaned to her as she blushed and turned her face away. He smiled at her, she was still feeling shy. This is not their first time. They have came a long way in their relationship. They have spent their bad times, good times together. They stood with each other in their ups and downs. They completed with each other with flaws with their goods. They completed each other with love.

Bihaan and thapki jumped back as they heard their daughter’s voice. Yes piya 4 year old their adopted daughter. Bihaan found her an year back on his way home. Sitting and crying all alone in the middle the night. He saw his past in her and couldn’t prevent himself from bringing her home. Thapki as good person accepted her as her daughter the moment she walked in.
“bihaan Tum se nhi hoga” she made fun of him and went over to piya.
“mumma can I go to park” she asked with her cute voice.
“yes u can but not alone” “is sohani going with u”
“no mumma”

“then u can’t go”
“Mumma mumma Plzz”
Bihaan sat there listening to cite argument of his wife and his daughter.

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Credit to: Mineey

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  7. Happy to see u again mineey..lovely..I loved it..

  8. i m missing u my friend
    every time i search for ur comment in tpk but couldn’t find which make me sad
    lovely very lovely
    but piya adopted not expected
    & thahaan leaving Pn no yar
    is it OS OT TWO SHOT

    1. Thanks anu for liking my work. And i rarely comment on tpk episode i just read them. u might not find my comment but i always read yours. And yess piya is thier adopted daughter. and aslo they left pandey niwas because i felt like they don’t deserve bihaan after what they have done with him. I……just want to satisfy my self. I know it will not happen in real tpk.
      and one more thing this is an one shot dear. It only contains single part.

      1. i just want to say one thing that whenever u get time plz write the awesome ffs
        today i thought about you
        and suddenly i get a chance to read this Os written by you.
        is it a connection b/w us
        dont know but seriously Tpk give me awesome friend circle
        love everyone here

      2. aawww!!! Anu that’s so sweet of u. And offcourse i will definitely write when ever i will get time.

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  10. Thanks my dear friends rafay, santhosh, sweety, geetha, umama, pooja, jacinth,anu..Kanimozhi. Thankyou for appreciating my work.

  11. Nice i realy like it ?

    1. Thanks thapki.

  12. Hi Mineey my friend….I was missing u so much..and this OS ff is superb…and yaah I wanted ask u where do u live in kolkata plzz tell me. .???well, I live in howrah.

    1. Well shruti i live in cinsurah hoogly District its not in kolkata. Actually i was mistaken before as u know it is soo difficult for me to learn bengali names of places. Well i am thinking of taking admission in college in howrah. umm..…what was the name…… yess bijoy krishna girls college(howrah girls). May u know this college.

  13. No…no..shruti. Its chinsurah Not cinsurah. Aaarrgg!!! I am so confused with the spelling.

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  18. Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Hey mineey once again u nailed it loved it and if u don’t mind can I call u Mishti I like this name a lot and in my language Mishti means sweet and very cute ending and do u love manga drawings

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