It all started years back….(Happy Birthday Anushey!!) ~Zuha ..

So today is someone’s special birthday…Someone who is my friend since the last 9 years…Yes my dear friend Anushey’s birthday! Girl you finally turned the BIG TWELVE πŸ™‚ May God bless u and shower his blessing upon U! May this year fill colors of joy in her life and may you continue annoying me for the next 90 years πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› Anyways Love u dear!! And this OS is specially dedicated to you on this happy occasion I hope you will enjoy this πŸ™‚

It all started years back…………..
I still remember the day when WE were tagged as TOM AND JERRY in our school…Yeah we are not together since years but together since 3 decades! Kunj … No one believes that the one who used to hate me can ever be my soulmate πŸ™‚

Flashback…25 years back
A girl aged 5 is seen entering the school crying shouting, “I don’t want to go to school! I don’t want to go to school!! Mummaaa!!!” She was continuously crying when a voice comes from back, “Oh hello Miss Cry baby! Get up and leave my way! Crying brat!!” The girl turned but this time her eyes were full of anger instead of tears!

She stood up instantly and shouts, “Oh Mister Idiot don’t you have manners how to talk to me??”
The boy replies with a nasty face, “NO!!”
Girl folds her hand determinedly and says, “Why have you forgotten on you are not taught by your mom??”

Everybody there started laughing…The boy’s face turns pale and tears gush out his eyes as he hear the word MOM!!!

The girl notices and laughingly says, “Hawww..Look someone is crying πŸ™ So sad πŸ™ Pity you! How can I forget that my sweet classmate is an orphan πŸ™ Awwwwww….” and makes fun of him! The boy’s face turns black as he suppresses anger and shouts, “TWINKLE!!!”

(Yes the girl is Twinkle ; little Twinkle is been played by Ruhanika Dhawan; Pihu of YHM!)

Twinkle yells, “Don’t shout! Why don’t you tell that you don’t have parents! Look I have parents to care for me, to look after me, to fulfill my demands but you!” She places her hand on his shoulder and continues, “Dear just be aware of TWINKLE TANEJA no one can win over her, not even you Mister Kunj Sarna!!”

(Yes the boy was Kunj ; little Kunj is played by Mirdul Kabir; Yuvaan of SSEL)

She left from there laughing on Kunj where Kunj looks on with teary-eyed!!


As Twinkle was about to enter the school building , leaving the ground a leg came and made her fall down in the dirt, where her uniform and hair as well as face got dirty and full of mud! yes the leg was of Kunj! Kunj bends down to a fallen Twinkle and says with full attitude, “Those who fly on the sky they are unaware that they have legs not wings and they are meant to face downfall as you my so called classmate!” And he leaves from there wiping mud off her face from a tissue paper and throws the tissue paper on her feet! She makes a “Kill It” face and shouts, “KKKKKUUUUUUNNNNNNJJJJJJ!!!!!!!!!!!”

10 years later……

A girl is shown rushing out of a classroom and straight to her friends who had been waiting for her! They are none other than Zuha and Rafaya (Ab Anu tere b’day ki story mein teri Best friends na ho it is impossible so here are we πŸ˜› )
Girl hugs both of them tightly and starts jumping in excitement!

Zuha: Bataye gi ke kya hua?? (Will you tell what happened??)
Rafaya: Or you can read our faces??
the girl giggles and says, “guess what??”

Both Zuha and Rafaya shout, “WHAT TWINKLE??”

(Yes the girl is none other than out 15 year-old Twinkle played by Palak Jain who played Suhani in the show IKNMP)

Twinkle: He lost!!
Zuha and Rafaya: Who lost???
Twinkle: Kunj lost the challenge!!
Zuha: Seriously Twinkle you are happy because your so called Sadu Sarna lost!!

Before Twinkle could complete a voice is heard from the back, “Hello beautiful ladies!!”

Twinkle and others get distracted and the trio turns to see a short-height figure with a bag on his right shoulder waving HI to the trio. Twinkle’s smile disappeared and she frowned while Zuha and Rafaya made, “Siyappaa!!” face.

The boy walks ahead and says, “Hey Rafaya! Hey Zuha!!”

Zuha and Rafaya: Hi Kunj!!

(Yes the dude was none other than Kunj Sarna played by Rohan Shan who played the role of Agam in IKNMP)

Kunj: So how are you all?
twinkle says with a frown: Fine!!
Kunj turns towards her: Excuse me I am not talking to you so stop poking your nose in other’s matter and stick to your own business Miss.Siyappa Queen!’

Twinkle fumes and says, “Don’t call me with that Stupid name!!”

Kunj: Oh really!!! Miss Siyappa Queen , Miss Siyappa Queen, Miss Siyappa Queen! What will you do Siyappa Queen!
Twinkle: Stop it KUNJ!!!!
Kunj (With a surprised face): Oh God! Guys (to Zu and Ra) did you hear what this spoilt brat said a while ago?? She called me KUNJ!!! Isn’t it shocking?? It sounds as I am hearing this name after centuries!! WOW!!
Twinkle: Shut up you Sadu Sarna (She says pointing her index finger to Kunj) just be…
Kunj: …aware of Twinkle Taneja! This was what you were going to say .. right??

Twinkle is surprised!

Kunj: Miss Twinkle Taneja point this finger on someone else not on me at least! Don’t be so happy! You ain’t win as you can’t as I gained 99.99% marks in Maths whereas you received 99% marks in Maths! (Twi Zu Ra) I asked Disha (Twinkle and Kunj’s common friend) to tell you that you got more marks as I wanted to see you shattered! As I always say FEET ON GROUND EYES ON STARS is my success mantra! This is called CHECK AND MATE!! Miss.Looser!!

He walks away from there smirking…Twinkle fumes!!

Rafaya: So?? You won right? Twinkle come on grow up! U guys are no more small kids to fight on small issues…Just be mature and think!
Zuha: Rafaya is so damn correct! Just stop living in your past! Why do you guys can’t over it!!

Twinkle walks away from there and thinks, “Game is not over yet Kunj Sarna!!”

Zuha to Rafaya: Something is between them!!
Rafaya: For sure! look she just said HATRED..Hate itself is a strong emotion! They will never understand what are they loosing because of there stupid fights!
Zuha: Let’s see what will happen next….


Twinkle reaches the classroom where Kunj is busy giving treat to his friend when Twinkle comes and throws an envelope in front of Kunj, he looks at Twinkle and then at the envelope and says, “What?”

Twinkle: Open the envelope!

He opens the envelope and a certificate comes out of it which says, “TO: Twinkle Taneja For: achieving highest % in English over the whole campus!!”

Kunj’s eyes pop out as he read the line!

Twinkle: This is called check and mate!!

She snatches the envelope and certificate from him and walks out…This whole scenario was observed by ZuRa as they look at each other, and say in unison, “Kuch toh hai magar jo bhi hai takkar ka hai!” (Something is there but whatever it is it is equal!!)

5 years pass out…Farewell Festival…
all are dancing all are enjoying the last day as all are finally graduated and leaving few memories behind and taking few memories with them…Twinkle was there and so was her Kunj (Played by Sid and Jas respectively) but no one dared to talk to each other but finally Twinkle broke the silence and said to him, “So finally it is over!” Kunj turns to look at her and asks are you talking to me and she nods in YES and she continues, ” You must be happy ? After all there will be no Siyappa Queen all around you!” Kunj passed a faint smile and said, “To be very honest I will miss fighting with you!!” Twinkle was amused on hid answer and said, “Thoguh we were enmies since the past 15 years but I wish to make you my friends at least when we are biding a final adieu to each other!” Kunj smiled and said forwarding his hand, “So friends???” Twinkle shook hands and said, “Friends!!” Both of them smile as they apologize to each other for their cold behavior towards one and another !! After a while (both Kunj and Twinkle were busy talking and chatting) Kunj said to Twinkle, “I have a good news!” Twinkle asked, “What??” He replied, “I am getting married to Alisha!!” Twinkle was left shocked but why was she shocked is another question which she herself was unaware of! Twinkle asked Kunj, “Really?” He replied, “Yes really we are getting married the next month! And it will be honorable for me if you come and be a part of this occasion!” He left from there leaving a shocked Twinkle and danced with Alisha! Zuha and Rafaya came near Twinkle (Each at the other side of her) and asked, “What happened Sweetie??” Twinkle said with a shocked face, “He is getting married!!!” Both Zuha and Rafaya are puzzled and asked, “Who is getting married??” Twinkle replied, “KUNJ!!” Zuha and Rafaya’s jaws dropped upon hearing that Kunj is getting married and they exclaimed, “WHAT??” Twinkle leaves form there saying she needs some time alone! Both Zuha and Rafaya are miffed, Zuha says to Rafaya, “Rafo I don’t know why these 2 aren’t realizing what we have felt between them!” Rafaya replied, “Exactly it is so clear that Twinkle has developed a soft-corner for Kunj all this while, if not then why would the great Twinkle Taneja step forward and apologize and ask for friendship to such a person whom she hated the most!”

Days passed and Kunj’s wedding’s date neared and Twinkle felt as if she is loosing something from her hand!

One day before Kunj’s wedding she decides to meet Kunj for the last time…She reached at Kunj’s home and noticed Alisha there in the garden, talking to someone on the phone…

A-Yeah Mom everything is going as per plan and tomorrow this property and wealth will only be mine…I will rule over it! Tomorrow night will be our so called WEDDING NIGHT but for Kunj and her family it will bring darkness of destruction! I will make him sign the papers and then he will be nothing more than a slave!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twinkle is taken aback at learning the reality and rushes out of there in shock!!
Wedding Day….

Kunj is seen taking rounds with his bride(Bride’s face is covered with ghunghat), the rounds were completed and so her droned the Mangalsutra on the brides’s neck and as he was about to fill the bride’s hairline a voice is heard, “Stop!!” As Kunj turns a few pinches of vermilion fell in the bride’s hair, filling her hairline…All are taken aback to find Alisha standing behind, Kunj tunrs and looks at the bride and removes off her ghunghat and the bride is revealed to be Twinkle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All are shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K-Twinkle tum??!!

Twinkle moves towards Alisha and slaps tight across her face and says, “Don’t you dare try to harm my friend!!” Kunj was surprised at the circumstances and asked, “What is going on here??” Twinkle plays the recording in which Alisha’s plan was exposed! Kunj’s face turned red as tomato in anger and throws Alisha out of his house and said, “You are a stain on Love!” Twinkle was welcomed with full rituals in Sarna Mansion!

Flashback ends

It is a story which may sound weird but is true, I am Mrs.Twinkle Kunj Sarna my husband’s Siyyappa Queen!! Our story was a unique one started with fights and…I felt two strong arms around my waist pulling me tight and I knew who was it, my loving husband Kunj Sarna, he whispered, “Happy 10th Anniversary wifey!!” I can’t believe 10 years passed .. it looks as it just started yesterday…But it all started years back!!!
***THE END***

I know this was so bad and pathetic that one should hate on me coz of this crap but still leave your views and Anu I hope you enjoyed and also I love u ! And how can I forget ANUMAAN!!! Keep smiling πŸ™‚ Always πŸ™‚

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  1. It was awesome zuha…..I loved it πŸ™‚

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    That was brilliant.
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    Keep writing more.

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    Zuhu marvellous
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    This is legendary. I’m speechless. Love u (end has to change I really can’t stand it). Thanx. πŸ™‚

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hmmmmm…I know why u can not stand it sweetie πŸ˜‰ Lol but still I know andar se laddoo phoot rahe hain mohtarma ke πŸ˜‰ Now it is a story take it as a tale or……. πŸ˜‰ Love u 2! And no need of thanks β™‘β™‘β™‘

      Keep smiling πŸ™‚ Always πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome os zuha… Nd happy b’day anushey…

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    Loved it it was so cute and Twinj fights too πŸ™‚ Loved it πŸ™‚ Keep writing and happy birthday Anushey πŸ™‚ Sorry for the late comment πŸ™‚ Busy with exams πŸ™‚

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