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IMA ( Indian Military Academy )

Today the academy is looking very hustle bustle because today is the last day of batch no . 48. All were greeting bye their friends where some are taking phone numbers to contact with each other after their training. Today isnot only the last day of the batch no. 48 but it is the last day of ” HIMMAT CAMP ” . It is a national level girls safety training camp which had organised before three months by minister of women and child development , CM of Uttrakhand and the head of IMA. Here they will learn how will they protect themselves from an undeservedly conditions. About this camp, the academy published article on newspaper and every news channal. So huge number of girls applied for this camp but only 5000 girls selected for it by their education and health background

Where all are busy to bid by each other there a couple not a couple , a boy and girl has stood near the main gate to booking a cab . Where the girl is looking the boy in her teary eyes there the boy is ignoring the girl. When the boy felt the girl is coming towards him immediately he booked an auto and sat inside it. After sometime the auto was moving from her side and the girl was seeing all of this in her teary eyes. After all her first love leaved her and went like it wasn’t bother him.

Girls monologue:-


( It is the line of os competition, but I loved this line so I put it here)

I love you Laksh , I really love you . I can’t live without you. I won’t give this place anyone in my whole life. I love you and I will love you till end of my life.

Laksh side

Where Laksh was looking the girl in mirror from inside the car, who is crying silently. To see her breaking down like this he is also having tears in his eyes.

Laksh ‘s monologue:-

I am sorry but it was needed for you. You don’t deserve a life like this. We aren’t destined for each other. I don’t want to give you a suspensive life where I myself also don’t know what will be happened with me in the next moment . I love you Swara,…. ( Yes the girl is our Swara now don’t be shock ok relax and read it till end )I love you too. Its true I cannot live without you but it is also true you aren’t belonging me. You are preferring a best life partner which I amn’t .

After 2 years

Mishra’s house
A girl has sitted in front of mirror where she is seeing her own image in mirror. She has wore a simple blue colour net saree with matching accessories and freed her long silk black hairs which has fallen till on her waist. This time a mid forty woman entered inside the room.

Lady: shona ( the girl is only our Swara) till now you haven’t get ready. After sometime boy’s family will come to see you. Where she placed light make up on her face and a simple maroon colour lipstick on her lips. Now perfect. Now you are looking beautiful and put kala tika behind her ear. Shona I know you don’t want to marry anyone after Laksh. But beta this proposal is very good. The boy’s father and your father are very good friends from their schooldays. Till now I have supported you on your every decision. But this time I won’t. I want you forget your past and look forward your life. I can’t see my daughter destroy her own life like this. I want my lovely, bubbly shona back again. So please this time won’t do anything like this for which your Father ‘s head will bow down in front of his friend. Please accept this proposal and for the last time believe your parents who only want your happiness nothing else. Then Sumi left from room.

Swara’s monologue

Today a boy family is coming to see me. From last week my parents are trying to convey me to accept this proposal. Because the boy family is very well established and settled. And the boy has completed his MBA in Oxford University, UK. Now he is working on his family business. But I am not intrested of this marriage. Before it 23 boys and their families have come to see me. And I have rejected all of them to give some lame excuses LIKE ,I am a drunker and partyholic and last which is very dangerous i.e I am a lesbian. Nowadays I am giving some new excuses like I will never become a mother., I am an unmarried mother who wants a father for her baby ha ha it is so much funny to watching their faces because they look like pathetic creature at that time.
Their shocking faces where their eyes widen which look like an owl eyes and their horrified face like I am a ghost or vampire who has stood in front of them to suck their blood . And how can I forget,their trembling lips where no words come .

Now I am ready for my 24 th target. This time also I have thought something about him. Because I am only belongs to Laksh. Because I only love him. I can’t love anyone others.I know he has rejected me but I know oneday he will return back to me and said me these magical three words . My thought broke by my mom’s voice who has come to call me to go downwards because boy’s family already reached here. I glanced myself for the last time in mirror and went to downwards with my mom.

In Hall

A early fifty man has sitted on sofa with my papa. They both are laughing to remember their past days where mom’s age woman is checking out my home ‘s every corner silently. And then a boy has sitted beside the lady. But I am not interested to see him for once . But don’t know, why this stupid heart is beating so fast from when I entered in hall. I just gave tea everyone which I brought with me. Then I took a sit near my father . And then his mother asked me some questions like , what is my likes and dislikes , hobbies ?I know about cooking or not? This time their driver came and gave the phone to the boy which he leaved inside the car. After some minutes both families send to us in my room. Where as my plan I have kept some bear bottles on side table of my bed. When he entered inside my room, he also checked out my room like his mother. I saw, he saw the bear bottles but I didn’t find any awkwardness by his behavior Now I am thinking, nowadays drinking is common or what ? Why he didn’t react on it? But his manly voice brought me back in reality.

Man:hi ( forward his hand) I am Sanskar, Sanskar Dwivedi ( yes the boy is non other than our hero)

Swara:( folded her both hands before him ) namastey I am Swara Mishra.

Sanskar:nice name i loved it

Swara irritated by his talk and want to go straight .

Swara: you know, I don’t want to hide anything. So I am coming to straight to the point that , i am an alcoholic who drinks two bottles in a day. You don’t have any problems on it na and looked towards his face to see his horrified facial expressions but for her disappoint she didn’t get anything like this. He has stood their calmly leaning on the cupboard.

Sanskar: I have no problem. If you will want to drink it after marriage then I will love to join with you

Swara:(little uncomfortable by his talk but then again came back to her zone and said) but when I drink I misbehave with all. You know sometime I have slapped my mom on her cheek ( “SORRY” mom telling lie about you) . So if I will slap your family members then. No no you can’t do this with your family right so cancel this marriage. So let’s go and will tell about our decisions.

When Swara turned to leave Sanskar said;: but I have no problem if you will slap my parents
Swara turned her back towards his front . She was looking him shockingly and gave same horrible expression like those 23 boys . She immediately moved towards him and grabbed his shirt collar and said angrily: how can you do this with your parents?I am not believeing for marry me you are accepting a drunkard girl who drinks two bottles in a day.

Sanskar angrily hold her waist and pulled her more towards him and said calmly : and how could you tell me lie?

Swara:( said with stammering) L…I…E . But I haven’t said anything lie to you

Sanskar:really a girl before sometime who was having problem in cigarette smoke now telling me she is a drunkard. To listen you, no one will believe you

Swara was looking him surprisingly where Sanskar said:what? don’t look me like this. When our driver came to give my phone I have seen your dizziness to smell the cigarette smoke. Who wasn’t bearing a cigarette smell , its impossible to believe same person will drink bear. Now you are clear. If yes then can I know, why did you tell me lie?
Swara:( taking sometime pause then said) I love someone . I can’t marry anyone else without him.

Sanskar:( said in sad voice) ohh!!seems he is very lucky to having you in his life

Swara:no i am very unlucky because he rejected me and my love

Sanskar:(said in a guilty voice) I am sorry. I wasn’t wanting to hurt you. I just a…

Swara:( interpreted in middle) Don’t be sorry Sanskar ( when sanskar heard his name from Swara’s mouth he felt very good from his heart ) you didn’t know about it na. So it’s ok.

Then for sometime both kept silently. Then Sanskar started the conversation.

Sanskar:then what have you thought for your future? I mean what you think about marriage?

Swara: I can’t give anyone that place which I have given him.

Sanskar: you don’t feel, for this you are breaking others hearts.( Swara looked blankly towards Sanskar on his this statement) see I am not a person who will like to tell round round. I am straight forward person. So now i am telling in straight words that, “I LOVE YOU ” . I never feel something like this in my whole life. I don’t know why?but when I saw you I forgot my breath. And my hearts were beating so fastly like after sometime it comes from my mouth. Before you will take any decision or deny for this marriage i want you give me a chance to prove my love. If after that also you won’t feel I am the man who wants you in your life then I will deny it from my side giving some excuses.

Swara:what you want from me?

Sanskar:nothing much only your one week means 7 days. Can you give me only seven days from your life where you will do what will I say?means no questions, no arguments. Only follow me and my orders. Can you?

Swara thought sometimes then told: ok done. I will give you my seven days but after that you will deny for this marriage.

Sanskar: ok deal. So now we will go to hall because there all will wait for us.

Then Sanskar moved towards the door but immediately turned his face towards Swara and said: I have never complement any girl in my whole life but when i saw you I want to tell you ,”YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN .” . After that Sanskar leaved the room . But swara has stood there like a statue because this is the same words which Laksh told her in IMA hostel canteen.


Now only these words are ranging in her brain. After sometime she came back her sense when she again called by her mom. She made her presentable and went to downwards.

In hall

Swara reached in hall after Sanskar. where Sanskar already said everything. They need sometime before accept this proposal. They want spend sometime with each other then they will take the decision.

Without any option both families agreed with them after all they will spend their whole life with each other. If they need some time for it then they should give it to them.

Night in swara room

When Swara is going to sleep a msg beeped in her phone . Immediately she opened it and it is a msg from Sanskar side .

From tomorrow your time is mine. So be ready because 10am I will come to pick you from your home. Now good night and sweet dreams
I love you
Yours Sanskar

To see his msg unknowningly a smile spreaded on her face.

First day

Next-day Sanskar reached at right time at Swara’s house . Where Swara is all set to go with him. As Swara’s parents know the both children need time so they have no problem their meetings before marriage. Swara was wore a pink kurti with white legions . She tied her hairs in a sideway ponytail with no makeup. She is looking BEAUTIFUL. When Sanskar saw him he was just staring her an idiot . To see his gaze on her Swara’s cheeks turned into red. She wasn’t understand why every time she forgets herself when he present around her. Without any conversation both moved towards car and leave for their destination.

In front of shopping mall

When swasan reached the shopping mall Swara started her query section .

Swara:why have you brought me here?

Sanskar: to tell you my likes( Swara gave her a look “seriously”) to see her facial expression Sanskar didn’t take so much time to understand what she is thinking now. Listen Swara I know every girls see some dreams to take their dream man who fulfil their wishes. I also want this not only want bur I love to do this. But as I have only one week so I want to show you in real life what am I ? So I want , you know me. You know the person, which your parents have choosen for you. So miss Swara Mishra ready to know about me. And I am betting you love this person for which you will forget your past. So let’s go ( forward her hand without any hesitant Swara hold it with a smile)

Inside mall

Boy’s section

Sanskar: Swara as I have said before today I will tell about my likes so I like most casual looks rather than formal looks . And my favourite combination is white T-shirt with black jeans.

Swara remembered how Laksh told every time “Swara you know I love casual and mostly in white T-shirt combination with black jeans.”

Swara looked towards Sanskar but she felt he has disappearance somewhere she lightly hit his arms ” what happened? ” asked where Sanskar changed the topic saying nothing .

Then they went the restaurant which is present at top floor at the mall.

Swara ordered her favorite chocolate icecream where swara’s surprised sanskar ordered for him ginger tea.

Swara: why you ordered ginger tea? When she heard sanskar’s answer again she thought about Laksh.


In canteen at lunch time
Swara:why you ordered tea woh bhi at this time?

Laksh ? said after sipped some tea )you know swara, “jab bhi yeh adrak wali chai pita hoon to apne kisi kash yaad ata hain”.
The exact same answer Sanskar gave her. How can two persons same? How their words, talking style everything same? How can two different persons same by their habits?

At evening Sanskar dropped swara in her home where Sanskar told her tomorrow get ready exact 10a.m .Then both bid to by each other.

Second day

Next-day Sanskar reached on exact time as he said before night. Then both leaved their destination. After one hour journey they reached their destination. Sanskar come out from his car with attitude where the surrounded people were wishing him a decent manner. Swara was looking these things inside the car. Sanskar came towards her side and opened her car door. He forwarded his hand where she placed her hand gently. Then both entered inside the building where people were looking them surprisingly. Swara wassurprisingly all of these because first time she was meeting with other Sanskar who is total different from other day. Before they entered inside the building those people were gossiping with each other now seeing him moved their own work. Without any talk he entered a chamber where the name has written ” Sanskar Dwivedi Managing Director of Dwivedi Industry “. Now Swara understood why people were giving him horrified look where he was giving them his bossy attitude. After all he is the boss .

Swara: today what you want to say me about you?

Sanskar:my dislikes. As yesterday I said some of my likes today I will say some of my dislike

Swara:why did you choose this place for this talk?

Sanskar:nothing special. I was wanting to take you some restaurant then thought ( said with a chuckle )why not I will show you my office? After all my staffs also want to know who is the lucky girl who has taken their devil boss’s heart? Who coul possible it, Which is impossible for other girls?

Swara narrowed her eyes to seeing his chuckle where Sanskar said sorry for his behaviour.

Sanskar:I am sorry Swara . I was just teasing you. Don’t angry on me please ( pleading with a pout for which he is looking so adroable now)

Swara:( laughed so loudly and said) sanskar you are so cute. Oh my god look yourself who will believe the great businessman Sanskar Dwivedi also makes pout and says sorry to others.

Sanskar: NOT OTHERS ONLY FOR MY LIFE , said in a declarative voice.

To listen his declaration Swara who was laughing till now became silent. Sanskar see the situation tried to remove the awkwardness .

Sanskar: so can I talk about my dislikes ( Swara nodded her head as a yes where she was avoiding the eye contacts) . So my hate list is biger than my like list. But today I will tell you some dislikes of mine because if I will go the details then the whole day will end but my list( took a sigh) won’t be ended. So now i am starting, ☺☺1)I hate the fake people . And I try to maintain a long distance from them

2)I hate when my beloved ones hide thing from me , where it can solve by our mutual talk.

3) I hate myself when I hurt my loved ones by my any actions

4)and finally not actually finally but for today it is my final dislike which I want to say, ” I HATE WHEN SOMEONE FORCFULLY GIVE TO EAT ME SOUP IN MY FEVER “.

The same line which she heard from Laksh.

Then Sanskar dropped a puzzled Swara in Mishra ‘s house

Third day

Like first two days Swasan started their journey where Swara has curiosity to know , today what will he tell about him. After travelled half an hour Sanskar stopped the car in his destination. When Swara saw the place she frowned looking towards Sanskar.

Sanskar said in a questioning tone :what? Don’t give me that look , I know I am very handsome .( Swara irritated turned her face other direction) ok I am sorry.( hold her right hand gently and said in a calm tone)see Swara, I don’t want to show you only my positive things. I want you know me from my inside and outside. I want you accept me with my all flaws. I don’t want to hide anything from you and same case is applying on you also.

Swara:so you are a drunkard( again looking the name plate of the bar )yes Sanskar brought her the ” Karishma Bar”.

Sanskar:not exactly but yes few times I drink .

Swara:(said sarcastically) can I know in which occasion only you prefer to drink

Sanskar: when I frustrate and not find anyone beside me this time I drink it for less my frustration.

Swara:and how many times you frustrate in a month?

Sanskar: it depends on my work and my personal life. ( Looking towards Swara who is now looking so much angry on him which was confusing him. Like a typical lover /wife now she is arguing with him. A mischievous smile spread on his face ) Swara ( said so smoothly where Swara looked him confusingly his sudden change of voice) why you are behaving like a typical wife who is concern about her husband’s health. Don’t tell me , you are falling in love with me.

Swara looked him blankly where Sanskar was giving his mischievous smile. She knows, he is teasing her. But it is true why is she behaving like his wife when she loves Laksh. Why she is possessive about his health? Why it is bothering her? Her chain of thoughts broke by Sanskar who is telling “SORRY “continuously by his words. She doesn’t want to look him after this conversation . So she turned to go and just said:it’s ok.i want to go home now. Can I? Without further talk they moved towards home where the whole journey was kept silent. This is first time for Swara, where she wasn’t understanding what does she want in her life ?

Fourth day

Swasan both have stood in front of a under construction building where many workers are working. Swara saw the building . Swara looked the place it is not looking a place for business investment because it is far away from the city. So why Sanskar is making it because when she entered inside in it she saw the name plate where has written as “Dwivedi construction site “. She looked towards Sanskar where his face is showing a immense happiness , or a valid glow.

Swara: Sanskar, why have you brought me here today? Today what are you wanting to show me?

Sanskar:my wish (Swara gave him a questionable look where Sanskar is continuing)you know Swara, every time I was wanting to build a orphan centre for that little children whose have loosen their parents bY different circumstances i want to do something for them. This is my wish which I will fulfil here. You know , why I have brought you here?( Swara nodded her head as a no) you are first person who saw this place without me. i want someone else who also see this place with me because this is not only my dream. bur today the most important person of my life hasn’t with me . ( A tear drops fallen from his eyes which he wiped immediately). Anyway this is all past now. Now come to the point, I want you think a name of this organisation. So I will finalize its ………

He couldn’t complete his words because before he will say something else swara interpreted him in middle.

Swara: ” UMMID ” only a single word come from her mouth. Before she will say something Sanskar said ” AWESOME ” approved the name. Then he leaved the place to say about the name of organization to the engineer.

Where Swara stood in a dialmia ,why she told the name which she had choosen for Laksh?

Flash back

Laksh:you know Swara i want to make a organization where orphan children like me will stay, and get every facilities which I have found from an angel who is a serang in my life. Like him I also want to fulfil these children wishes.

Swara was looking his glowing face which was glowing more when he was talking about his wish and angel

Swara:so in your wish , how can I help you?

Laksh:you will do the most important work.

Swara:( placed her face middle on her palm where her hands were resting on table)and what is this?

Laksh: you will choose a name for my organization.

Swara: ok . So give me sometime. After sometime “UMMID “which word came from her mouth. You will give them ummid Laksh to live a better life . So I think this will be..


Then both gave a satisfactory smile to seeing each other.

Flashback end

Now Swara has situated in a condition where she isn’t understanding anything. Why the hell both are same by their nature. Why she become weak in front of him? Why does she share that things which she shared with Laksh ? Why she is forgetting herself when near him. Now she is nervous,if she will forget Laksh and accept Sanskar from her heart. Ya heart, why this stupid heart beats so fastly when he around me. No, I can’t give anyone that place which I have already given to Laksh. Now it is only three days matter. Then our paths will be apart from each other ( foolish girl don’t know that their paths have already became one. Haha)

Then rest of journey they did silently. Where Sanskar is thinking how will spend his 5th day with Swara there Swara is thinking, how will end 5th day with him.


At a room

Inside the room it is not looking like an other ordinary room because it is a room of a couple at first night. It has decorated like a bride. In every corner it has decorated by candles and balloons. And the bed fully covered by rose petals like a sheet. Jasmine flowers are hanging around from middle over the bed . The fragrance of flowers and the romantic set up of candles and balloons were creating a magic in air. A girl has seated at the centre of the bed in her veil. Her face was hidden by the veil but her nervousness was clearly visible by her fingers movements that how much she is nervous. Yes she is nervous. After all this is her first night with her husband who has taken her heart from her in a week. Now she is blessed to getting him in her life . What did she think and now what did happen in her life. But She is happy with this change in her life.

Girl’s monologue

I am Swara Dwibedi, no more Mishra. I have left this surname behind me with my relations. Yes I have left it when my husband filled my mang on sindoor and tied the mangalsutra around my neck . At the same time I wrote my name, my soul , my body , my life, my time everything on his name . I did never think that after Laksh, i can love someone else also. I did never think after Laksh rejection i have that much love left inside me that I can give someone else. Because Laksh WAS my first love and no one can easily forget their first love . You would be surprised na after hearing”WAS” word for Laksh. But yes ,now he is only my past. Now he has no place in my heart. Now my heart, soul, love is everything booked only for my husband. Yes I love my husband Sanskar Dwivedi . You will thinking, I have cheated Laksh but I don’t think so. He refused me , I didn’t. He left me where I have waited for him . Then you will thinking , why did I marry Sanskar without any love. Then my answer is , Yes i have married him but with love not for anyone’s happiness . Surprise, so don’t surprised because after Laksh, i thought i won’t give that place to anyone . But it is also universal truth , love doesn’t wait for anyone . It happens without your knowledge. Or We should say, it happens with anyone , anytime or anyplace . We also can’t know or tell , When ?or where? and with whom? we will fall in love . I had promised myself that I will never fall in love with anyone without Laksh. But Sanskar, himself created his own place in my heart by his love, care and truthfulness . I am blessed to getting him as my life partner. So far I have remembered, how in the last three days Sanskar had changed my view and thoughts by his love and made his own place in my heart.

Flashback start

At 5th day

As usual we started our journey from morning. And now it is 4 pm and for 6th time we are rounding the whole city.

Where are we going Sanskar? Can you tell me please? And for the 24th times he neglected my questions and silently driving the car. Which was irritating me and increasing my temper more. I also don’t know when my head will blast . But I stayed in calm because I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t know , why also I don’t want to hurt him ?

Because you care me: A voice came from my side. I slightly jumped from my seat and looked towards Sanskar .

Swara: ( monologue) did i say it loudly

No: Again Sanskar said and I was just shocked, how he is knowing my thoughts. Is he a mind reader?

No , I am not a mind reader. And yes you hadn’t said it loudly but your voice was enough to audible for your close one .

Swara sighed and looked around her surrounding. Now they are present in a lonely road which is far from the city. And she couldn’t know that when Sanskar stopped his car here. When she was checking the surrounding she heard a door closed sound . When she turned her face towards driver seat , she didn’t find Sanskar. When she looked backside Sanskar was taking out his guitar from back seat of the car.

Sanskar settled himself on car bonnet and looked towards Swara through the front mirror who was seeing him already in her surprising eyes.

Sanskar took in a deep breath and started to playing the guitar on his fingers. He looked last time Swara before closing his eyes and sang his favourite song

Hum Jo chalne lagen

Chalne lage hain ye raaste

Haa ha ha

Manjil se behtar

Lagne lage hain ye raaste

Swara came out from car and stood in front him and admiring his song.

Aaao kho jaayen hum

Ho jayen hum yun laa pataa

Aaao meelon chale

Jaana kahan na Ho pata

Swara kept her hand on bonnet and placed her face on her palm.

Hum Jo chalne lagen

Chalne lage hain ye raaste

Aaa ha ha

Manzil se behtar

Lagne lage hain ye raaste

First time Swara was looking him so closely. He was looking handsome in his V-neck white full sleeve t- shirt. His perfect apps was showing from his tight t-shirt. At the same time he is looking cute on his little messy hairs. She slapped her thoughts which was creating by her little brain .

Bethe Bethe aise kese

Koi Rasta naya Sa mile

Then she closed her eyes and started to feel the depth of words of the song

Tu bhi chale main bhi chaloon

Hon ge kam ye kabhi faasle

Aaao tera mera na

Ho Kisi se waasta

Aaao meelon chalen

Jaana kahan na ho pata

Hum Jo chalne lagen

Chalne lage hain ye raaste

Haa ha ha

Manzil se behtar

Lagne lage hain ye raaste

Sanskar finished his song and opened his eyes . But his eyes caught the beautiful sight where Swara has closed her eyes and a big smile is present on her face . And her hairs are swinging in air.

When Swara didn’t hear Sanskar ‘s song , she opened her eyes slowly and got to see Sanskar is already staring her in his black eyes. For a minute she forgot the surrounding by his captive look. But she came back to her sense when she heard Sanskar ‘s mobile sound. Immediately she walked towards the car door and sat inside it.

After finished his call Sanskar sat on the driver seat. When he was going to start the car but stopped in middle hearing Swara’s voice.

Swara: Why did you bring me hear?

Sanskar:( said with a little smile) to telling you about my hobby. Everyone has known me as a ruthless businessman. But actually what am I , I want to show you. And you know, after one person you are the second one with whom I have shared my secrets or I should be said it, you are the last one also with whom I am sharing it.

Swara: You trust me that much

Sanskar: No . I trust myself . And now you are too a part of mine .

Rest of journey I kept quite . I don’t understand, how can a person love to another person where he has known that that person won’t love him back in her life.

Next day

At 6th day

Swara’s pov

We both started our journey at 4 pm which was unusual from other five days. Because other days ,Sanskar was picking me from morning at my house and dropping me at dinner time. But today he picked up me at afternoon. And now his this weird behaviour for which my head is aching now. From beginning of our journey, he is just indicating me ” keep silent” putting his index finger on his lip. Now I am fed up on his act or I should be said by his SILENCE .

After half an hour we reached our destination. It is a quite far from the city.

When I came out from car I saw , it is an lovers echo point which is present 25km far from the town. I looked around the surrounding where I found few lovers and newly wedded couples are present at this place. They are enjoying the place with their partners. I will must admit , it is a very beautiful and a romantic place for couples The sight will fall in love anyone by its view . The plain surface is present 45 feet above from the ground. The hills have rounded around the plain. A river is flowing while singing from at the top of mountain to the ground. Birds are returning their nests humming the songs. when the cool breezes are touching the body it is creating a magic on it.

It is a most beautiful and romantical sight for couples. For which , it attracts the couples towards it. It is a very hustle bustle place where you can get people all time.

When I am checking the place I had heard a gun shooting sound. Within a minute everyone gathered in middle and looked towards the direction where the sound was coming . A big parachute was flying at some distances from us. where a big heart shape balloon was flying on it. I LOVE YOU wrote in middle of the balloon. But which caught my eyes the person who was stood inside the basket of parachute. SANSKAR: Only this sound came from my mouth like a whisper .Yes Sanskar, he has stood inside the basket of parachute having with his most cutest smile. I also don’t know when a smile had come at my lips. Unknowingly I had also started enjoying it. Everyone, who were present there clapping for Sanskar and cheering him.

The balloon breaks when the parachute reached over our head . Small cotton balls, rose petals, colourful feathers and paper threads fallen above our heads. It was looking like a fairy dream where the prince does everything for his princess happiness . And at last he takes his princess with him in his fairy land on his white horse . But here my prince sorry now I just said ” my prince ” Ohh i also don’t know why i said it. I slapped my thoughts again because now I want to concentrate on this beautiful view which is looking like a dream.

The parachute landed at some distance from us. Sanskar jumped from it and moving towards me. I don’t know why,but suddenly my excitement changed in nervousness. I was feeling difficulty to taking my breath. My heart beats are beating so fast I also don’t know how many times it is beating per a minute. Now Sanskar kneel down in front of me and the clapping and whistling sounds have increased more than before.

Sanskar:( said forwarding a rose towards me ) I know you will surprise to seeing all this . I also know that you don’t like it ( Swara’s happy face immediately changed in a sad face ) and will be angry on me. But I had a wish that I will propose my dream girl in front of everyone like a fairy tale story. ( swara chuckled hearing his words) I know! I know now you will laughing on me because boys don’t like fairy-tales. But I love fairytales ( said in a dreamy voice) where prince solves princess all problems , fulfil her all wishes and finally take her with him in his kingdom like an empress. ” So princess this rose flower is for you who will always cherish our love throughout our life.( said in a dramatic way). Okk now I am telling seriously I was wanting to give you a special gift on my propose day. But I know you won’t accept it. So I have brought a flower for you and I am feeling you won’t have any problem on it ( said it one breadth)

Swara accepted his flower with a smile. Sanskar stood in front of her and said: Swara, can I hug you for once???

YES, SAY YES: Voices were coming from my around who were cheering both of us .

I didn’t say anything just hugged him. I know he is first shock by my action because after at most 2minutes he hugged me back tightly and my face flushed automatically with a smile . It was a dream for me now which is a very beautiful true in my life. He is really a heart robber , who knows how rob the heart ♥.

( I know now all will wanting to throw tomatoes after read this romantic propose. Because I know i am very bad when it comes to romance . I don’t know why I don’t get any words and ideas ? to describe their feelings in romance. Sorry if I would bore or irritate you by this stupid scene ?)

After one hour Sanskar left me at my house . Before i will come out he kissed my cheek it was a shocked for me and my face flushed . I just dropped my gaze in shy and ran from there and entered inside my room. First I locked the room and walked towards my mirror to look my face . When I saw my flushed face through mirror immediately face palm myself. A blushing smile curved on my lips. A beep sound distracted me from my thoughts. When I checked my mobile , it was Sanskar ‘s msg.


Be ready sharp at 4:00 am . Don’t ask anything because tomorrow is my last day ( unknowingly Swara felt a deep pain inside her heart) . Don’t worry if your answer will be negative then also I will stay your friend forever ?. And tomorrow please wear any loose dress.

I love you my princess ? l

Yours Sanskar

Again a sweet smile spread on her face which wasn’t erased from her face till when she hadn’t slept in her deep slumber.

Next day

At 4:00 am

Swara became ready on time and waiting for Sanskar. Sanskar reached at right time in front of Swara house. He already took permission from Swara’s parents and they have no problem on it. Because they trust Sanskar, mostly their daughter. After 5 minutes, Swara came downstairs where Sanskar waited for her in waiting hall. When Sanskar looked her , he just amazed in her beauty where Swara was blushing to seeing his gaze on her.
She wore a baby blue colour long frock where white flowers printed on it. A simple pink gloss which is tempting her juicy lips more. She has wore a silver tops on her ears. She is looking beautiful in this attire.

They started their journey silently. First time Swara didn’t ask any question. She just sat inside the car silently and looking the surrounding . She was watching the beautiful natural views around her and taking fun the cold breeze which was touching her face gently. And Sanskar was just admiring his beautiful princess who has sat beside him may be for last time ( a sadness covered his heart) or may be for always. He doesn’t know. He also won’t want to know about it. He is just wanting to spend this time with his love, his princess( again a happy smile spread on his lips which was showing his happiness. Why not? After all now his love has present beside him , with him)

After 1hours 20 minutes Sanskar stopped his car and came out from it. Sanskar walked towards swara’s car door and opened it . Swara came out from the car holding Sanskar’s hand which he forwarded towards her .

After 10 minutes Swasan have stood in front of Chandrabhaga sea beach where the sun is ready to come out from water to spreading his light on this blue planet. The sun is looking like a red football . It is looking beautiful when the first sunray falling on the sea water. swasan were enjoying the view holding each other where Sanskar hold her from her arms and Swara placed her head on his shoulder. Then they both played in water for sometime. They both also made a sand house .

After half an hour

Swara was just watching and admiring the beautiful sight in front of her eyes with a big smile and Sanskar was doing his as usual work mean staring Swara?

It’s really a beautiful sight why not after all now they both have stood the KONARK TEMPLE which is the eighth wonder in the world. In world , It’s famous for its of architect . The temple shaped like a chariot driven by seven horses on a 12 pairs wheels. Mighty simha- ghajas ( lion and elephant) welcome the visitors at the entrance. The walls of the temple contain superb carving of divine, semi divine, human and animal figures amidst floral and geometric ornamentation . Swasan spent their time happily. They clicked so many photos with each other .

At 1 pm

They started their journey again. After 45 minutes they reached at Puri. Now they both are visiting lord Jagannath Temple . It is an important pilgrimage destination and one of the four great CHAR DHAM pilgrimage sites. It is famous for RATH YATRA ( a festival name) After that they ate ABHADA ( name of a prasad ) and spent some time there.

At 5 pm

They both started their journey again . After 20 minutes they have stood in front of Bay Of Bengal sea beach . It is a very crowded area because it is very famous tourist place.

Swara was watching the waves when she felt Sanskar entangled his fingers with her fingers. She looked towards him but Sanskar was watching towards the sun who is ready to set back its place.

Swara: Sanskar, can I ask you a question?

Sanskar:( without turn his head) hmm

Swara: Why have you brought me here? I mean, from morning we started our journey with sunrise and now this sunset. I couldn’t understand anything

Sanskar:( said with a little smile) I was wanting to fulfil my dream. ( said looking towards Swara ) I don’t know, what will be your answer. But I was wanting to fulfil my dream with you. I had a dream which fulfilled today by you.I was wanting to spent my sunrise and sunset with my life partner. I want to see her face at every morning and to take her in my embrace every night. I don’t know I can fulfil it or not ( gently kissed her left palm) but I want to cherish this moment through my entire life. In this seven days I have met you with the real Sanskar, who is he actually in his real life. I have shared my likes, dislikes, wish, flaws , hobby and lastly my dream. I haven’t hidden anything from you. Because I don’t want to hide anything from my love who will become my BETTER HALF in future. I want my life partner makes really my better half not for only a word. And at the end of the seven days I want to confess my love for one more time

I LOVE YOU SWARA , I REALLY LOVE ❤ YOU: Pressed his lips on her forehead and a tear drop fallen from her eyes. It is most beautiful sight when someone don’t hesitate to admit his/her love in front of other person. And it looks more beautiful when other person’s heart unknowingly accept his/ her love. Yes Swara’s heart accepted Sanskar ‘s love on his propose day. But everytime she was running from this feeling. Because she wasn’t wanting again fall in love. But how much time she would keep her heart inside a cage. One day it would free from this cage. And today is that day. Sanskar ‘s every word has forced her heart to falling in love with him. Now she can run from this feeling because now she has also accepted him. She also loves him.

When they returned back the whole journey Swara was staring him in her lovely eyes where Sanskar was busy on driving. He also stealing some glances in middle where Swara was giving her a happy wala smile which was feeling good to his heart. At 9 pm Sanskar dropped Swara in her house. Swara quickly said good night to Sanskar and ran towards her home. Sanskar was looking to her till when she wasn’t went from his eyesight.


Next day Swara accepted the proposal. And after listening it, who was most happy, he was none other than Sanskar.

After one week their engagement happened and after that week they married each other. And now she is in Sanskar’s room which has decorated for their first night.

My chain of thoughts broke by door close sound. I looked towards door inside from my veil . There my husband has stood near the door with his as usual killer smile. He walked near to me and here my heart beats were beating like Rajhdhani Express.

Sanskar opened my veil sitting in front of me. I was just staring him . Today he is looking dashing on his crimson chocolaty colour sherwani .

Staring is rude Mrs Dwivedi : I heard he was telling me with your mischievous smile which I replied back to him: No Mr, staring isn’t rude when you will staring your own husband ( wink ? him)

Sanskar: Not bad Mrs Dwivedi. I am impressed. But I will be more impressed if right now you will kiss me on my lips ( said stretching the word ” lips” )

For a minute I forgot to take breath and where my cheeks flushed automatically. He just laughed to seeing my condition and I just hugged him tightly

Sanskar: ( said hugging him back) Sorry sorry!!! I wasn’t wanting to embarrass you. If I have done it then sorry ( said holding his both ears )

Swara: It’s ok ( said freeing his hands from his ears)

Sanskar: Swara

Swara: Hmm

Sanskar: You know from beginning I had a dream . I was wanting my two precious treasures of my life will stay with me till the end of my life . ( Swara gave him a confuse look) From first day I said you in cafeteria that ” jab bhi yeh adrak wali chai pita hoon to apna koi kash yaad Ata hai” ( Swara nodded her head positively) and that day at construction site I said that ” this wasn’t only my dream. ” ( swara again nodded her head) and today, I want to meet you with him . I was wanting you had met him at first. But the circumstances were not in my favour. But anyways, today I will meet you with him. Before that I am telling you, he is not only my best friend, he is my brother, guide, my crime partner in one word he is my first soul. ( said in a sorry voice) sorry , in my life you are coming after him. But now you both have equal place in my heart.

Swara: I know for this only I love you

Sanskar kissed her temple and said: Then let’s go . Sanskar hold her hand and walked near to the wardrobe

Sanskar opened his wardrobe and brought a photo frame from there.

Sanskar: Actually before wedding I have painted the whole room . For this I kept this photo inside my wardrobe. So meet my friend cum brother ( turned the photo frame towards Swara) Laksh Dash.

Swara became shocked to seeing Laksh photo that also on her wedding night. She never thought in her dream also again her past will stand in front of her .

Sanskar: You know we both were friends from our childhood when both we were only 4 years old

Swara couldn’t hear anything without a word which was ringing in her ears: WERE

Swara: Were( said in a shocking voice)

Sanskar: Hum he has no more

This was something unbelievable for Swara. She never thought Laksh has no more in this world. From before two weeks, she was believing one-day he will come and accept her love. But he is …..( she couldn’t think more)

Sanskar: You know before one year he left me alone in this world. Still today also i have remembered that day when i lost him forever in my life. You know before one year when I returned back to India, I didn’t know that, this will make a black day in my life. On that day I was happy and excited because I was supposed to meet with him after 3 years . I also came here for a motive. When I landed in airport I saw my friend had stood there holding a bouquet in his hand . And how can I forget his one billion dollar smile which he was giving me( few drops tear fallen from his eyes but a smile was present on his face ) . When i was going near to him I heard a boom sound . And then everything blurred in front of my eyes. Before closing my eyes I just saw the bouquet which lied in front of me at a few distance. My sense came after two days when I got ( said in a chocking voice ) my life’s worst news. My Laksh wa…s n…o mo…re wi…th me. He was in fr…ont of my eyes but i couldn’t do anything. I am a very bad fr….iend, bad bro….( he couldn’t complete his words for heavy chocking)

Swara hugged him tightly where Sanskar was crying like a kid holding her very tightly. Swara was caressing his back. In these months he was just showing he is so strong. But in reality, he was wanting a arm where keeping his head to forget the whole world. And now he has found that person as form of his life partner. After sometime he felt better .

Sanskar: You know Swara, I came here to settle him in his life. He was loving a girl . And how much I have known that, the girl also proposed him.( swara is surprise to hearing his husband’s confession that Laksh was also loving a girl. Who is she? She wasn’t understanding, why today she is getting to know about all this. She stood in his husband’s arm silently. She can’t think more . Now her head is spinning ) But my STUPID Laksh ( a smile played on his lips when he pointed him as a stupid) rejected her because for his life’s insecurity . He was thinking, if anything will happen in his life during his job then , what has his rights to destroying one more life. But I was wanting to settle him in his life. So for this I came India. But see, his feared won and I lose. You know Swara, in our college time for one girl, we fight with each other not serious wala but for fun . And you know what did he say me on that day,” main tere liye ek ladki to kya apni Puri jaan de sakta hoon” . That time I just hugged him and didn’t say anything. But he hasn’t known if anything happens like that then I also do the same thing for him.

Sanskar: ( said after thinking sometime) Swara you also joined in IMA for a camp. ( swara nodded her head not breaking the hug) . In which year.

Swara: 2015

Sanskar: Then you would know about Laksh because at that time he was also taking his training there

Swara: Hmm. I know him

Sanskar: You know , who is the girl , whom Laksh was loving in his academic period .( swara surprisely looked Sanskar’s face) yes he was loving a girl from your institute only. And as I before said , the girl also proposed him

Swara immediately hugged him tightly and said in a nervous voice: No it can’t happen. No no ( clenching her fingers more on his back )

Sanskar: ( hugging her back ) Swara , what happened? And why are you telling, ” it can’t happen”. What will happen. Please tell me Swara. Don’t frighten me like this.

Swara: ( said in a chocking voice) I am that girl Sanskar. I am that girl, who proposed Laksh in IMA. Who waited for him still before two weeks. But now I have really move on from him. I love you Sanskar.

But suddenly she felt Sanskar’s hands has loosen from her back . She parted from the hug and looked his face where she got a blank face and emotionless eyes. She again felt rejected by her love. Again she felt same pain which was feeling before two years when Laksh rejected her love. Now again the same rejection she got from her husband as a wedding gift on her wedding night . Few drops fallen on her fairy cheeks.

When She turned her face to go a strong hand pulling her towards him and caged her in his strong arms. Before she would understand anything her lips pressed for a kiss. Yes Sanskar kissed her. He is kissing her softly after all this is their first kiss. He doesn’t want to nervous her by his act. He doesn’t want to feel her again that pain which she has bear in this two years. He was smoothing her all pain by this kiss and showing her, how much he loves her. After some minutes he broke the kiss where both were panting heavily for lack of breathing.

Sanskar joined his forehead with her and said: I LOVE YOU AND I MEAN IT

Sometime only a single word tell thousands of emotions.

Swara smiled on his confession . Now her eyes are glassy but her smile was telling an other story

Swara:( said in a happy voice) I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR

The End


I know after reading it now everyone ready with your weapons to kill me. Because I have given this stupid story ( also can’t say that because it’s my hard work). If you don’t like it then criticize my work on your comments but don’t kill me ok. So I want to clear something, first I thought I will use heart transplantation concept. But everything I changed when before some days I watched the epic song of Bollywood ” YEH DOSTI HUM NAHIN TODENGE , TODENGE HUM MAGAR TERA SATH NA CHODENGE ” from sholay . That time I thought why I won’t use this friendship concept only. A relation don’t need a name. I think friendship is a best example for this where we are not sharing anything without love . Sorry if I disheartened you by my story.


I know some readers and my friends have waited for ” Ek Rista” . Then I have a good news for all of you. Very soon I will post the parts. If it possible then I will also give a big surprise to you all . I won’t disclose the surprise now?. Then it won’t be a surprise na. So give me some time , I know from long time I am just repeating the same line . But I don’t know why nowadays I am not concentrating on writing. Sorry for this. But I am promising as soon as possible I will post next part. One more thing before some days on this page I saw an other writer also using the same title for her story. So won’t be confuse I will give my name on title.

Thank you

Have a nice day

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