I started living!!! My Swara (one shot)


Marriage is something which makes you to give your soul to next whom you know just for few months back.. Sanskar Pov..

It was becoming worse for me that I can’t give time to Swara, where she never complained but I feel guilty for that as because from our marriage we don’t know much about each other but we understand each other our action didn’t tell but our eyes spoke volumes, when I looked at Swara I just feel proud that she never complained like other wife’s whose husband is always on work she’s talkative but whenever I was with her she became silent, I don’t know why she’s like this is that she scared of me?? I love her… I love her talking, laughing, pranks and everything her the way she’s but all these I have to see by hiding because she never showed up infront of me, why?? Whenever we were alone at night’s without no distractions of my office work as because I always busy in my office work…. I tried to talk to her but she always nodded or said in yes or no… I don’t know what’s the problem all this was happening last four months and I was literally get tension that is the end of our marriage… In all these we never shared any relationship of husband and wife just started from friendship because we were strangers for each we never get the time to know each other so lastly I decided that we need a break… “small vacation of two weeks “is something help us to make each other understanding… As I love her but I don’t know any hobbies or any favorite things of her all can I say I am a big jerk so in this way I can get to know my Wifey… I heard her asking something to me… I look at her.. Swara said ” Sanskar it’s not important to take break as like this your business is being important and for me you don’t have to neglect your work “I just stare her lovingly.. I said ” no …nothing like that I don’t have any important for two weeks.. And any emergency Laksh will look at it I trust him and I needed a break so… “after that she smiles and again started packing all the things of mine and her…. I just wanted to say her that I want to spend time with her.. But I give her explaination…well but that was truth I trust Laksh he is My younger brother more that like best friends to me after mom and dad death… We both were alone I was 18years and he was 17yeaes …we were left with nothing but we know to make our way and then we studied on scholarship and part time job in computer couching …we both had done hard work… And after completing our studies… Laksh got job in Mumbai and I have got in US… I always wanted to set up my small business so I have to go for some so I left US ensuring that Laksh settle in Mumbai comfortably…after two years I came back and then before seven months I started my business of SR fashion house which was now getting good deals and Laksh also join me before two months.. In all these I met with Swara… Well it was tragedy weddings because one of my friend who was going to marry Swara was left her on Mandap.. And that time I saw her first time.. My heart was beating so fast that I can’t make eyes to ignore for once that was love at first sight I thought ……and then one lady who was shouting at my friend’s family and asking that who will now marry her… I felt to that chance…. I was looking at Swara’s broken face which was hurting my heart I look at lady and move to her ask her to come with me alone and after that inside the room I just straightly said that I want to marry Swara and tell her about me everything and ask her if she gives me Swara hand.. Lady was looking happy then she tells me that she is mother of orphanage and Swara is orphan.. I don’t have any problem in that because I know the feeling of orphan… Lady ask me to give her some time… In that Laksh cones asking me what’s wrong I narrated him he was looking at me in disbelief and saying me that I was sure because if that bride turns to be any gold digger… I just say I saw her and I don’t know why I believe her that she is best thing happing in my life.. Laksh lastly agreed and then lady told me that Swara is also ready for marriage.. And then we got married.. And then I, Laksh and my new bride return back from Punjab….
I was looking at Swara who is sleeping peacefully after a long journey well now we are in London… In palace type suite… Due to jet lag she slept after coming.. But I can’t be tired looking at my beautiful wife.. Who was now looking childish in sleep I chuckled and move towards window looking outside.. Admiring the natural but it was less beautiful then my wife so I silently moved towards Swara and slept beside her pulling her in my arms it is became my habits because I can’t sleep without her warmth.. And she snuggled up in me more I love it!!!
I opened my eyes looking at surrounding then at my sleepy wife who disturb by some hair trans falling on her face I tugged her hairs beside ear admiring her face ,her cheeks, her nose, then her luspesious lips I don’t why but I just feeling urge to take that lips in mine I was thinking all this when Swara open her eyes and looked at me ,I just couldn’t do much just looking in her eyes as that my whole world is stopped… I don’t know what to do I thought she’ll be uncomfortable so I started to get up from bed but then I felt tug on my sweat shirt I looked down where my sweatshirt was trap with Swara night gown she was also looking at that… It was very much awkward moment for us… I tried to freed it but in that I dis balanced from my elbow and my lips brushed with her lips… It was magical spark… I was shocked.. My whole body felt numb.. But then another thing was understatement of shocked… Swara was kissing me sucking my lower lip and pulling me by keeping her hands on my back… Then on hair.. That’s it… I was rolled her on me pulling her more I deepened the kiss.. I was tracing my hands on her back… Touching every inch of her curves… After a passionate kiss we parted… Breathing heavily with lack of breath.. She kept her forhead on me her hot panting breath was mixing with mine ….she said looking into my eyes “I love you and I can’t wait for your confession all my life so please love me “I was flushed I don’t know what to say I just ask her “from when? “she smiles and said “from the day of marriage.. You are my love at first sight “then she blushed hard looking down I was out of world.. And now I can say Sanskar Raichand you are the biggest fool by not giving your time to your wife.. I look at her and said ” I love you too Swara “and kiss her mindbumbing… From then I started living!!!! Because of my Swara

Credit to: Aryna

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