It Started With a Hate Request Season 2 (Prologue)


Okay…a long term break ppl. Hope that you haven’t forgotten the story of my fan fiction. Well incase you have forgotten,which is quite obvious because i am almost writing the Season 2 almost after decades you can just ask for the links in the comments. Well i hope that i can again keep the thrilling sequence of this fan fiction with all your support and help. So please comment and thank you everyone for reading my IT STARTED WITH A HATE REQUEST SEASON 1. Thank you nd plzz don’t forget to comment.
yours faithfully- Kavya/Rubaiya

Scene 1
The scene starts with the show of our busy rods of Kolkata. The depressing honks everywhere and frustrated people shouting at each other. Suddenly a child is seen running around with a bundle of newspapers.
The boy: aj Ki taza khabar, aj Ki taza khabar. The famous Kolkata Investigation agent Mr. Laksh Maheshwari was accused in attempt to murder case of the famous business tycoon Mr.Pardeep Pal. What could have been the reason of this cold bloodied attack. ₹5 for each paper. ₹5 for each paper. Aj Ki Taza khabar , aj Ki Taza khabar.
As people gather over there and crowd around to buy the paper the scene shifts to the Maheshwari mansion.
A person is seen sitting in a large room and reading newspaper,suddenly a voice calls out her name.
Little Boy: Swara Ma.
Swara keeps away the paper and looks at the boy with a sweet smile.
Swara: Good Morning Lakshrag.
Swara holds out her hand and gives him a tight hug.
Swara: hows my bachaa?
Lakshrag: I am good and Happy.
Suddenly a person is seen rushing inside there room
Person: Swara have you seen today’s newspa….
He stops in the middle of his sentence as Lakshrag goes and hugs him
Lakshrag:(while hugging his knees) Sanskar chachuuuu…
Sanskar looks at him and forces a smile.
Sanskar:(while kneeling down) Hows my champ??
Lakshrag:(with a bright smile) I am fine chachu. And i am sure today my day will be happy happy and bright.
With this he gives a peck on both of their cheeks and runs away.
Swara and Sanskar look at him disappearing down the stairs with a sad look. After sometimes Sanskar turns to Swara.
Sanskar: Swara the news…

Swara looks at his shaking hands and holds him at the nick of time from collapsing.
Swara: Sanskar calm down. Kuch nehi hoga. There has to be some reason behind all these. Everything will be fine.
Sanskar: but Swara, don’t you see, i have already lost him.
Swara:(hugging him) you haven’t lost anything. He’s still the same funky,happy laksh we knew…and with whom Ragini had once fallen in love.
Suddenly Sanskar moves away.
Sanskar: Swara, we need to find Ragini.
Swara:(almost on the verge of crying) we have been searching her since 5 years and still now all we know is Tha…
Sanskar: no, swara no. We cant leave our hope. She’s the only person who can save my brother. She’s the only one who can make him understand his faults and goods. (stands up) Now, No matter what happens but i wont stop searching for her. (turning to Swara) I cant see my Laksh ruining his and his son, Lakshrag’s life.
Swara gets up and holds his hand.
Swara:(with a painful smile) and Il always be there with you.
They look outside the corridor at a large photo frame where there’s a picture of Raglak and Swasan in there wedding dresses.

Well this was just sort of a prologue so i wrote a short part. Sorry. But i promise to write longer episodes next time.?

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