It Started With a Hate Request Season 2 (Part-2)


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Hello everyone. Well sorry again for 1day gap, actually i didn’t get time to write and finished writing at 12am so late update. Sorry again. Okay so A BUNCH OF VERY BIG THANKS to all of my frnds who had commented on my last episode. U wont believe for the first time i felt like i was in cloud 9 after reading all of ur comments and Fairy, thank you soo much for such a long comment i really appreciated it and everyone’s too. Sorry for not being able to reply to everyone of u individually but thank you soo much for making my day and loving season 1. I just hope that this season also goes great. AND THANK YOU again for all of your comments. Hope that you’ll like this chapter too and so donot forget to comment, plzz?
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Scene 1

A person is seen sitting on a rocking chair in a dark room. The blade of the knife shines in his hand from a small thin ray of light. Suddenly the phone beside him rings revealing the name Sanskar bhai. The person picks up the call.
Sanskar: hello, hello Laksh? Where are you?
Laksh:(bluntly) no where.
Sanskar: laksh,listen you need to leave this city right now. I know Pal os trying to push you in a fraud case. Listen you just leave the city for sometimes. Let the media and everyone forget this case and then you can comeback.
Laksh:(moves forward as the slight ray of light reveals the anger on his face) This time Pal is not bluffing bro.
Sanskar:(confused) what, what are you even saying?
Laksh: i did try to kill him. And don’t worry Il return home, only after his death.
Sanskar: but but…
Laksh ended the call already. He looked at one picture all the time and at last threw the knife pointing at the picture.
Laksh:(getting up from the chair with rage in his eyes) You’ll pay for what you have done to me…
The camera shifts towards the photo as Laksh shouts

Scene 2

Sanskar looks at his phone with a shocked expression.
Swara:(concerned) Sanskar, what did laksh say?
Sanskar didn’t speak, he was unable to find his voice. At last he spoke.
Sanskar: He said that this time the news papers are correct.
Swara:(shocked) what?
Sanskar:(turning to swara with his teary eyes) Swara we have lost them. Both of them.
Swara hugs him as Sanskar breaks down in her arms.
Suddenly a third person speaks from the door way.
Person: Stop crying.
They both look at the doorway to find Sujata standing. She comes inside and sits beside the two of them.
Sujata: if you both will breakdown then who’ll take care of us. How will our weak nerves take care of everything after all these shocking news coming one after the other. It looks like there’s a line of these news’s outside our house.
Swara:(holding Sujata’s hand) Maa, when people cry,it doesn’t mean that they have broken down but it means that they’re building up a new strength to fight against anything and everything.
At this Sujata gives a peck on Swara’s forehead while giving her blessings and then hugs both Swasan.

Scene 3

A girl is seen humming a sweet tune and busy cutting some vegetables in a kitchen. A lady of 45 years comes to her wearing a heavy black saree and some heavy jewellery. The lady walks inside the kitchen with a dark frustrated expression but as she looks at the girl her face lit’s up with a smile.
Lady: Aisha darling?
Aisha smiles and looks up at her.
Aisha: yes mom or shall i say Mrs. Kritika Sen.
Mrs. Kritika:(with a small laugh) so, what’s my daughter cooking for us? (looking around the sink) oho, Aisha. How many times do i have to tell you to keep everything clean. When ever you do some work, the surrounding and the work itself has to be clean and perfect.
Aisha smiles and looks at the sharp knife.
Aisha:(almost whispering) Yes mom, i do keep everything clean in my game. No thorns in my path…just the way i removed the Ragini Thorn from my path.
She gives a wicked laugh as the screen freezes.

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Sorry to give you just d links of episode 1 and 24…there r soo many links dat i couldn’t copy but the previous links can be found frm episode 24. Sorry again…and if my readers face a problem then Il surely try to give all the episode links, Sorry again.??

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  1. Raglakholic

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    But how could this be possible????
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    It’s totally confusing,suspense nd interesting
    Nd I can’t wait more to read
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    Literally I’m waiting for next part……..

  2. Fairy

    no need to thank me dear…actuallly m soooo happpy to seee u back..dat i cnt even tell u 🙂 … m really thnkful to u for dis thrillng super dooper interestng story dr…
    update ws sooooo damnnñnn amaznggg!!!oh god wt had happened to laksh?? 🙁 ..m reallly afraid for hm!! n dat grl aisha ,wt shez talkng about ragini??? m gettng negatve vibes from her ….bt d main questionnn is WHERE IS RAGINIIIII????? swasan n suji scene ws emotional…..all in allll its a mindblowngggg update….lets seee wts gooonnnna happpen next in dis story..M REALLLY VERY CURIOUS…..waitng eagerly for nxt update …keeeep rockng n stay bkessed sweeety 😉 love u lotzzz SUSPENCE QUEEN 😉 😀

  3. Jazzy

    Omg what is going on here and where is ragini and why laksh is behaving sooo

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    Ur truly suspence queen hehe just copied from fairy di’s comment bt its just perfect.
    Today’s epi created many questions in my little bwhat happened that
    WHAT DOES AISHA MEAN WHEN SHE SAID THAT SHE REMOVED RAGINI THORN FROM HER WAY ( does she mean that ragu was murdered or sth like that or is AISHA is Ragini itself )…..???
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    1. Rubaiya

      Okay nikki Il try to write longer episodes frm now on.

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    so interesting… loving it

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