It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 6

Ok friends,i know that after reading this episode you might curse me as most of the parts in todays episode are of raglak and today there’s not a single love part of swasan. My apologies for that. Next thing is that today you all will have to use your sharp imagination skills as in todays episode most of the parts are imaginative. Even then i tried my best to express my story. Hope that you all people might understand my situation and sympathise with me. (don’t take it seriously) so please even if you hate this episode even then please comment.

Scene 1
The scene starts with Ragini and her family coming back from the cinema hall. As it was already past 10p.m so for that reason they had there dinner outside. As soon as she enters her room and throws herself on her clean bed her phone starts ringing with her favourite tune, that’s Tere Bin( Wazir). She looks at her phone and picks up the call.
Ragini: hello swara.
Swara:(excited) haa,Ragini. I hope i am not disturbing you.
Ragini: not at all.
Swara: Ragini i am getting tensed.
Ragini: why?
Swara:( almost shouting) Raginiiiii you forgot it again. Tomorrow we have got our fresher’s party.
Ragini: thanks for reminding me.

Swara:(irritated) mention not. Ok forget it. Tell me what are you going to wear?
Ragini:(confused) well i have not yet decided it.
Swara:(shouting) what? Ragini its 11pm and you have not yet decided what you’ll wear for tomorrow’s party. Gawwwddd you are getting boring day after day.
Ragini: ok baba sorry.
Swara:hmmm…ok now open your cupboard and choose a dress.
Ragini: do i have to do it right now?
Swara:(ordering) yess, right now.
Ragini: Jo hukum jahapana.
Ragini opened her cupboard and looked through the neat and clean shelves.
Ragini:(almost whispering) ummm, what should i wear? Which one?
Swara: Ragini wear something in blue.
Ragini: ok,and what are you going to wear.
Swara: Il wear a pink gown.
Ragini: done.

Swara: u know, tomorrow’s party is a masquerade ball themed.
Ragini:(excited) oh,great i love masks.
Swara: me too. Ok now go and sleep i don’t want dark circles under your eyes.
They both laugh and end the call. At night it is shown that swara thinks about the party while Ragini thinks about masks.
In morning Sumi calls Ragini for breakfast and gets shocked to see her dressed up in a royal blue gown with black gloves. She has kept her hair open and has done a little bit of eye makeup while she had put a rose pink lip gloss on her lips. The top portion of the dress perfectly hugged Ragini’s body it consisted of blue gems while the down part bulged every inch and was gliterized. It was partially sleeveless.
Sumi moved towards Ragini and held her hands.
Sumi:(questioningly) Raginiii…

Ragini: i know maa. U must be surprised. Actually today we have got a freshers party in our college that’s why. Am i looking ok?
Sumi:(smiling) you are looking like a princess dear.
They both hugged each other while Sumi insisted on dropping her to her college. So at last they both left.
When Ragini reached her college she saw a big table just before the college entrance. It was full of different,colourful masks. She selected a navy blue mask which had feathers on its left side and wore it.
She waved by to Sumi and entered the college. She felt happy. This was the first time when all the students of the college turned around to see this princess but didn’t recognise her. Ragini stood in the corridor trying to search swara when suddenly a sweet voice called her name from behind. Ragini turned around to look at a girl wearing a pink sleeveless gown and a black mask.

The top portion of her gown was hugging her body and also had millions if small gems attached to it while her down portion starting from the waist was simple.

Ragini:(happily) swaraa…
She hugged her.
Ragini: i got soo confused. I thought i wont find you.
Swara: cummon, even if the world ends you’ll surely find me.
Ragini: but how did you recognize me?
Swara: well? i asked most of the girls wearing blue dresses,that if she’s ragini or not.
They both laughed at this and moved towards the auditorium while quarrelling about who looks best.

Scene 2
As Ragini and Swara entered the hall all the heads present over there turned around to look at the two beauties. The boys got mesmerized while the girls burn in jealousy. But Ragini and Swara move around being carefree and enjoying the starters. Then suddenly all the lights moved towards the stage. A senior comes up(the seniors are not wearing masks as they have to perform for the juniors)
Senior: ladies and Gentlemen lets have a round of applause for our dear lady principal who had given the idea of throwing this party. Soo we will start with some performance from our 3rd year students, lets hope that you all people will enjoy.
Then lights go blind after 5minutes the music starts. The senior students dance funnily on a act which is based on the song Tumhai apna ‘banane’ Ki kasam, ‘khae hai khae hai’
All the juniors enjoy the party as many performances are done when suddenly it is declared that to add spice in the entertainment they shall have a dance. The juniors dance. All the juniors get surprised at this sudden declaration.

Senior:(trying to calm them down) guyz,guyz,guyz…chillax its just for fun. No pranks,nothing. Its just that you all people shall move around as you wish but whenever i say statue you all shall stop moving. In this time whoever steps on these stairs they will have to perform a dance.
Everyone gets relived and claps while Swara and Ragini gives a tensed look to each other. Swara looks at the other side and finds a boy smiling at her. She feels that smile very familiar but doesn’t recognize him.
Swara:(pointing towards the boy) Ragini look, that boy is continuously staring at me. Who’s he?
Ragini: idiot. Its sanskar.
Swara:(happy) what? Sanskar is smiling at me. O my gawd lets go that side.
Ragini: nooo…
Swara: yess…
As soon as she says that she starts dragging Ragini with her.
While on the other side sanskar sees this and deliberately orders Laksh to bring Chicken lollipops for him from the other side.
Laksh: what nonsense? From that time you are going on eating like a hippo…now no more. I cant go.
Sanskar:(sweetly) laksh please go,please. I swear Il search some hot chick for you to flirt. Now please.

Laksh gives him an irritated look and moves towards the other side. Suddenly as soon as Ragini and Laksh are going to cross each other,unfortunately they step on the stairs when the senior calls out statue. Everyone freeze while Ragini looks down to see in horror where is she standing and Laksh looks at her. Over there they are both unaware of who’s the person standing next to them and on the other hand Sanskar tries his best to guess who’s the girl with the blue mask. Swara turns around and gets horrified to see Ragini standing on the stairs. Suddenly the senior announces,
Senior: woo, so these two are the once who will dance today.
She calls them at the middle of the stage. They both move there without protesting and giving a tensed look to each other.
Senior: hmmm…so as decided you both shall dance on the soooooooonnnggggg…. Sanam Re( title track of the film sanam re)
Ragini and Laksh get a little shocked when suddenly the all the lights move towards them. The first music starts… Laksh moves forward and holds Ragini’s left hand and waist. She gets a little uncomfortable as he touches her.
Laksh:(calmly) don’t worry. I wont hurt you.
This Ragini looks at him.
Laksh: do you know how to dance.
Ragini:(tensely) a little bit.

Laksh: don’t worry. Just move around with me and slowly copy the steps.
Ragini nods and they both start dancing slowly as the lyrics start with ‘bhigi bhigi sarko pe Mai…’. At first Ragini looks down to copy his steps but after sometimes she looks up and dances with him,swiftly. Laksh enjoys dancing with her as he feels as if he’s dancing with a trained dancer. As she takes the rounds while he holds her finger her soft hair touches his face while he smells the fresh rise smell. And then when the guitar music starts with the lyrics ‘ ooooouooooo’. Laksh suddenly lifts her up while taking continuos rounds. Throughout the dance there gaze do not shift even for a second. When suddenly Ragini over hears somebody saying that as soon as the dance ends they would tell these two dancers to open there mask. Ragini gets a little surprised and tries to leave the stage but Laksh thinks that its a part of their dance and so pulls her. He keeps his hands tightly around her waist and hugs her. For the first time Ragini gets an unnatural feeling. She feels as if her brain has stopped working and so she cant pull herself away from his grasp. Laksh turns her around and pulls her closer,when they again start dancing there first steps. Ragini looks at his eyes and thinks for a while. ‘maybe Swara was right. There eyes do sometimes look like two chocolate pools’. She thinks all these while the crowd enjoys there dance when suddenly the lights go off as the song almost comes to an end. Ragini feels as if she has come out from her hypnotized state and leaves Laksh’s hand. Laksh gets confused and tries to search her when suddenly again the lights go on and he finds a girl standing in front of her.

Scene 3
It starts with the senior coming in the middle of the crowd and shouting in mike..
Senior: wowww, a big round of applause for this lovely dance from these two lovely people standing on stage. Everyone claps except swara. She gets a little confused looking at the girl standing on the stage while the senior continues,
Senior: so to make this more entertaining lets tell these lovely people to open there masks and show us who THEY ARE…
Everyone appreciates the idea and requests them to open the mask. At first slowly Laksh opens the mask when most of the girls start talking about his moves and all….after sometimes the girl opens her mask surprising swara. It was not Ragini. Swara frantically starts searching for Ragini in the crowd. The girl was still holding Laksh’s hand. He couldn’t understand why he was feeling so uncomfortable at her touch. He smiled and asked,
Laksh: what’s your name?
The girl smiled and said ‘Kavya’.
The crowd started cheering for them while the senior asked there name and said,
Senior: soooo, aaj Ki jaam Laksh or Kavya ke naam.(tonight’s drink on Laksh and Kavya’s name)
The crowd clapped and enjoyed while Ragini opened her mask for once and put it again while moving towards Swara.

To be continued….

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