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Scene 1
The story starts as the Camera shifts to the entrance of the Medical college. A group comes and plays the song Roar(Katy Perry). Suddenly when chorus part of the song comes they see Ragini stepping inside the college. Suddenly the whole group bursts out laughing.
1st girl: if she is tigress then no body will be afraid of her.
Suddenly Ragini realizes what was actually going on. She didn’t look at them and left. She felt bad.
Ragini:(thinking) everyone knows that i am a fragile kid.
Suddenly a small boy comes to her.
Boy:(pulling Ragini’s dupatta) Are you Ragini di?
Ragini:(sweetly) Yes Babu. Do you want anything?
Boy: Na na.

He hands a bouquet to her and runs away from there. Ragini gets a little surprised. The bouquet was full of her favourite flowers. Roses, Blue orchids,asters and many more. She smiled looking at it when suddenly she found a card attached to it.
She opened the card and started reading.

Dear Ragini,
Maybe you will get angry by knowing my name. So don’t see the name but see my heart. It has surrendered itself to you. So please accept this gift as an apology and as a gift from your lover.
From your true lover?

She stared at the card for a looong time to get some clue about who the hell sent it and then took the card and tore it. She tried to make thousand pieces of the card.
Ragini:(angrily) Huh, lover my foot.
With this she stamped on the pieces and left with the bouquet.
After that she went to the Botanical section of their college.
Ragini:(knocking at a door) May i come in Mam?
Teacher: yes beta, please come in.
Ragini:(stepping inside) mam i thought these flowers can be of some use for the Botanist students.
Teacher:(holding the bouquet) so thoughtful of you dear. What’s your name?
Ragini: Ragini Khanna.
Teacher: thank you soo much dear.

Ragini smiled and left from there. She felt peace in her heart by doing this. But then some other thoughts made her tensed. Suddenly she heard somebody screaming her name.
Ragini turned around to find Swara standing behind her.
Ragini:(holding Swara’s hand) Swaaraaa… I thought you wont talk to me after whatever…
Swara: how can you think that. Whatever had taken place was just a past…so now just chillax and enjoy.
They both smiled and left from there.
Swara: by the way what were you doing in Botanical section?
Ragini: ummm…nothing much just helping them.
Swara:(confused) you are an Mbbs so how R you supposed to Help Them?
Ragini: by giving them flowers,with which they can do Greaaaaaaat experiments.
They laughed and entered the classroom.

On the other hand the screen shows a room and a person sleeping on the bed wearing pink boxers. He is dreaming about something and suddenly sits up on his bed.
A boy comes out of the washroom.
Boy:(concerned) bhai, what happened?
The boy looked at him.
2nd boy: nothing laksh. I am fine.
Laksh: achaa seriously i don’t think soo. You had a bad dream right Sanskar?
Sanskar looked at him.
Sanskar: whatever.
Laksh:(holding his shoulders) not whatever bhai,not whatever. Do you know what happened today with me?

Sanskar:(confused) what?
Laksh:(sadly) she gave the bouquet to the botanists and the card…
Sanskar:(excitedly) the card?
Laksh:(glaring at him) its all because of you. Your Bhadda planning. She tore the card into thousand pieces and stamped on them.
Sanskar: ok, she’s not what i thought.
Laksh: what do you mean?
Sanskar: just forget it and lets get ready man.
With this they left for the college.

Scene 2
In the classroom everyone is seen sitting peacefully and waiting for the lecturer to come except 3 people. As usual Laksh was sitting just beside Ragini which made her feel more uncomfortable.
Ragini:(thinking) if somebody had already informed him that i was the one dancing then mere izzat ka faluda ho jayega.
So she started pushing swara and tried to keep a large gap between laksh and her seat.
Swara:(irritated) what are you doing Ragini?
Ragini: swara please shift na…
Swara:(almost shouting) do you want me to fall down from my seat?

Ragini: noo but…
Swara: push back…i wont move a single inch.
Ragini didn’t reply. She looked at her side to see him. Laksh was sleeping keeping his head on the book. Suddenly a smile spread on her lips.
Ragini:(smiling) he looks like a ghumu baby. (people ghumu is a bengali word which means sleepy)
Suddenly her smile vanished.
Ragini:(telling herself) what the hell is happening with me? Why am i even looking at him? Nd smiling…bullshit. Nonsense. I cant do this. It was just a co incident. I must have been thinking about something else. Not him. Not him.

While fighting with herself Ragini suddenly heard the lecturer.
Professor: good morning students.
Everyone wished her good morning and sat on there seats.
Professor: i have come here to announce you something. Our college has kept a program of free checkups for the poor and the Needies. So you all are going for a trip day after tomorrow in a very remote area named BAHDURPUR.

Suddenly the whole class was silent.
A boy: mam can you please say what pur?
Professor: Bahdurpur. Its the most remotely area of West Bengal. Everything is different there. There food,culture and the way they live in a house as they are not literate. So the polio and many other diseases have started taking place in a high rate.
She went quite for a while.
Professor: so we have chosen the 1st year students for this camp and everyone will have partners.
A girl: mam who are our partners?
Professor: professor Ajay Bose will inform you everything till then i hope that everything is clear.
The whole class nodded.

Professor: ok, thank you students and have a nice day.
Everyone started chatting about this new camping while Ragini prayed that they choose Swara as her partner.
Swara: what happened Ragini? U look tensed.
Ragini: i hope that we both go together as partners. I don’t want anybody else.
Swara: hmmm…chillax,everything will be O.K.
And so there next professor that is Mr. Ajay Bose came to the class.
Mr. Bose: good morning students.
All the students greeted him and took there seats.
Mr. Bose: i hope that you all are informed about the camp.
Everyone nodded.
Mr. Bose: good. So Il tell the partners ok.
He took out a paper and started calling out names of some students and there partners. After sometimes he suddenly called out.
Mr. Bose: Miss Swara Gadodia’s partner is Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swara was shocked, while Sanskar didn’t react and Ragini gulped.
Ragini:(thinking)that means Swara is out of the options. Then who’s my partner?
After sometimes Mr. Bose declared

Mr. Bose: Miss Ragini Khanna’s partner is Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini: (almost shouting) Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???
Mr. Bose looked at her with a surprised look on his face.
Laksh:(stood up) sir i want to change my partner.
Ragini: yes sir even i want to change my partner.
Mr. Bose: no changing allowed.
Laksh: but sir if i go with her as a partner then Il turn into a patient, then how will I help the villagers.
Everyone laughed at this. Even Swara chuckled as she couldn’t control.
Ragini: even i am not interested to give heart attacks to my patients by showing them your face.
The whole class laughed again including Sanskar.
Laksh glared at Sanskar.

Laksh: sir i am just not going with her.
Mr. Bose:(angrily shouting) shut up you both. No body will change there partners and we are not asking you all to go for this camp. Moreover we are ORDERING you that you all HAVE to join us for this camp. Now Sit down you two.
They glared at each other and sat down as the screen froze on these two angry birds faces.?

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