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Helloo friends…. Your Kavya is back again…sorry for the late update as my xams were going. soo this is the 7th episode. God knows what had happened last time that they didn’t name the last episode to be 6th. But no props. Galti to humse hi hoti hai. Well sorry for the short episode coz i was writing it while in train and the continuous jerking made me feel dizzy. Hope that you all will like this episode and friends please do comment nor Il think that you all have forgotten your kavya?

Scene 1
The story starts as ragini goes near swara who was busy searching her. Suddenly Ragini holds her hand and whispers to swara
Ragini:(whispering) swara lets go.
Swara:(protesting) where? And by the way, you were supposed to be on the stage. What the hell are you doing here??
Ragini:(irritated) do you think Il share a stage with that idiot.
Swara opened her mouth to answer it when suddenly she felt a sharp pain on her right wrist and then she was being dragged out of the party. But then she jerked Ragini’s hand away.
Swara: why the hell do you want to leave the party?
Ragini had lost her temper.

Ragini:(softly) swaraaa…
Swara: no i am not leaving.
Ragini:(angrily screaming) CHALOOOOO…
Swara was startled. Every single head turned to look at Ragini. Laksh looked at her and found a little bit mysterious.
Laksh:(in his mind) isn’t she the one i was dancing with?
He looked at Kavya.
Laksh:(in his mind) then who is she? And what is she doing here?
Ragini understood the gravity of the situation and so without wasting anytime she pulled out Swara from the party.
Swara: ragini,leave my hand. Its hurting.
But Ragini didn’t listen to it. Swara failed to understand what devil had taken up Ragini when suddenly they found a police officer standing outside and doing some enquiry from a girl. Ragini left swara’s hand at the sight of the police.

Ragini:(frightened) what are this people doing here?
Swara:(looking at her almost twisted wrist) what? Who?
Ragini:(pointing at police) THEY?
Swara: re police?
Ragini: sssssshhhhhhh…
They both tried there best to listen to their conversation but it was in vain. Suddenly the the officer looked at them. Those two froze over there for a second.
The inspector moved towards them.
Officer: hello mam.
They both noded to assure that yes they are listening to him. They tried to answer but it felt as if their mouth was too dry to produce any sound.
Officer: do you all people know about the murder case of Shivam?
Swara and Ragini looked at each other. ‘SHIVAM’ the name did make them feel uneasy.
Ragini: no.
Officer: do you people even know who is he and all?
Ragini: ya, he was our senior.
Officer: anything else?
Before ragini could speak anything Swara blurted.
Swara: no.
Ragini looked at her in surprise.
Officer: did u people meet each other recently?
Ragini: yes we did…
Suddenly swara cut her.
Swara: just intro. Nothing else.
Officer:(as if not satisfied with her answer) are you sure??
Swara: yes sir, absolutely.
Officer: hmmm…

Ragini:(curiously) what happened to him?
Officer: yesterday night we found his dead body in one of the godown just beside the STAR BAR/CINEMA HALL.
Ragini’s eyes grew wider while Swara gasped.
Officer: we came here to inquire about it. The way he was murdered was quite ruthless. So it seemed as if some one had taken revenge and all…
Swaragini didn’t reply.
Officer: ok, thank you for co-operating with us, young ladies.
And so he left from there while leaving these two creatures shocked or moreover surprised.
Ragini: shivam sir died.
Swara didn’t reply. After sometimes she turned to ragini and curtly asked.
Swara: Ragini, EXPLANATION.
Ragini:(caught by surprise) what explanation?

Swara: why the hell did you drag me over here? I want to enjoy the party.
Ragini: we already tasted the food, and there is nothing else left to enjoy.
Swara: how do you even know, if you don’t stay there for sometime.
Ragini: i just know. Lets go.
Swara:(angrily) where do you think you’ll go? To our classroom to study?
Ragini: swaraaaaaa…
Swara: what now?
Ragini:(angrily) forget it.
With this she turned around and left from there courtly, while swara crossed her hands by her chest and stood there with a pout on her face.
While on the other side In the party Laksh had come down the stage so that he could stop that unknown dancer who left from there dragging another girl but before he could reach them they vanished. After sometimes Laksh suddenly found his bro and went near him.
Laksh: hey do you know those two who left just now?

Sanskar: ya right, i have got mindreading powers.
Laksh: bhai i am serious.
Sanskar: ya,i can understand that by your voice.
Laksh gave him an angry look.
Sanskar: ok baba, yess i know, maybe.
Laksh: what do you mean by MAYBE?
Sanskar: i mean its just a guess work.
Laksh: blurt it out.
Sanskar: i am sure that the girl who was dragged is Swara and so the girl who was dragging her must beeeeee….
Laksh: RAGINI.
Sanskar: i am not sure.
Laksh:(excitedly) you don’t have to be, coz i am…
Sanskar gave him a wicked smile.
Laksh:(looking at sanskar) don’t give me that look.
They were silent for a long time.
Sanskar: what happened? What are you thinking about?

Laksh: i never knew Ragini can dance soo well.
Sanskar: it seems like she is…
Laksh: Sarvagunsampurn.
Sanskar looked at him.
Sanskar:(thinking) she is really perfect for him.

Scene 2
Ragini came inside her house with long angry steps and straight away entered her room.
Ragini:(speaking to herself) what nonsense. Its all because of him. He is a blo*dy reason for all these. Today my best friend didn’t listen to me for him. I hate you Laksh Maheshwari. I hate youuuuuuu.
Sumi came inside.
Sumi: what did Laksh do again?
Ragini: maa, you should ask what he didn’t do.
Sumi: ok…what ge didn’t do.
Ragini: maa today swara stopped talking to me. And the reason is Laksh.
Sumi:(calmly) Ragini beta, calm down. Chill.
She took Ragini and made her sit on the bed. Ragini clearly told whatever took place in the party.

Sumi:(smiling) but its not Laksh’s fault.
Ragini:(stubbornly) no maa, its all his fault.
Sumi: its no bodies fault. Why did you pull swara out of the party?
Ragini didn’t reply.
Sumi: raginiii…
Ragini:(almost screaming) coz i didn’t want anybody to know that i was the one dancing with that boy.
Sumi:(softly) calm down ragini. Its ok. No props. Everything will be ok.
Ragini leaned to keep her head on sumi’s shoulder.
Ragini: maa, why ‘was’ or maybe ‘is’ my life soo miserable.
Sumi:(caressing ragini’s hair) nothing is miserable. Il make everything ok for you. You just have to do one thing.

Ragini: whaat?
Sumi: never look back into your past.
Tears rolled down from Ragini’s eyes this time. Even if they didn’t have any blood relation but today Sumi’s words had proved one thing that the relation of love is the biggest relation in the world.
Ragini hugged her Sumi and silently cried.
Ragini:(while crying) i wont when you are with me. They gave a tight hug to each other while Shekhar, who was standing at the door of the room, warmly smiled looking at the sight.

Scene 3
After a loooooong hug Ragini and Sumi had some chit chat while Shekhar joined them.
Shekhar: wow, it seems like my daughter has almost forgotten me.
Ragini: Never baba.

With that she hugged him too,while Sumi wiped her tears. They gossiped a
bout the days happenings when Ansh joined them too. They had great family times and as the day almost ended and so they went to sleep.
For the first time, while lying down on her bed she thought of Laksh.
Ragini:(in her mind) actually maa is correct. Its not his fault at all. He didn’t do anything. Maybe he’s not Thaat bad. Or maybe he is. Huh. Who cares.
She turned around to have a peaceful sleep when suddenly her phone vibrated.
She looked at the number but it was unknown. She took the call.
Ragini: helloo?
Caller: i know a deep secret of yours.
Ragini’s eyes grew wider.

Ragini:(seriously) who’s it?
Caller: lets keep it a secret.
Ragini:(with a shaking voice) whaat? What? Do about me? Haa??
Caller: that…
Ragini: thatt??
Caller: it was you who was dancing with laksh.
Ragini felt a little relieved.
Ragini:(almost shouting) soo what? I didn’t do a crime by dancing with him, and by the way who the hell are you?
Caller: good night, sweet dreams and sleep tight.
And then the line went dead.
Ragini got irritated.
Ragini:(telling herself) what nonsense.
She kept the phone or rather threw the phone and angrily went to sleep while on the other side of the line the caller thought ‘confirmed’.

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Credit to: Kavya

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