It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 5

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Scene 1
The story starts with Swara challenging for the music competition in their intro. Swara goes at the center of the room while ragini sits with the sitar.
Senior: what’s your name?
Swara: Swara Gadodia.
Another senior: Gadodia,what sort of a surname is that?
Again the seniors laugh.
Senior: which instrument.
Swara: electric guitar.
Suddenly the whole class does ‘owwww’
One of the senior: awesome,its gona be fun to see a classical one and a rock.
Senior: ok(pointing to ragini) you will start and turn by turn. Lets see who wins.
Swara went near ragini to take the instrument and whispered
Swara: ragini,try to finish it fast,ok? I don’t want you to catch his attention.
Ragini got tensed. Its really very tough for her to stop herself. Music was or is her 2nd life and while holding a sitar she gets out of control. She can sit there and sing for the whole day long,and now swara is telling her to stop it in the middle. She knew that swara was telling this for her betterment but…she got angry. She got angry on herself. Il have to try.
Senior: start.

The first tune was played by ragini.
Laksh: i am listening to Shashtriya sangeet for the first.
Sanskar: that is also because of Ragini.
Laksh: hmmm…
Sanskar: i told you she’s best for you.
Laksh gets irritated.
Swara plays the next. In this way it goes term by term…when suddenly on the 4th round ragini starts doing it nonstop. Swara tries to stop her by interrupting in the middle but that didn’t stop Ragini. She went on singing and using her sitar while swara looked at shivam and prayed he doesn’t open his sunglasses. Opening his sunglasses meant that he is impressed. But unfortunately it seemed as if god was not interested to listen to swara’s prayers.
She found Shivam opening his sunglasses and smiling at Ragini,while Ragini was busy singing and finishing her tune. At last as she came to her last tune saaa…suddenly the sitars string broke. She gave the seniors a horrified look as string broke. Everyone was surprised. Ragini looked at Swara who gave her a frightened look to which Ragini understood what a big mistake she has done. Suddenly Shivam stood up and started clapping followed by the others. Swara held ragini’s hand and dragged her to there seat.
Swara: i told you not to…
Ragini: i don’t know what happened at that time. I could not stop…
Shivam: great.(looking at Ragini) i was really impressed that classical won over rock.
Shivam smiled at Ragini. Ragini got soo tensed that she held swara’s hand too tight. After that the other students gave there intro. Laksh had almost won every senior girls heart by his flirting skills. While on the other hand Sanskar played guitar and sang the song, tere bin…nahi lage jiyaa(ek paheli Leela). Swara stared at Sanskar while Ragini got confused.
Ragini: is he looking at you or the other one behind you?
Swara: of course,he’s looking at me.
Ragini: swara shift a little this side.
Swara shifted and turned back and again looked at sanskar. His gaze did not shift.
Ragini: that means…
Swara:(angrily) that means he’s not looking at me.

After all these the intro ended and the students were dismissed. Swara offered Ragini to drop her at her house but Ragini denied. Ragini assured that there wont be any problem and she should go back to hostel. So at last Ragini promised her that she will give her a call after she reaches. Swara bid Ragini an unhappy by. Ragini left.
After that while going to there room Swara informed everything to Laksh and Sanskar.
Laksh: what? You should have told us at the starting then i might have broken that shivam’s teeth.
Sanskar: laksh,don’t talk rubbish. Where is Ragini right now?
Swara: she left for her house.
Laksh: what? And you allowed her to leave? How can you be so careless? If anything happens to her then? You could have at least informed us. We could have dropped her home.
Swara: i told her,but she denied to take any help.
Sanskar: then how will we know that she’s safe.
Swara: she said she’ll give me a call as soon as she reaches.
Sanskar nodded and left while Laksh and Swara stood there for a while tensed for there friend.

Scene 2
The scene shifts to a bus stand where Ragini comes out from the bus and heads towards her house. After walking for some moment suddenly she feels as if someone is following her. She doesn’t stop and so without out changing her pace she takes the long and crowded route to her house. She felt a little safe their as the place was quite crowded. Then suddenly she turned around to see who was following her. She got shocked to see him.
Ragini:(horrified) Sirr…
Shivam came closer to her. She moved back.
Shivam: hey hey,its ok. Don’t worry i wont hurt you. I just came here to speak.
Ragini stares at the ground and doesn’t look at him.
Shivam: see girl. You are not like the others. You have got talent. A voice which can mesmerize everyone as it has mesmerized me.
Ragini gulps.
Shivam: you have got a perfect figure and fabulous,beautiful, charming face which is perfect for a diva. So why waste your talent? I am giving you an offer. You might call it a bonanza offer.
Ragini gains some courage and looks at him,while shivam continues
Shivam: just spend a night with me and your dreams will come true. Fame and everything will come and kiss your feet and ya i know you need time.
He gives her a card.
Shivam: it has got my number. Call me anytime and Il always be there.
Ragini did not move an inch. Shivam took her hand and kept the card in her palm. Shivam smiled and left from there. As soon as Ragini found that shivam was not near,she ran from there as fast as her legs could take her.
After reaching her house again she found Sumi standing on the doorway,eagerly waiting for her daughter.
Ragini: maaa…
She came and hugged Sumi.
Sumi: you are late again Ragini.
Ragini: what to do soo much traffic jam and by the way i am just 10 minutes late.
Sumi: ok go and freshen up. Il give the lunch.
Ragini went inside her lightened brightened room and called swara.
Swara: hello.
Ragini: swara, i called you to inform that i have safely landed in my house.
Swara:(smiling) thank god Ragini. We were soo tensed.
Ragini: we???
Swara: i informed Laksh and Sanskar about it.
Ragini:(almost shouting) what? Why did you inform them?
Swara: ragini,they are our friends.
Ragini: who said? They can be your friends but not mine.

Suddenly from the other side Ragini hears
Laksh: ok baba,we are not your friends but enemy. Happy now?
Ragini doesn’t reply.
Laksh:(softly) Ragini…
Ragini: forget it, feel happy that i am safe. Good by Swara.
And she ended the call. In college they leave a sigh of relief and go to there rooms while Ragini goes for lunch. Before lunch, Ragini hands her cupboards key to Sumi and asks her to do whatever she wants. Sumi happily agrees while Ragini thinks that its a big day for her. After having lunch she shifted her computer in such an angle so that no body except her could see what she’s doing. While Ragini got busy with her computer work suddenly Sumi asked
Sumi: ragini,where’s the key for cupboards right side?
Ragini got a little tensed.
Ragini: leave it maa. There’s nothing there.
Sumi smiled and closed her cupboard and then she left while ragini continued her work.

At evening during 7pm, Ragini came out to have tea with her family when she suddenly declared that they are going for a movie in Star cinema hall. Everyone gets surprised there.
Sumi: when did you book tickets?
Ragini:(smiling) in the afternoon.
Shekhar: but suddenly…
Ragini:(grumpily) baba, that means you don’t want to spend time with me right.
Sumi: no ragini its not like that.
Shekhar: yes,i love to spend time with you,but that cinema hall is not good.
Its too crowded and…
Ragini: and its near Star Bar. Oh cummon baba we are going there to watch movie,not to drink.
Ansh:(excited) yaiiiii…we will watch spider man.
Ragini: no,we are going to watch piku.
Sumi:(smiling) daughter and dad’s love story.
Ragini smiles and hugs her while all of them leave to get ready. After sometimes 4 of them sit in the car and leave for film.

Scene 3
Inside the cinema hall. All four that is Shekhar,Ansh,Sumi and Ragini sit. Just before the film starts Ragini told them that she shall bring popcorn. Ansh started to jump around saying that he will also come but Shekhar stopped him as he might irritate her sister.

The scene shifts to the Star Bar which is just beside the cinema hall. Shivam is shown sitting in a round sofa surrounded by girls and he’s busy enjoying them. Suddenly a waiter comes and gives him a letter.
Shivam: who gave you this?
Waiter: sir a lady came and told me to hand it to you as soon as possible.
Shivam: ok you may leave.
As the waiter left Shivam opened the letter and read it. He smirked after reading it.
Shivam:(in his mind) i knew girls like you will always take my offer. I am coming honey.
He excused himself from there and went outside.

The scene shifts to a godown which is empty and is situated just beside the Star cinema hall+bar. Shivam opened the shutter and moves inside the godown. Suddenly he starts shouting
Shivam: januu,where are you?
He keeps searching for some one and at last comes in the middle of the godown. He sees a light there and a person standing with his/her back facing Shivam. The person was wearing black jeans with black boots and a black leathered jacket with a black top. He goes near the person and keeps a hand on his/her shoulder.
Shivam: i almost thought that you wont come. But its good that you came. I can give you unbelievable pleasure,u know?
The person keeps a hand on his hand speaks with a sweet voice.
‘I know it dear’
And the next thing shivam sees is his hands getting twisted as the person faces him. It was a girl with a mask. She pulls him closer and suddenly says ‘enjoy’ and then slits his throat. Shivam screams due to pain while the girl just laughs. Then she takes out four knife and slowly penetrates it inside his hands and legs. Shivam writhles in immense pain.
Shivam: who are you?
Girl: your death.
He tries to move but was unable for those knifes. The girl comes and sits just beside his head.
Girl: aren’t you enjoying?
Shivam: are you mad.
Girl: yes.
She takes out a gun and points it to the middle of its forehead.
Girl: Good luck next time.
And then she shoots. She looks at the dead body and smirked. After sometimes she took the knifes and the took out the letter from his pocket.
Girl: bada aya enjoy karne. Huh.
And so she left from there and locked the shutter.

In the cinema hall, Ragini came back with the popcorn.
Sumi: ragini,where were you?
Ragini: rey maa,there’s such a big line over there. I was almost squeezed.
Shekhar: obviously,soo many cinema counters are there then.
Ansh: didi you missed thiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss much part.
Ragini: no problem. Il get to know it from maa.
She hugged Sumi and then four of them got engrossed watching the film and enjoying the popcorn.

To be continued…

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