It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 4

Thank you people for your precious comments. They mean a lot to me and i hope that i am not making the ff go boring and if it is then you all may say and I’ll not continue the ff. Hope that you will accept my humble request for your precious comments and hope that my exams go well. Have a happy reading and i also hope that i could keep the suspense on?

Scene 1
The episode starts with Ragini getting up in the morning and smiling at the Sun.
Ragini: Subha hogayiii mamuuu…
Suddenly her brother comes in
Ansh: didiiiiiii…
He goes and hugs her.
Ragini: what happened? Suddenly you feel like loving your sister today.
Ansh: yes didi, after sooooooo many years you had kept your door open and while getting ready for school i could see your face.
Ragini gave him a warm smile and hugged him again.

Ragini: and from now onwards you will everyday see my face.
She started tickling her brother while Sumi watched all there fun.
After this the scene shifts to college. Today for the first time Shekhar came to drop his daughter. Ragini felt excited and happy. She thought of introducing him to her bestie. But Swara had already moved inside the class so it was not possible,but even then Ragini knew that her day had a really good start. But there was no guarantee that her day would end good.
During the classes swara informed her about the intro. Intro is mostly like seniors taking juniors class. Intro is not sooo dangerous like ragging,its just that the new juniors are introduced to the seniors.
Ragini thought for a while,
Ragini: soo what? R u tensed??
Swara:(frightened) ha ha?,sort of.
Ragini: but why? Its just where they will ask you some questions and nothing else.
Swara: raginiiiii…see they’ll ask you questions and also ask you to dance or sing…what about that?
Ragini: swara, you love dancing and singing so its easier for you na.
Swara: no no no. I am tensed. I am tensed.
Suddenly she started shaking Ragini. When a senior came and informed them about the fresher’s party which will be held next day.
Senior: there’s no dress code. The timings are as usual same. From 8a.m to 4 p.m. You all will get your tiffins too. And ya,there’s no dress code that doesn’t mean you all are allowed to come wearing swimsuits and Bermuda. I hope there’s no confusion with it.
In the name of swimsuit and Bermuda the whole class burst out laughing.
Then suddenly Ragini heard someone saying

‘wooo freshers party,sounds cool. I might find someone for me.’
Ragini turned to her right side to see who was talking this nonsense and was shocked.
Ragini:(shouted and jumped up from her seat) UUUU…
Laksh turned to his left side to see Ragini standing…
Laksh: what the hell? You were not sitting beside me yesterday.
Ragini: i don’t know about that,right now just get up from there. I wont sit beside you.
Laksh:(stubbornly) do whatever you want. I wont change my place.
Ragini looked at Swara who was busy with her mobile phone.
Ragini: swara.
Swara:(still playing) hmmm…
Ragini:(shouts) swaraaaa…
Swara:(startled) what? What happened?

Ragini: come and sit over here. I want to change my place.
Swara got a little confused and turned to see laksh sitting there grumpily and sanskar smiling at her. She understood everything and tried to have a little bit of fun.
Swara: no Ragini. I wont change my seat today. I am not in the mood.
Ragini: what the fish? Please yaar.
Laksh:(irritated) fine. I cant take this drama anymore I’ll change my place. You sit here happily.
Laksh gets up as Ragini sits back on her place.
Laksh: sanskar,move.
Sanskar: laksh why are you disturbing me? Sit in your place naa.
Laksh and Sanskar start a small fight when suddenly there worst teacher comes inside the class. Mr.Bangarz. He finds Laksh standing and gets irritated.
Mr.Bangarz: hey you…(pointing at laksh) what are you doing there?
Laksh:(he gets frightened and stammers) sir…actually…i….i….
Mr.Bangarz: i don’t care what you were doing. Your punishment is that you’ll stand there till my class ends.

Laksh was shocked. Till his class ends. That is 4 hrs. He might die as well in those 4 hrs. Swara looked at laksh and gave him a sympathetic look while the teacher continued teaching. The class was as usual silent and normal as 1hr passed,when suddenly ragini found a bloodstain on laksh’s faded blue jeans. It was on the right leg. She got confused that if it was dry or not. But after observing for some moment she saw the bloodstain grow bigger. ‘that means the blood is oozing out’. She looked at laksh to see any signs of pain on his face. But no. He was just standing there copying notes and sulking. Suddenly Ragini had an idea. Just like the other teachers Mr.Bangarz had a habit of liking those students who asked him questions. As it showed that they were attentive. Suddenly out of the blue Ragini stood up and started asking questions to Mr.Bangarz. When she felt that the teacher was getting impressed she signed laksh to say sorry. Laksh got confused.
Laksh:(whispering) what?
Ragini:(whispering) say sorry to him. She pointed at the teacher.
Mr.Bangarz: any more questions,honey?
Ragini: no sir,and thank you sir.
As soon as ragini sits Laksh says,
Laksh: i am sorry sir. Please sir. Can i sit now?
Mr.Bangarz:(shouts) you,may, NOT sit.
Suddenly Ragini speaks,

Ragini: but sir it was not his fault.
Everyone turns around to look at her. Swara gets shocked. A student suddenly asks her friend: some other day she was the one right…who sent him a hate request?
The other one nods.
Mr.Bangarz: then what was he doing?
Ragini: sir i gave him this paper and told him to throw in the dustbin.
She shows them a crushed paper. The paper had ansh’s drawing which was all nonsense.
Ragini: when he got up to help me,unfortunately sir you came at that same time and misunderstood him.
Laksh was staring at Ragini with a shocked expression. Actually it was not only him but everyone was looking at her, surprised.

Mr. Bangarz:(looking at Laksh) sit down you foolish boy.
Laksh was not listening to him. He was engrossed in his thoughts when Ragini held his hand and pulled him to make him sit. Everyone started concentrating on the lectures except Laksh. He was shocked. The girl who slapped him, fought with him and send him a hate request,helped him out from not getting punishment. Why? The whole time he was staring at Ragini in disbelief. As the class ended there break time started. Ragini took the first aid box from there class and stood near the door.
Swara: whom are you waiting for?
Ragini: wait.
Swara thought for a second and then suddenly shrieked
Swara:(excited) o my god,o my god. Ragini you are in love with Laksh.
Ragini:(angry) can you just stop talking nonsense swara. Its nothing like that.
Swara: then what is it?
Suddenly Ragini found laksh coming there with Sanskar as soon as Laksh came before her she held his hand and took him near a bench there.
Ragini: sit.
Laksh did so. He was totally in a shock mode.
Ragini: pull up your jeans.

Laksh: what?
Ragini: you idiot.
She pulled up the jeans to see the cut. This time swara and Sanskar understood everything. Ragini took out a medicine and started dressing the wound.
Ragini: this is not savlon so it will hurt.
Laksh: but why?
Ragini: this heals the wound faster.
Swara could feel the angry tone in Ragini’s words.
Ragini applied the medicine on his wound while he writhled in pain.
Laksh: it would have been better if you had,used detol ir savloooon….
Ragini: shut up. You are an idiot. (she looked at sanskar) he couldn’t even feel the pain that he has got a cut. What sort of a brother you have got?
With this she took the first aid box and left from there holding swara’s hand.
Laksh: has she really fallen in love with me?
Sanskar again hit him on his head.

Sanskar: idiot. She just did the work of a doctor.
Laksh: saaad.

Scene 2
In the canteen.
Swara: so you did that all as the responsibility of a doctor.
Ragini: yup.
Swara:(clapping) mind-blowing,superb.
Ragini: why?
Swara: i thought that there might be a chance of you falling in love with someone but no, u spoilt my dreams.
Ragini thought of answering something but the bell rang and everyone knew,it was INTRO time. All of them rushed to the classroom. Some of them went back to hostel and some of the day scholars stayed inside the washroom.
Ragini:(confused) why is everyone so scared?

Swara: re our intro will be taken by the 3rd year seniors.
Ragini: sooo??
Swara: in 3rd year batch there’s a boy named shivam. He’s a gangster’s son.He’s everyone’s baap. Everyone is afraid of him,mostly girls. Last year a girl committed suicide for him.
Ragini: why?
Swara: he liked that girl and proposed her to which she denied. So for that he blackmailed her by making a mms video. That’s why everyone is soo afraid of him.
Ragini: are you not afraid?
Swara: nop.
Ragini: why?
Swara: because i am quite sure that no body will like a jhalli nd mad girl like me…nd more over i am not that pretty u know.
Ragini: don’t talk rubbish. You are an adorable girl. A girl which every boy dreams of.
Swara: well thank you for the compliment,but moreover i am going there to save U from him. After all he wont be able to control his emotions after looking at you.
Ragini: and he might peeee…

They both laugh at Ragini’s joke and enter the class. As soon as they enter,they get shocked to see many musical instruments scattered all around the room.
Ragini: what’s all these??
Swara and Ragini see all drums, violin,a sitar,a electric guitar,a Spanish guitar,a synthesizer and many other things. After they enter the class they are suddenly greeted by some seniors. A senior girl points to ragini.
Senior: girl be careful. If you can,then cover your face.
Ragini gets a little confused while swara whispers
Swara: its for shivam.
They go and sit in there places while shivam enters. His attire could say it very well that he’s a gangster’s son. He was wearing ripped jeans,a black shirt and a glove sort of stuff in his hands.
Ragini giggled watching him wear sunglasses even inside the class and unfortunately shivam noticed her.
Shivam:(pointing at Ragini) hey you. Come over here.
Swara gets worried for Ragini and on the other side Laksh and Sanskar watch all these.
Laksh:(pointing at Shivam) who’s that guy? Why the hell is he calling Ragini?
Sanskar:(wickedly) why? Feeling jealous?
Laksh: ye….hey i mean no. Why would i feel jealous. I just felt that his intentions ate not good.

Sanskar: wow i am happy that my brother is concerned about someone.
At this Laksh glared at Sanskar while Ragini stood up.
Shivam:(to his friends) take her intro first.
Ragini cane down and stood in the middle.
Senior: what’s your name?
Ragini: Ragini Khanna.
Male senior: Ragini Khanna ya chusa Hua ganna.
They all start laughing.
Senior: what is your choice, music ,dance, acting or any other thing which can entertain us.
Ragini: music.
Senior: choose your instrument.
Ragini: Sitar.
Senior: a ha haaa, classical music.
Another senior: lets make it a little spicy. Lets have a challenge with your friend.
She turns around, ‘who has the guts to challenge her in this music competition?’
Swara looked around to find no one putting there hands up. She thought that this is a chance to save ragini and so she stood up.
Swara: i challenge her.

Ragini looked at her in surprise and understood why she did it. They both looked at each other appalled and then the screen freezes over there face.

To be continued…

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