It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 3

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Scene 1
The story continues. After the fight swara and Ragini go for their classes while Sanskar takes laksh aside and tells him to behave as they have come there not to fight or flirt but for a very big mission.
During the dismissal time suddenly or maybe intentionally laksh again dashes with Ragini. This time he saves her from falling as he holds her hand. They have a small eye lock when suddenly Ragini pulls him so that she can stand, and poor laksh falls on his face.
Laksh: heyyyy…
Ragini: this is what happens with blind people.
And so Ragini leaves from there waving bye to swara while Swara says sorry to laksh from Ragini’s side. While going to the hostel the two boys get to know that even Swara stays in hostel and so sanskar asks her to help him in the studies.
Laksh:(confused, so whispers) have you lost it bro,you’ll study all these fatty fatty books right now.
Sanskar:(whispering) idiot, in this way we can get information’s about the girls.
Laksh: Ooooo…??
Swara: ok lets freshen up and den Il meet you in the library.
Sanskar showed her a thumps up and left with Laksh. After that in the library Sanskar tells Swara to sit in the middle while the two of them sit at her sides. Swara starts teaching Sanskar when suddenly laksh asks
Laksh: swara, you are soo good,sweet one, then how come your best friend is so khadoos and soo rude?
Swara:(smiles) well no, she’s only like that with boys,with girls she’s the best friend anybody could have ever found.
Sanskar: allergic to boys.

Swara: sort of. But she’s very sweet and calm. She’s not what you saw her today.
Laksh: in one word she’s egoistic or maybe attention seeker. That’s why she does all this.
Swara:(a little angry tone) Not At All. She doesn’t want any attention from people. She just hates you all people. I mean boys.
Laksh: some lesbi….
He was not able to finish his sentence as somebody hit him on his head.
Sanskar: stop speaking this nonsense you idiot.
Laksh: owww…bhai why did you hit me?
Swara: because you speak too much. My bestie Ragini is not at all like that. She’s a perfect girl. She’s good in studies,a book worm,she loves music and loves her family. But ya i know one thing that she has got a bitter past which always spoils her future dreams. If you were closely attached to her feelings then you could have seen the pain in her eyes. Maybe she hates you all but there’s a very big reason for that which is related to her past and i don’t have any idea about that.
Sanskar could see Swara engrossed in these deep thoughts when to change the topic he asked,
Sanskar: ok swara,leave and forget it. Tell us where are you from?
Swara:(smiling) i am from Mumbai.
Laksh: then why did you shift in this nasty place? Stinky fishy Kolkata.
Sanskar: can you just shut your mouth laksh.
Swara: i came here because i got chance in this college.
Laksh: ooo,soo your parents are still there,that’s why you are staying in hostel right?
Swara:(giving a fake smile) no. I lost my parents in a fair. Actually i got lost there and from then i was staying in an orphanage. The sisters over there helped me to come here and study.
Sanskar was moved. He came closer to her and kept his hand on her shoulder.
Sanskar: i am sorry.

He saw tears rolling down her cheeks and got concerned.
Sanskar:(while closing the books) ok lets over these all today,and have a ice cream party.
Swara’s face lit up with the word ice-cream. She wiped her tears and smiled at Sanskar. While Sanskar felt happy to see her smile. From the other side Laksh was watching these all and smiling. So swara told them to wait for her as she’ll come back after keeping the books while suddenly in the corridor laksh started teasing sanskar.
Laksh:(teasingly) O,O,O…ice-cream treat from Sanskar,that’s also for a girl. Great,Great keep it up bro.
Sanskar: stop it Laksh. There’s nothing like that. I just felt bad for her.
Laksh: ya ya, i could see your concern for her. I wish i could find a girl like her for mee too.
Sanskar: ya,you have already found one for yourself.
Laksh:(excited) who’s it?
Sanskar:(teasingly) obviously, Ragini.
Laksh: are you out of your mind?
Sanskar: well i must say she’s best for you. She’s the only who can teach you a lesson for all those nonsense works like flirting.
Laksh was going to reply when swara called them and so they left.

Scene 2
While all this things were taking place in the college, Ragini went to her house. As soon as she went inside her house she saw her mother sitting in front of the door and looking outside tensely.
Ragini: maaa.
Sumi got up and hugged her.
Ragini: what happened? Is everything ok?
Sumi: ragini i got soo scared. Are you ok? Why are you late?
Ragini: maa, i am late by just 15 minutes. The way you are saying it seems as if i was late for 1-3 hrs.
Sumi: no beta. I got scared that if something…
Ragini: mom, i am a big girl now. I know how to protect myself. (She smiled and said) and i m also a karate kid. Haiyyaaaaa.
At this she showed Sumi some of her karate skills to bring smile on her face.
Sumi:(smiling) ok my karate kid,now go and have your lunch.
When Ragini was starting to leave for her room,suddenly Sumi said
Sumi: Ragini, please let me enter your room and clean it.(holding her hand) please let me bring back my old Ragini.

Ragini got teary eyed.
Ragini: ok maa let me get freshen up and then when Il come out for lunch you can clean it. Is that ok?
Sumi: perfect.
Ragini went inside her room and closed the door. She was tensed. She started thinking about what she must do. ‘more than anything else my maa’s happiness matters,but if she sees all those things then she might get tensed’. After sometimes she came out and told Sumi to do whatever she wants to do with her messed up room. Sumi smiled and went while ragini turned back to look at her dark room for the last time.
After that she finished her lunch and went to chat with her naughty brother. As soon as she entered the room suddenly her feet touched a toy and dere was this sound,qwakooooookkk. And den d next moment she saw a boy jumping infront of her from no where and pointing a gun at her
Ansh: hands up, Miss Ragini Khanna.

Ragini:(irritated) ansh,i came here to chat not to play with your plastic water guns.
Suddenly ansh went and came out with another thing.
Ansh: see didi what i got from your room.
Ragini felt a little tensed.’from my room?’
She looked up to find ansh holding a plastic pistol.
Ragini: ya ya,as if Il use those nonsense.
Ansh: i got another thing.
As soon as he took it out Ragini was shocked.
Ragini:(shouting) where the hell did you find it?
She tried to snatch it from his hand but all in vain.
Ragini:(shouting) give it back to me ansh.
With this she started chasing him. After sometimes she could at last snatch it from his hand.
Ragini:(with a threatening tone) who gave you this? I am asking you something,who gave you this?
Ansh started his crocodile tears when Sumi came hearing the commotion.
Sumi: what happened Ragini?
Ragini: maa see. Ansh was playing with THIS,THIS thing.
Sumi saw the thing in Ragini’s hand and got scared.

Sumi: ansh,from where did you find this GUN.
Ansh: from Ragini didi’s room.
Ragini: shut up u idiot. Don’t talk rubbish.(she looked at Sumi) and maa this is not a gun,its Raghu uncle’s lighter,don’t you remember?
Sumi felt a little relived.
Sumi: thank god. Its just a lighter.
She was going to pull ansh’s ears when he ran away.
Ragini: he is getting naughtier day by day. If this goes on then someday he might start smoking a cigarette with uncle.
Sumi: ragini,don’t worry about him. Il see to it that he doesn’t repeat anything like this and ya when he has got a sister like you then he’ll never be spoilt. By the way your room is ready.
Ragini gave her a warm smile while they both went towards the room and stood in front of it. Ragini was surprised to see the change. The room was no more dark. There was a not a single corner which was dark. No spec of dust anywhere. The bed sheet was clean. The windows were open and the cool breeze came in. Ragini could smell a sweet fruity smell in her room. Everything was soo neat and clean. It seemed as if suddenly it had changed from a beggar’s room to a royal one. Ragini happily smiled at Sumi and hugged her.

Ragini:(while hugging) thank you maa.
Sumi didn’t reply. She was crying. After soo many years she saw Ragini to be soo happy.

Scene 3
In Ragini’s room.
Sumi was still there arranging ragini’s books while Ragini was busy studying. Suddenly Sumi asked Ragini for the cupboard’s keys. Ragini felt a little tensed at this.
Ragini:(smiling) no more now maa, this is enough for today. Tomorrow you clean my cupboard,ok?
Sumi smiled and nodded in yes. She sat beside Ragini and said
Sumi: ragini,from today onwards please don’t close your door. I promise i wont allow anyone to disturb you.
Ragini looked at her maa. Right now she just wanted to express how much she loves her. Ragini hugged her tight and whispered
Ragini: Il not close my door.
Sumi smiled. Ragini broke the hug while Sumi saw tears in her eyes.
Sumi:(wiping ragini’s tears) i hate your tears. Never cry. You must always smile.
Suddenly Ragini’s expression changed after hearing the word ‘Hate’. Sumi saw this and asked her if everything is alright or not. That’s when Ragini told about the incidents in her college. After listening to everything Sumi laughed and says
Sumi: poor laksh. He would never dare to touch you anymore.
Ragini smiles at this.

Sumi: but beta,maybe his intentions were not that bad.
Ragini:(protesting) not at all maa. His intentions were to flirt with me. Nonsense.
Sumi: but what can you do. Its there nature. The world is like that.
Ragini was now looking outside through her window
Ragini:(almost whispering) then we should clean this mess in the world, too.
Ragini smirked at this while Sumi looked at her with a confused expression.

To be continued…

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