It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 24

Hi ppl, today i wont write a long note at the starting as the note is given at the end and ya, sadly this is the last episode of my ff It Started With a Hate Request. So hope that you all will like this episode and thanxx a lot everyone for giving your precious comments in my previous episode.

Scene 1
She looked at his thoughtful face. ‘what are you thinking about?’ she asked while holding a catalogue. ‘ummmmmmmm…’
She got irritated. ‘you have been doing this umm since the last 15minutes, now tell me what’s bothering you?’. Saying this she walked up to him. ‘ I am thinking about the pattern. How shall we put the yellow roses and blue orchids?’. He replied while making out angles with his hand.
‘hmmmm’ he replied.
Ragini:(surprised) you still remember my favourite flowers.
Laksh:(smiling) why, am i supposed to forget?
‘This is just a dream right’ she told herself. She looked at him again. She could see the glowing , happy face before her which made her stone like heart melt like an sweet ice cream. Laksh continued with his work when suddenly Ragini came and gave him a tight hug from the back.
Ragini:(whispering to his ears) i love you.
A happy smile came up on his face. He turned around to face her and then slowly pulled her while holding her waist.
Laksh:(mischievously) and i don’t love you.
Ragini:(while playing with his collar, as if tying a bow tie) hmmm…even i don’t love you.
They had a cute eye lock when suddenly they had to forcefully come to the reality due to the noise the two little children made.
Boy: chachu, chachu see what i got.
Laksh:(sitting on his knees) what did you get Sharad?
Another voice startled them.
‘there this monsters are’.
Laksh:(standing up) arey parineeta bhabi.
Parineeta:(irritated) see na laksh. This monsters have already started making me mad. Soo much work is left.( holding the boy’s hand) lets got Sharad.
Sharad: no, i want to show something to chachu.
Laksh: what is it beta?
Sharad: see.
As soon as he took out the thing every one gasped.
Parineeta:(shocked) where did you get that?
Sharad:(innocently) in Ragini chachi’s bag.
Parineeta snatched the thing from his hand and looked over it. After sometimes she said,
Parineeta:(shocked) its a real GUN.
Ragini didn’t look at Laksh anymore. She was sure now all her dreams are going to shatter. Her engagement will break and her reality will be revealed. She continued thinking of all these when suddenly Laksh spoke,
Laksh:(casually) arey bhabi, it’s my gun. Sharad must have got confused about my suitcase and Ragini’s bag.
With this he took back the gun from Parineeta’s hand.
Bubbly: nooooo, ch cha chachu. I a a am sure. It was f fr from Ragini chachi’s b ba bag.
Laksh: but beta its MY gun.
Parineeta:(a little relived) Laksh please keep these things out of these monsters reach.
Sharad & Bubbly(making puppy face) maaa…plzzz.
Parineeta:(scolding) listen stop your badmashi right nowwww…
Sharad & Bubbly:(sticking out there tongue) noooooo…
With this the duo ran out from the roof while Parineeta went after them.
Laksh:(smiling) ha ha, baichari bhabi.
He turned around to look at Ragini, who still didn’t look up.
Laksh:(concerned) hey, what happened?
Ragini:(almost on the verge of crying) you lied to your bhabi?
Laksh:(looking at the gun) its okay, but you had promised me that you will never do i….
Ragini:(tears rolling down her cheeks) no, i didn’t do anything after that. It was just kept for my self defence.
Laksh: but i am there with you Ragini.
Ragini:(still crying) i know laksh that you are always there by my side, but when you are not there then? The world hasn’t been cleaned off those creatures right?
Laksh didn’t reply anything. He went closer to Ragini, wiped her tears and gave her a tight hug.

Scene 2
They broke the hug when suddenly they got to hear Sanskar’s voice.
Sanskar: Swaraaaaaaa, give me my box.
Swara:(running around) na na na nai na….ha ha ha?? Sanskar is a baby.
Sanskar:(while running after swara) yaar Swara give me the box yaar.
He tried to get hold of her hand but she got away at the nick of time. Ragini giggled while looking after these two.
Laksh: Rey, swara why are you irritating my bhai.
Swara:(still laughing) ha ha ??? your bhai is a baby. Bacha hai.(making faces) your brother is a little baby girl??.
Sanskar: stop it Swara. (trying to snatch the box from Swara) now give me that.
Swara:(moving it away) no no?? (turning to laksh and Ragini) you know he used to wear Annapurna maa’s lipstick and click pictures.
The three of them started laughing aloud while Sanskar glared at swara.
She showed a picture of Sanskar’s childhood. He wore his mother’s jewellery and lipstick and stood in a pose of a great dancer. The three laughed again and this time even Sanskar couldn’t control it and joined them in the laughing session.
After sometimes when they had ended laughing, Swara stared at sanskar for sometimes and remembered how he had just proposed her one day.

At Cafe Coffee Day,
The four of them were discussing about Bollywood when suddenly Laksh asked Swara,
Laksh: which one is the cutest and loveliest couple from your point of view??
Swara:(cutely) RAGINI & LAKSH.
The duo blushed while Sanskar laughed.
Swara: o terrii, Bollywood Tha na…ummm sorry.
Suddenly Sanskar got up from his seat. He looked at Swara who gave him a confused look. Then he got down on one knee and held swara’s hand.
Swara looked at him in disbelief. After sometimes she turned to Raglak and asked,
Swara:(surprised) is that a dare you had given him?
Raglak: no.
She turned back to Sanskar again.
Swara: but you don’t lov…
Sanskar: i have always loved you Swara. But i just kept you away from myself for a reason but now it seems next to impossible to even think of spending a minute without you. So will you marry me?
Swara couldn’t find her voice. The only way she could respond was a nod. And so she noded with a big yes and tears in her eyes.
Flashback ends:–

Scene 3
When the four of them had started with there normal conversations Swara had asked about the gun in Laksh’s hand to which he had replied,
Laksh: o this is my gun.
Sanskar:(confused) your gun?
Laksh: bhai chup karona.
Swara smiled at it and didn’t bother about it anymore. The four continued there conversation which revolved around their lives which had changed sooo much in just three years.
Swara: you know i am marrying a budhaa.
Sanskar: what, you are calling me a budhaa??
Swara:(tensed) or nehi to kya. You are 28 and i am just 22.
Sanskar: so what? that doesn’t mean…
Swara: that means you are a budhaa.
Sanskar: o yes and you are nazuk kali right.
Swara did some drama and the trio laughed but Ragini kept on smiling.
Swara: hey, Raguu…why are you smiling from that time?
Ragini:(looking at laksh) nothing. I just remembered something.
Laksh:(lovingly) what were you remembering?
Ragini:(with a smile) that how OUR Story Had Started With a Hate Request.❤❤❤
With this she kept her head on his shoulder as if passing all her worries to the person she loves the most and closed her eyes to have the most peaceful sleep she has ever had.


Sooo, plzz don’t throw slippers and rotten eggs on me for writing such a faltu story. Okay now its time to give you all ppl some important news.
Many stories are just roaming around my mind right now but i am confused which one i shall write.
1) the genre is Fantasy. Its all about vampires and all but ya guaranteed that its different from twilight or vamp diaries or other books. (not copied)
2) it is a realistic story. Short one. But i am not sure if you all shall like it or not.

And another announcement that if you all ppl want then i might write a season 2 of IT STARTED WITH A HATE REQUEST but that will probably take time and i wont write the season now.
So the choice is all yours and ya you may also inform me if you don’t want me to write anymore stories(as i am very bad writer). So please do comment and give your thoughts and choices nor i wont be able to start up with anything.
And thank you for reading this(worst writer of the year’s) story. Thanx a lotzzzzzzzzzzz everyone. ????

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