It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 23

I am really very sorry friends that i couldn’t really upload it in these last 4 days. It was due to some unusual problems. So sorry again but i will surely upload it daily as the story is going to end soon. And I am really sorry to inform everyone, specially Priya that am sorry but i wont be able to write 50 chapters as i don’t have that much story in my mind and moreover i really don’t have that much patience to continue with this same story. So sorry again.?
And thanxxx a lotzzzzzz and lotzzzz, everyone for commenting in my previous epi.

Scene 1
‘Seriously bro, you don’t have to do this. We can just avoid it by saying that we were trapped in some important work.’
Sanskar said while driving his car.
Laksh: bhai chillax, i am fine with it. You go and spent a gaga time with Swara.
Sanskar:(irritated) ohooo,its not like that. You are not unaware of the sort of parties’ Mr.Shubhodeep Chatterjee throws.
Laksh: ya, so.
Sanskar: so mane, are you nu…uffff forget it.
They kept silent on their way. At last when Sanskar spoke,they had already reached the house.
Sanskar: call me when the party’s over.
Laksh: no bro, Il take a cab.
Sanskar: why are you arguing?

Laksh: bro, i am not arguing. I am just telling you. Don’t bother about me.
Sanskar:(angrily) fine.
With this he started the car engine and left.
Laksh:(thinking) i am sorry bhai,but i have to do this.
He turned around and headed towards the house.
The house was decorated in a very grand manner. ‘with the help of piles of black money’. Laksh thought. At the center of that large hall Laksh found a fountain of, ‘Champagne???’ . At last Laksh got a glimpse of his prey.
The man was sitting in one corner of the room with a glass of champagne and seemed to be engrossed in a conversation. His fat tummy bulging out in such a way that it seemed as if the buttons of his shirt might come out any time.

Laksh went near him to introduce himself when suddenly Mr. Shubhodeep spoke.
Shubhodeep:(with a broad smile) areyy Mr. Laksh Maheshwari, ao ao …(gesturing laksh to the sit next to him) come,sit here.
Laksh plastered a fake smile and sat beside him.
Shubhodeep: i thought that…
Laksh: we will not attend your party right?
Shubhodeep: yes, you’ll have been quite busy these days.
Laksh: yes, even today my brother couldn’t come to your party but i thought to meet you.
Shubhodeep:(laughing) ha ha, good job. I need to discuss something important with you.
Laksh sucked in as much air as he could because he knew in the next minute when this man will ask him anything about the case,he might not be able to breathe.
Shubhodeep: so, do you know there is a new case coming up.
There was no answer.
Shubhodeep:(confused) Mr. Maheshwari??

Laksh: no,sir.
Shubhodeep: hmmmm…unfortunately the case is against me.
Laksh looked at him with a shocked expression.
Shubhodeep: i know its quite unbelievable, but what to do. You know all these sl**s. They literally went and complained against me in the opposition parties police station.
Laksh didn’t speak anything.
Shubhodeep: soo, i need a favour from you.

Laksh waited.
Shubhodeep: i got to know that your father is in very good terms with the commissioner of that police station. Soo,…
He seemed to be choosing the words carefully.
Shubhodeep: soo… Can you just have a talk with him and close this case?
Laksh didn’t reply. The only things which were revolving around his head were the things Ragini had told him against Shubhodeep.
Shubhodeep:(a little impatient) will you?
Laksh:(coming out of his thoughts) o ya, sure sir why not.

Shubhodeep:(with a hearty laugh) ha ha…that’s my boy. Don’t worry i shall tell your seniors to increase your salary and for your promotion.
Laksh: sorry sir but i am ha…
Shubhodeep: Rey no no, you are an awesome personality. You should be given the post of the head investigator after all Shabana has to retire.
Laksh:(surprised) but sir, Shabana mam is hardly 50. Then…???
Shubhodeep:(wink’s) ha ha ha…everything is possible in this world little boy,the only thing you need is unending money and a little bit of power.

Scene 2
Laksh couldn’t believe his ears. The person who had taught them to be good. The person who had been so systematic. The person whom he had thought to be without any flaws was speaking sh*t,while sitting right infront of him. When Ragini had told him about Mr.Shubhodeep’s deeds, laksh had to believe it,but he knew it was a partial belief. To make his heart understand he had tried all tac tics. That maybe sir was frustrated, maybe he wasn’t happy, maybe he had a unhappy childhood…that’s why he might have done all these.MAYBE.
But now God had made it all crystal clear. There is no space for a MAYBE. ‘This lad is a f****r.’ laksh thought. Suddenly his eyes got a glimpse of a very familiar face.
The waitress came over there and started her work.
Waitress: how much water sir?

The voice startled Laksh. He looked at her side.
Shubhodeep: a little bit darling. I love strong drinks.
He smiled at her and wetted his lips.
‘God,this is so gross’ laksh thought.
Waitress:(turning towards Laksh) and you sir?
Laksh looked up to deny for the drink but after looking at the face, he couldn’t find his voice. Infront of him he could see that pretty face and those beautiful eyes which had dark secrets burried in them. ‘but those are unknown to the world not to me’.
A proud smile played on his lips. At last he replied,

Laksh: no, thanks.
She smiled back at him, and then she bowed and started to take a leave when suddenly the fatso caught her wrist.
Shubhodeep: listen, after sometimes come upstairs. I have got some important work with you.
Laksh could see the hard expression on the girl’s face. She noded and left from there when suddenly Laksh lost his temper and got up.
Shubhodeep: what happened?
Laksh:(extremely pissed off) you bl***y fool.
With this he suddenly jumped over the fatso and started punching him hard,continuously.

Shubhodeep: Mr. Maheshwari??
Suddenly laksh came out from his imagination.
Laksh:(startled) huhh…
Shubhodeep: what are day dreaming about??
Laksh: nothing sir.
Shubhodeep:(pointing at the same waitress) you do like that girl too right??
Laksh:(shocked) no,no sir. Its not…

Shubhodeep: o cummon, you are all young now. You need the enjoy your days. Don’t worry after she sleeps with me Il sent ‘it’ to you.
‘IT’ laksh got confused. ‘it seems as if they are just like toys for him’.
He looked at his sir in disbelief for sometime. ‘that’s the reason why bhai hates him soo much’. Suddenly Mr. Shubhodeep spoke,
Shubhodeep: you know what, Mr. Maheshwari, these low standard girls are like bi****s. Wherever they find money they will wag there tails and salivate. They can do anything for money.
Laksh didn’t look up. ‘are all men like this?’ he asked himself. ‘but i have never thought like this, then how can a man be soo, soo…’
After sometimes they had a little more of conversation when the officer suddenly said,
Shubhodeep: why does the room seem to be spinning around.
Laksh: umm…sir I think its all your imagination.

Shubhodeep: maybe, but you know young boy, it seems soo good to f**k these wh***s that…th…t…
Laksh found the person sitting beside him asleep. ‘time for work sir’. He thought while proceeding for his plan.

Scene 3
He could hardly open his eyes. It seemed as if somebody had kept heavy stones on his eyelids. At last when he did succeed in opening them unfortunately it was followed by a severe headache. ‘it seems like my head will burst any time’ he thought. He tried to move his hand but it seemed next to impossible. With his blur vision he looked around to see where has he been. It took less than a minute for him to make out in that red light,that it was his ‘TORTURE ROOM’. The room where he brought all those wh***s and tortured them, because that’s how he got his pleasure. He tried to move harder this time but to his horror he found himself tied to a chair. He could hear a buzz sound from downstairs probably due to the guests. He tried his level best to open the ties,but it seemed impossible. ‘god,what the hell’.

Suddenly he hard some noise. He looked up to find someone sitting infront, a little far from him. It was impossible for him to see the person’s face due to the low red lights around the room.
Shubhodeep: who is it? Who are you? Please help me.
Person: i haven’t even started with my work and you are soo frightened already?
‘its a girl’ Shubhodeep thought.
Shubhodeep:(almost shouting) who are you dammit?
Person: how does it even matter. Just be sure that from today you will live the life of hell. No more heaven’s honey.

Reporter: sir can you please describe anything about the criminal.
There was no answer.
Reporter: sir please maybe the public will be able to help the police to find him/her.
Shubhodeep:(slowly) it was a GIRL.
The reporter saw his condition and thought of changing the topic.
Reporter: sir how do you feel now?

Shubhodeep didn’t reply at first. He stared at the reporter for sometime and then barked,
Reporter:(with a frightened look) so with this we end our show, daikhte rahiye ND NEWS.

Ragini switched off the tv of his room.
Ragini: did you see?
He had just come out from a bath wearing a towel.
Laksh: what?
Ragini got surprised and turned her face to the other side.
Ragini: okay i am sorry, Il speak to you later.
She went back to the hall room and sat on the sofa. After sometimes laksh came back.
Laksh: what were you saying?
Ragini: umm, about the news.
Laksh:(smiling) ohoo, Ragini you have been watching that news since yesterday.
Ragini:(smiling) so?
Laksh: you should be very happy.
Ragini smiled. She remembered the incidents in the Torture room and mostly his SCREAMS.

As she undressed him and he sat naked before her eyes, she suddenly brought three lighters and some candles.
Shubhodeep:(frightened) what do you think you are doing?
Ragini: nothing much. Just giving you some pain.
Shubhodeep: what the….HELLLLLLLLLLL.
He screamed out with the pain.
Ragini had kept the burning candles between
Shubhodeep:(crying in pain) what do you want?
Suddenly she laughed out hysterically and said,
Ragini: Revenge.
The fire of the candle reflected in her eyes and it seemed to be burning too.
When she was sure that his P***s already had a 3rd degree burn. She came up with a kerosene bottle and poured it on his body.
Shubhodeep:(screaming) hey what are doing? Do you want me to die? (struggling) stop it please stop it.

Ragini: even i had begged you all to stop. Did you ever listened?
Shubhodeep: i don’t even know who you are? Then…
But then he couldn’t speak anymore. The scene before his eyes was enough to make him dumb.
Shubhodeep: WTF?
Ragini brought the lighter near him.
Ragini: i don’t want you to die. I want you to be a LIVING DEAD.
And then all she could find was his burning body and his screams. She opened the tap in his washroom and left.
But unfortunately that stupid fatso didn’t have the idea that the fire was caught due to oil and when he went near the water the fire slowly spread on his whole body.

Laksh waved his hands before Ragini’s face to make her come back into the present.
Laksh: are you listening?
Ragini:(startled) ha? Ya ya…say.
Laksh: happy now?
Ragini:(with a broad smile) hmmm…yup.
Laksh: then lets go out?
Ragini: abhii??

Laksh: den?
Ragini: no, i need to go for college.
Laksh: okay then Il drop you.
Ragini:(holding laksh’s hand) okay. But aren’t you coming to college?
Laksh: no, my work is done. I am leaving this case.
Ragini: because of me?
Laksh: no, its just that.
Ragini: what?
Laksh:(with a serious tone) just know one thing Ragini, (cupping her face) that I LOVE YOU.
She smiled at him. It was just like a dream. A dream which was not supposed to come true. ‘but it came’. She gave him a peck on his cheek which was quite unusual and then both of them left for their works, holding each other’s hands.

To be continued…

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