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Hello ppl Thank you soo much ppl for your precious comments in my Maha episode, because i was really tensed with it. Some of my friends said it was not up to the mark so i was really tensed with what my tellyupdates ko friends will say. But your response made me the world’s happiest person. Well i am sorry for not being able to update this chap soon as i was quite busy. So thank you again for your comments and please do not forget to comment in this episode.

Scene 1
They must have been hugging each other for more than 10 minutes but to them it seemed to be a lifetime. Laksh couldn’t think of anything else except her,or rather he didn’t want to think of anything else than her warmth but the thought of death was still lurking around in the darkest place of his subconscious mind. After sometimes suddenly Ragini broke the hug and moved a little way from him. His heart ached as he thought that the time has come when he will have to bid adieu to the world. To his surprise suddenly Ragini extended her wrists to his side. He gave her a confused look while she stared at her hands. At last she spoke,
Ragini:(softly) i surrender to you, detective Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh looked with the surprise look on his face.
Laksh: what are you even saying Ragini?
Ragini:(looking at the ground) i know who you are,so its no use lying to me and moreover its impossible for me to kill you so the only way left is that i surrender to you. (looking at him) at least Il be happy that it was you who found me out.
Laksh:(a little angrily) are you nutz? How could you even think that I can just…
Wait, how did you know about me?
Ragini:(proudly smiling) the first day you both had entered the college you had asked your brother about studying our medical books and all…and that’s when you had exclaimed about studying soo much if detective courses.
Laksh remembered his conversation with Sanskar.
Laksh: that means you were eavesdropping?
Ragini:(sweetly protesting) noo, i just got to hear that somehow. It was not done intentionally.
They looked at each other for a while with a soft smile plastered on there face but then suddenly Laksh found Ragini’s smile fading away.
Ragini:(serious tone) laksh you have got all rights to live a good life so don’t waste your time and just put the handcuffs.
Laksh stared at her silently and then suddenly started searching for something. After sometimes he found a dirty piece of cloth and took it. He tied one knot in his right hand and the other end to Ragini’s hand. Ragini gave him an extremely confused look.
Laksh: now, welcome to my prison. From now onwards you are supposed to spent time with Laksh Maheshwari and nobody else. This shall be your lifetime punishment.
Ragini: laksh why don’t you understand…
Laksh: ragini,why don’t you understand? i cant even dream of you getting away from me then how can i even think of handing you to my crew and moreover i want to spend my life with you…
Ragini: but…
Laksh: if you don’t want to live with me then its better that you kill me or Il have to commit suicide.
Ragini: what are you saying Laksh? Why are you leaving a criminal…
Laksh: because i want to be your partner.
(he came closer to her and cupped her face) I WANT TO BE YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME.
She looked at him. She was dumb founded. ‘No, this is not possible.’ she thought. ‘a person can never be soo good. Its just a dream,or my imagination.’ she kept on looking at his eyes trying to keep aside all this thought and concentrate on what she will say after this when she suddenly found Laksh touching her soft lips with his. At first she didn’t take part in the kiss at all or maybe she was too surprised to do that. This was her first kiss after all. But after sometimes she gave up. ‘its no use holding back my emotions.’she thought. For Laksh it was as if every moment of his life had coalesced in this one kiss, and if he broke contact even for a moment then it would all disappear. ‘but i cant just force myself on her.’ he thought. After some moment when he moved back leaving back Ragini to her random thoughts,there eyes suddenly went to that piece of cloth which tied there hands. This was the time when he knew he can never leave this girl. ‘never ever’.
Laksh:(cupping her face) i love you Ragini.
Ragini looked at his eyes. She tried to read them to find any spec of dishonesty, but there was none. The only thing she could find was the unconditional love for her. She didn’t answer him back but he knew,as if reading her mind that even she loved him as much as he did,maybe more than that.

Scene 2
Laksh struggled to open the large iron doors.
Laksh:(pushing the door, hard) zoor lagake haishaaaaaaaaaaaa…
Ragini stood behind him crossing her hands by her chest and smiling.
Ragini:(teasingly) seriously, you men have got strength but no brain.
She moved at one corner and dialled a number on a small old screen, when suddenly the door moved to reveal the daylight outside.
Laksh turned around with a surprised look at his face while Ragini smirked and started to walk out.
Laksh: how did you know that, that….
Ragini: before going to every single godown i had to get information about it,(childishly)with my super computer’s help.
Ragini walked ahead of Laksh while he followed her. They had come to a parking lot where Ragini went near a grey fortuner.
Laksh:(confused) hey isn’t that my car??
Suddenly Ragini threw the keys towards him.
Ragini: so you think that Il carry you in my arms all the way from your house.
Laksh gave her a childish smile. They tried to move to the opposite sides of the car but suddenly they were taken aback by the cloth piece. It was still tied to their wrists. Laksh smiled while slowly opening Ragini’s part.
Ragini: what about yours?
Laksh: Il be tied to it always and forever but you are free to go. You are free to run. You are free to enjoy your freedom.
Ragini looked at him as a tear escaped from her eye. She gave him a quick hug and then they both sat in the car. After sometime they suddenly heard a vibrating sound. While searching for it, laksh found his phone lying at the back seat.
Laksh:(taking his phone) what is THIS doing over here?
Ragini didn’t reply. She looked down with her guilt filled eyes. She remembered how she had planned everything for his murder. She had brought the phone so that the police could get his location.
‘Nor his dead body will rot’. She had thought.
She turned to him.’who knew i would fall for him,soo badly’.
They drove the car without speaking much. Both were busy in their own thoughts. Ragini thought of her upcoming future while Laksh thought of the phone call. It was his brother’s. ‘should I call him back? Or did he get to know anything about Ragini?’ he looked at Ragini for a second who was childishly smiling at her own thoughts. Then suddenly again his phone started vibrating. He parked his car at a side and looked at the phone. It was his brother again.
Ragini: who’s it?
Laksh: sanskar.
Ragini: why aren’t you taking the call?
Laksh: we had a fight.
Ragini: but he is worried about you,that’s why he is calling you soo many times.
Laksh looked at her.
Ragini:(holding his hand and softly said) take the call.
He noded.
Laksh: hello…
Sanskar:(concerned) hello, laksh. Where are you? Are you okay?(angrily) Why weren’t picking up the phone? What sort of person behaves like this? Now answer me where are you?
Laksh(a little happy with his brother’s concern) bhai bhai bhai, chillax. I am perfectly fine. I was just, just on a date with Ragini soo…
Suddenly laksh heard another excited voice from the other side…
Swara:(excited) whaaat…you and RAGINI are on a DATE. Chupaaa ruustummm…
Laksh laughed at it while Ragini smiled.
Swara: weren’t you all supposed to take us with you all for your first date.
Laksh:(mischievously) well i don’t think soo…
Sanskar: okay, date vate chor and come over here you both. We have got lotzz to tell you all.
Laksh: okay.
He ended the call while Ragini said,
Ragini:(smiling) liar.
Laksh smiled and started driving again. On the way his eyes suddenly fell on a poster. MAGIC MASTER’S. He looked at it and smiled.
Laksh: i think Il need to join Magic classes.
Ragini: why?
After all Il have to learn out how to vanish myself in a minute just like you had done.
Ragini: god, that was not magic you budhuu. I told you, you men have got no brains.
Laksh: then,how did you do that?
Ragini: i had attached a rubber rope with my waist and the other end to the third floors windows. So when i fell from there i climbed the rope and waited in third floor. I had to take the risk that you all wont check each floor and so you couldn’t find me on the ground.
Laksh: because you were in the building.
Ragini:(a little proudly) yes.
He smiled. ‘I really don’t think i do deserve her, but i just lost my heart to her’ he thought.

Scene 3
The four of them were sitting at a cafe.
Sanskar: what will you take?
Laksh: who’s giving the treat?
Swara: aren’t you the one who went on a date?
Ragini:(smiling) you are giving the treat laksh.
Laksh: okay you all guys order,Il pay.
Swara: yuppieeee…
Laksh happily went to the counter for the order followed by Sanskar.
Sanskar:(whispering to Laksh) listen,that fatso is throwing a party.
Listen: which Fatso?
Sanskar: arrey, sir Subhodip Chatterjee.
As soon as he heard the name, all the incidents which Ragini had told, swiped through his brain.
Laksh: where is the party?
Sanskar: at his house. Many people are coming and he invited us to discuss something about the case. Soo…
Laksh:(sharply) we shall surely go.
Sanskar: are you serious? But…
Laksh: bhai lets go na. Don’t be a spoilt sport.
Sanskar: okay, Friday 9:00pm.
Laksh showed him a thumbs up.
After he came back with the order ,he took out his phone and started typing something.
Suddenly a message popped up in Ragini’s mobile. ‘Who’s it now?’. She opened the message.

‘ The biggest waste of Kolkata is found. Mr. Shubhodip Chatterjee. Are you ready to do your last job?’
From- Laksh.
She looked at him for a second.

‘ Yes I AM.’

To be continued…

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Credit to: Kavya

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