It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 21{MAHA EPISODE}


Listen ppl…i feel that this is the longest episode i have ever written so i cant write a long note. Plzz do read it. Plzz plzzz…and lotzz of thanx for commenting in my previous epi.

Scene 1
Laksh sulkily opened the door and looked down to take the fallen newspaper and then when he just moved his head to look at the front, he felt a severe pain moving through his head to his forehead. His vision got blur. He tried to speak,
Laksh: whosacbghhz.
It all went fumbled and then the only thing he found was darkness.
He couldn’t open his eyes. He was afraid that his dream might break. The dream of being with Ragini for lifetime. He was searching for something on the floor or rather the icy floor. ‘why is the place soo cold’. It seemed as if he might freeze after sometime. He suddenly forced himself to open his eyes. As soon as as he opened his eyes he had to close it again due to the blinding light. He opened it once again to find a pitch dark place and just one bulb hanging a little far from him. He tried to remember what had happened and when he did he suddenly started weeping. He had hurt her. He himself hurt his Ragini. But was he left with any other option?
Laksh couldn’t take it anymore.
Laksh:(crying) hey whoever you are. Why have u kept me alive. Kill me, kill me…plzz…kill m….
He could very well understand that there was no one. He continued weeping. After a long time he suddenly heard the same dragging sound Dev had heard.
He looked around himself. But surprisingly he was not tied. Nor was he hurt much, but somehow he couldn’t move. ‘maybe he/she will be good enough to take my life, at least then Il be in peace’.
The noise came closer every moment. He waited when will that person come before him. After sometimes the noise suddenly stopped. Laksh looked at the front. He could very well see the figure by now, black top,black jeans,black boots. She was holding an iron rod in her right hand. Within the fraction of a second laksh knew its that same lady in black. Wasn’t he supposed to find her? But that was past. ‘All Past’. Now he was just interested to get killed by this psychic lady. He turned his face to his right side and spoke,
Laksh:(sadly) if you want to kill me then plaese do it.
Lady: who said Il kill you so fast.
Laksh froze at the sound of such familiar voice. He could hear the slow dragging noise of the rod. ‘it means she has come forward’. He thought. He wanted to look at front but he couldn’t. He knew if he was correct with what he thought about the voice then it will be worse than a nightmare for him.
Lady: it seems like you love to welcome death MR. LAKSH MAHESHWARI.
He turned around and looked at her or rather her face. Yes she was wearing quite the same make up. Blood Red lips,those dark eyes.
Laksh had froze. He tried to speak,but he couldn’t find his voice. ‘This cant be possible,it can never be’. He rubbed his eyes quite hard to come out of his nightmare but it was of no use.
Both of them kept silent for a long time.
At last Laksh gasped,
Laksh: RAGINI?
Ragini stood there silently then after sometimes took a nearby chair and sat,crossing her legs.
Ragini:(expression less) i thought you had lost your voice. (she paused) well its good,i would really love to hear your screams when i kill

She stopped again,looking at him.
Ragini: so, what’s your last wish?
Laksh didn’t reply. Eventually his last wish would have been a kiss but right now he was too shocked to think of it.
Laksh:(almost whispering) just tell me once that you didn’t murder all those people.
Ragini smirked.
Ragini: but sadly i did murder them.
Laksh: but why?
Ragini: hmm…il tell you.
He didn’t know why but he really did feel a little relieved. It was as if , she still did take him as a friend who was allowed to know her deep,dark secrets.
Ragini: lets start from the first, those four boys you remember,(laksh noded) they were drunkards,that means wastage and moreover they had the audacity to tease girls, so i felt it was time to show them the route to hell. 2nd comes the senior Shivam. (she laughed and sarcastically said) how odd a man can be. He followed me that same day when we had our intro to do what?(she turned to laksh) to give me an invitation for spending one night with him.(laughing again) you know what, that’s when i understood how big fools you men can be. I wanted to burn him but then i thought his death will be painless,so i called him in that deserted godown and killed him. It was quite easy for me,i had my dress inside my bag and i had made a good reason to my parents of bringing popcorn. 3rd was about all those four boys who tried to rape me. Well they had written the word DEATH on their fate the day they tried to misbehave with me. How can I just leave those thingy’s to lurk before my eyes with a proud attitude that they had tried to rape me and they are still in the college roaming around freely. So,i just shot them,i didn’t even bother to waste my precious time on them. After all time doesn’t stop for anyone.(she looked at laksh, there was no expression on his face. He looked so pale that It seemed as if all his blood had drained out. She could still see the tears which had dried up on his cheeks). 4th boy, Rounak Dan. I had no personal issues with him except one thing that he had suspected me. But that was not the reason at all.(she paused) actually i killed him as he was cheating on his girlfriend Ridhi,that is too for Sujeet. You know that GAY LOVE and all(she smiled remembering her and laksh’s conversations about gay’s).
At last laksh spoke,
Laksh:(the words coming out slowly) but you were not against homos*xuals.
Ragini:(protesting) no, i am still not against it,but ya it doesn’t just give you the license of playing with some other girl’s feelings right. (laksh noded) then came the 5th boy Ajit. Gawwwddd for him i had a very good reason. He literally tried to molest my best friend Swara. What does he think money can buy everything, oh this typical spoiled men.(she looked at laksh from the corner of her eyes and found his one brow up with a questioning expression) okay i don’t mean all of you.(suddenly she shouted) but more than 78% people are like that.
Laksh: then why did you dress up like swara?
Ragini: i didn’t dress up like swara. Things were getting quite messy those times as people had already started suspecting me so for the cover i got the get up of the dance crew,now it isn’t my fault if my face looks similar to swara’s. (she childishly asked) is it?
Laksh: no.

Ragini: and the 6th was going to be your friend Dev but unfortunately you saved him.(she saw laksh opening his mouth but before he could ask anything she blurted) well i had a good reason of killing your friend. Swara had told me what he had asked you for which you had bitten him. (she paused for a while) well THANK YOU for that.
Laksh:(almost whispering) you’re welcomed.
Ragini: but not only that,he also tried to kill you as a revenge.
Laksh: how do you know?
Ragini: i had seen him buying a large iron stuff from the mechanic’s shop, and guess what he bought it with the name Laksh Maheshwari so i felt that something was wrong and i was correct.
They didn’t speak anything for a while.
Laksh: how did you do all that? Swara had told me that you were present right there in the party.
Ragini:(a little proudly) illusions,illusions and illusions. It was not me,it was Neha. We were wearing the same coloured dress. I had observed that from the first,that’s why i could leave without any hesitation.
They stared at each other for a while. Then suddenly she stood up,
Ragini: now the 6th will be Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh looked up at her for the last glance of his first live but the next thing he saw was quite confusing. That straight erect figure suddenly kneeled down. She covered her face with her hands and started weeping while keeping her head down.
Laksh tried to move but it felt as if his body was bruised with several thorns. He was not physically hurt but mentally he had broken. So at last he almost crawled and went near her.
Laksh:(holding her hands and trying to remove it from her face) Ragini.
Ragini:(still crying) why did you do this Laksh, Whyyyy?? I had really started loving you. I had never thought that some happy moments can really enter in my life but you did it. And after all those goody times you just shattered my dreams in one day. Why laksh why? I wanted to live a happy life after soo many years and now…i wanted to forget my past but now…
Suddenly laksh kept his finger on Ragini’s lips.
Laksh: shusshhh…everything will be okay. Plaese don’t cry. When Il leave your life then everything will be okay.
Ragini:(crying vigorously) but i don’t want you to leave me.
She couldn’t stop herself anymore and then hugged him.

Yaara kon, paraya kon tera
Kis k liye,kon a bana
Teri ankhon meia a a
Kiu hai nami Bata
Mai hoon Jo tere a saath
Rahunga bas tera
Pehnani hai mujhe teri kalain Mai
Yun hari churiyaa a aaa

Tu abhi na jaa.(music)

They sat together in there places for a while. At last Laksh spoke,
Laksh: ragini, would you mind fulfilling my last wish?
Ragini didn’t answer.
Laksh: okay,Il take your silence as yes. So would you tell me everything about your past.
She suddenly kept her head on laksh’s chest.
Ragini:(almost whispering) yes, I will.

A girl is seen playing with another child. By the height it can be understood that the 2nd one is younger. Suddenly a lady comes.
Lady: aa chori, ley Nisha ko ye dudh pila. (hey you, feed the milk to Nisha)
The older child looked at her with a frightened look and answered,
Girl: ji chachi.

Ragini: my parents had died in an accident. Unfortunately i survived. After that, my uncle came and adopted me. But my chachi was furious. She hated me like hell.

Chachi:(angrily screaming) what the hell do you think you are doing?
Uncle: Sudha, don’t be hyper. She’s like our child only.
Chachi: ya right, do you even know how much money is wasted upon her. What about the future of our own child?
Uncle:(calmly) but sudha u need to understand…
Chachi: i don’t need to. (threateningly) either you do something with this girl or Il leave you.
Before the uncle could continue her aunt angrily left the room. He looked around to find that fragile young girl quietly listening everything.
Uncle:(sweetly) yaha ao ragini beta.(come over here beta)
Ragini went to him.
Uncle: don’t worry everything will be okay.

Ragini: everyday he used to promise me that everything will be fine. But the future awaited for worse. To make the things worse than the worst my aunt started wasting money.

Uncle: what are you doing sudha? Have you lost it? Wat are all these bills? 15 lacks?? I don’t have soo much money.
Sudha: then sell that child.
Uncle:(angrily) sudhaa…how dare you speak something like that.
Sudha: i will continue doing all these till you keep Ragini in our house.

Ragini: it happened quite usually and then my uncle had a large amount of economy crisis. The income tax people were frequent guests in our house. Loans and the wants and needs of family. I did understand my uncle’s frustration but i never understood my aunt’s strategy. I used to eat from the leftovers. The dress which i used to wear were mostly given by my parents. They were torn but i used to wear the same things to save money. I helped her as much as i could in household works. But then why…
She looked at Laksh who was at the verge of crying.
Ragini: then suddenly one day my uncle took me to a godown. I didn’t know why but i did believe him with every single cell of my heart and mind. The blow came when an almost drunk person came and looked at me or rather eyed me from top to bottom. I was wearing a frock at that time.

Drunkard: huh, you are selling her. She doesn’t look fit at all.
Uncle: see now a days you wont get girls like this. Just feed her a little bit and she will grow and cause you great profit.
The man again stared at her while Ragini squeezed his uncle’s hand as strongly as possible.
Drunkard: she has got a pretty face you know.
Uncle:(sadly) i know.
Drunkard:(extending his hand) ok then deal done, Il pay you 1 lack for her.
Uncle: but one lack Mai to aj kal ek deen bhi nehi chalta.(but in one lack now a days its hard to spent even one day)
Drunkard: to kya…already we will have to waste money on her. Feed her, give her clothes. No no not more than this.
He suddenly took out a small black bag, handed it to the uncle and caught Ragini’s hand.
Drunkard: chul ladki, tu hamari amanat hai.(lets go girl now you are mine)
Ragini turned around and cried for her uncle trying to get out from the drunkards clutches but it was no use.

Ragini: i still remember my uncle’s happy face while looking at the bundle.
Laksh:(angrily) where is he now?
Ragini: hospital.
Laksh:(confused) hospital?
Ragini: after watching his wife’s and child’s death he had a brain stroke.
Laksh gulped.
Laksh: but i thought you don’t hurt girls.
Ragini: i don’t. But my PAPA DOES.
Laksh: but you said your parents…
Ragini: not my real one but my present dad. He was the one to save me from these eagle’s clutches.
She paused,
Ragini: the days over that hell were worse than nightmares. My own screams haunted me everytime. (she looked at laksh) you would never understand the feeling.
And Laksh knew he would really never understand it.
Ragini: every day 24hrs i was laid down on that bed while one passenger came and went. They used me physically every minute second. I was torn apart. At times my childish heart used to think that my torn clothes were in a better state than me. And you know what,when i was 14, i suddenly got to know that the only customers were not just random drunkards but it also consisted of ministers and officers.
She stopped and looked at Laksh whose eyes had grew wide with surprise.
Ragini: i have seen it. I had tried to escape many a times but all the times i was caught my an officer. Mr. SUBHODIP CHATTERJEE.
Laksh’s mouth fell open.
Laksh:(disbelief) what are you saying?
Ragini:(smirked) it seems unbelievable right? but he did it. The first time when i had succeeded in escaping i had thought to report a complain in the police station. After taking my statement and doing the needy for FIR he told me to come with him to that place to arrest them. I was more than happy thinking of the future freedom of me and all the other girls. But i was wrong i was soo wrong.
She started weeping again. Laksh kept a hand on her head.
Ragini: he took me over there and suddenly called over the leader.

Officer:(angrily) Chotuuu, a chotuuu.
Drunkard: yes yes sir.
Officer:(holding Ragini’s hand) what the hell are you doing chotu. U should keep eyes on them. Increase the security. (pointing at Ragini) this f*****g little b***h just went outside and complained about you.
He pushed the shocked child to the drunkard and started laughing hysterically.
Officer: thank god she came to me. Varna kya hota sooch.
Drunkard: haa, ( tweesting Ragini’s wrist) wait, Il show you now how to elope.
He suddenly pushed her on the floor and started opening his shirts and pants.
Ragini:(begging) please don’t do it please don’t. I am sorry, i wont do it anymore.
Drunkard: sorry babes, but you need a punishment.

Ragini: after he had finished, the officer came up. I had seen many people commit suicide but god knows why i never wanted to do that. And then one day i escaped again when i was 15. I went quite far with the fright of the officer catching me again. But maybe god did understand me and that’s when i met my angel. MR. SHEKHAR KHANNA. At first i was afraid of him too but then he took all the responsibilities and then he created the new me, the rebel, the new MISS RAGINI KHANNA. I have already destroyed many of those creatures life but still then my past haunted me and it seems like it will still haunt me till my last breath.
She turned to look at laksh. He looked at her. ‘she had to go through soo much,even then she could smile’.
Ragini: when i was in class 12, i had thought that maybe my past is going to leave me,but then the ministers boy named Shubhom…he again molested me. Tried to make my MMS. Obviously he couldn’t succeed due to my papa. But it was enough to bring my other side on spotlight. And that’s how it all started. I had hoped for this college to be different but again,it was the same. It is the same. YOU ALL MEN ARE SAME.
Laksh didn’t speak anything else. He looked at her while he imagined the pain Ragini had to go through every single day.
After a while Laksh suddenly said,
Laksh: I love you Ragini.
Ragini looked at him with a shocked look on her face but then within a fraction of second he hugged her to which she broke down in his arms.

To be continued…
Ppl plzz do comment as this episode had been on my mind since the first day when i started writing this story so i really need to know if my imagination is appreciated by ppl or is it too bad,so plzz comment.

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