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Hello ppl. Well thank you all for commenting in my previous episode. Well i would say that all my readers should read this episode as this one is very important and tomorrow you’ll get your MAHA EPISODE which will give all the answers to your questions. So please do not forget to comment on todays episode although i know its a little bit filmy and bad maybe. (you know i am not that good at writing) so please do comment and thank you for reading my previous epi everyone.

Scene 1
Laksh went and opened the door while still smiling but as he looked at the person outside his smile faded while his eyes grew wide with surprise.
Laksh:(surprised) Rey, Dev??
Dev:(smiling) ha ha, i just thought to come and meet you.
The stood at the same place for some moment while Laksh doubtfully looked at him. Mostly Dev doesn’t come to his house just like that. Either he comes to take something or to discuss something important. ‘then what is it toady?’.
Dev: wont you call your friend inside your house.
Laksh:(coming out of his thoughts) oh, sorry sorry, please come in.
Dev entered the house while staring around.
Dev: each time i come to your bungalow it looks huge then before.
Laksh: dats all illusions. So coffee or tea??
Dev: anything.
Laksh went inside to bring something for Dev while he stood before Laksh’s room’s huge mirror and looked at himself. The scars. Those scars are impossible to remove. For the past 1& half months he had used every means to make those scars at least light,but it seemed as if they were gifted by the god. His punishment in attempt to murder. Before Dev could continue thinking about all these Laksh had already come back with two coffee mugs. After taking there seats in laksh’s huge drawing room there conversation started.
Laksh: so what brought you here?
Dev: matlab, now i need a reason to come to my besties house?
Laksh: no no, i didn’t mean to say that. Usually you don’t go to anybody’s house without any reason, that’s why…
Dev:(smiling) its okay bro. I know, and even today i came here to discuss something really important.
Laksh:(attentively) hmm…so what is it?
Dev:(serious) its about YOU and RAGINI.
Laksh froze for a second. ‘what is it about me and Ragini?’ he thought.
Laksh:(calmly) what about us?
Dev:(sharply) you see, i got to know about your relationship.
Laksh:(calmly) you have got a wrong info about it. We are not in any relationship except a good friendship.
Dev:(sharply) listen laksh, i know you well. Its no use lying to me.
Laksh: dev its nothing much. Yes, i confess that i have got feelings for her but she’s totally normal with me so there’s no way…
Dev:(smiling) don’t you feel this is the first stage of love.
Laksh froze again. He didn’t have any answer for it.
Laksh:(trying to calm himself) see, this is not some mitosis or meiosis stage so i really don’t have any idea about what you’re talking.
Dev came closer to him and sat just beside him.
Dev:(carefully) listen laksh, i am your bestie. Il always want good for you. So please take your future steps after giving a thought about your profession.
Laksh:(confused) what is my profession to do with me and Ragini?
Dev:(keeping a hand on laksh’s shoulder) listen it carefully laksh. Your profession is of an investigator and you are quite aware of the fact, what we all investigators need to go through everyday. Everyday we all people go out with keeping our lives at stake. We can be killed anytime, anywhere. So will you be happy to see your beloved one to cry after your death?
The question came as a stab for Laksh. Will he? ‘never’. He can never even try to think that. The first time when he had felt his true feelings for Ragini he had promised himself ‘never to make her cry’. Then how can he even think of it. Dev continued,
Dev:(calmly) not only this but by loving or maybe marrying the person you love,you are also keeping her life in stake. Criminals might get to know about her and try to hurt her to get to you.
Dev looked at Laksh. Laksh had become pale. He had never wondered about these. How can he forget, how can he forget there first lesson.

Shabana: Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh: yes, mam.
Shabana: its okay till you flirt with girls but more than that wont be allowed over here.
Laksh:(casually) but mam, love doesn’t listen to your mind na?
Shabana:(sharply) then kill that emotion in your heart called LOVE. Remember one thing Mr. Laksh, WE ARE FORBIDDEN TO LOVE. Yes, the only thing you can love is your profession.
Flashback ends–

Now the words went on echoing in his ears. ‘we are forbidden to love’. Forbidden to love’. Laksh punched one of his sofa pillows hard enough to make the pillow burst. Dev, who had left his side by now and stood before the mirror, looked at him now.
Dev:(sympathetically) listen laksh, i just said these all for your benefit. Its obviously hard for somebody to give up his love like this but its better than watching your love crying in pain after your de…dea….
Laksh:(bitterly) DEATH.
Dev stared at him and then hugged him,warmly.
Dev: i can understand what you are going through.
‘NO, NO,YOU DON’T, YOU DON’T’ laksh wanted to scream out this words but he found himself mum.
After sometimes Dev broke the hug.
Dev:(sympathetic) take care bro. I hope i was clear to you.
He said these and left from there. Laksh followed him and then left locked the door.

Scene 2
‘work is done’. He thought triumphantly. Dev had went into Laksh’s house like a serious man but when he descended down the stairs he knew he was the happiest man of the day. ‘what did the dog think that Il let him get a good girlfriend or a wife like RAGINI KHANNA. That’s impossible.’ He had got to see all of it in the college. There closeness,friendly arguments and everything else made him jealous. Jealous of Laksh, his soo called Best friend. He had thought ‘while i cant get any girl due to these ugly face, then how can i let him get the diamond of this class’. Since 4 days he had been planning. He knew that making laksh understand the consequences wont be easy, after all they have already seen soo many love marriages within there professionals. But when he had seen the pale look on his face he knew, ‘ I have won it’.
Dev gave out a hearty laugh and left from there. While on the other hand Laksh sat on the floor leaning by the wall beside his door. He sat there for hours maybe,or maybe the sky had turned cloudy. ‘just like the clouds in my heart’ he thought. All the emotions had been just running through him. How can he just forget it. ‘Maybe that’s why bhai didn’t say anything to swa… O god i am really a very big fool’.
At least staying away from her was better than breaking her heart. The thought of these made him cry. For the first time a tear rolled down his cheek. After sometimes he suddenly stood up. His face was pale as ever and it didn’t show any expression.
‘il go away from ragini, and Il do that right now’.
He went near his bed to take the phone when suddenly the door bell rang. He sulkily went from there and opened the door to reveal a glowing face of a lady.

Laksh:(shocked) Ragini??
Ragini:(smiling) haa…
Laksh:(expression less) please, come in.
He could feel the happiness in her. She was holding something in her hands which were kept at the back.
Ragini:(excited) laksh, i need to say something.
Laksh: even i need to talk to you.
Ragini: okay you first.
Laksh:(expression less) no you first.
Ragini: no yaar, mine one can wait, you speak first.
Laksh didn’t speak for that moment. The rain had already started pouring in. No, it wasn’t just raining but there was a storm outside. All there sweet memories played inside his mind. ‘i have to this, i cant ruin her life’.
At last he spoke,
Laksh: Ragini, we have to break up.
Ragini:(confused) break up??
Laksh: i mean we can no more be friends.
There was no reply. After sometimes she asked,
Ragini:(sadly) why?
Laksh:(sharply) because i don’t like you nor do i love you anymore.
He looked up and found her wide eyes staring at him.
Ragini:(shaky voice) you are joking right?
Laksh:(sharply) no, i am NOT JOKING.
CRASHHHHHH!!! He heard a loud sound behind Ragini. Before he could speak anything else Ragini turned around and left. He went near the place where she had stood and found out a broken glass ball with a pink female teddy holding a heart where its written❤ I LOVE YOU.
A tear rolled down his cheeks. Then suddenly realizing something he went outside running while calling out her name. But she was already gone. ‘I have already lost her’.
He knelt down on his knees in the middle of the foot path while it continued raining.

Betahasha dil ne
Tujhko hi chaaha hai
Har duaa mein maine
Tujhko hi maanga hai

Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Door jaaoge jo tum
Mar jaayenge hum
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam..

Scene 3
2 days had passed. Laksh was standing before a grocery shop. His eyes had swollen out due to the excessive outburst of emotions. He had tried hard to be manly,but the pictures in his phone worked as a lighter for the cigar burning in his heart.
He had not conducted college for the past two days. ‘il leave this case’. He thought. Most of the days he found his phone buzzing around with people like Shabana, Dev and some other colleagues calling him to which he never replied, but last day he saw something unusual. There were 13 missed calls from SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. He did need his brother by his side right now but his soo called ego stopped him from doing that.

On the other hand swara and Sanskar sat beside each other in the college worrying about the duo.
Swara:(worried) i don’t know what is Ragini going through.
Sanskar:(feeling guilty) i cant believe that my brother can d…
Swara:(consoling sanskar) don’t worry, try to talk to him. Maybe there’s some reason after this.
Sanskar:(sadly) i don’t know.
Swara:(angrily) but ya, even if he had a good reason of doing this then too he wont get out from my clutches.
Both of them sat there for some moment tying hard to bring out some way out of it.

Laksh was sitting on the floor before his sofa for more than half an hour as the outside looked darker then ever. It seemed as if for the last 2 days his world revolved around his house and the grocery shop. Suddenly he came out from his daydream when he heard his door bell ring. He had no idea who it was. Nor did he want to know. He sulkily opened the door and looked down to take the fallen newspaper and then when he just moved his head to look at the front, he felt a severe pain moving through his head to his forehead. His vision got blur. He tried to speak,
Laksh: whosacbghhz.
It all went fumbled and then the only thing he found was darkness.

To be continued…

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