It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 2

Thank u, thank u, thank you sooooooooooooooo much for reading my ff and commenting. I was soo happy that i could make the ff interesting for you all. Thank you readers and also silent readers. Please do not stop commenting or Il fall sick nd ya if you all want to share some ideas then you all are always welcomed. Well my apologies again from the first as i had already told you that Il update the ff quite late as my exams are approaching so stay tuned and hope that you all will like this episode. Thank you again for your comments.

Scene 1
The story continues as Swara and Ragini move inside there class room and sit in there respective places. The lecturer comes and informs them that three new students are admitted today and so he calls them inside. At first they all see a short girl coming inside. She was wearing specs and looked as if she’ll cry out any moment. Her looks and dress up style showed everyone that she was a total dork. The lecturer introduced her by the name Afifa Ara and then asked her where are the other boys. She gave him a confused look and replied that she doesn’t know. After this when she headed towards her seat suddenly from no where a boy came inside almost loosing his balance. Everyone could understand by the sight that he was being pushed by someone standing outside. The lecturer glared at him.
The boy: sorry,sorry sir. Actually its not my fault my brother pushed me.(at this he pointed to the boy standing outside)
Lecturer: what’s your name boy?

Boy: sanskar,Sanskar Maheshwari.
Lecturer:(pointing outside) and that ones?
The person outside replied
2nd boy: Laksh Maheshwari.
Suddenly Swara got up from her seat and tried to get a look of the boy outside.
Ragini: what are you doing swara? Sit down.
Swara: did you hear his voice. Its soo good dude. Such a smooth voice.
Ragini: ya ya, smooth voice,eyes like chocolate pool and all that nonsense. Stop acting like a mad lady and sit quietly.
Swara sat back but she was eager to see him. When Laksh entered the class room suddenly the female students started passing comments like omg,awww so cute, hot and etc. Ragini felt disgusted at all this. She just wanted to leave the classroom at that point of time and so unfortunately the boys seat was just beside her. She felt quite angry and insisted on changing places with swara as she was willing to change too. While the lectures continued suddenly ragini’s pen stopped working.
Ragini: swara,please give me a pen.

There was no reply. She looked up to see swara staring at the boys and dreaming. Ragini lost her temper and shook her hard. Swara got surprised at this.
Swara:(startled)what happened? What happened?
Ragini: many things happened while you were busy dreaming. Give me a pen.
Swara gave her a pen.
Ragini: and ya remember i am not going to give you the notes.
Swara: no no, please don’t do that. Il fail if you don’t give the notes.
Ragini: then what were you doing till now?
Swara: sorry sorry ragini. I swear i wont repeat this.
Ragini took a promise from swara and gave her the notes. While going for break suddenly Laksh asked sanskar,
Laksh: after studying for soooo many years do we have to study medical too?
Sanskar: its just to show the students. All the teachers and principal know about us.
Then laksh suddenly started thinking as how he got trapped in this situation.

In Kolkata Investigation Center.
A woman is seen sitting in the head office while all the agents come and stand behind her. Everyone wishes her good morning and calls her by the name Shabana. She gets up from her seat and starts informing the agents
Shabana: we have got a complicated case to solve here.

There is pin drop silence in the room. Everyone listens to her intently.
She continues,
Shabana: 4 medical students were killed yesterday in the closed paint factory near entally. There was no clue left by the murderer. Same sort of thing had also happened last month. Many cases have come like this. The murderer had made a video of how she’s killing them and asked them only one question. ‘can you recognize me now?’.
One of the agent’s said
Agent: maybe that’s some sort of a code.
Shabana: no its not a code. The murder is done for personal problems. Even if there was no clue this time we are sure about one thing that the murderer is from the same medical college. That’s Calcutta Medical College.
Agent: how can you be soo sure.
Shabana: by investigating we found that the video was send only to those students who studies in that college and we also found that those boys were 2nd year student and they always disturbed girls.
Some other agent said,
Agent: mam the killer was very ruthless. I saw the video mam.
Another agent: that means a boy must have murdered.

Shabana ignores them,
Shabana: so for this case we are doing a special investigation and we need two of our best agents to go in the college in the disguise of medical students.
All the agents start speaking at the same time pleading Shabana to take him or her for the mission.
Shabana:(shouts) keep quite. People are already chosen. Sanskar and his brother Laksh will go this time.
Sanskar gets happy while Laksh gets irritated.
Laksh: why me mam?
Shabana: you did not join here to flirt with girls but to work. So go and help your brother. ( looking at sanskar) i hope you wont disappoint me this time too.
Sanskar: yes mam.
And so they are dismissed while the agents leave suddenly Shabana stops those two agents and informs them,
Shabana: for your kindest information that ‘Ruthless’ person was not a boy, but a GIRL.
So that’s how Laksh and Sanskar end up coming to this college.


Laksh comes out of his thoughts as he dashes with Ragini. Ragini gives him a irritated look as all the papers in her hand fall down and are messed.
Ragini: cant you see and walk.
Laksh: (in his mind) how rude…

Sorry, wait Il help you.
Ragini: yes pick up all the papers and keep them in order and give it to me.
Laksh looks around the mess.
Laksh: don’t you think there are too many papers?
Ragini: soooo?
Laksh: soo it means we will miss our break.
Ragini:(almost shouts) i don’t care. You have to do it. It was your fault. Now help me. Nothing will happen if you don’t have your lunch one day.
Laksh looks at Sanskar and gives him a confused look. Sanskar gives him a wicked smile and says,
Sanskar: ok you both help each other,while(pointing at swara) we both go and have our lunch. (teasingly) byyy laksh.

Swara understands that sanskar is teasing laksh nd giggles. While Ragini gets more irritated.
Ragini: now would you like to help or stand there and stare?
Laksh:( while helping ragini) you know no body has spoken to me so rudely till now.
(He looks at ragini) especially Girls.
He tries to flirt with her and so suddenly holds her hand. Ragini gets confused as to if he is doing it intentionally or by mistake. She looks at him and understands his intentions and looses her temper.
Ragini:(very angry) UUUU…
And then there’s a loud noise in the corridor. Loud noise of a slap. Laksh gets shocked and keeps a hand on his cheek. While Ragini fumes and leaves from there.

Scene 2
In the canteen, Sanskar and Swara are having just a random conversation when suddenly an angry voice shouts sanskar’s name. Everyone turn around to see Ragini standing there and giving a look as, if she gets a chance then she might kill him.
Ragini:(shouts) what sort of a brother have you got,Mr. Maheswari?
Sanskar gets soo frightened that he stands up.
Sanskar:(tensed) why? What did Laksh do now?
Another voice suddenly comes,
Laksh:(calmly) don’t worry bro. I didn’t do anything bad.
Ragini:(shouts) nothing bad? I told you to help me not to hold my hand and flirt.
Laksh: how the hell will i know that you are that nautanki type of girl who doesn’t like to flirt with a handsome boy like me.

Ragini: o please have you seen your face in the mirror. A crow will also feel proud that he’s better looking than you and ya the crow might also die out of heart attack after looking at you.
Swara and Sanskar giggle at this while Laksh glares at Sanskar.
Laksh: and what about you miss? Do you think you are the prettiest of all?
Ragini: noooo, not at all. I never thought that and neither will i ever think like that.
Laksh:(teasingly) okkk,soo it seems like you don’t want anybody to love you.
Ragini: i would want everyone to love me but not you.
Laksh: that means indirectly you are telling me to hate you.
Ragini: yes i am sending you a hate request.

Laksh: done. Your hate request accepted.
And soo Ragini and Laksh continue there fight while Swara and Sanskar gives a confusing+surprised expression to each other.
Swara:(smiling foolishly) i never knew that ragini could slap a person just because he held her hand.
Sanskar:(confused) well i never knew that my bro can also fight with a girl except flirting with them.

To be continued…

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