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Thank you friends for remembering my story. As i told you that i am going to update it everyday so i tried to do that too. But i am really not sure if you all shall like this episode or not. Thank you everyone for increasing my confidence with your lovely comments. So please continue commenting and thanx a lotzz for your reviews in my previous episode. Thank you again.

Scene 1
‘put it inside faaaast’, ‘wait, WHAT?’, ‘God just forget it, let me help you’, ‘laksh what are you doing?’, ‘put this inside too, do it fast fast.’, ‘Laksh have you lost it?’, ‘Ragini just do it faster’, ‘Laksh stop it., ‘i cant baby’. Swara froze for a second. BABY????? Laksh is calling Ragini a baby and Ragini didn’t even slap him. She gave a confused look to the person standing beside her and again knelt to the door keeping her ear on the wood piece to continue her eavesdropping. ‘Listen laksh, stop with your nonsense.’, ‘Faster Ragini faster.’, ‘laksh plaese be a little slow, its hurting me.’, ‘faster faster.’ This was enough of it. She glared at Laksh’s brother and then suddenly kicked the door wide open and rushed inside. She shouted ‘LAKSH’. Her eyes went to his hands. With one hand he was holding Ragini’s wrist and the other contained Ragini’s cloth. Swara surprisingly looked at Ragini who returned her the same look. Even she was holding a cloth and the other hand was in Laksh’s grip. Swara tried to figure out what was really happening while looking around the room. In one word it was a MESS.
Swara:(shocked) what’s all these? What are you all guys doing?

Ragini:(childishly) see na swara, this boy is messing with my dresses. He is forcing me to pack my bag fast.
Swara questioningly looked at him.
Laksh: ummm…lets do it fast. I don’t want to waste any time.
With this he again started doing his work while the two girls continued staring at him with confused looks except his brother who stood outside knowing the the tension Laksh was going through.
The four of them took there bags and left for the bus. They found that almost the whole village had gathered there to bid them goodbye. When the bus departed from the village suddenly Ragini asked…
Ragini:(serious) Laksh, who are you?

Laksh looked at her with a confused look. ‘did she get to know my true Identity??’
Laksh: who am i,meaning? I am Laksh, Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini:(irritated) Gawwwdd…i mean are you mad. (shouting) what were you doing in my room this morning? Or rather why were you doing those things in my room this morning?
Laksh looked around to find everyone’s eyes on them.
Laksh: calm down Ragini,Il tell you the reason,don’t worry.
When he was sure that nobody (except swasan) were looking at them he turned to Ragini and spoke…
Laksh: i just wanted leave the village as soon as possible.
Ragini:(not convinced) that’s what YOU wanted, not ME then?
Laksh: see, you are quite aware of the awful things taking place during the past days. So i was just worried, that’s why.
Ragini:(sarcastically) why the hell are you worried about me?
Laksh:(shouting) because I LOVE YOU dammit.

Laksh looked at her. She was sitting there with her questioning face. ‘dammit’ he turned around and tried not to look at her. ‘God that was too close, i almost blurted it out’. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to find Ragini still with the same expression.
Ragini: Hellooo, i didn’t get my answer.

Laksh: Ragini please. Please not now. I don’t have any answer.
Ragini looked at him for a while,unconvinced and then turned around to face the window.
Ragini:(irritated) pagol kothakar. Huh. (mad man)
Laksh: sorry, purden please.
Ragini: nothing.
The other People sitting in the bus enjoyed there ride while some of them did dramas of loving the trip but only one person was there who felt relived to leave the great grand BAHDURPUR.

Scene 2

He was standing in his balcony holding a cup of Nescafe and enjoying the evening sunset. He looked down to see if the coffee had cooled down,but unfortunately the warm vapours coming out from the extremely hot coffee could be still seen. ‘Time never stops for anyone’ he thought. He looked around his bungalow. So many things had changed just in 2 months. He didn’t share a bedroom with his brother anymore. He has already confessed everything to his love. Except one thing. Who He Is. His best friend Dev had recovered from the trauma,but still those cut marks could be seen on the left side of his forehead and right side of his cheeks. He looked down again and the worst was, he didn’t have any contact with his beloved brother anymore. ‘What had really happened between me and bhai?’.

‘how can you say these?’ his brother asked with an extremely angry tone.
‘bhai, calm down. I just had a misunderst…’ , ‘why will you have a misunderstanding? I had already told you,it can never be her’ , ‘its okay i know it now Sanskar bhai’
Sanskar:(angrily) i don’t understand how can you…
Laksh:(protesting) bhai i just thought that. I didn’t take any actions against Swara.
Sanskar:(angrily) O, so u would have taken that step just on the roots of your doubts.
Laksh: noo, cummon bhai u know me…
Sanskar: yes i know you very well, and i should have thought before taking a juvenile like you with me for this work.

Laksh:(shocked) what the hell, you call a 25 years old man to be a juvenile and by the way swara is sort of a rebel so it wasn’t totally impossible that’s why…
Sanskar:(furious) don’t even try to say anything against her.
Laksh: wow bhai, you are just taking her side between her and your brother.
Sanskar: yes I Will. And I Will do that 100 times if needed.
Laksh didn’t speak anything for at least 5mins. But then when he spoke, his words felt like a punch to Sanskar.
Laksh: fine then. I am not your brother anymore.
He went near him, handed out the keys of their hostel room and left with his bike.
Sanskar didn’t speak anything. He was too exhausted with the heated argument but, but…. There was nothing after the But’s.
Flashback ends–

‘am i in fault of all these?’ laksh thought. ‘or he was taking sides?’. He sipped in the last part of his coffee and opened his mobile phone. As the screen glowed the first thing he saw was Ragini’s and his picture. Yes,it was true that his lovely relation with his brother was at stake but he had also done something really great this time. He had confessed his feelings to Ragini.
After the trip their friendship had bloomed really well. They never fought like the past that much, but yes there arguments never stopped. Starting from politics to studies. Not only he but everyone knew it quite well they are totally OPPOSITES. That’s when one day Swara had exclaimed ‘opposites always attract each other’. At first he didn’t take the words but then one day his tube light just lit up,that’s when he thought of confessing everything,and yes he had done it.

It was happening just all of a sudden. Swaragini and Laksh were sitting at a table when swara excused herself and went some where. ‘This is my chance’ laksh had thought triumphantly. But unfortunately it seemed as if his mouth was just stitched by someone while confessing to Ragini. After a long silence unintentionally there hands touched. They looked at each other and then moved there hands. ‘why is it going on all filmyyy?’. Again there was a 5mins silence and then suddenly Ragini asked,
Ragini:(casually) hey, you haven’t answered me yet.
Laksh:(confused) what answer?
Ragini: i had asked you something in the bus trip.
Laksh:(trying hard to remember) what?
Ragini:(irritated) oh god, i had asked you that why do you worry about me soo much?
Laksh didn’t answer.

Ragini: kya Hua?
Suddenly he stood up with 0 confidence. He knew there were 110% chances of him getting slapped. ‘but i have got to do this’. With 0.5% confidence he at last said…
Laksh: because I, because I LOVE YOU RAGINI.
At first she was looking at her right but then she slowly turned her head to his side. He could see her eyes wide open with surprise. At last she spoke,
Ragini:(almost whispering) are you serious?
Laksh: yes, i am.

After that for at least four days they were left with awkward silence. Laksh had almost thought that he lost her but then suddenly one day he saw her smiling at him casually. Then the things again went back to normal. No it was more than normal. They had become almost best friends now. He shared everything with her but without forcing her to share anything about herself. They had there own freedom and space even if they were soo good friends.
She had never spoken about the day of his confession and nor did he. He would have loved to ask about her answer but he was too afraid to loose her. ‘ let the things be as they are’.
Flashback ends–

Scene 3
A wide smile spread on his face as he looked at their funky pictures.’let the things be as they are’. He thought again. He was happy with what was there. He had got to know her family and had met them too. Even she met his family and knew where he lived now.
Ragini: how did you get such a big bungalow??
Laksh:(lying) papa gifted it.
Ragini: wow, soo sweet of him.
Laksh looked at her innocence. ‘i wish papa had gifted it, then there had been no need of me studying all those investigation courses’. He had thought.

He thought about there sweet moments when suddenly he heard a knock on his door. Laksh went and opened the door while still smiling but as he looked at the person outside his smile faded while his eyes grew wide with surprise.

To be continued…

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