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Hello friends, well I know that i am not supposed to be forgiven at all. Actually its obvious for my readers to just forget the story almost due to the irregularity. But seriously it was all unintentionally done. So please take the time to read my previous episode,if needed (links given at the end). And moreover Il try my best to update it everyday, as coz the story is almost going to end within 4-5 episodes. So please feel free to comment,criticize or write whatever u want to comment but plaese share your thoughts nor i wont be able to improve. Thank you everyone for commenting in my previous episode.

Scene 1
He couldn’t understand if he was alive or not. It suddenly felt very quite and cold.
‘is it December already?’ he asked himself. He couldn’t see anything due to the dark. Then suddenly he found a sound of somebody dragging some,some iron rod.’Where the hell am i?’ it was getting confusing for him every minute as he could clearly hear the dragging sound and footsteps coming close to him. He tried to move from there but unfortunately found himself tied to the chair. ‘what the hell?’ he gasped. He struggled hard to loosen the ties but nothing worked,that’s when suddenly he found the sound stop. He looked at his front to find a figure in black standing there while holding an iron rod. The person’s physical appearance made it clear that it was a girl,but her face could not be seen. Then suddenly before DEV could speak out something,to his horror he found the girl holding up the rod and then ‘yaaaaahhhhhhhhh’ and smashhh…

‘AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ he screamed out. He suddenly opened his eyes. ‘Huuf,puff, its just a dream’ he thought but as soon as he looked around he froze. It was the same dark place he had dreamt about. The only difference was that there was a light hanging on top of his head. He looked around and found himself tied up to the chair. Too tightly. ‘a girl can never tie it soo damn tight’. It was difficult for him to even move an inch. In the middle of his struggle he suddenly found the same noise he had once found in his dream. The noise of the dragging iron rod. He looked around to find any place to escape. He tried to move the chair but all in vain. Suddenly he saw something dropping on his pant. He looked down to see his white pants which he had wore for the village party but the next thing he saw was quite surprising. He saw a blood drop on his white pant. Then suddenly another drop,then another. He looked up to see if something was hanging, but the only thing he could find was the light bulb just above his head. He looked around again and then suddenly felt as if something rolled down his cheeks but it was not tear, it was BLOOD. He tried to scream this time but it seemed as if, if he tried to scream then his nerves might burst. The pain at the right side of his head increased and by the fraction of a second he knew he had been hit on his head.Suddenly he found the noise just stopping some meters away. He looked up to see the person. Everything was the same to same detoo, of what he had dreamt. It was a girl wearing all black holding an iron rod in her right hand. The only difference was that this time he could see her face. Although partially as it was covered with mask.
Dev:(screaming) who the f*****g b***h are you?
He found her lips giving a sly smile.
Girl: doesn’t it feel good to see your Death just standing before you?
Dev gave her a horrified look when suddenly he found her holding up the rod and then, ‘yaaaahhhhh’ she shouted as she hit him. Again, 2times, 3 times. It seemed she was unstoppable while Dev’s shirt was already soaked with blood when suddenly she found some footsteps around. Somebody said ‘ she can be anywhere, all be prepared, don’t fire till i order you,is it clear?’. ‘yes sir’. Be careful she has got our investigation agent’. The girl stopped in the mid way. Dev opened his eyes slowly and then suddenly found her no where but he did find a fimiliar face. LAKSH.
Laksh came running for the rescue of his childhood friend.
Laksh:(while untying) are you okay broo??
(calling out) officers, i found dev.
All the officers gathered over that place.
Dev:(frightened) she left from there.(pointing at his left)
Laksh:(staring at the ground) foot marks.
With this he ordered all the others to take care of Dev and followed the footprints.

Scene 2
It was not faar,when he suddenly found a balcony sort of place, after all it was an unprepared multi-storeyed building. He opened the door and suddenly found a figure standing on the railing of the balcony.
Laksh gasped.
Laksh: hey hey, wait.
The person turned around revealing to be the lady in black.
Girl: so at last u got a good glance of me Mr.Maheshwari.
Laksh:(shocked) how do you, how do you kn…
But before he could finish his sentence he suddenly saw her giving him a sly smile and then stretching both her hands by her side like a bird getting ready to fly and den she lied on the space and was GONE.
Laksh had stretched his hand to catch her or rather stop her, but it was too late. By the time when he went near the railing, he couldn’t find any dead body downstairs,on the ground.
Laksh:(thinking) this is the biggest unbelievable experience i had ever come across.
He called out for the officers and ordered them to search downstairs but unfortunately nothing was found. Dev was in trauma and so he was kept under care while in the meantime Laksh called Sanskar.
Sanskar: haa,bhai…boool…
Laksh:(serious tone) where’s swara??
Sanskar:(confused) she’s standing by my side,holding….
Laksh cut in the middle.
Laksh: give the phone to her.
Sanskar was quite surprised by the sharp tone of his brother. Without any hesitation he handed the phone.
Swara:(cheerfully, to Sanskar) who’s it?
Sanskar: laksh.
Swara: yup laksh say.
Laksh froze for a second. If a person just walks from that place to here then he/she might take more than 30mins. As while travelling in bike he took 20mins. It was obviously not possible for a person to just leave from there and walk into the party,fully dressed up in just 10-13mins.
Laksh:(shocked) that means its not Swara.
He suddenly heard her voice coming from his phone.
Swara:(confused) hello?? Laksh, are you still holding?? Hello??
Laksh: ya ya. I was just….i was…where’s Ragini?
Swara:(smiling mischievously) O O, Ragini. She is just having a good time chatting with her friends, shall i give her the phone?
Laksh: ha…no no. Not needed, Il speak to you later by.
He ended the call before anybody could even speak anything.
‘how can this be possible? I saw Swara with my own eyes that day.’ he thought. Already there was a report that the guy who misbehaved with her named Ajit, was missing since last day and now these all. This incident confused him as to who else can be the culprit. ‘who else?’ he asked himself. That’s when he saw his traumatized friend to be taken inside the ambulance. Laksh remembered how he had found out that something was wrong.

When Laksh came and stood infront of Dev’s room, he surprisingly found it locked. It confused him as not even more than 15mins Dev had asked him to come there, to discuss something important, then? He looked around to suddenly find bloodstains before his room. He touched and felt that it was wet. He was frightened. Without finding any other idea he called the officers and informed when suddenly his eyes fell on the blood drops. He had to follow them carefully while giving report of his moves to the officers and then found him over this building.
Flashback ends:–

Laksh saw the ambulance moving away and then suddenly held his forehead out of frustration.’who can do this and why?’…he was out of answers. No suspects ,Nothing. Only murders after murders. Till now he could just save one. That too at the nick of time. But then ‘WHO’S THE NEXT?’

To be continued:-

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sorry again, readers.

Credit to: Kavya

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