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Hello people, Kavya’s spirit is back. Kavya has been having a very bad schedule and to add up with her sadness her health detoriated. I (kavya’s spirit) had a very hard time writing this episode. Well Kavya’s Sacks , Bundles and cartons of apologies and sorry ‘s i hope is safely delivered to you. Please do comment without any failure because i hope that you all good hearted people would not want a person to die before her story ends. Hope that you all will comment on this umm…epi and thank you loads for your precious comments in Kavya’s previous chapter.

Scene 1
The day was almost ending when the professor came for an announcement. After the students wished him he started with his announcement,
Professor: we are really heartbroken to inform you all that today is the last day of our camping.
All the students sighed sadly while the professor continued,
Professor: we were supposed to stay here for three more days, but unfortunately after those breathtaking incidents which were taking place over here, the police force has pleaded us to leave this village as soon as possible.
He looked around to find the sad look on everyone’s face. He knew it well that the 1st year students had just started enjoying the session but This step was important.
Professor:(thought) how can i risk soo many lives.
He continued again,

Professor: but the surprise is still there. As because you all students had been so well mannered and good to the villagers, sooo the villagers want to give a treat to you all.
All the faces present there lit up.
Professor: so today at 7p.m we will report over here to enjoy our last day in this lovely village, at its best.
When the professor said lovely suddenly Laksh softly added…
Laksh:(softly) lovely and smelly.
Ragini who was standing just beside him started giggling while Laksh joined her.
The day had a bad start for Laksh and Dev but both of them were sure that at the end this party will be fun. Its like end bhala to sub bhala.?

At 6pm the camera showed Ragini’s room where she was attentively listening to the new track of Rocky Handsome(Rehnuma).
Then came Laksh’s room where most of his blazers were scattered all over that single bed in the hotel room.
Laksh: uff…what shall i wear? What shall i wear? What’s My Ragini’s favourite colour?
Suddenly he was caught by surprise.
Laksh: why do i always call her MY Ragini?

Okay whatever.
He again concentrated on choosing his get up while on the other side the camera showed a handsome Sanskar staring at the mirror infront of him while he wore a yellow blazer and a white shirt. He was folding the sleeves of his blazer when he suddenly saw Swara standing at the back. He turned around surprisingly to find Swara standing at his door way.
Sanskar: Swaraaaa…
He exclaimed it with a extremely happy tone and moved forward to hug her but then suddenly his sweet hallucination just got cleared. He stood there for a while and sadly sighed.
Sanskar:(thinking) we had been in such good terms lately but my one mistake just shattered all the happiness we had in our future. Shall we give our relationship a try?
Suddenly he was caught by surprise.
Did he just say Relationship?? But he was not in any relationship with her. He was just a mere friend of hers.
Sanskar:(determined,thinking) i think its time now that i explain all the true feelings i have got for her. Before its too late.
Beside his room the camera showed a dark room. At the widow side Swara stood there watching the full moon as the clouds passed by.
Swara:(thinking) why the hell do i like the dark sky soo much? Is it normal?
She wore a beautiful rose pink,silk skirt with a white full sleeves blouse which perfectly hugged her body. She stood there silently for a while when she suddenly felt all those words echoing around her. That Punjabi boy telling her,

Punjabi: sanskar is just fooling you.
Swara:(trying hard to control her anger) Sanskaaar is NOT like that. We are very good friends.
Punjabi: seriously,but we all know about your feelings.
Swara: stop speaking all sorts of nonsense and just get out from my room.
Punjabi:(moving closer to her) i could have done a lot of things with you. But i DIDN’T. Coz i am your WELL-WISHER. So do believe me, he doesn’t take you seriously and moreover you will get a good proof of it as he will be spying on you tonight. So it proves that he doesn’t even believe you.
Swara: just SHUT UP. Stop saying nonsense about him. I wont tolerate another word against him. Just get lost.
While closing her room’s door Swara had heard that boy shouting,
Punjabi: if you don’t believe me then see for it yourself. Tonight after 11.
Flashback ends:-

Swara stood there remembering all these incidents and wished that she had never listened to that boy. She wished that she had not found out Sanskar keeping an eye on her, Maybe then the coldness between her and Sanskar wouldn’t have been there. She did speak to him casually but she was not unknown of the fact that her deep wounds had still not recovered. She was still asking herself that why did he spy on her. It was quite hard for her to accept the truth that he didn’t have faith on her and she knew this was enough to shatter her. A tear rolled down her cheek. She sadly sighed and wiped her tears.
Swara: i hope everything goes well today.
With this she put on her shoes and left the room.

Scene 2
The party was at full swing. Oops!! Not the party but ya the folk songs and the performances held by the villagers. The students did appreciate there hard work, mostly coz they could enjoy some new menu which there taste buds had never tasted. Polao, kosha mangsho, amer chutney, aampanna, soft drinks and many others. (rice, chicken, mango chutney).
Everyone was enjoying it to the fullest, after all it was there last day in that village. But except two people. The moment Sanskar had moved in for the program his eyes just searched for her but on the other hand whenever they had an eye contact she ignored him while keeping an eye on the other two.
Ragini and Laksh had almost forgotten about there past interactions and acted as if they had been childhood friends. It was really refreshing for people to see these two angry birds turn into almost love birds. Laksh and Ragini had no time minding about those side ward comments the other students or rather those Jealous students passed. That was when,in the middle of their happy moments a call interfered.
Laksh: hello??
Caller: hello, Laksh it’s me, Dev. I need to speak to you.
Laksh was caught by surprise. He has been friends with dev since college days so he knew it very well after the way he had insulted him, dev will never forgive him soo fast and calling him was quite out of the question.

Laksh was interrupted from the sound coming out of his phone.
Dev: laksh, laksh. Are you there?
Laksh: ya ya… I am there. What is it that you wanted to speak about?
Dev: listen its very important. Can you just come to my place. Plaese.
Laksh: okay, i will.
He kept the phone and looked at Ragini who was eagerly waiting for him to say something.
Laksh: you guys enjoy and Il catch up with you guys later.
With this he started to clear out his path from the crowd. While a figure looked at his side for a long time and then moved back.
On the other hand as soon as Laksh had kept the call Dev looked at the heavy metal based stuff he had brought the same day from a automobile shop and gave a last look to the arrangements. That metal stuff was hanged by a thick rope which was attached to the door knob in such a way that as soon as somebody opened his room’s door. CRAAASSSSHHH!!!! this will be the loud sound coming and the person will be dead.
Dev:(wickedly thinking) a master stroke by me. How did my dear friend never remembered that I always tend to take revenge.

He gave a triumphant laugh and came outside his room while keeping the lights and fans on.
Dev:(in his mind) so that he thinks that i am in the washroom.
He silently closed the doors of his room so that it seems like it was shut from inside but then suddenly he felt a small pain at the back of his head. He kept his fingers at that spot and felt his warm blood still oozing out from his head. He turned around with a horrified reaction but then collapsed on the floor. The person behind him looked at his unconscious body and then put it inside a sack. After sometimes the camera showed a dark road where a figure was dragging a sack quite heavy while drops of blood were found falling from the sack.

Scene 3
Sanskar attended a call while unintentionally swara almost spilled her soft drinks on his shirt.
Swara: am so sorry, am so so sorry.
With this she tried to wipe the juice by her hands.
Sanskar:(moving away) its okay, its okay.
Swara:(irritated) wait, let me help you.
She again started with her work of wiping while suddenly,out of the blue Sanskar started laughing.
Swara:(irritated) what is soo funny?

Sanskar:(still laughing) swara don’t do that. Its ticklish.
She looked at him with a confused look but then a smile played between her lips. They smiled looking at each other for a while but then remembering there small bitter pasts they stood there with an awkward silence. Suddenly they were interrupted by another call in sanskar’s phone. He attended the call while swara debated within herself that if she should just leave from there or stay. At last when she decided to move suddenly Sanskar caught her hand while still on the call. After sometimes he kept his phone and gave a tensed look to Swara.
Swara:(concerned) what’s the matter? is everything okay?
Sanskar:(in his mind) she understands me soo well.
Swara:(confused) Sanskar??
Sanskar: Ajit is missing since yesterday night.
Swara gasped.
Swara:(surprised) what? But how did you get to know?
Sanskar didn’t find any answer to this. Shabana mam’s words still rung in his ears, ‘Nobody shall know your true identity. If by chance its known then you loose your job’.
Sanskar:(composing his thoughts) umm…i just got to know somehow.
Swara:(confused) but how can this be possible. I think he ran away as the teachers were going to suspend him from the college.
Sanskar: why?
Swara:(not realizing that Sanskar was totally unknown of the day before ‘s incident) he almost, he , He molested me.
Sanskar was shocked. So much happened with her but even then he had not a single bit of idea about it. Suddenly his face was flushed with anger,but this time he was angry on himself. He couldn’t control his emotions and so suddenly dragged Swara to his arms and gave her a tight hugged. Swara was taken aback by this sudden act of Sanskar and stood within his arms without hugging him back. After a long while Sanskar pulled back and cupped her face.
Sanskar:(softly) I am sorry Swara.

This time Swara knew it was coming from the core of his heart. They looked at each other’s eyes with that Love’s intensity and emotions but then suddenly came back to the present.
After composing themselves suddenly swara said,
Swara:(concerned) where’s Ragini?
Sanskar: the last time i saw her she was with Laksh.
Swara:(frantically peeping here and there) but i cant…
Dats when she suddenly found her standing and talking with some other students. She held Sanskar’s hand carelessly and then the screen froze on Swasan’s face.

To be continued…

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Credit to: Kavya

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