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Hello people, sorry for the late update. Well did you all realize i have been apologizing to you all for the last two months. Funny right. Okay jokes apart,but i don’t know if you all are really liking the story or not, i know its getting a little boring as the last episode that is the Maha episode hasn’t come. But if i don’t give these parts then the story will be a little incomplete. So please bear with it. And do comment even if you don’t like. Okay? Plzzzzz Do Comment ?

Scene 1
He slowly opened his eyes while it seemed as if he was under water. He was not having any problem in breathing though. It was all whitish at first. Then some window panels seemed to be doubled up or either collide with each other. Suddenly he felt a warm hand touching his cold ones. He turned to his right side and closed his eyes. Why was it soo hard for him to bring back his vision. After a little while, he slowly opened his eyes. This time his vision had improved, although not that crystal clear, but it was good enough for him to see who was there. At first he found his brother sitting there with an extremely worried face.
Sanskar: Laksh are you okay?
Laksh tried to answer but it seemed as if he lost his voice.
Laksh:(thinking) what happened to me? Why cant i speak, and i am having a bad vision too.
He tensely looked at his brother while another voice,coming from the back startled him.
Ragini: its okay, he needs a little rest. After a while he will be as fit as a horse.
Sanskar looked at his brother for a while with almost teary eyes but then suddenly Laksh saw Sanskar’s face flushed with anger.
Sanskar:(angrily) u idiot, what were you doing in that lonely place? (while lightly slapping on his head) Who told you to do Herogiri?
Laksh tried to answer but couldn’t. It was all in vane after all and he still couldn’t find his voice so the only option left was keeping mumb.
Ragini gave them a sweet smile as she remembered her and aryan’s fights. Suddenly Laksh heard the sound of a door opening and then getting closed. After that came a girl’s voice which made Laksh feel uncomfortable.
Swara: how’s he?
Sanskar:(turning around to swara) he has come back to senses.
Laksh saw Swara moving to the other side of the bed. That same dark Kajal, black smoky eyes and a blood red lips with her hair curls dangling around her shoulders.
She quitely held his hand and asked,
Swara: how do you feel now?

Laksh didn’t reply but then suddenly got up surprising everyone present and the next thing he did was taking out all the saline syringes on his hand and then suddenly he took the blood pressure and heart beat detector and he threw them at swara which hit her soo hard on her head that she fell unconscious or may be DEAD.

Laksh came out from his Peculiar imagination as swara shook him to reply.
Ragini: swara don’t force him to speak. It seems like he hasn’t come out of the shock, still now.
Swara sadly looked at him while he gave her a irritated look. After sometimes suddenly she whispered,
Swara: you should be careful from the next time Laksh.
Laksh’s eyes grew wider as if he could directly feel the cold words she just said. This was enough for him to wash away the faintest of the faintest thought that,that maybe the lady in black or the murderer was not Swara Gadodia.
She gave him a smile which, as per him seemed to be the most wicked smile he could have ever found. It felt as if he could sense the threatens she gave to him through her unspoken words. He knew that THIS time he was saved but the next time he will loose his life.
Laksh:(determined, thinking) but before that i shall expose you.
Swara:(looking at Ragini) wont you come for the hosting?, our last performance is already over.
Ragini looked at Laksh and replied,
Ragini: sanskar you go and do the rest of the hosting. I’ll be right here to take care of Laksh.
Sanskar noded and without any hesitation left with swara as he was well sure that Ragini knew better medical proceedings than him.
After the two left, Ragini gave a sweet smile and left her seat to check if everything is okay. Looking at her made him feel as if he was watching some angel sitting in front of him, wearing a ocean green dress and who gave him a sweet smile to assure him that nothing will happen to him till the time She’s there.
She was standing at his left side when he suddenly held her wrist. She looked at him and politely asked,
Ragini: do you need something?
Laksh pointed towards a notepad kept on one of the corner table. After sometimes she gave the notepad and waited for him to write something.
Laksh:(writing) why didn’t you go back to your work?
Ragini:(smiling) because i need to take care of you.
Laksh:(writing) why do YOU need to take care of me?
Ragini:(carefree) because you are my friend and patient.
Laksh:(writing) you said i was not your friend.
Ragini didn’t reply. Yes she did say that. But she knew at heart that,that was just a joke. That was just to irritate him,but what was she supposed to reply now.
Laksh:(writing) what happened? I need an answer Ragini.
Ragini: okay,from now onwards i am your friend. Happy?
She extended her right hand with a gesture to shake hands with laksh but anybody could have seen how her hand shook. It was tough for her to just dumb her past and make a ‘male’ friend. To trust a boy. Staying in a comfort zone while surrounded with boys was just not her type but she was not unknown of her inner feelings which were lurking at the deep corners of her heart.
Even if it was not done purposely,but she had already started liking this mad,flirt Mr. Laksh Maheshwari. Yes, it was totally unusual for her,after all for last 10 years she never let any boy come this close to her heart. Laksh was always by her side, not just while they were friendly but even in her hatred moments and not to forget, their serious,important fights and arguments. Suddenly she came back to her present and realized that Laksh was blankly staring at her.
Laksh:(writing) you don’t have to force fit into this friendship.
Ragini: some days ago you were the one who was almost shattered as i said that we are not friends. Then what happened today?
Laksh:(writing) i know, i was heart broken but that doesn’t mean that i am really soo Mahan that i can live with one sided lo…
He tried to scratch off those last two words so that she didn’t understand but it was too late.
They looked at each other for a while and then looked away while an awkward silence passed.

Scene 2
Laksh was roaming around the camp while people tried to use every means to cool themselves. He was discharged the same day he came to senses as his injury was not fatal. Suddenly out of the blue somebody slapped him hard on his back.
Laksh: aaaahhhhh…
He turned around angrily,while rubbing his back and found his friend. The Punjabi Munda.
Laksh:(happily) Rey Dev??
They hugged each others as if they were some bichra Hua twin brothers.
Laksh:(breaking the hug) how are you?
Dev: yaar, i am not good. Most of the girls are rejecting me.
Laksh: ha ha…???
Dev: don’t laugh ok…
Laksh: you took soo many numbers and no body accepted your proposal…ha ha ha ha????
Dev: who’s number did i take?
Laksh: Rey ragini and fa…
Dev:(excited) oh yes, ragini. I almost forgot about her. But by the way i saw you going around her like a monkey’s tail.
Laksh was surprised.
Laksh:(red face) what the hell are you speaking?
Dev: ha ha ha…forget it, hey do you know her size?
Laksh:(confused) what size.
Dev:(wickedly) upper ka size. Its 32 or 34??
Laksh realizing what he actually meant, lost his temper.
Laksh:(thinking) how dare he ask something like that about MY Ragini.
The only thing laksh could see was Dev’s wicked face and a mineral bottle kept just beside him.
Dev again faced Laksh but the next thing he found was quite surprising. Every eyes were focused at this two as Laksh started hitting on Dev’s head with the bottle.
Laksh:(still hitting dev) How Dare you to speak something like that about My Ragini. You B****y R****l. You’ll have to pay a heavy one for this you M***n.
Dev:(keeping his hands infront of him to protect himself) hey hey hey, have you lost it? What are you doing Laksh? I just asked her number. Why are you acting like a typical Boy Friend?
Laksh didn’t stop at this. He did get a little startled at first but this was not enough to surprise him and stop.
Laksh:(still hitting) you B*****d. Don’t even spell her name from your dirty mouth.
Dev tried his best but the situation got worsened. Laksh got out of control and started suffocating dev. At this Sanskar came in between them to stop the fight.
Sanskar:(screaming) guys, laksh…what are you doing? Leave him.
Laksh: not this time brother.
Sanskar:(shouting) just leave him,you idiot.
At last Laksh stopped realizing what he was up to. Dev was panting for breath while holding his neck and head as it had immense pain.
Laksh gave him a threatening look while Dev stood there controlling his temper. Sanskar and Laksh came back to their tables and started the work with their partners.
Swara: what happened? Why was Laksh hitting Jitendar soo badly??
Sanskar:(confused) Jitendar? Who’s Jitendar?
Swara:(irritated) Rey that punjabi boy.
Sanskar:(realizing his mistake) O, sorry actually he said something bad about Ragini.
Swara: what was it?
Sanskar whispered everything to her ear.
Swara:(shocked) whaat? How dare he? He’s such a big rogue. (pausing for sometimes) today, i am proud of Laksh. (turning to Sanskar) it seems like your brother can really take good care of my bestie.
Sanskar smiled at this and she smiled back but after Sanskar turned around the screen froze on the ambitious swara with a wicked smile on her face while looking at the injured Man.

To be continued…

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Credit to: Kavya

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