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Hello friends. Thank you soooooo much for your continuous support and comments. You all’s comment did grow my confidence level but as i think that the story is quite near to the end i feel a little sad that after this maybe i wont be able to find such comments and support which helped me to believe in myself. Thank you sooo much till now for following my bad or may be average writing. But yes do comment in every episode plaese nor again my soul will leave my body and i don’t think it’ll be normal if a ghost writes my story. So please doo comment ?

Scene 1
The next day at morning Ragini and Laksh went back to their camping spot and found some labours preparing a small stage. They all gather in the center of the area as the professor came.
Professor: good morning students.
All of them: good morning sir.
Professor: well today is ur third day of the campaigning when you all will do the job without the help of your seniors. Soo, we hope that you all will be able to go with the responsibilities and ya, unfortunately there’s another news. Today the children’s are supposed to come for checkup so to give them some memorable moments we thought of keeping a small concert.
Everyone felt silent.
One girl: but sir, if the concert is today then how are we supposed to perform it?
Another boy: yess sir we don’t even know anything.
Professor: i know,i was supposed to inform these to you all yesterday but the situation was not in favour so i am really sorry for this sudden announcement. But i hope that you all people will be able to carry it out.
No body answered. Suddenly Sanskar said,
Sanskar: yess sir,we shall surely carry out the responsibility.
Professor: thank you for your co-operation students and plaese distribute the works.
After having a two hours group discussion the students decided that all the girls will be part of the concert while except some boys the others will do the check up. Ragini got selected for hosting the concert while swara took part in the dance. They all prepared for everything starting from props to the decorations. Everything was being done as fast as they could. Arranging seats,refreshments, anquoring.
After working for 8 long hours at last they finished the preparations some how.
Laksh got too exhausted and so went near a lonely field sort of place(which was moreover like dumping ground for cows and buffaloes) and stood, leaning on a wall with a 7up can in his hand. He tried to breathe in the fresh air of village,which was never found in Kolkata but the only feeling he got while breathing was the foul smell of cow dunk. He turned around and found a school sort of place which must have been some old royal house on his left side.
Laksh:(talking to himself) oh gawwwd, dis is soo exhausting.
And so he turned back to finish his drink.

Scene 2
On the other hand Ragini was shown running around and keeping notes of everything done properly or not while the other managers helped her out.suddenly Ragini sees swara in her black top and jeans with makeup and her curly hair dangling on her shoulders,and gets surprised,
Ragini:(surprised) Swaraaa, o my god…you look beautiful yaar.
She goes and hugs her while swara hugs her back.
Swara:(breaking the hug) i think now even you should get ready.
Ragini: hmmm…just a little bit if work le…
Another girl: don’t worry ragini we will manage. You go and get ready after all you are the host of the show.
Ragini smiled and left to change while Swara and the others gave the last touch ups for the starting of the concert.
After sometimes Ragini came out wearing a sea green anarkali while her hair was kept open.
The boys standing by her side were mesmerized and complimented her but her eyes searched for someone else today.
Ragini:(looking around and talking to herself) where is he? I cant find him from that time. Other days he’s the first one to compliment or rather flirt with everyone then what happened today?
She got tensed when a girl informed her that its time that the show starts. So she confidently went on stage while introducing herself to all the people present there in Hindi and bengali.
Ragini: Nomoshkar and Namaste, aaj ap sablog yaha par hum medical students ka ek chota Sa program dekhne aye hai, or ye hamara saubhagya hai Ki humai aap logo ka sath Mila hai. Ami asha korchi j apnara shobai aj ker Ai program to pochondo korben. To pehla program shuru hota hai group Bach Pan Ke Yadein sey. ( hello everyone, we are really lucky to have you all over here tonight as you all’s presence mean a lot to us. Hope that we will be able to make the concert a good show and so the first performance starts with Bach Pan Ke Yadein group.)
She gave a warm smile to everyone and descended from the stairs.
Swara: wow Ragini you were awesome.
Ragini:(hugging swara) thanx swara,by the way you know your performance is at the last.
Swara: That means we will have FUUUN.
Ragini laughed at Swara’s innocent look and hugged her again.
Suddenly one of swara’s co-dancer said,
Girl: arey swara, your top is torn.
Swara looked around and found the place.
Swara:(tensed) oh no,then what shall i do?
Girl 2: don’t worry. There’s an extra top inside the changing room. U can go and change.
Swara:(happily) okay. (turning to ragini) hey wait over here for me. Il be back in just 5minutes okay?
Ragini showed her a thumps up while Swara left and went inside the changing room. Ragini kept on looking at that side while suddenly she found a boy entering the changing room.
Ragini who got confused asked to the girl,
Ragini: are boys allowed in the same changing room?
Girl 2: nooo, boys and girls have separate changing rooms.
Ragini thought for a while and then moved towards the changing room.

On the other hand inside the changing room, Swara opened her top and turned around to take the new one when she suddenly felt someone’s presence. She turned back to find a boy named Ajit. She quickly covered herself with the spare top.
Swara:(loudly) what are you doing here?
Ajit: baby, my darling.
He came very close to her.
Ajit: if you can spend soo much time with that idiot,boring Sanskar then why not with me. I can give you more pleasures than him. Both Physically and mentally.
Swara:(screaming) just shut up.
With this she kicked hard in the middle of Ajit’s legs and then started running from there. But unfortunately she triped on his leg and fell down.
Ajit:chu chu chu chu,poor baby did it hurt? No worries Il help you.
He sits down and den suddenly holds swara on his arms and puts her on his shoulder.
Swara:(struggling) LEAVE MEEEE…YOU M***N.
He then suddenly puts her down and pins her to the wall.
Ajit:(cupping) such beautiful face and features, why to waste them on a boring man like Sanskar.
At this Swara pushed him with all her mind and then a tight slap landed on his face.
Swara:(very angry) listen mister,stop talking rubbish and you really don’t know what i can do.
Ajit:(angrily) what will you do? Haa?? What will you do? Except shouting a little loud you all girls have got no other power. Huh.
Swara:(taking small steps and preparing to run) listen ajit, you are messing with the wrong person.
Ajit opens his mouth to answer but suddenly feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around to find some of his classmates and the professors standing there.
Ajit:(fumbling) sir,i was,i was jus…
The professor slaps him hard while Ragini runs towards swara and hugs her.
Ragini:(worriedly) are you okay?
Swara:(calmly) yes i am fine.
The other professors take ajit with them while warning him that they’ll just wait till the concert ends and then he will be kicked out of the college with honor.
Mr. Bose: really Swara, you are very courageous and brave girl, to not break down in this sort of situation.
Swara gave him a soft smile while Ragini hugged her.

Flash back shows:-
While Ragini comes near the Changing room she suddenly finds it locked but then suddenly she finds a call from Swara in which Swara doesn’t answer anything but the conversation of Ajit and Swara could be heard clearly. After getting the call Ragini rushed to the friends and professor who broke the door and saved Swara.
Flash back ends.
Everyone leaves a sigh of relief and then starts working as per there schedule.
Ragini: Il go for the hosting,you take care and don’t leave anywhere without informing.
Swara nodded and waved a bye. Ragini turned around and left while the camera showed the anger on Swara’s face.

Scene 3
Laksh was drowsing while leaning on that wall with the cold breeze touching his face while suddenly his 7up can fell down from his hand. This made him startled a little as he was almost asleep. He rubbed his eyes to get away from the sleep while talking to himself.
Laksh:(to himself) gawwd, now this is really bad. How could i just sleep with these foul smell around me.
He was thinking all these when he suddenly got the sound of somebody fumbling and of some footsteps. He turned around but unfortunately found a dark figure dragging something which looked like a sack. Laksh curiously looked at that side and then suddenly found two to three lights of the school getting on. This made possible for laksh to see the person. He understood that it was a girl. He couldn’t see the girls face but then found out what was the sack like thing. It was not a sack but it was a,
Laksh:(horrified) a boy.
Laksh could see the body moving.
Laksh: that means he’s still alive.
It was okay till this but the next thing he saw almost made him faint. As the girl turned around to drag the boy,laksh could clearly see every details of her face. Dark bold Kajal was applied on her eyes and she had done smoky eyes. Her lips had the bold, blood red colour. She was wearing a black, full sleeves top and a tight black jeans with a pair of boots.
It was,
Laksh:(horrified,confused) Swaraaaaa???
As he stood there he found her dragging him again and taking him inside one of the room.
Laksh went near the room and hid behind a wall. After sometimes he suddenly heard painful cries of a boy. Laksh couldn’t understand what to do and what not. Suddenly a plan clicked in his mind.
Laksh:(thinking) may be i can save him from her.
He brought his empty can and threw it with all his might to a wall. There was a sound produced which was enough to alert the criminal. Laksh’s plan was going well as there were no more sounds coming from inside. Suddenly the door of the room opened and the lady cane out. This time he could see her curly hair but the little portion of her face which he could see did confuse him again,
Laksh:(thinking) is it really Swara? But how can she be?
He came out from his thoughts and went near the door. He tried to open it but then suddenly found a big lock on it. At that point of time he felt someone’s presence and turned back but then the next thing he could see is his vision going hazy and then after sometimes he felt his body touching the cold floor and then everything went blank,blank,blank…

To be continued…

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Credit to: Kavya

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