It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 14


Hello friends. Thank you soo much for your precious comments in my previous episode. Thanx to you all readers that my(kavya’s) soul could come back to her body and soo now i am revived to life. Thank you soo much for you all’s lovely comments. But people please do not throw tomatoes and rotten eggs on me after reading this chapter because i don’t know why but i feel that you all readers will hate this one. So please do give your reviews and comments so that i can understand what changes i shall make or i shall stop writing the ff. Thank you again for helping me to come back to life??

Scene 1
After ending the letter Laksh looked at Ragini who was staring at him.
Laksh: I told you.
Ragini: Gay Love.
Swara:(shocked) whaat? Purdon me.
Ragini: umm…nothing.
They all stood there when the dead body was carried and kept in an ambulance.
Laksh:(irritated) this is just heights. Why are soo many people dying in this college?
He turned around to his right side to talk to Ragini but surprisingly he didn’t find her there. Laksh got worried and started searching for her while calling out her name.
Swara:(irritating) laksh stop your noise pollution and be patient. She will be here in a minute.
Laksh waited for some seconds while the others started taking out the tents as they couldn’t settle the camp that day, and then laksh couldn’t wait anymore.
Laksh: i am going to search for Ragini.
Sanskar:(softly) my brother has totally fallen for your bestie.
Swara:(murmuring) i wish laksh’s brother had fallen for Ragini’s bestie.
Sanskar: did you say something?
Swara:(turning around) NO.
While on the other hand Laksh panted for breath as he carelessly searched for Ragini. Suddenly he saw her just some steps away, standing beside a pond while crossing her hands by her chest.
Laksh:(half relived) RAGINIIII…
Ragini turned to her left side and found this mad man running towards her.
As soon as he came near her he held her shoulder and shook her hard.
Laksh:(a little angry and worried) are you nutz?? Why did you leave me without informing anything?(while hugging her) i got soo worried. You should be careful to inform us.
Ragini was shocked. She never thought that a flirt or rather a rogue will care soo much for HER.
Ragini:(thinking) what happens to me when he touches me?
Realizing about what he was doing suddenly Laksh pulled back.
Laksh:(uncomfortably) i am, i am sorry.
Ragini: its okay.
Laksh: but what the hell are you doing here?
Ragini:(serious tone) it is said that this pond is cursed. Whoever uses this pond’s water, has to die.
Laksh:(confused) sooo??
Ragini didn’t reply.
Laksh:(guessing) no, its not possible. The death is not due to curse but murder. It is proved.
Ragini: i didn’t say anything.
Laksh: but then…
He didn’t carry on with the topic anymore.
Laksh: lets go back to hotel then. After all there’s no camping today.
Ragini:(nodding) hmmmm….
With this they both left from there.

Scene 2
While on their way suddenly a boy approached them.
Boy:(keeping a hand on laksh’s shoulder) hey bro what’s up?
Laksh:(confused) sorry i didn’t recognize you.
Ragini:(whispering to Laksh) he’s from our college.
Boy: rey yaar, do you remember me? JITENDER PAVANI??
Laksh’s eyes widened.
Laksh:(happily) Rey yaar, Deeevv…i mean Jitendar, how are you?
Jitendar(Dev): the god has kept me quite well, and what about you?(suddenly looking at Ragini) who is she? Your 15th girlfriend.
Laksh: ha ha…no no. She’s just a friend. (in his mind) Gaya kaam sai, whatever good impression i made before her in soo many days, he just spoilt the whole thing in one second.
Dev:(holding out his hand) hello miss?
Ragini:(while shaking hands) Ragini.
Dev: what a name. Your name is as beautiful as you. Just like an angel descending from the heavens. By the way you are in which year?
Ragini:(bluntly) 1st year.
Dev: wowww…even me.
Laksh:(interrupting) listen jiten…
Dev:(ignoring laksh) can i plaese get your phone number?
Ragini: okay,
She gives him the number while Laksh looks at her in surprise.
Laksh:(thinking) i have been with her for soo many days,but she never gave me her number and she just gave it to an unknown person she just met.
Dev: okay mam. By the way your body resembles models. Thank you for your number. (he holds her hand and gives a peck on her hand) good by miss.
Ragini doesn’t react to it. She calmly looks at him and at last gives a fake smile.
Laksh angrily glares at him.
Laksh:(in his mind) he literally flirted with MY Ragini. I wish i could break his bones right now.
Ragini: shall we return now?
Laksh:(coming back to present) ya sure. Please go ahead.
They reached the hotel and went to their floor. On the lobby Ragini moved and went to open the door when suddenly Laksh said,
Laksh: Ragini.
Ragini: hmmmm…
Laksh: please take care of yourself and be careful of that boy.
Ragini:(confused) which boy?
Laksh: that Jitendra.
Ragini didn’t reply. She just smiled a mischievous smile.
Ragini:(still smiling) why?
Laksh: i mean i felt that he’s not good. I am just warning you as a friend and moreover you gave him your number soo…
Ragini: just as a friend?
Laksh: yes.
Ragini:(still smiling) who told you that you are my friend?
At this Laksh’s mouth fell open.
Laksh:(shocked) what do you mean?
Ragini: i mean to say that, when did I officially announce that Mr. Laksh Maheshwari and Miss. Ragini Khanna are friends?
Laksh: that means we are not friends?
Ragini: hmmm…may be.
With this she turned around to go to her room but suddenly she was turned around and pulled back.
Laksh:(while holding her) i need a perfect answer Ragini.
Ragini:(pushing him a little bit) Use your brain, idiot.
This time she gave a soft smile to him and left from there as fast as she could. While Laksh stood there for a while as he got confused each time he thought about the conversation.
After that he went inside his room and then took a nap.

Scene 3
At night. In Ragini’s room. Ragini is seen connecting video chat with her family. Sumi,Shekhar and her brother Aryan come om the screen.
Sumi: Ragini, kaise ho beta? (how are you?) everything is okay over there?
Ragini: yes maa…sort of.
Shekhar: what do you mean by sort of?
Ragini explains all the incidents taking place except about what those 4 people had done with her.
Sumi:(worried) Ragini please come back soon. Donot waste a single minute.
Shekhar:(angrily) what are the police squad there for? Even after soo much of security how can 6 people just die. That too without any proofs of the murderer.
Aryan: didi, as far as i know you know judo art so you must have fought with them. Hai na??
Ragini giggled at this innocent question and replied.
Ragini:(making a sad look) noo Babu. I couldn’t fight.
Sumi:(worried) beta please come back.
Ragini:(smiling) mom, dad,please don’t be worried about me. I have got great friends over here who help me and protect me in each single step.
Suddenly she remembered the moments when laksh fought with those students. Then today’s incident,how laksh was worried about her.
Ragini: aryan, take care of mom and dad,okay?
Aryan:(with a broad smile) okayy…
After this Aryan left as he started playing.
Suddenly ragini heard the pressure cookers sound.
Ragini: maa, go and continue your cooking.
Sumi: per beta.
Ragini: mom papa is there.
Sumi unwillingly left from there and the only person now om the video chat was her papa.
Shekhar: everything’s alright, right?
Ragini: hmmm…
Shekhar: i hope nobody is doubting on you.
Ragini: no dad, many people are doubting.
Shekhar: then you have to take care of yourself, okay?
Ragini: hmmm…
Shekhar: have a nice day ok?
Ragini: okay by.
She looked at the blank screen of her mobile phone while remembering what her father said. After a while she thought of going out and taking a walk,but then she suddenly remembered those incidents.
Ragini:(thinking) but they are dead now.
She thought for a while and then got up. She got ready in a blue and white salwar and locked her room from outside. As she went downstairs she suddenly found a familiar voice. She went near the mangers cabin and found Laksh standing there.
Ragini:(surprised) Laksh??
He turned around and found her standing there,giving him a confused look.
Laksh: hey, what’s up? Where are you going?
Ragini: i was just going for a walk outside.
Laksh:(with a concerned tone) wait wait. Il join you.
She waited for some minutes and then both of them left for the walk.
They both strolled a little here and there and then sat on some stares of a old building while Laksh ordered two cups of tea to a nearby tea stall. He brought the warm tea and handed it to Ragini while sitting just beside her. Laksh thought of starting with a topic when he suddenly found Ragini smiling without any reason.
Laksh:(concerned) what happened?
Ragini:(turning to him) nothing. Why?
Laksh: no, you just smiled soo…
Ragini:(smiling again) O.
She kept quite for a little while.
Ragini: you know what. I had never thought that Il get such parents. They are soo caring,soft hearted,helpful and soo good. It is really true that a relationship made of love worth’s more than a blood relation.
Laksh:(confused) well,i think every child expects there parents to be that caring and all.
Ragini: but not an ADOPTED one.
Laksh looked at her in surprise.
Laksh: you are an adopted child of Mr. Shekhar Khanna?
Ragini noded.
Ragini: he adopted me when i was of 14 years old.
Laksh: that means when you were in class 9?
Ragini: i had no class.
Laksh:(confused) meaning?
Ragini:(bluntly) i never went to school.
Laksh: then,where did you stay at that time? And how did you study?
Ragini kept quite for a while. Laksh could see her eyes getting teary.
Ragini:(in a broken voice) i was in hell.
Laksh:(totally confused) hell?? What do you mean by…
Ragini:(getting up from her place) lets go Laksh. Laksh couldn’t understand anything. All the questions just rushed through his mind.
Laksh:(in his mind) what had taken place in her past? If she didn’t study in any school till class 9 then how did she appear for medicals? What is the bitter truth of her past, that makes her soo cold?

To be continued…

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Credit to: Kavya

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