It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 13

hello everyone. Warning for the readers. Your dearest writer miss Kavya is dead. This is her ghost apologizing to you all on her behalf as she couldn’t apologize to you for not updating yesterday. She died out of suffocation as she was in her nightmare with Freddy. Thank god i am alive(kavya’s soul) so plaese do accept her apologies as this was her last wish. Thank you and plaese do comment or her soul will vanish from this world.

Scene 1
The scene starts as a girl from the crowd starts weeping while Ragini consoles her. The officers entered the smelly room and took out the dead body. Just beside his bed they found a white mobile phone and a sheet. They opened the folds of the sheet and found SORRY written all over the paper. But by the writing they could very well understand that the person who wrote it was pressured to write them as the writing was quite not normal.

The officers came out while all the students made a little commotion by discussing about the incident. Laksh and Sanskar looked at each other and passed a serious look. Suddenly Sanskar felt a warm hand squeezing his hand. He turned to his Right side and found Swara standing there. Suddenly a smile spread on his face. She didn’t look at him but the look on her face said that she was tensed.

After a long time the students returned to their rooms except the ones who stayed in the hotel. They all stayed to help the other friends as most of them were in trauma and mostly Rounak’s best friend Sujeet. Raghav, laksh and Sanskar went to join Sujeet in his room while the girls stayed in the other girl’s room, named Ridhi who was crying from the begining.
Ragini and swara sat beside her while she continued crying.
Ragini:(calmly) don’t cry Ridhi, everything will be fine.
At this Ridhi broke down and kept her head on Ragini’s shoulder. After sometimes she whispered,
Ridhi:(whispering) you know Ragini, We both have been in a relationship since two years. Recently i felt that he’s cheating on me but then i just got to know that he wasn’t. He was just with his best friend Sujeet. We were supposed to meet today and sort out everything but, but now he did actually leave me…

With this she started crying rigorously while Ragini hugged her and very softly said,
Ragini: i know, i know everything.
Ridhi continued crying and again said,
Ridhi: god is punishing me. For the last three days i had been arguing with him and behaving very badly and now see, i can never clear the misunderstandings between us, NEVER.
She sobbed while the girls tried to comfort her with good words that its okay , Rounak must be watching from heaven that how much you love him.
On the other hand Sujeet, Rounak’s best friend too cried as if he was his gf.
Sanskar: sujeet please stop crying at least for Roinak’s sake. If he is watching you from heaven then what will he think? Even he’ll feel bad right?

Sujeet continued crying and didn’t reply.
Laksh:(irritated) what the hell yaar sujeet. Why are you crying just like a widow??
Sanskar glared at Laksh while sujeet got an angry look.
Sujeet: Because i loved him dammit.
Sanskar:(consoling) its okay. We all loved Rounak. Just think about Ridhi then, this is a time when you are supposed to take care of her. Even she is going through a more painful time then you right?
Suddenly to their surprise Sujeet got up from his seat and started screaming at them.
Sujeet:(angrily screaming out) are you all nutzz…my Rounak died because of that b***h Ridhi. She is my dear’s murderer. I hate her and you all are telling me to console her… Just leave me alone and get out from my room.
Sanskar: sujeet, please calm down w…

Sujeet: you will be the first one to leave.
Laksh: bro, chillax what’s the matter with you?
Sujeet:(screaming) will you leave or i shall kick you out…
At this Laksh held Sanskar’s hand and dragged him out of the room while Sanskar gave him a confused look.
Sanskar: laksh he needs us right now.

Another boy: its better to leave him alone then getting insulted by him. So lets just leave.
Laksh: correct, lets concentrate on our lives. Let him do whatever he wants. Huh
With this they all left while Swaragini joined them.

Scene 2
Ragini and Laksh started for their journey to return to their hotels. On the way there silence was broken by laksh.
Laksh: this is bad.
Ragini: hmmmmm…
Laksh: u know what, this Sujeet behaved a little weird.
Ragini: why do you think so?
Laksh: the way he behaved was as if he was Raunak’s girlfriend and i am sure about one thing that is he hates Ridhi.
Ragini: but why would he hate her?
After sometimes both of them stopped walking and at the same moment screamed out to eachother,

Laksh: seriously, i had never thought that Il have to see all these in my life.
Ragini: cummon, you’re going to be a future doctor. You’ll have to go through all these and moreover its nothing bad in it.
Laksh kept quite so that he could control himself from the urge of telling the truth to Ragini about who he is. After sometimes he said,
Laksh: but that’s ummmm…weird.
Ragini: its not their fault. Homos*xuality is not bad. They are born like that so what could be done. Its god gifted.
Laksh looked at Ragini, lovingly.
Laksh:(in his mind) she is soo good and matured. She respects every single thing on this heart. People would love this sort of a doctor.

After reaching their hotel they waved a by to each other and as soon as Laksh entered his room and turned around he suddenly found Sanskar standing infront of him.
Laksh:(confused) bhaiii??
Sanskar: shhhhhhh…even walls have got ears.
Laksh:(whispering) okay so what are you doing here??
Sanskar:(while taking out his mobile phone) mam wanted a conference call.
Laksh: okayy.
They got connected and started speaking.
Shabana: hello Maheshwari’s.
SanLak: hello mam.

Shabana: laksh, did you do your job?
Laksh: yes mam, i did it and as i said Ragini is innocent, she can never do something like that.
Shabana: okay, but then what about this murder which took place recently?
Sanskar: mam the people we spied on are not culprits, there’s someone whom we cant find or have any doubt on.
Laksh: like our professor??

Sanskar: ya maybe because we never doubted him,so its easy for him right.
Suddenly another male voice from the phone replied,
Boy: no its not professor. He was the first one in my list and i have already spied on him.
SanLak: Deeevvvvvv?? What a pleasant surprise man…tu vapas kab aya?(when did you come back)
Dev: rey yaar, i am there with you all from the first day of college but in disguise.
Laksh:(suddenly remembering something) O teri , are you that Punjabi man, Mr. Jitendar Pavani??
Dev: yup.
Sanskar: wo bro we never recognised you yaaar,
Shabana: guys are you all done with your brotherly conversation? Shall we start with the important work?

Sanskar: yes mam.
Shabana: you three will get the postmortem reports tomorrow. And i think that might give you some idea to move a step forward in this case. Every single hour the case is getting more tangled.
Dev: i just hope that no more murder takes place.
Shabana: by the way, what do you guys think its that same murderer or the criminal has changed?
Dev: i think its not a girl but a man. Only a man can have soo much power to kill and cause that much pain to a victim.

Sanskar: but i have a gut feeling that its the same lady. THE LADY IN BLACK.
Shabana: hmmm…okay guys i hope that you all will be able to solve this problem soon, coz anymore murders and the case will be given to somebody else soo i hope that…
Laksh: don’t worry mam we will work our best.
Shabana: all the best then. Good night.
SanLak and Dev: good night mam.
And then they ended the conference call while Sanskar returned to the cottage.

While moving through the corridor he found the noise of something falling down from Sujeet’s room. This did take his attention.
Sanskar:(knocking at Sujeet ‘s door) Sujeet, sujeeeetttt open the door.
There was no reply.

Sanskar:(a little loudly) sujeet open the door, sujeet open the door fast or Il have to break it.
There was no reply.
Suddenly the person who was staying beside Sujeet’s room came out.
Boy:(sleepily) sanskar bro,why are screaming at this time.
Sanskar: sujeet is not opening the door.
Boy: aab isey kya Hua (now what happened to him) oi sujeet, open the door na yaar.
Within this time many people came out from their room including swara. Sanskar found no other option and started breaking the door at last when the lock broke and sanskar and the boy entered the room it seemed that they were too late.

Scene 3
As usual Ragini and Laksh came back from their hotel to the cottage for their camp but the scenario over there was totally different. They could see officers everywhere. An officer came and stood before both of them. Laksh shook hands with him while introducing Ragini and himself to the officer.
Laksh: did you find anything about Rounak Dan’s case?
Officer: quite a lot. Postmortem reports said that he was murdered the day before yesterday.
Laksh: at what time?
Officer: ummm…we don’t know the exact time but it was somewhat between 12am to 2am.
Laksh: hmmmm…
Officer: but the worst part is that the marks on his face was made by a knife which contained of a chemical which if comes in contact to our human skin then corrodes it like an acid.
Ragini: ishhhhh…thats..thats…

Laksh: gross.
At this Laksh looked at Ragini and found her tensed, she looked back at him and then suddenly found him holding her hands tightly.
Officer: the murderer is quite ruthless,i must say. The chemical worked soo much that it was quite hard for Rounak’s parents to recognize his body.
Ragini: sir its quite hard for every single parent to even look at their child’s dead body.
Laksh: thank you officer for the information.
Officer: my pleasure, by the way would you mind if i ask you something Mr. Maheshwari?
Laksh: please go ahead.

Officer:(pointing at Ragini) is she your girlfriend?
At this Ragini gave a surprised look while Laksh asked him in a irritated tone,
Laksh:(irritated) and what makes you think so?
Officer:(smiling and pointing at their hands) that.
Laksh and Ragini both looked down to see and then abruptly left eachother’s hand.
The officer smiled and left from there while the duo moved forward to their friends. They found a Ambulance over there and their friends standing. Ragini went near Swara and asked,
Ragini: what happened?
Swara turned around and hugged her while crying.
Swara: what’s happening Ragini? Why is everyone dying before our eyes.
Ragini:(surprised) who died again?
Sanskar who was sitting just beside them holding his head in a depressed manner replied,
Sanskar: sujeet committed suicide.
Ragini: whaaat?
Laksh came and joined the conversation.

Laksh: but how do you know its suicide?
Sanskar: he wrote a suicide note.
With this Sanskar handed the paper to Laksh,who red it loud and clear so that Ragini could hear it.

The suicide note:-

Dear friends and Teachers,
I, Sujeet Rashi had a lovely time with all of you except that b***h Ridhi Sharma. My Rounak died just because of her. He was my life. He had the value of oxygen in my life and when there’s no Rounak in Sujeet’s life then how will Sujeet live. I don’t know why that murderer is killing so many people and what’s the reason, but today i really did wait for her to come and kill me. But she never came so i was left with only one option. SUICIDE. So i had to do this but i am sure after dying we will be living happily ever after. My Rounak and Me.
So please donot be sad when i am dead. Adeu. Amen.
From- Sujeet Rashi.

After ending the letter Laksh looked at Ragini who was staring at him.
Laksh: I told you.
Ragini: Gay Love.

To be continued…

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