It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 12


Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much. I was soooooooooooo HAPPY to see the comments and mostly those once which said that they missed me and want my ff daily. Awwwwwwww….that was sooo sweet of you all ppl. Thank you soooooo much for your precious comments friends and keep commenting because then Il surely update every day. Yup every day. So please do comment?

Scene 1
Laksh was debating within himself and getting mad about the thing that if Ragini is the murderer and that She can never be the murderer. At that time he suddenly heard some soft footsteps again coming from downstairs. He quickly composed himself and hid himself behind the room’s door. After a while he saw a girl facing towards Ragini’s room. She was wearing the same dress. After sometimes Laksh saw her opening the door and then he could see a good part of her face.
Laksh:(confused) Ragini?
Ragini staered entering the room that’s when he found a appy feez bottle in her hand. Laksh felt a sigh of relief that after all she went to take appy feez not to do anything bad. He looked at his watch and found it to be 12:40 am.
He came out from his hiding place and leaned on a wall.
Laksh:(talking to himself) no body can murder a person in just 8minutes and moreover i knew MY Ragini can never do something soo bad.
He went inside his room and stood before a mirror. That’s when he suddenly realized what he just said.
Laksh: MY ragini???? What am i even speaking? She hates me, i hate her then why am i always so worried about her? This is all nonsense just nonsense. She’s just not my type girl. No way. NO WAY.
He argued all these in his mind and went to sleep.
The next day too Ragini found Laksh waiting for her with a food packet. On the way suddenly Ragini asked him
Ragini: achaa, Laksh. Now a days you wake up at what time?
Laksh: oo…just 6 o’ clock.
Suddenly Ragini started choking at this.
Laksh:(concerned) Ragini?? Are you okay? Wait drink water?
Ragini looked at laksh in surprise.
Ragini: i am fine.
They didn’t speak anymore and silently went to that cottage where the other students stayed. They found small table camps every where and poster showing FREE CHECKUP FOR THE VILLAGERS in Hindi and Bengali.
Ragini and Laksh found their seats and took their place while they waited for the instructions. The professor came after sometime and announced
Professor: good morning students. From today your camping starts. You all will do the checkups with the help of the senior doctors. They’ll tell you the procedures and other important stuffs for today and tomorrow but after that it will be you all’s turns. Without any seniors help. Hoping that you all will give your full co-operation to make this camp a success. So lets start with our work. All the best.
With this everyone started their work.

Scene 2
After working rigorously throughout the day with patients who have got mental problems and all, at last all of them got a short break at 3:30pm. So the group of these four that is Swaragini and Sanlak, went to sit beside a pond.
Swara:(exhausted) God, Il die today. Already this heat is making me mad and now these people.
Sanskar: seriously, more than physical they are mentally sick. They don’t try to understand normal stuff.
Ragini: actually that’s not their fault. They are illiterate so whatever their so called ‘vaied rishi’s’ told them,they just blurt out that samething before us like parrots.
Laksh:(opening a coke’s can) and that irritates us to hell.
Swara sat on a chair and sanskar sat just beside her. That’s when suddenly to his surprise Swara got up and took her chair to sit beside Ragini. The four chatted but whenever sanskar tried to crack a joke on swara or tried to talk to her, either she ignored him by rolling her eyes or glaring at him. She didn’t even try to smile at his jokes.
Sanskar:(thinking) why is she ignoring me?
At last when their break got over, all the four got up and then started to leave but swara insisted that she’ll keep back the chairs and then move. To which Sanskar thought of a good time to clear their misunderstandings.
Ragini and Laksh left from there while swara did the work.
Sanskar: let me help you.
Swara:(curtly) thanx but no thanx. I can do my work on my own.
Sanskar:(loosing his patience) what’s the matter with you Swara? You have been ignoring me from that time? Why are you being angry with me?
Swara:(turning to him and in a angry tone) what’s the matter with ME?? I must ask you that question. Why the hell have u grown soo rude?(she went closer to him and held his collar) why? Why? I had faith on you but you broke it. Why?
She started weeping badly and kept her head on his chest while crying.
Sanskar couldn’t understand what was she talking. He kept his hands on her shoulders and removed her head from his chest to look at her eyes.
Sanskar:(calmly) what are you even talking about Swara? Why are you soo hurt?
Swara angrily shook of his hands from her shoulders and shouted at the top of her voice.
She couldn’t finish her sentence as she started crying again.
Sanskar: swara i cant understand anything. When was i rude to you?
She stopped for a breath while Sanskar looked at her with a shocked expression.
Swara: YOU THINK THAT I AM THE MURDERER? HOW CAN YOU? you had said that i was a very good friend to you. But is THIS WHAT YOU DO WITH A GOOD FRIEND. I had thought to confess everything to you, all about my feelings but then i thought not to hurry. Maybe you’ll feel insecure. BUT I WAS A FOOL TO EXPECT ANYTHING FROM A PERSON LIKE YOU. HOW CAN I EXPECT LOVE FROM A PERSON WHO DOESN’T EVEN BELIEVE ME. She continued crying and ran away from there while Sanskar stood there, still unable to come out from the shock.
Okay, he knew that he was not that good about the word LOVE in his life. He just loved his family and nobody else. From school to college every girl used to run after him but he never gave a damn. But he was sure of one thing that the time spent with Swara was not like others. He felt special about those moments and now ge felt guilty of what he did. He shouldn’t have just spied on her, after all he likes or loves her??

Scene 3
Ragini and Laksh continued working with their senior doctor Mr. Debjeet Bose. Suddenly Ragini found Swara moving towards their cottage.
Ragini: what happened to her?
Laksh:(without paying attention) whom?
Ragini: Swara…
This time Laksh looked at the otherside.
Laksh: maybe she’s tired.
Ragini: Hmmm…
Suddenly they saw their professor approaching them.
Professor: hello students.
Raglak: good morning sir.
Professor: how’s your work? Good?
They noded.
Professor: Mr. Debjeet can i speak to you for a minute.
Mr. Debjeet: yess sir.
Professor: where’s the boy named Rounak Dan?? The officers have come to meet him.
Another student named sujeet came to that same place.
Sujeet: sirrrr…rounak had send me an sms that he is not feeling well so he wont be able to come for the camp. He informed that he will be coming tomorrow.
Professor: hmmmm…okay then lets continue with our work.
The time passed as everyone returned to their rooms at 5:34pm.
In Sujeet’s room sujeet typed a message and send it to Rounak.

Their conversation:-
Sujeet: hey, what’s up buddy? Are you okay now.
After 5 minutes, Rounak: hey sujeet i am okay. So what all took place today,just tell me the summary.
Sujeet: no i cant tell you in summary. Get on to your video chat and Il tell you everything,only then you’ll understand how much fun you missed today.
After some minutes, Rounak: sorry bro but not today. Il talk to you later by.

Sujeet got a little confused at Rounak’s behaviour.
Sujeet:(talking to himself) He never behaves soo strange. Is he soo sick? Wait Il go and check tomorrow morning.
The next morning he went to knock at Rounak’s door but there was no answer.
Sujeet:(thinking) did he already leave for the camp.
But no body found Rounak that day too and neither there was any message this time. This did confuse the police officers and the professors as Rounak didn’t come out from his room even for once. Not even to use the washroom. STRANGE.
As the day passed with Swara and Sanskar’s silence and Cold war, while with Ragini and Laksh happily working together,the confusion of the people present their turned into a sure thing That Something Was Wrong.
At evening when the doctors and students got relived from the work there professor asked them to stand before Rounak’s room. Everyone obeyed the order and stood in a crowd. The police officers at first made Sujeet knock the door and ask him if he’s there inside. But there was no reply from the other side. Then tried the police and when they found no response they started to break open the door. Many students helped them in the work while the other students held their breath for what was to come. As soon as the door lock broke and one student entered everyone gasped at the horrifying scene.
And there was Rounak Dan’s body hanging from the fan. His face was badly destroyed by the knife marks and the room smelt quite bad. A girl couldn’t controll herself and started crying while Ragini who stood beside her,consoled her.
The screen froze on the hard expression of Ragini and the dead body of Rounak Dan.

To be continued…

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Credit to: Kavya

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    1. Well i never said that Ragini is the killer so its better that you don’t get mad just like laksh coz of debating if she’s the murderer or not? and thank you for your comment.

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    1. Well u know love forbids laksh to follow ragini dats y he just kept on murmuring to himself. And your other answers of your questions will be answered a little later. Thanx a bunch fir commenting Bish? nd thank you fir living my ff?

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    1. Lets see. To know that you will have to read my updates every day but the end is not very faar so just keep a little but patience to know about the murderer. And thank you sree Harini for your precious comment ??

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