It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 11

Hello everyone, huff thank god i could come out from the writers block period. Thanx to some friends and you all readers who did show their interests. Hope that you all didn’t forget my ff. Well i know i took a loong gap. But unfortunately i was actually going through a writers block period. Hope that you all will accept my apologies and please donot forget to comment because if you be a silent reader then my confidence level will break like a glass?. So please do comment and sorry for the irregularity.?

Scene 1
The story starts as Ragini’s room is shown where she get’s up to get ready for their trip’s working. After freshening up by 7a.m she opens the door and finds a familiar smiling face looking at her.
Ragini:(shocked) LAKSH??
Laksh scratches the back of his head and replies
Laksh: ha ha…actually i didn’t want to be late today, so…
He stretched out his right hand and gave a packet to Ragini.
Laksh: here are some bread toasts and biscuits for you.
Ragini didn’t react. She silently took the packet from his hand and locked the door to leave. They kept silent throughout the walk while Ragini are, but the commotion in the place where they were supposed to meet with the others did change the atmosphere.
Ragini: what’s going on?
Laksh: i can see some police officers over there.
Ragini:(confused) what are police doing here?
Laksh: god knows.
Ragini moved near Swara while Laksh went and stood just beside Sanskar.
Laksh: bhai, chal kya raha hai? (bro, what’s going on?)
Sanskar:(with a serious tone) those four boys who tried to molest Ragini (he paused) they were murdered last day.
Laksh:(shocked) What? But how and why and who did it?
Sanskar:(continuing in the same tone) Miss Shabana said that its done by the same killer who murdered those previous ones in the college.
Laksh: that one who wears mask and black attire?
Sanskar nods.
Laksh: did they find any proofs?
Sanskar: no, its just a guess work.
Suddenly they find a girl with specs named Afifa approaching them. She comes near them and hands something to Sanskar. Sanskar quietly opens it without changing his facial expression and reads it and after that he hands it to Laksh. Laksh opens the small note and reads

Dear Sanskar & Laksh,
The rate of these murders in the medical college is increasing. We can’t wait anymore and waste time so start spying on people who seem to have unusual behaviour. If you need any help then please do call me without any hesitation.
From- Shabana.

Sanskar:(almost whispering) you should start spying on Ragini, because it’s not possibly Swara.
Laksh:(a little angry) and what makes you think that its not Swara?
Sanskar: i have already spied on her. She’s innocent.
Laksh:(angrily) wow great. You’re literally doubting the person whom you love.
Sanskar: when did i say that i love her?
Laksh: but you did say that you like her a lot.
Sanskar: ya i did but…
Laksh:(irritated) seriously bhai, no body can work with you. I mean you’re soo dedicated to your work that you can also agree to forget some precious relations for it.
Sanskar: its not like…
Laksh: let it be. But i am not spying on Ragini. I do have full faith on her.
Before Sanskar could speak anything Laksh just backed off and left from there.

Scene 2
Ragini stood near Swara. She felt a little frightened at the sight of the officers.
Ragini:(whispering) i don’t understand this.
Swara: you don’t understand what?
Ragini: the people who are murdered till now are all some or the other way related to m…
She stopped as she found Laksh coming to there side.
Laksh: hey swara what’s up?
Swara:(with a fade smile) nothing much.
They stood there silently as they found the officers inquiring the students. They came near a boy named Rounak and asked
Officer: what’s your name young man?
Boy: Rounak, Rounak Dan.
Officer: did you see anything when the murder took place?
Rounak: No.
Officer: hmm. So do you suspect any one who can really do this murder?
At this the boy didn’t reply.
Officer: do you suspect any one?
Rounak could feel every eye staring at him and waiting for his answer.
At last he noded.

Officer:(a little excitement in his voice) who’s your suspect?
Suddenly he pointed at the side where Ragini stood.
Officer: that lady.
Rounak: hmm.
Ragini was shocked. Laksh protested at this.
Laksh: what nonsense? Why are you suddenly suspecting her?
Officer: O Mr. Please stop taking her side.
And you(pointing at Rounak) why do you feel its her?
Rounak:(frightened) because, because all these murders started taking place after she joined our college and moreover those four boys tried to molest her last day, so for revenge…
Swara:(angrily) what the hell? Even i am a new comer. So that means you’ll say that i am the murderer?
Rounak: no, but. (he stopped for a while) sir you can do one thing lock her up in the jail for some days and see. I am 110% sure that there wont be anymore murders taking place, then it might be proved that…
Ragini got teary eyed at this while Laksh and Swara lost there temper.
Laksh: what are you even talking you idiot?
Officer: o mister, why are you taking her side from that time. She’s your wife or what?
Laksh:(angrily) sir she’s my… Friend.
Another officer came near the boy and spoke
2nd Officer: sorry we cant arrest anyone without any strong proof.
With this they started investigating again and when they came to Swara she suddenly replied,
Swara:(angrily) sir i have a gut feeling that he(pointing to Rounak) is associated with the murderers.
Rounak:(shocked) what? Nooo…i am not at all a murderer.
Swara:(shouting) then how dare you to blame my friend.
Rounak: i just felt….
Swara:(shouting) just because you felt…
2nd officer:(angrily) can you two, stop your mutual argument. This is not a time for all these. Right now you all have to stay united so that no more crimes take place because the next person can be anybody.
This did make the place silent except a soft or rather faint noise of someone weeping.
Professor: i think today’s atmosphere is not suitable for our project so we may start from tomorrow. So class dismissed.
As soon as he said those Words Ragini turned around and without waiting for anyone, ran from there.
Swara without realising it moved back to her room while laksh’s words about not trusting the person he might love echoed in Sanskar’s head. After sometimes when Laksh didn’t find Ragini beside him he started searching for her frantically. At last he moved back to his hotel. On his way suddenly it started raining heavily. He tried to find out a shade but unfortunately till the time he found one he was totally drenched in water.

Scene 3
Laksh found a tea stall near him and went their. To his surprise he found Ragini sitting over there. He quitely sat beside Ragini while the music Moh Moh k Dhagai (from dum laga k haisha) played in the background.
The shopkeeper asked them for the order on which laksh ordered for two cups of tea. They kept silent and the only sound they heard was of the heavy raindrops touching the muddy road and some noises of the utensils the chaiwala used. After sometimes Laksh heard Ragini whispering
Ragini:(whispering) i thought Il change my life. I thought to make it better but…
She started crying again.
Laksh kept a hand on hers and looked at her. She looked up as a tears rolled down her eyes.
Laksh:(calmly wiping her tears) its ok. Your life is not ruined just for someone blaming you for any crime and you should try to forget all the things that happened in the past days as a nightmare.
Ragini didn’t answer.
Ragini:(continuing in the same low voice) my life was ruined long ago. It was ruined when i didn’t even knew what life really meant.
Laksh got a little boggled.
Laksh: what took place in your childhood?
Ragini looked at him.
Laksh: well i know its a bit personal question but you know you can trust me. Maybe sharing with a friend might make you feel better.
Ragini looked down and whispered
Ragini: you wont understand it Laksh and nobody will.
After this Laksh didn’t try to know about her past. He was moved by the sadness and the pain in her eyes.
Laksh:(thinking) Swara was correct. It seems as if she had a tough life in her childhood.
After the tea they waited for sometimes for the rain and returned to the hotel. As soon as Laksh entered his room his phone rang.

Laksh: Hello?
Caller: Hello, Mr. Laksh?
Laksh: yes speaking. Who are you?
Caller:(heavy tone) its me Shabana.
Laksh:(fumbling) ma’am, mam i am soo sorry. I didn’t know its you mam. Sorry, sorry.
Shabana: its okay. Now listen to me carefully.
Laksh: okay mam.
Shabana: hmm… You will have to spy on that girl who was suspected by a boy named Rounak from your college. I heard that you both have been chosen as partners for this trip and all so it wont be hard for you, i hope.
Laksh didn’t reply.
Shabana: hellloooo…laksh? Are you listening?
Laksh: (slightly angry tone) but mam she’s innocent. That boy didn’t have any strong reason.
Shabana: (curtly) Mr. Laksh Maheshwari, you are not 60 or 70 years old investigator so you don’t have THAT much experience that you can see a persons face and say if he/she is a criminal or not, so please accept my order and start your work.
Laksh: as you wish mam.
Shabana: good. I hope you wont disappoint me with your work.
Laksh: Il try my best not to disappoint you.
And then the call ended.

Scene 4
The scene starts with Laksh hiding just behind a door in such an angle that he could perfectly see Ragini’s room’s door.
Laksh:(thinking) Today I told my brother soo many Mahan things for doubting the person he loves and now I am the one who’s making the same mistake.
Suddenly he stopped.
Laksh:(talking to himself) what the hell am i even thinking. I don’t like Ragini then love…what nonsense? Ohhhh, i am going mad. This is all out of Sympathy and nothing else just SYM PA THY.
He argued with himself when he suddenly found a creek sound of a door opening. His eyes moved to his wrist watch which showed 12:32 am. The next thing he saw was Ragini wearing a black jeans, black top and black shoe. She silently came out from her room and locked it. After sometimes she looked around and then headed downstairs. Laksh was left shocked. All the questions which he had thought to be impossible just came around his mind.
Laksh:(asking himself) is she the one? Is that lady in black? Is she the murderer? But how can she be? She’s so caring then how can she be?
His other side argued
Laksh: what are you even thinking? If that was possible then she would have fought back when yesterday’s incident was taking place.
But then his dark side said
Laksh: but she was related to all those who were murdered. In shivam’s murder case, he got interested in her, then in these 4’s murder case she was…and now she was wearing the black attire. At 12:30 am. When everyone is supposed to sleep and take rest. But then where did she go? IS RAGINI REALLY THE MURDERER??

To be continued…

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