It Started With a Hate Request (Raglak) Epi 10

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Scene 1
As soon as Ragini said 5 she angrily moved back just like an angry bull does before it charges towards it’s prey, and then ran with full force towards the door to kick it hard when suddenly to her horror something else took place. The next thing she saw was a boy standing at the doorway,keeping his hands just at the place between his legs and his expression did show how much energy he needed to stop himself from, from
Ragini:(thinking) from screaming out in pain.
She looked at him for a while,when he made sounds like, ouhhhh…uhhhhh.
Ragini: (softly) sorry. (loudly) ok, get ready fast. We are already late.
Laksh looked at her in disbelief.

Laksh:(thinking) what nonsense. She already hurt me soo badly and now she’s telling me to get ready faaaast. I wish that i could have just killed her with my gun. Huh.
While thinking this he somehow managed to go to his bed while Ragini went downstairs. She started walking through the road while taking slow and small steps when suddenly she felt someone’s hand on her shoulder. She turned around thinking that she’ll find Laksh but to her horror she found an unknown person. His complexion was quite dark and he didn’t seem to look like any of the villagers.
The boy fumbled out
Boy: a ladki, what an item. Il give ₹30,000 for one night. Come come.
He held Ragini’s wrist. Ragini understood the situation and got out from his grip and tried to run but she was suddenly welcomed by two more people.
2nd boy: a ladki where do you think you’ll go?
When he spoke, Ragini got a fowl smell. Nd after sometimes she realized that the smell was of
Ragini:(thinking) of liquor.

She turned to her left side to find another person coming and blocking all her ways to escape.
4th man:(wickedly) ab tera kya hoga basantii.
Ragini turned pale for a while. She could find no way to move from there. At last just one thing clicked in her mind. PUSH. She started moving backwards as the people standing in front of her were moving closer. It was not more than a minute when she turned around and almost banged with a boy’s broad chest, that’s when she suddenly found a very familiar id card hanging from his neck.
Ragini:(thinking) rey, this is our college’s id card.
She looked up to look at the drunkards’ face when suddenly she felt a hand from the back moving through her curves and at the same moment she pushed the person standing in front of her with all her might and started running as fast as her legs could carry her. Ragini knew that it was very tough for her to escape from them as she hardly knew this place but she has to try her best. But at least she knew that these people belong to her college.
Ragini: god forbid, but IF something really happens then i can at least take official actions against these people.
She ran quite a distance when she found a godown sort of a place. She entered over there when unfortunately a glass piece, from some broken bottles of liquor, got inside her feet.
Ragini:(almost screaming) aaahhhh….
But at the same time she could here some footsteps and she knew who were they. She tried to run by using her one perfect leg but her leg muscles ached and the glass seemed to be as if releasing poison which made her feel dizzy and so she gave up. But somehow she managed to reach a place under a water tank where she could hide. She took out her mobile phone to call someone who can help her when she suddenly found there voice.

1st boy: abbey sali, where the hell did she go?
2nd boy: after touching her i am adamant to have her now in my hands.
3rd boy: guys i understand your bl***y emotions but now just find her out.
4th boy: nonsense, she has been making us run after her for such a long time and now playing hide and seek? She’s just a big damn s**t.
Ragini could here everything quite clearly. The thought of having those boys standing near her was enough to make her shiver in fear. She wrote a short note in her VithU app and send it to Swara and some of her friends. She changed her place many a times so that they don’t find her. At last She hid under a large table but unfortunately her salwars orni was a little out which she didn’t discover. That’s when she suddenly found all the boys feet’s which she could see from under the table moving away from there and leaving that place.
Ragini:(thinking) are they all gone?

She tried to move in front when she felt a warm breadth on her shoulder. The next thing she heard,
2nd boy: where are you going chammiya?
so the next thing Ragini found was that she had been trapped. They all knew that she was hiding under the table. She tried to move from there grip by crawling as fast as she could but they had already caught her.
Ragini:(struggling) leaaaaaave meeeee. Plzzzzz.
4th boy: a ladki. Keep your mouth shut, u already made us impatient by your hide and seek game.
Suddenly Ragini found the 4th boy opening his belt. She understood what was now coming and screamed at the top of her voice.

This did startle those boys but it was not enough to stop them. Ragini started struggling.
4th boy: hey, you all. I will be the first one to f**k her. So you all hold her tight.
At this the others made faces but at last agreed to him and held her tight. Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Ragini:(thinking) I thought that now Il live a good life. A better one, where there will be no fourth person except my papa,mom and brother. I thought that whatever happened in past was going to be the last bad thing in my life.But it seems like god doesn’t want to see me happy.
She looked up in front while the 4th drunkard opened his pants’ zip and came closer to her.
4th boy:(wickedly) time to enjoy honey.

He gave her wicked smile and the next thing Ragini could see that a great,heavy punch landing on the rogues face.
Ragini looked to her right side and found Laksh standing over there looking at the boy.
Ragini:(Shocked) Laksh??
The next moment she felt that her right hand was released as the other boy tried to fight with Laksh. And so one by one the drunkard tried to harm Laksh while Laksh fought with them just like ONE MAN ARMY. Suddenly Ragini found the 4th boy trying to get up. She tried to shout and warn Laksh but it seemed as if she had lost her voice. Just after sometimes when the boy was almost on the verge of getting up suddenly the camera showed a shadow moving just by his side. He looked at her and said,

4th boy: a ladki, haat yaha sey.
Girl:(softly) sorry i cant.
And the next thing the boy found was the girls foot hitting his p***s very hard.
4th boy screamed in pain. But the fight amongst those 3drunkards and Laksh was quite noisy, which made his scream look like a fumbled or rather jumbled up sound. As the time passed Swara and others reached the place and caught those four drunkards while Swara found Ragini lying on the floor, unconscious.

Scene 2
Ragini opened her eyes and found everything quite hazy. After some minutes her view improved she looked around and found swara and sanskar sitting there.
Ragini:(very softly) Swaraaa.

Swara held her hand tightly.
Swara:(almost on the verge of crying) Don’t worry Ragini. Everything is fine. Everything i….
She couldn’t speak any more and started sobbing while keeping her head on Sanskar’s shoulder.
Even Ragini couldn’t control her tears when suddenly she felt a warm hand holding her left hand. She looked at her left side and found Laksh over there. She felt a little weird but then the flashback of those moments when he fought with those drunkards to save her without thinking about himself, did make her a little relived. Suddenly Ragini heard him murmur
Laksh:(murmuring) am sorry, am sorry. I shouldn’t have been late.
Ragini didn’t answer. She felt a little sad.
Ragini:(thinking) its not his fault. Its the fault of the situation. Its fault of my luck.
The day passed as Ragini got discharged after some hours.

At night swara,sanskar,Ragini and Laksh sat in Ragini’s room. After that incident this four preferred to stay silent. At 9o’clock one by one all of them departed. Ragini felt a little relived when she got to know that how swara had got her message and informed Laksh as he was the nearest at that time. It was quite un usual to see a person, whom she hates the most and is always fighting with him, being soo good to save her this day. At last when laksh moved to leave Ragini got up to close the door.
Laksh:(turning around and holding Ragini’s hands) I am sorry.
Ragini: what are you apologizing for?
Laksh:(looking down) maybe this incident wouldn’t have taken place if i had listened to you and woke up early then maybe….

Ragini: its okay. It wasn’t your fault.
She moved her hands from his grip.
Ragini:(while closing the door) good bye.
Laksh didn’t reply. He went back to his room while Ragini again found all the flashbacks coming in her mind again and again.

Scene 3
The camera shifts to a dark place where those same boys are shown sitting and drinking.
1st boy: yaar,uss s**i k liye we four are suspended for one month.
2nd boy: right now i am just waiting for the right moment when Il take my revenge.
3rd boy: Il buy a concentrated sulphuric acid bottle and throw it on her face. She thinks herself to be very beautiful na…tab dekhna. Akal theekane ayegi.
The 4th boy didn’t speak anything. The moment when that girl hurt him in his weakest point, the pain he got didn’t allow him to open his mouth. He was in a mode of shock. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to find his friend.
2nd boy: oa,what’s the matter. Chul ek pack laga (lets have a drink)
4th boy: aaj mood nehi hai yaar. You all enjoy.

They all sat there speaking against the principal and Ragini when suddenly they heard some footsteps. Then the next thing they found was there liquor bottles getting shot down.
1st boy: aaayyy…who’s there? Come in front of us, show your face you blo*dy m***n.
The person came before them. The three couldn’t see that well due to the liquor but the fourth boy saw it well. A girl in black jeans, full sleeves top,boots and a black mask on her face.
3rd boy:(shouting) hey are you dumb or what? answer us.
Suddenly they heard a loud sound of the trigger going off and the next thing they found was the 3rd boy screaming in pain. Everyone looked at his side and found him holding his knee while blood oozed out from it.
4th one:(shocked) she has got a gun.

Everyone got scared and tried to run away leaving the wounded one to die. The girl saw these all and pointed the gun at the 2nd boy and shot. The other two looked around and found the 2nd boy’s body lying on the ground. It didn’t move an inch. This did shock those two and the next thing the 4th boy felt was a pain just at the top portion of his ear and a thud sound. He turned around and found the First boy behind him. Lying dead. At the same moment the third boy tried to call out his friends name but due to the unbearable pain and excessive blood loss his view went hazy.
4th boy:(thinking) i am the only one that means.
He looked at the murderer with a horrified look and ran out from there as fast as his legs could carry him. He didn’t knew if he was moving inside the godown or he was coming near the exit. As he took another turn he suddenly stopped as he could see her standing in front of him, Just some centimeters away.
Girl:(pointing the gun at his forehead) sorry boy,but giving such a small pain was not enough as a revenge dear.
4th boy: no,no,no please no.
But then the last thing he felt a severe pain on his forehead as he saw the girl and all those other things like the godown,ceiling and the lights, for the last time in his life.

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