Hi guys!! I am sorry i would not be able to write next part till 30th September. As my exams are starting!! But i promise I will upload a very long episode on 30th.

For today enjoy this promo……
Shagun khanna (yes she is the same shagun from yhm) works in the same office in which raman does!! (She is his senior).
Fb…(the day of ishu’s arrival)

Shagun- hi raman!!
Raman- hello mam.
S- so how is your life going??
R- what mam??
S- i mean to say how is your presentation going?? Is it prepared??
R- yes mam i am continuously working on it!! Excuse me mam.. (he leaves)
Shagun (in mind)..
Raman you don’t understand my love right!! One day you’ll understand and accept it!! As what shagun khanna wants she takes!!!

Once again sorry guys!!! Please do comment.. your comments matter a lot!! And i promise to give a very very long update next time. Which is on 30th!!

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  1. Take your time yaar…all the best for your exam…..

    1. Minniee

      Thanx for understanding

  2. Nice short story.

    When your exam is over then you can give long story in the next updating.

    1. Minniee

      Thanx and yes i will give

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