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Mihir was contemplating while drinking a glass of juice in the morning, when he received a message from Raman.
Mihir, tell me where can you meet me? We have to go to ishita’s college today at 4 pm for her function. I have planned something really special for today. I thought on all the points you had said. You were right. Meet me and I’ll tell you what I’ve planned.
Mihir told him to meet at the Garden View Bar & Restaurant. He took the car keys and left for the venue. Raman had reached before him and was curious to reveal his plans.
‘mihir, why did you call me here?’ Raman seemed confused.
Mihir gave him a pat on the back and took him inside the bar section. He ordered one bottle of Kingfisher and a packet of peanuts to munch on.
‘raman, the problem with some people when they aren’t drunk is that they are too sober. You fall in that category. So drink this up before you reach the college and hit the homerun today,’ mihir said laughing.

‘Are you nuts? I have already planned something very special for today. Trust me,’ replied Raman hesitatingly.
‘Go ahead with your plans. But have a drink or two. And even ishita is okay with you drinking. So what’s the big deal? You are one lucky chap. When I was with mihika, she didn’t allow me to drink at all,’ mihir smiled remembering those memorable days.
He asked Raman to have a drink. Just one beer and no more since he knew that he would lose self-control if he had more. He drank an entire glass of beer in a minute’s time and then sat quietly without uttering a single word. After some time, Raman looked at mihir and revealed his entire plan for the evening. It left mihir speechless. It really proved that he was deeply in love with ishita. Mihir wished he had done something similar when he was with mihika. Mihir agreed that his plans were indeed out of the world. Ishita or any girl in her place would have loved it.
The waiter served him another glass of beer and he finished that in one go too. He closed his eyes and asked, ‘mihir, tell me frankly—did you see me try my luck with any other girl in the last few years? There were so many skimpily-clad girls around us. But ishita is different—a beauty with brains. So who wins out of the two—miniskirts or brains? Obviously, a girl with brains wins hands down. Though miniskirts give a damn good fight. I mean ishita too wears them, but her brains outshine everything else and I seriously love her for it,’ Raman kept bugging mihir.
‘Are you sane?’ mihir said.

‘Of course I’m sane. I am not as think as you drunk I am,’ he added.
“I am not as think as you drunk I am!” Alcohol was getting the better of him. Though he was a guy who hardly took an hour or two to regain normalcy, mihir still told him to stopdrinking. He agreed and they moved out after paying the bill. Mihir motivated him so that he could execute his plan and enquired if everything was set.
‘Yes, everything is ready and I am just waiting for the right moment now. This time I am confident I can do it. Thanks for being with me. I have messaged ishita that we will reach in some time. She will come at the main gate to allow us entry,’ Raman replied dabbing the perfume kept on mihir’s dashboard on his clothes.
He had waited for this day and if he failed to express his feelings today, he would perhaps miss saying it forever. One should not wait for Valentine’s Day to express one’s love.
‘raman, this is your day. You don’t need roses, expensive gifts, or special dialogues lifted straight from a Bollywood movie. All you need is love and passion. You just need to be truly and madly in love. Don’t script your memorable moment. Make it real. Speak what your heart says. Go ahead and propose to your sweetheart ishita today!! Mihir suggested on the way to the main gate of the college.

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