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Tuesday morning brought along with it a new hope in Raman’s life. It was not that he was not nervous, but he took more time than usual to get ready. Mihir was waiting outside his apartment listening to Radio Mirchi in his car. Once Raman came and sat in the car, mihir’s first question to him was whether he had confirmed if ishu was coming.
‘raman, I am not going to enter CCD until she comes today. We wasted 200 rupees the last time for no reason. We could have had beer instead of eating sandwiches, man!’

‘mihir, I told you the reason why she didn’t come. I also told you that since the past two days we have been continuously in touch with each other. Heck I even know her favorite colour by now. It’s pink. She also sent me a picture of herself in a pink top. She looks so awesome in it. After all this, you are still teasing my love! I don’t expect this from you. And anyway, we are not going to CCD. We are meeting at McDonald’s near CST Station,’ Raman said.
‘Oh cut the crap, for Christ’s sake. I am joking. Today you are finally going to propose to her. Else, I will kill you,’ mihir teased him looking at his nervous face.

They reached McD’s in an hour and for a change, ishita was waiting for them. Raman waved out to her. Raman was absolutely right, mihir thought. She looked ravishing. She had worn a pink top and blue denim hot pants.
‘s*xy. Hot. Seductive. Freaking beautiful,’ mihir said with a wicked smile on his face.
‘I told you. This is not the only reason why I liked her, I love her nature too. Our wavelengths match,’ Raman blushed.
He introduced me to her and we took a seat on a vacant table nearby.
‘So what will you both have?’ mihir asked them.
‘I will have one Mc Aloo Tikki and small French
Fries,’ ishu said looking at Raman and giving him the sweetest smile.
Mihir got up and went near the counter, which gave them some more time to talk. He took out his mobile phone and sent Raman a message on WhatsApp.
Don’t waste time. I am taking more time here to give you privacy. Tell her your feelings. Don’t be shy or afraid. Go ahead. Yo!
Mihir turned back and looked at him. He read the message and stared back. He slightly nodded his head in nervousness. However, for the next few minutes, he hardly spoke anything. Mihir was cursing him for his silence and shyness.
Show your balls, you ass. Speak up! Don’t cry in front of me afterwards. Why are you missing this chance, mihir messaged again.

I am trying. But I don’t know how to start the conversation, Raman replied.
Mihir couldn’t delay his arrival anymore and got back to the table. He sat diagonally opposite to raman and ishu and, sat beside Raman. He looked straight into his eyes and gestured for him to initiate the conversation.
‘Should I get ketchup sachets from the counter?’ Raman asked ishu. She nodded her head and Raman went to get them.
‘So ishita, how is life in Mumbai?’ mihir broke the silence.
‘It’s different from Chennai, definitely. Chennai shows you a different culture while Mumbai is totally different,’she smiled. Mihir melted looking at her cute smile.
‘And how are the people?’ I continued with my questions. Raman gave mihir a tough look when he spotted him being comfortable with ishu.

‘Nice. Helpful.’she replied in as little words as possible.
‘And Raman?’ mihir continued. This was the question he wanted to ask her all evening. The first two questions were just to create a base to reach to this one.
She kept quiet for some time but her silence spoke a thousand words. Mihir repeated his question again and just as she was about to answer, Raman came back.
‘So what were you both talking about?’ he asked them expecting an answer.
‘Does it make you jealous seeing me talk to her?’ mihir said and laughed.
She looked down shyly taking a bite of the burger while tucking back the strands of hair that had come lose. She looked up at mihir from the corner of her eyes and saw him looking at her. She smiled in agreement to mihir’s question.
Mihir blinked his eyes, an indication that Raman felt the same, and immediately messaged him.
C*****, go ahead tell her. She loves you. Trust me. Don’t waste your time. Show her that you are a man.

Raman looked at me and replied: I don’t understand how some people have the courage to express their love to their crush when I don’t even have the courage to ask her for extra ketchup.
They chitchatted for the next half hour or so and then decided to disperse. Mihir kept on signalling Raman, asking him repeatedly to speak up. But he didn’t.
‘Hey, why don’t you both join me for the freshers party in my college? I can manage to get entry tickets for you. It will be fun,’ ishita said just before leaving.
‘Sure. Why not!’ Raman replied and bid a goodbye to her. She left soon after.

Raman and mihir walked back towards the car. No one spoke a word. When you are in love, you dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth. Raman did nothing of that sort. From her smile and her positive reaction it was evident that she too loved Raman. Mihir made him understand the fact that ishita won’t take the first step but will wait for him to speak those golden words which every girl wants to hear. Every girl wants her boyfriend to be different and unique when he proposes to her. Ishita was no different. Even she wanted it to be memorable. Love is the feeling of cold in summers. Raman was feeling this love but was afraid to express it. Ishita was waiting for the moment when her love would give her a passionate kiss and transport her in to a different world altogether.

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