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So let’s get into the story…..
Raman was sitting on the dining table to have his dinner, when suddenly his phone rang and his face lit up, yes it was of ishu.
He took the call,
Hello!! Sorry Raman. My net pack expired and I didn’t know about it. I thought you didn’t message me and had cancelled the plan. By the time I realized that my net pack had expired, it was too late. Sorry to keep you waiting. , Said ishu.
There is no need to be sorry yrr!! I could have waited for you for the whole day!!! , Raman thought to himself.
What happened?? , Said ishu trying to break the silence.
‘If you are free on Tuesday, can we meet? It’s my weekly off that day,’ Raman said giving it another try.

This time she agreed. Raman was convinced by ishita’s seductive voice that she would not ditch him this time. He couldn’t question her anymore. They talked for a few more minutes before eventually hanging up. Raman was on cloud nine and he felt like he was dreaming. Exactly 24 hours back he had met a girl, so beautiful that he instantly lost his heart to her. His heart skipped a beat as soon as he saw her in the disc. He was not the same guy anymore. The brief meeting with her had changed him. Raman had already started planning to make the most of the opportunity and to propose to her. A strong gut feeling was telling him that she liked him too. It was pretty evident in the way she spoke to him. He closed his eyes and fantasized about going out on a date with her. Within a few minutes, he fell asleep after hours of restlessness. He was relaxed and happy at the end of the day as he had talked to his dream girl for the first time on the phone.
Just before going to sleep, he uploaded his status on WhatsApp so that Aleesha could see it.
You should see my smile when you call or text me! Gn ishita. Your voice is mesmerizing.
Though ishu hardly expressed the way she felt and pretended as if she was not looking for someone in particular, the truth was that she wanted their casual meetings to remain a secret, and not let anybody else get a whiff of it.
She changed her status on WhatsApp to:
It started with a friend request.

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