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Before raman went to sleep he messaged ishita in an half asleep state.
After a memorable Saturday night, raman woke up late the next morning. The night before, he had lost his heart to a gorgeous looking girl. Ishita.
Suddenly his phone rang, it was mihir.
Good morning,’ raman said, still hungover.

‘You blo*dy swine… were you sleeping or dead? I called you at least ten times to check if everything was alright at home,’ mihir yelled at him.
‘Ya bhai, I am okay. I don’t remember much from last night, Raman said.
‘Just check your messages. We almost landed up in jail because of you yesterday.’
Raman opened WhatsApp to check mihir message.

f**k you a*sh*le! I am sure you have gone off to sleep. Do you even remember what you did last night? I kicked you out of the disc after you flirted with that girl in the black dress. I think her name is ishita since you kept shouting her name while walking out of the disc. But you ran straight into the small light post and if I wouldn’t have dragged you quickly, it would have almost landed on your head. You refused to let me drive, got into the car, and took off. From there we went straight down the wrong side of a one￾way road. Needless to say, our luck ran out. A cop was waiting for us. When he asked us where we were coming from, you replied that you had killed a girl and her dead body was in the boot space of the car.

‘Laash dikki me hai’ you had said. Then what, I lost 500 rupees for such behaviour courtesy and we reached home two hours late.
Raman called mihir and they laughed out loud. Raman disconnected the phone and rechecked all the messages. Suddenly, he jumped out of his bed in panic. Impossible! How could I? I mean how? I mean when? Holy shit I am screwed, Raman wanted to scream aloud.

He saw that he had sent a WhatsApp message to ishita before dozing off. He began cursing himself for the blunder. It had hardly been a few minutes since they met and he had already messaged her saying that she was the princess of his life. It could make her think that either Raman was a big flirt or that the guy had lost his mind after gulping down a few pegs of alcohol. Raman stood speechless and numb, not knowing how to react, and all he could think of was ways to disappear like the Genie of Aladdin. He read the message that he had sent.

At the risk of sounding like a flirt, I want to tell you that I could not erase you from my mind. You came into my life when I was least expecting it. It was as if I had hit a jackpot. When I saw you, I don’t know what clicked, but from that moment, I could not get you out of my head. I always knew that love would find me someday, but never did I know it would come like this. Your touch healed this broken heart and you caught me off guard and took me by surprise. I was initially reluctant to send u a message at this hour. Is it too late? Should I send you a request on Facebook? Your profile pic again urged me to send you a message. And no, I am not being desperate here. Everything seems so right, so perfect. Oh god. I will go crazy. Ishita, please don’t take me the wrong way. Do reply.

Tere golden face ki beauty ne,
Mere komal heart pe attack kiya.
Sabko reject kiya aur tumko select kiya.
Request hai tumse ise refuse na karna,
Dosti ke is bulb ko kabhi fuse na karna!

She has not read the message yet.He thought that she was still sleeping. At the same time, he wondered what she would think after reading the message. He badly wanted to somehow get ishita’s cell phone and delete the message he had sent or press the undo button on his phone. But all he could do was bite his nails in anticipation of what was going to happen if she were to read it. He kept his cell aside and wanted to run away from the situation. However, after every five minutes, he checked his cell phone hoping thatishita had still not read that message. He would have eagerly expected her reply in any other normal situation, but at this moment, he was praying not to receive any message from ishita. When he checked the phone for the twentieth time, he saw the second tick on the message which meant that, ishita had finally read the message.

Oh, f**k! Oh, shit! He was really nervous.
Ishita is typing a message, showed the screen. His eyes popped out of his head and before she could send the message, Raman quickly typed a message and sent her.
I am extremely sorry for last night. Ignore the message. It wasn’t intentional. I was just kidding. Don’t take it seriously. I was not in my senses.
He tried to hide his panic. He tried his best to make things sound normal for he knew the intensity of the blunder he had committed.

As soon as he sent the message, ishita’s message popped on his screen.
Hey dude, are you insane? Were you out of your senses? From where did you copy paste it? Don’t tell me you were serious! As if it’s love at first sight. Two things I love in men—they never stop trying and they never miss an opportunity. Ha ha!
His confidence grew a little. Raman decided to take a chance with the conversation.his fears had taken a back seat.
Raman: I just tried to make you laugh and I think I succeeded in doing so. I am too good.

Ishita: Huh? Why do you think I am messaging you? Is it because I care? Or because I miss you? Or because you have become my secret crush? No. It’s because I need someone for time pass. I am getting a little bored here. 😀 Rofl. I am the best.
Raman: Err… That was rude.
Ishita: I’m just kidding. Chill!
Raman: Hmm. I know. But trust me, you were looking lovely last night. You were so…
Ishita: Okay stop.
Raman: Stop what?
Ishita: Thinking about me and stop flirting. We hardly know each other. We are not even friends. 😛 Chalo c’ya, I need to freshen up.
Raman: Let’s meet in the evening for a cup of cofee. You know, a lot can happen over cof ee. Let’s give it a try. At least for the sake of our new friendship. What say? Think over it, am not that bad.
Ishita: Nope. Get over it dude.
Raman: Oh come on, I am asking you out just for a cof ee. You’re reacting as if amasking you on a date!!
Ishita: byeee!

Raman still tried his best to convince her and continued to chat with her for next couple of hours. He finally managed to convince her for a cup of coffee. He knew she was not going to turn him down and was just being a little difficult like all girls are initially. After all, she knew that Raman would keep on trying until she agreed. It happened exactly the way he wanted. they finally decided to meet at CCD in the evening.

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