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Finally the Saturday night came. It was not a normal night. Raman and ishita both had a strange feeling. A feeling of being loved. Ishita was too much excited for the night as she was going to experience the city’s night life for the first time. She stood in front of the mirror and thought what to wear. She decided to wear a knee-length black dress with wooden bangles and a light makeup, lipgloss and a black eyeliner. Shagun wore a tank top with a pencil skirt.
They reached the club. As expected it was a typical ‘thrive’ weekend night. Teenagers and college students were dancing and drinking uncontrollably. The atmosphere was filled with smoke particles.
Shagun and ishu entered the bar of the club. Shagun ordered a drink for her and ishu. Shagun got a call and she left the club for talking on phone, as it was not possible to talk inside as it was too much noisy.

At that time Raman and mihir entered the club and started drinking.
Mihir- so let’s see if you can finish the drink in a minute!!
At once raman gulped the whole drink in a couple of seconds.
R- don’t challenge me. I can complete any task, said raman with a wicked smile on his face.
M- ohh!! So I’ll give you another challenge. See that girl in the little black dress. Go get her name and talk to her for five minutes.
R- are you mad?? See that girl man she is so hot and beautiful. See her she has wore heels, if anything happened to me then??
M- loser!!

R- don’t call me a loser han i am not that!!
M- you are a loser!! Raman is a loser, he said in a teasing way.
R- now you see!!
He started walking towards the girl.
From close she was looking more s*xy!! Raman started dancing beside her. She was too busy dancing to sense his close proximity to her.Seeing this as an opportunity, he started looming on her. she didn’t mind, maybe she was drunk too.
He started flirting with her by asking her for a drink.For a moment, they both stared each other and didn’t speak a word. He kept thinking what the girl would say. He didn’t want to miss a chance to introduce himself to the most gorgeous girl in the disc. Her black dress was shining in the dim disco lights and her skin was glowing.
‘Only if you pay for my drink…which means I get to save on my pocket money. But don’t try it on me, mister,’she said and they both started laughing.
‘I’m Raman,’ he said bringing his hand forward for a formal introduction.
‘ishita iyer.’

Raman was mesmerized by her voice and the way she talked. He was lost in her eyes, which seduced him to an extent that if he had been one more pint down, he would have kissed her right there. Somehow, he controlled himself.
You don’t seem to be a mumbaiker. Where are you from?? , Raman asked composing himself.
Ya!! I am from Chennai. I am here to do my BMM. , Said ishu.
R- so you are staying here alone??
I- no!! I am staying with my family friend shagun khanna.
I just a few minutes they exchanged their mobile numbers.
She had completely taken over Raman’s mind by then. Raman didn’t want to leave the place but had to. Though he had won the challenge, he had lost something to ishita. He couldn’t figure out the reason behind the anxiety he had at that time. Was it love at first sight?raman kept on smiling back at ishita.
As soon as he left the place shagun came to see ishu smiling.

What happened? Why are you smiling by yourself?’ shagun enquired casually.
‘There was a cute guy who approached me while you were gone. He was not bad, but it’s too early to say anything,’ ishu winked at shagun and ordered another drink.
‘So where is he now?’ shagun asked out of curiosity.
‘I think he’s left. I can’t spot him either. Leave it. The night is still young. Let’s enjoy. Cheers!’ ishu said raising a toast.
Both of them looked at each other for a moment and gulped down their drinks in one go. They were so washed out by the time they reached home that neither of them bothered changing into their night clothes. They just slumped down on their beds and dozzed of to sleep.

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