Hii guys hope you remember me… and as i have promised i am writing two episodes together!!
So let’s get into the story…

PART 3…..
Ishu and shagun reach their apartment..
Shagun helps ishu in unpacking her bags. While unpacking..
Ishu-So shagun di where do you work??
Shagun- well i work in rst group of companies.
I- ohh..
S- from when is your college starting??
I- actually i told my mom lie that it is from next week but the fact is that there is one more week left in it.
S- naughty girl!!
Suddenly she gets a call..
After the call..
Sry ishu i have to go, there is some work in the office.
I- ya sure di.
Meanwhile ishu continues her unpacking..
In office..

Shagun is sitting in her cabin..
She called a person in her cabin..
Person- yes maam any problem??
Shagun- raman i have asked you to do the file work two days ago and it’s not done till now!!
( Yess the person is raman kumar bhalla. He has recently joined the company and was very sincere towards his work.)
R- maam i was about to submit it!!, Said raman defensing himself.
S- yaa sure!!
He smiled embarrassingly and managed to leave. He could sense something fishy about shagun since the day he had met her. But he kept his assumptions to himself only.
Shagun rested on her chair.
A couple of months ago when she started training and interacting with raman, she realized that she has developed feelings for him. But she never told him because of her nature. She even started thinking in her mind, raman kissing her.. removing her clothes..and so on..
In the evening (at home)..
I- hi di so how was your day??
S- yaa fine!!
I- di can i ask you a thing??
S- yaa sure go ahead..
I- di would you please take me for a small outing??
S- no ishu i am not free!!
I- please di, please!!

After a lot of requesting and rejection..
S-ok fine!! I’ll take you out.
Listening this ishita’s face lite up.
S- but not today I’ll take you on Saturday night!! In the famous thrive club!!
I- yeah!! She jumped in excitement.
S-ok ok now you should go for sleeping.
I- ok thanx di!! Gn!!
Saying this she went..
Raman and mihir were chatting on WhatsApp..
R- yrr today also i felt something fishy about shagun.
M- no worries yrr!! I think you should take some rest !! We can enjoy in our favorite place!! What say??
R- ya i think you are saying right!!
M- so tomorrow??
R- no yrr not tomorrow we can go on Saturday!!
M- ok so final!! Saturday night in the cub ‘thrive’!!

So how was it guys??

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    Nice episode plz continue .

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    Interesting but,short

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  6. Hi min, it’s nice but write a longer one… It’s seriously not even one full page length… Plz.. Keep writing. We’re waiting.

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