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Let’s begin with the story…..

Saturday finally arrived. Raman and mihir were excited and nervous at the same time.
Breaking the rules of a girls’ hostel and sneaking in could be nasty if they were caught.
‘If you get caught then you at least have a valid reason. You can tell them that you’re ishita’s boyfriend. What can I say? That I’m a tharki who just came for sightseeing? Like tours and travels take you to Mumbai Darshan, Raman took me to Girls Darshan?’ mihir yelled.

‘Keep your mouth shut, mihir. You’re speaking shit. Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen,’ Raman assured mihir.
This was the first time mihir was doing such a bold thing. He had not tried anything like this even during his college days. And now because of Raman, even he had been dragged into it. He was nervous as hell.
‘I wish I had listened to my mom,’ mihir said nervously.
‘What did she say?’ Raman asked while dialling ishu’s number on his cell.
‘When I have not even called her up, how can I possibly tell you?’ mihir criticized.
They were standing in a dark passage near the girl’s hostel which was hidden from public view. Ishu told Raman over the phone that the warden was not around, so it was the perfect chance for them to slip into the hostel. Raman didn’t think much about the consequences because getting into a girls’ hostel was quite thrilling. It was no different for mihir but his nervousness overshadowed the thrill.

They were almost ready to walk towards the main gate when ishu messaged Raman.
Raman, just wait for some time. I just checked the building and saw that the workers in the dining hall are still there. But the warden won’t return so soon. So let the workers move out and you guys can slip in after they leave.
‘Crazy, what if we would have…?’ mihir panicked.
‘Chill.’ Raman took out a pack of cigarettes, handed one to mihir, and said, ‘Smoke one.You will feel better. Don’t eat my head now.’
Mihir lit a cigarette and slowly inhaled a puff. No one was around. They were at the corner of the road, some away 200 metres from the main gate.
‘raman, I am going to lead the way. You follow me. It’s not because I have suddenly got some energy after smoking but because I don’t trust you on this anymore,’ mihir whispered.

As they got the confirmation from ishu, they quickly changed into dark T-shirts to avoid unnecessary attention. They walked ahead and waited near the tree which was not far from the main gate. An evil smile emerged on Raman’s face. Mihir’s nervousness had taken a back seat face and the momentary situation had increased his excitement. They climbed the wall which acted as a barrier between them and the girls’ dormitory.
‘It’s time to explore the “no male territory”,’ Raman whispered in mihir’s ear.
He gave Raman a wicked smile and got inside as quietly as possible. Their eyes scanned all the passageways and they stealthily headed towards ishu’s room. The door was kept slightly open and the lights were switched off. They heard some noise from the left corridor and both stared at each other without moving their feet. They stood standstill, scared. Mihir signalled for Raman to run and get inside the room as quickly he could since they were hardly a few metres away from the source of the noise. Raman pushed the door open and mihir followed him inside. When they got inside, Raman closed the door behind.

Ishu quickly latched the door and switched on the lights. Raman and ishita hugged each other tightly in excitement. They had executed the plan successfully.
‘So we finally made it,’ Kritika cheered.
Ishu introduced them to Kritika. They greeted each other formally and then sat comfortably on the bed after keeping their bags in one corner.
‘I hope no one saw us coming,’ mihir said, still a bit shaken up from the experience.
‘I don’t think so. Else, there would have been total chaos outside. The administration is a bit strict here. However, we are not the only ones who break rules. There are lots of seniors who don’t follow any timings,’ishu said giving them a glass of water.

They hardly cared now as they were already inside. After a little chitchat, mihir opened his bag which had all the fun stuff. Kritika’s face was so delighted when he opened his Sheesha kit that she almost jumped from her bed.
‘Double apple,’ both the girls shouted at the same time.
He took out two pipes from the bag. Ishu immediately took one while mihir asked Raman to clear the other pipe by blowing air into it. Mihir had planned to smoke hookah while they all chatted and got to know each other. Hookah smoking promotes a social atmosphere and people can sip the hookah while getting to know each other.
‘Kritika, I heard you fooled Raman by sending messages through ishu’s cell phone, pretending to be her? I wish I could see his reaction.’ mihir said giving Raman a naughty look.
Everyone started laughing, including Aleesha. She pulled his cheeks with love and then gave him a slight peck on his lips.
‘Ahem Ahem! Someone really cares,’ Kritika teased him and mihir joined her in teasingthem.
Raman and ishita sat in one corner of the room to get some privacy while Kritika and mihir were still feasting on the hookah. It was almost early morning and they didn’t even realize how time passed by. Kritika and mihir had a long chat while puffing the hookah. Mihir remembered that he had something special in his bag.
(Guys this is somewhat special as this is my personal experience, with mine bf! :-* :-* Starts here……..ends with this episode)

‘I present to you a special dish prepared by the man himself. Mr Raman,’ mihir said in a rhythmic tone.
Ishu and Kritika were stunned after hearing this. Mihir started laughing and told them that Raman was a really good cook. Raman in the meanwhile kept mum, smiling all the while. He indeed was a good cook which made him a hot favourite among the girls.
‘Wow. Ishu, you are super lucky. I wish I could get someone like him who would cook for me whenever I am tired or don’t feel like cooking. That’s so cute of him,’ kritika said patting Raman’s back.
‘mihir, have you ever done anything like this ever before?’ ishu asked mihir.
‘Errr… I don’t know how to cook at all. The only food items I can cook are Maggi and omelette. I can even make tea,’ mihir said biting his tongue between my teeth.

‘Then you are not my type. Leave. I will have to search for a better option,’ said kritika joining in the conversation.
‘Go ahead. Who is stopping you?’ mihir said teasingly in his don’t-care-a-damn attitude.
Ishu fell head over heels in love with Raman as he had whipped up a wonderful dish for her. He had made pasta for everyone. The way he cared for ishu and expressed his love was something very unique. He knew ishu liked pasta and thus he had spent the entire evening making her favourite dish.
‘I made it just for you, my Minnie. I love you and I am yours forever,’said Raman.
‘I think even I should learn how to cook to impress girls,’ mihir winked.
‘mihir, you don’t have to be a great chef to make great food. The effort you put in to make something as simple as Maggi in the kitchen is what really matters. Moreover, even if it turns out to be average in taste, the fact that you tried is what is admirable,’ ishu explained.

‘I would personally prefer a boyfriend who cooks a decent meal for me rather than one who spends a lot of money to take me out. I think it’s very cute when a boy takes out time and has that much patience to cook a meal for his girlfriend. I find it really sweet!’ kritika added.
Raman’s efforts made ishu go crazy for him and she couldn’t resist kissing him.
She almost had the urge to push him against the wall and kiss him passionately.
‘If you guys are done eating, can we get to taste the pasta as well?’ mihir interrupted them.
Ishu blushed and covered her face with her hands.

Ishita and Raman were two such souls whose union defined true love. Raman was feeding ishu the pasta with his own hands.
After eating, they decided to move out of the hostel before anyone got up. They packed their bags and waited for ishu’s next instruction. She took a bottle of water and after switching off the lights, opened the door slightly. She told them to wait inside withoututtering a word. She went near the cooler and while filling the bottle, looked around to see if anyone was awake. There was not a single soul to be seen, and once she assured herself, she came back to inform them. They took their bags and stepped outside the door. Mihir stealthily moved his feet towards the gate.
He turned back to warn Raman to hurry up and saw him kissing ishu at the doorstep.

He wanted to shout at him out of irritation. They had already broken the rules and instead of moving out as soon as possible, there he was busy kissing her! Mihir walked towards him and forcefully pulled him by the collar. They saw someone on the first floor flicking on the light, so they ran outside as quickly as possible.
Raman waved goodbye to ishu before climbing out through the wall. They had safely crossed the hurdle and were now on the main road. Mihir immediately removed a pack of cigarettes and smoked a puff to ease his tension. The night had been no less than an adventure for them. But they had all enjoyed the thrill of it. They were glad to be in each other’s company. After all, some form of craziness is needed to keep the thrill alive in your life. 😉 😉 Otherwise, life gets boring. 😛

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