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The morning alarm woke ishu up and she did not waste her time in curling on the bed again. In the meanwhile, Kritika was wide awake and going through the presentation slides. They went to the canteen to have their breakfast and then started for college.
‘Which is the first lecture?’ Kritika asked taking a seat on the last bench.
‘Effective Communication Skills. I hate this subject. The professor also is a super bore. He looks like Kallu mama,’ ishu laughed resting her head on the bench.
The professor entered and the class went silent for a moment. He was wearing spectacles and had a pot belly. Ishu felt that the yellow shirt that he had worn made him look like Rangeela’s Aamir Khan. Both girls continued to make fun of him sitting on the last bench.

‘I hope you all remember that today we are going to do an assignment on English writing. I’ll give you 20 minutes to write and you will then have to randomly select someone to read it out,’ he said passing the attendance sheet to the students.
Kritika was sitting next to ishu and was playing Angry Birds on her mobile.
‘Guess what? If couples in love are called ‘Love Birds’, I bet a couple who’ve fought with each other are called “Angry Birds”’ ishu laughed while she watched kritika play the game.

Ishu noticed a girl sitting ahead of them. Looking at how she was dressed, she couldn’t stop herself from commentingLook at that girl. What a wardrobe disaster! Who wears tube tops with embroidery on it and that too in parrot green colour? Blue denims and dark green heels. Err…Pl
us look at her hairstyle. Oh god!’ ishu whispered in Kritika’s ears.
‘She looks like she has landed here from another planet Look at her earrings. Who wears danglers to college? A red lipstick is an add-on to the disaster. I don’t think she realizes she looks like a parrot,’ Kritika added.
They continued to make fun of her, least interested in what the professor was saying. And so were the other students. Ishu looked at her mobile to check the notifications.
Raman had messaged her.

Meet me in the evening. Let’s discuss about Saturday.
Ishu immediately replied saying she had a class in the evening and won’t be able to make it.
Raman messaged her again.
Please come. Just for some time. Get down at Dadar station. Will meet you under the bridge.
Ishu thought about it for a moment. Dadar was feasible for both of them as it was the only railway station common to both the Central and Western Railway lines. It is the most crowded railway station but they had no option as ishu had to leave early for a class.
Raman reached the station before time and looked for ishu but she was nowhere to be seen. He called her and informed that he was waiting under the bridge. Hardly a few minutes later, ishu reached there. As Raman saw her approaching, he moved forward and hugged her for the longest time without caring about the thousands of people around them.

‘Let’s go to this restaurant Rishi. It’s nearby and we can leave within an hour too,’ Raman suggested. Ishu agreed.
Once seated at the corner table in the restaurant, they started discussing about Saturday. Though ishu was confident about the plan, Raman was still not very confident about it. But he didn’t let it show. Somewhere he felt that it could put ishu in trouble. She explained to him every little detail but Raman hesitated. However, a cute kiss on his cheeks and a hug elevated his confidence. Ishu knew how to convince Raman and she did exactly the same. They moved out of the restaurant after paying the bill.
While walking back towards the railway station, Raman saw an exclusive women’s shop. He kept staring at the poster inside the shop. It had a supermodel wearing a bikini on it. Ishu didn’t notice it until she turned her face towards Raman and saw him staring at the poster.

‘How cheap. You’re sick Raman. We’re in the middle of the road and you’re staring atthat poster like a despo. Don’t talk to me. Buzz off,’ ishu shouted in anger and started walking ahead of Raman as if she didn’t know him.
‘Don’t get angry jaan, please. You are my Minnie. I was not looking at her. I was thinking about something,’said Raman trying to explain himself.
‘raman stop saying jaan and Minnie and blah blah. It’s not going to affect me. I can’t believe the way you were staring at her cleavage. It makes me think you’re with me out of desperation!’

‘Oh jaan, now where are you taking this topic? I was not staring at her cleavage. Trust me. Why you are getting so hyperactive? And even if I was looking, then what’s the big deal? It was just a poster. She was not real.’ Raman was trying hard to convince her.
‘So if she was real, you would have f**ked her in the showroom itself?’ ishu added and this increased her temper even more.
Ishu reached the platform but Raman kept on following her. Ishu hardly paid attention to his words.
Raman, please leave. I will talk to you later. Please don’t bug me right now. You are irritating me. Stop creating a scene here.’
‘Minnie what did I do? You are not even listening to what I am saying. At least listen to me. Please. Ok please forgive me. Don’t get angry. I love you jaan,’ Raman almost pleaded this time.

A five seconds stare at the poster had culminated into a big fight between Raman and ishu. According to her, it was not about looking at the poster, it was about the way Raman was staring at the poster when ishu was standing right beside him. It was as if Raman had never seen a girl in a bra. It was the height of desperation.
They continued arguing for some time. Soon the train arrived. Ishu was still firm in her decision and didn’t even look at Raman. As the train halted, ishu boarded the ladies compartment and stood near the door. Raman was standing on the platform requesting ishu to get down and end the fight. All the people around them were watching them as if there a movie shoot was going on. The train started moving and Raman was still convincing her to forgive him.

‘Jaan I am sorry. I won’t do it again. Don’t go like this, please.’
The train picked up pace and Raman got into the compartment without paying heed to the fact that it was the ladies compartment. All he could see was ishu’s angry face and he couldn’t take it. He wanted a smile from his love. Without thinking of the consequences, he jumped in the compartment in the running train. As it was late afternoon, the train towards CST was not as crowded as during peak hours. Some of the ladies gave strange expressions and some even passed lewd comments. Raman pulled both his ears to apologize like a kid. Ishu was hurt deep inside by Raman’s behaviour and the argument later on increased her temper even more. Throughout the journey, they argued with each other and Raman finally gave up after reaching CST station.

‘raman, leave me alone. I’ll ping you on WhatsApp when I feel like it. Currently I am not in a mood to talk with you. Don’t irritate me anymore. I beg of you,’ ishu said rudely and walked away.raman stood there numb, watching ishu go away from him. They say if you truly love something, you should let it go. If it comes back to you, it was yours and if it doesn’t, then it was never yours. But what if it doesn’t come back? Though it was not as serious as Raman made it out to be, something like this had never happened with him before. Ishu had never reacted so fiercely to anything before, and Raman was completely clueless about what should be done next. After waiting for some time, he boarded the train and sat alone at the window seat listening to songs on his iPod.

He looked outside the window to see everything slowly fade in the darkness. Fights do happen, but when you are not used to them, they hurt. This is somewhat similar to academics. Students do fail, but when you fail for the first time, it hurts. Then you get used to the process of failing.

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