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Let’s begin with the story………
‘You are out of your mind!’ mihir uttered.
‘I am serious dude. Ishu and her friend Kritika have planned it all out. We just need to act like it’s a scripted show. So chill,’ Raman said trying to convince mihir. To some extent, he was succeeding too.

Mihir was still lost in thought and didn’t understand the gravity of the situation until Raman repeated those words. ‘Girls’ Hostel’. Mihir woke up from his dream as if someone had given him an electric shock.
It was then when mihir realized that he was dreaming and raman was continuously trying to wake him up!!

Oh!! At last you woke up!! Mihir i want to talk to you about something very important. , Said Raman.
One minute!! Is it something about entering a girls hostal at night??, Mihir asked.
Wow, how did you knew it man?? , A surprised Raman asked .
‘Crazy? You will be f**ked and you will screw her life too if we get caught. Have you lost it?’ mihir shouted getting up from his bed.
‘It will be full on dhamaal. There will be just girls and more girls. The whole attention will be on us,’ Raman rejoiced.

Yah and the warden’s stick too!! , Said mihir.
The debate continued for almost an hour and finally mihir gave up. He agreed to tag along even after knowing the risks involved. One of the deciding factors was that he felt ishu was smart enough to handle such things. She had done it brilliantly during the party. The only thing he wished was that Raman would not mess it up like last time.
Raman messaged ishita who was busy with studies and preparations for the approaching presentation.

Mihir has agreed. You look in to the rest of the things carefully. Let’s have fun this Saturday. I won’t disturb you much until then. All the best for your presentation tomorrow. Love you.
Ishu read the message twice and replied with a kiss smiley. She was tensed about the presentation because even Kritika hadn’t prepared for it yet.
‘We hardly have any time left. Let’s prepare some basic slides and Google the rest of the content. We need to be spontaneous tomorrow,’ ishu said looking worried while kritika started jotting down the points.

‘I think we will do well. We hardly need to speak for ten minutes. Quite manageable,’ kritika assured her opening her book to look for further information on the topic.
‘Darling, we have not been told to talk about our boyfriends or crushes that we can go on speaking for hours,’ ishu joked. ‘Even then I wonder if I would be able to speak for more than fifteen minutes.’
‘Why not? You just need to talk about Raman and your relationship. If it’s worth listening to, then I will record it too so that I can make him listen to it. He will go crazy hearing you talk about him,’ Kritika laughed.

Realizing they had very little time left before the exam, they became serious and inthe next couple of hours, their entire presentation was ready. Both of them had not only prepared the slides but also studied a bit for the coming examination. It was around 1 am and both of them were feeling really hungry. Kritika had chips and dry fruits with her.

They were busy gorging on chips when ishu’s mobile beeped. It was Raman. Kritika couldn’t stop herself from asking out of curiosity,
‘What important thing does he have to tell you just before going to sleep?’
Ishu couldn’t stop smiling. The message read: I want to tell you that your dressing style needs a makeover. I know exactly what will look good on you… and that’s me. Try it!
She read the message aloud for Kritika and they both started giggling. They decided to play a prank on him. Kritika took her cell phone and said, ‘That’s called phone swap. Your poor boyfriend. Now let me continue the chat. I hope you don’t mind,’ she winked and sent Raman a message.
Your size will be too small for me. My friend says I need one size bigger. What do you think?
Both of them were enjoying this act and waited anxiously for Raman’s reply. Within a few seconds, a message popped up on the screen.
You don’t need one, Minnie. I am there to cover you.
Kritika was in no mood to stop. She sent another one:

I prefer to be without cover, my Mickey. But I am not your Minnie. 😛
Raman must have been in a state of shock after the message as he called up ishu a couple of times after that.
What do you mean? he replied.
I mean, I am not Aleesha. I am Kritika. 😀 😀
They waited for some more time for him to reply after the secret was out, but Raman didn’t. Ishu called him up a couple of times as well but he didn’t pick up his phone.
Kritika couldn’t stop laughing. She was busy browsing through a magazine.
‘What are you reading?’ ishu asked.
‘Dumb ass, it’s Cosmopolitan magazine. Only for girls,’ Kritika answered closing her laptop.
‘Oh is it? I have heard about it but have never read it. Show it to me too.’ ishu couldn’t hide her excitement.

‘Wait, I will read it out for you,’ Kritika said, picking out an article. ‘There is a column in this edition titled, “30 Things To Do With a Naked Man.” Another one says…’
Ishu interrupted her before she could read any further. ‘Does this magazine really have such kind of things written in it? I had thought that my friends used to lie on WhatsApp when they talked about reading such articles in magazines’
‘Try reading this one. It’s quite an eye opener,’ Kritika said and handed over the magazine to ishu.
Once ishu began reading it, there was no stopping her.
‘You are taking so much of interest in the article, almost as if you are going to apply them on Raman. He might get lucky someday then,’ Kritika teased.
‘Shut up. He is better than me and knows how to handle such situations,’ ishu said in a naughty tone.

‘Is it? Do tell me your stories. It will be fun. You know what happened when I was in a relationship? It’s been almost a year now. When I made love to my boyfriend for the first time, the experience was not so great. He called me up the next day to ask me if I had told my best friend about it. I told him, “Of course!” Needless to say, he made a greater effort the next time we made out.’
Ishu couldn’t control her laughter and almost banged her head against the wall. It was too much for her to bear.
After all the girl talk, they both fell asleep. Ishu and Kritika had been gelling very well together and had started discussing their personal problems with each other too.

This in turn benefitted their college presentations due to their understanding and coordination. They were like two volumes of one book. Best friends often come into your life at the most perfect times and ishu had found one in Kritika. Unlike other girls, they had no jealousy against each other. and that’s what you want in your bestie :-*

Hope you like this!!

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