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In a couple of days, ishita finished all the hostel formalities and paperwork. The girls’ hostel was not in the college campus but located at some distance from it. She had taken a double sharing room along with her classmate Kritika. According to hostel rules, girls had to compulsorily report for a roll call at 8:15 pm. One late pass was allowed in a week and one stayover per month. Girls on a late pass had to report at 10:15 pm.

Kritika, though born and brought up in Mumbai, preferred staying in the hostel as herhome was located on the outskirts of Mumbai and travelling daily to college was time and energy consuming. She was ishita’s classmate and they both had decided to take a twin sharing room. She was a bubbly girl with short hair and cute looks. Indeed she was the girl next door. She carried immense positive energy that could make anyone feel happy. According to her, the reason behind her charm and beauty was the crystal she carried with her at all times. She wore a locket around her neck which had an amethyst crystal. She believed that it was a symbol of positive energy and could seduce anyone around her. Kritika was extremely friendly and used to gel very well with everyone. Her friendly behaviour had already made her good friends with ishita. They were also together in their project group and thus sharing the room was like a cherry on the cake.
Ishu decided to shift on the same day as she had finished all the formalities and kritika too had shifted a day before. She came back to her apartment from college at around 12 pm and saw shagun in the kitchen preparing food. Shagun had come home early to help ishu pack her bags and bid her goodbye. Ishu felt good, as such a gesture was least expected from shagun. She never tried to interfere in ishu’s personal life apart from a few nightouts that they had gone on together.
After packing up, ishu look around the place one last time to check if she had left something. She was about to leave when shagun hugged her and said:
‘Keep in touch. In case you face any problems, feel free to seek my help. I’m not that far from your college. Also if you feel like returning to this apartment, then you are most welcome.’
‘Thanks shagun di,’ ishu smiled and continued, ‘When are you shifting?’
‘Most probably tomorrow.’

Taking the bags out of the lift, shagun accompanied ishu to the cab. Ishu gave a last look at the apartment after which the taxi sped off to her new place.
In hostel……
‘Kritika, have you prepared the slides for the presentation?’ asked ishu, unpacking her bag. Kritika was busy working on something on her laptop.
The rooms were not as bad as ishu had thought. First year students were allocated rooms on the ground floor of the hostel building. There was a long corridor with a series of rooms one after the other in a row. Ishu’s room had two single beds with an attached washroom. Apart from the wooden beds with cotton mattresses and pillows, each girl was given a small steel almirah to keep their belongings and a small dressing table. The wall above the bed was plastered with posters of latest film stars, probably put up by the room’s previous occupants. What ishu liked the most about the room was that it had an AC and a small balcony as well. There was a canteen situated on the ground floor itself and had fixed meal timings. Still Kritika had bought with her a packet of chips which she was munching on while browsing the internet on her laptop.
‘I am searching for some hot photos of Robert Pattinson. I wish I could find a nudeone. I would take off these posters on the wall and put up just his picture,’ Kritika said with a naughty smile on her face.

‘Ya, he is f**king hot. I have watched his intimate scene from Twilight so many times and I still feel goosebumps every time I watch it,’ ishu replied.
‘Are you engaged? I mean are you dating someone?’ Kritika asked casually. She was a complete mismatch to shagun. Kritika liked getting involved in the personal affairs of other people, not because she loved gossiping, but because she was overfriendly.
‘Yes. His name is raman. He is working at the RS Group here in Mumbai itself. We met sometime back in a club,’ ishu answered.
‘I am sure he is not as hot as Robert. Look at this pic. I could literally bite his lips.
They are so juicy,’ Kritika exclaimed.

They both laughed and together downloaded some hot pictures of their favourite stars. Ishu was tired from all the unpacking and fell on the bed, tired. They both had a long chat about their past, family, friends, boyfriends, and fantasies.
It was ishu’s first day in the hostel and she was gelling well with Kritika.
Ishita had already started making plans of breaking the hostel rules and bringing Raman in her room at least during nighttime. Even Kritika gave her the green signal. After some time they switched off the lights of the room and covered themselves with a blanket.
‘You are a darling. Love you sweetie,’ ishu told Kritika for being such a sport and letting Raman come at night.
‘Go to sleep baby. It’s too late. Presentations and exams are just round the corner,’ kritika said jokingly to which both of them laughed.
Ishu sent a message to Raman before closing her eyes.
Good night Mickey. Your Minnie is tired and needs to sleep badly. Miss you a lot. Muaahh. Love you.

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