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Episode starts with……
No one really loves early mornings after partying hard the night before. The alarm broke shagun’s sleep. She walked towards the kitchen still half asleep. Ishita was making early morning tea. Shagun drank a glass of water and sat on the sofa in the living room. She didn’t remember even a second of what she had done the previous night on her way back home.
‘Hey, you came in late yesterday. I had called you but your cell was switched off.
Tea?’ Aleesha asked.

Shagun nodded and ishita poured her a cup of tea.
‘Why did you call yesterday?’ shagun asked while searching for a newspaper and continued, ‘Oh shit, I completely forgot to inform you. It just skipped my mind because of last night’s party. The house owner had called me yesterday evening to inform that he needs this flat vacant for a month for renovation purposes. In six months’ time, he is planning to sell it off. I am extremely sorry but I think you will have to look for another accommodation till then. Even I am shifting to my friend’s house for a month. I am really sorry.’
‘I think I can stay in the college hostel now since classes have commenced. Don’t worry. I totally understand. I will tell dad about the issue and shift to the college hostel as soon as the formalities are done,’ ishita smiled. Her face didn’t show that she was worried. But, shagun’s sudden decision had shocked her as that was not expected. She called Raman and they decided to meet up in the evening.
Ishita sent a message on WhatsApp to Raman saying: Let’s meet at Shivaji Park, dadar, at 7 pm.
Sure s*xy. Muaahh!! Raman replied.

Ishita blushed after reading his message and sent him a smiley emoticon. She had bunked lectures that day to complete her pending assignments. She waited for the clock to strike 7 for two reasons. One was that she was eager to meet Raman. The other reason was more critical. She had to discuss with him how she should go about shifting to the college hostel.
She took a cab and left for Shivaji Park. She was wearing a knee length, blue, one piece dress and had left her hair loose, with a few strands falling on her face. She was hardly wearing any make up except a slight lip gloss and blue eyeliner. Within a few minutes, she reached the destination and got down from the cab.
Raman was waiting outside the petrol pump near Shivaji Park. Seeing ishita standing on the other side of the road, he couldn’t resist looking at her from head to toe.
She looked perfect. Raman parked the car and walked towards her. He gave her a sweet flying kiss, which was returned with equal intensity. Raman held her hand and theysearched for a secluded place at Shivaji Park. There are only a few places left in Mumbai where couples can spend some quality time together without any disturbances and this was one of them.
Ishita took out a sketch of Mickey Mouse which she had made for Raman in between her lectures. Raman laughed after seeing it and pulled her cheeks. He loved how innocent she was.
‘It’s super cute. I will pin it up on the pinboard in my room. Love you so much,’ Raman said kissing her cheeks.
Ishita didn’t say anything. Though she managed to smile, Raman could sense her fear. He held her hands, came closer to her, and asked, ‘What happened, tell me. I will suggest a solution.’
She narrated the entire story and said, ‘I had a discussion with mom and dad too.
They have agreed to my decision of staying in the college hostel. Instead of looking for some other place for a month, it is better to shift to the hostel.’ She stopped for a moment and rested her head on Raman’s shoulder.

‘So what’s the problem? You are absolutely right,’ Raman said playing with her hair.
‘The only problem is that from now on, I will not be able to stay with you till late nights. And that’s why I wanted to discuss my decision to move out with you first,’
Ishita said leaning closer to Raman, almost on the verge of kissing him.
Raman didn’t deny her the pleasure of the kiss. Men will be men, after all. He slowly embraced her and locked his lips with hers. Raman was pretty nervous as he knew other people around them were definitely noticing them. But he decided to ignore them.
Ishita’s tender kiss incited him like fresh blood to a shark. He grabbed her by her waist and kissed her all over again. In the moonlight, she looked ethereal, almost like a painting. He wondered how he could have ended up with such a beautiful girl. His girlfriend. His soulmate.
Raman looked sideways and saw another couple doing much more than kissing. Raman stood astonished for a moment, asked ishu to move with him to another secluded spot, and found a bench and sat on it. They hugged each other and then Raman asked her to sit on his lap. Ishita didn’t argue.
‘Can you just lean on me a bit more?’ Raman said with a naughty smile.

Raman kissed her cheeks first and then his tongue nudged her lips to open her mouth.
It was another passionate evening for both of them.Their love made them forget the world around them.
Soon it was time for ishita to leave since it was getting late. Getting up from Raman’s lap, she adjusted her dress. Her hair had come loose in the impromptu makeout session, and while tying it, she came forward and gave a small peck on Raman’s neck. Raman again untied her hair and they walked towards the car.
‘You look more beautiful with you hair open,’ Raman said holding her hand lovingly.
‘And you look hotter when you smile. They highlight your cute dimples,’ ishu replied and they started their journey back home.
Romance is the language of love. It is the way you show your partner that you care about them. The time she spent with Raman had made her feel much better and she was now relaxed about moving to the hostel.
While driving back home after dropping off ishita, Raman sent a message to her.
The day you came into my life, everything changed. Your arrival brought with it happiness, hope, and contentment. I was afraid to give you my heart, as I was scared that you would tear it apart. Then I gradually let it commit the perfect crime because you stole my heart with no intentions of giving it back. I promise to love you in every way that I can and to be by your side in every possible way. Your beauty overwhelms me as I wrap my arms around you. I press you tight and great passion fills my inner being. The touch of your lips makes me numb. Your Mickey is on the dashboard and smiling. You are my cutest Minnie. I love you so much. Just try not to dress as beautifully as today. you may cause accidents on the road because the whole city will be gazing at you. Love you so much. Muaahh!

Ishita read the message and replied:
Raman, are you driving or messaging? How many times have I told you not to use your phone while driving! Still you don’t listen to me. Anyway, you know what? I can’t stop talking to my friends in Chennai about you. I love the child in you—so innocent and sweet. The mischief in your eyes and the blush upon your cheeks, makes your dimples look very cute. The tender way you spoke today showed me that you care. Your warm hand that gently touched my hair gave me a sensation of your true love. When I first met you, I liked you but we were supposed to be friends. Who would have thought that I would love you till the end? I love the way you tell me that I am beautiful and the way you make me laugh like no one else. I love the way you move my hair away from my eyes and then kiss me on my face. It feels like I am dreaming. You too are my cutest Mickey. Love you Raman! Be mine forever. Never go away. I will remember the day we spent our first passionate evening together. That too in public:P
Ishu was content that Raman had no issues with her shifting to the college hostel.
It was love all the way! At least for now.

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