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Shagun had reached the party venue while Raman was in the lobby downstairs.
The party was at the Four Seasons hotel in Worli. The venue was the Aer lounge located on the 34th floor. Raman was escorted to the elevator which went straight up to the 33rd floor of the hotel. Once he was out of the elevator, he climbed another floor through the glittering stairway with small mirrors on the walls that lead to the lounge. It was an open roof lounge with the most beautiful view of the city—including Haji Ali, Mahalaxmi racecourse, and the Bandra-Worli Sea link. Raman went towards the sea facing side where the cool breeze from the Arabian Sea greeted him. His jaw almost dropped looking at the amazing view. He then searched for his teammates and shagun. They were sitting on the opposite side with drinks already served on the table.
Raman took his seat after greeting everyone.
‘What will you have?’ shagun asked.
‘I’ll take prawns and a cocktail.’

Shagun placed the order and offered him a cigarette. Raman couldn’t deny the offer due to corporate table manners and took one cigarette from the pack. It would have been a different story altogether if he was a non-smoker. However, everyone from the team knew he smoked. Thus, he couldn’t refuse and lit a cigarette. He somewhere felt that he was encouraging shagun to come close to him and get more personal. He hated that fact but felt completely helpless about it.
After dinner, Raman got up from his seat and moved towards the sea facing side of the lounge asking aloud if anyone wanted to join him. Shagun readily agreed to join him and got up from her seat. Raman gave a sarcastic smile as she straightened her dress and started walking alongside. She was heavily drunk but Deep ignored this fact. They reached the edge of the rooftop which had a long glass boundary. Shagun had been silent all through the walk and didn’t even look at Raman. He sensed something coming his way after the long silence. He had almost finished his cigarette and still shagun hadn’t uttered a word. She was too drunk to be in her senses.
‘Are you okay? Raman enquired. Her long silence was making him uncomfortable.

‘Can I ask you something?’ shagun said staring at him. She was finding it difficult to even stand on her feet.
Raman held her hands and made her sit on the nearby couch. A smile popped on shagun’s face. She held his hands so tightly that Raman could hardly move his fingers.
He was shocked with shagun’s strange behaviour. He hadn’t expected something like this to happen. He tried to free his hand from her clutches but failed to do so.
Raman gave up eventually and said, ‘shagun, You should leave. You are drunk and it’s getting late.’
‘No. I am not drunk. I am okay. Raman, you are really very cute. You always take care of everyone and I love you for that… You should…’ she muttered but Raman interruptedher by making her stand and signalling to one of his teammates to help him out. When everyone saw her condition, they made her sit on the couch and tried ways to make her regain normalcy so that she could at least reach home safely. However, she was in no mood to listen. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the couch. Everyone asked Raman to take her home safely since she was not in a state to go alone.
Raman knew what could be the consequences if he went alone with her. He was already scared and shocked with what had happened a few minutes back. Nevertheless, he did not have any other option. There were two managers requesting him to do the honour and shagun continuously muttered his name when they asked her who they should get in touch with to help her reach home safely. Raman took her bag and they both walked down the staircase. Shagun took the support of his shoulders to walk. She kept on muttering Raman’s name until they reached the lobby. Raman made her sit in the lobby and asked the gaurd to call for a taxi for them. She held Raman’s hand and walked towards the taxi.

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