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Ok, ok so now without much talking i am starting with the story…..
Raman started the car and kept one hand on the steering and the other on ishita’s shoulder. Ishita too rested her head on his shoulder. Raman gently kissed her forehead and continued driving.
They had almost reached the bridge in Mulund which connected Navi Mumbai and Eastern Express Highway when Raman stopped the car at the side of the road. He sensed his phone was beeping. He attended the call and was about to start the car when ishita insisted him to wait for some time. Raman switched on the car’s radio.
‘I just want to see you so that I can dream about you tonight. I love you Raman. I never thought I would love someone whom I had never even met a few months back. But unexpected things happen and that’s life,’ ishita said kissing Raman’s hand.
‘I love you too. It feels so nice and secure to hear those words from you. Always be with me.’ Raman kissed her hands and pulled her cheeks, which made ishita blush.
Raman increased the volume of radio as his favourite song was being played. He grabbed the opportunity and dedicated the same to ishita.
Seedhe saadhe saara sauda seedha seedha hona jee,
Maine tumko paana hai ya tune main ko khona jee,
Aaja dil ki kare saude baazi kya naarazi…
Aa re aa re aa re aa!
Sauda hai dil ka yeh, tu kar bhi le,
Mera jahan tu baahon me tu bhar bhi le,
Saude me de kasam, kasam bhi le,
Aake tu nigaahon me sawar bhi le…
( It’s my favorite song!!)

After the song ended, Raman sensed the intensity of the moment, switched off the headlights of the car, and switched on the parking lights. The glasses were tinted which made it safe for them. She was waiting for Raman to kiss her. Raman was nervous. He was so close yet so far. The sound of parking lights was the only sound audible apart from their breaths. She had closed her eyes.
Gosh, how on earth can it be so easy for her? Raman couldn’t understand it.
He couldn’t stop thinking about how he was going to kiss her. He was pretty sure that steam would erupt from his ears if he held her tight and tried to kiss her. He was extremely nervous. It was his first kiss. Ishita was ready for it. She still had her eyes closed and could feel Raman’s breath inching closer to her. Raman looked outside the window. It was late evening and the street was quite dark. He had to kiss her and shewas waiting.
Why couldn’t she make the first move, he thought to himself. ‘I love you’ said Raman and turned towards her. He wrapped his right hand around her and kept his left hand on her shoulders, bringing her closer to himself. She leant on him while Raman stroked her back. Finally, their lips met. It was their first kiss in a car on a roadside with no one watching them. He started licking her lower lip and gesturing her to open her mouth.
When her lips opened, he slowly pushed his tongue inside her mouth and gently explored it. He placed one hand tightly on her neck and the other one on her cheek. She lightly bit his lip and rolled her tongue over his lower lip. Their hands explored each other. He pushed his hands inside her top while ishita massaged his thighs gently. Raman’s hand searched for her bra strap when ishita opened her eyes and resisted.
‘Not now. This is not the right place,’ ishita said releasing herself from him. They were completely exhausted and out of breath. She smiled looking at him and gave another small kiss.
Raman had pushed his seat back to get some leg space and ishita was resting her head on his lap. Raman played with her hair and kissed her forehead. Throughout the jorney, ishita kept on kissing his neck and biting his ears. He dropped her home and returned. He got down the car and searched for his mobile.

The day had indeed become memorable for both Raman and ishita. Raman had expressed his feelings in the most perfect way possible, and ishita was floating on cloud nine. She wanted someone exactly like Raman who could cross all limits for her to make her happy. Their destiny had brought them together. Their lips met as if their souls were meeting. Even when Raman closed his eyes on his bed, he could feel ishita’s juicy lips and the tender kiss they had shared. Ishita too kept thinking about her first kiss that was as memorable as the first Filmfare award that an actor receives in appreciation of his work. She kept blushing all the time whenever she thought about him.
Before they slept, they both changed their WhatsApp status to the song they had sung in the car.
Aaja dil ki kare saude baazi kya narazi… Aa re aa re aa re aa!

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