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As they entered the college, Raman called ishita to inform her that they were waiting at main gate. A few minutes later, she arrived showing her pass to the girl at the gate who seemed like a friend of hers. While walking towards the stage where the function was to be held, ishita immediately sensed that they were drunk.
‘Drinking during daytime?’she said giving Raman a naughty smile.
‘I thought that will help me move my feet better when I dance with you at the fresher’s party,’ Raman replied looking straight into her eyes.
They went backstage where ishita was getting ready for her dance performance before the party. She went inside the changing room while Raman waited for her outside.
Mihir went to the nearby cooler to drink water. When she finally came out, Raman’s jaw dropped instantly. His heart almost stopped beating and everything stood still for a moment when he saw ishita dressed for the performance. She had worn a white top with blue leggings which gave perfect shape to her curves. Her beauty astounded him.
She had the style and class which made her a strong contender for Ms Fresher that day.
As she came close to him, his breathing got heavier. He wanted to hold her tightly in his arms and take her away from the real world. He was dumbstruck gaping at her beauty.
She was standing merely inches away from him.
‘How am I looking?’she asked Raman casually. He was still lost in her beauty.
‘s*xy,’ he said to which she smiled shyly. She handed him a camera and told him to click her pictures during the performance.
When mihir returned to the spot after drinking water, he saw the intense looks on their faces and the smiles that they exchanged. He instantly knew something was up between them.
After exchanging a few words, Raman walked towards mihir. He seemed super confident and took mihir along with him to the front row where they looked for a place from where they could see ishita perform more clearly.

As the spotlights fell on ishita, everyone started screaming loudly and clapping in unison. The guy standing next to them was fantasizing all sorts of things about ishita anddiscussing her with his friends. Raman looked at mihir and he could see how livid he was. Mihir told him to calm down, telling him it was normal because ishita was the centre of attraction at that moment. She danced like she was floating in air. Raman clicked some pics from his mobile phone so that he could keep her with himself in the photographs at least.
‘mihir, I know there might be many guys here thinking about trying their luck with her. People just see her on the outside and don’t know the real her. Not everyone can see what I can see in her. All I know is when I look at her face, I forget my own name too. I find it hard not to stare at her. I can look at her sweet smile the entire day. It’s the beauty within her that I see, while others are merely focussed on her physical beauty. I have madly fallen in love with her. I hope she accepts my proposal,’ Raman said staring at her continuously while she danced on stage. Mihir just smiled at him as he had no words to say.
The curtains came down after her performance and it was time for the fresher’s party celebrations. The anchor came on stage and gave a speech.
‘Well, I speak on behalf of all the second-year students here. Just a few lines of how we all feel about this function. I wish to express our happiness towards our juniors today. They represent to us the same hope and challenge as new players in a cricket team or new twists in a good story. Together we can make a terrific team. You, a brand new Ferrari and we, the sparkling black, Ford Model T. So I, on behalf of all the old faces here, welcome the new faces with open hands, open minds, and above all, open hearts. I now sign off for the evening and will let the DJ take over. Have a blast guys!’ ( guys i have copied this speech from my di’s script)
Ishita came towards them and asked Raman about her performance.

‘You left me speechless. You really dance well. I think after Punjabis, Bengalis have mastered this art without training. I did feel jealous when the guys around us started staring at you and gossiping about you,’ Raman said.
‘Thanks. I love your dimples when you smile. You look so cute,’ ishita replied.
It was a clear-cut indication that she liked him too.
‘Let’s dance,’ Raman said taking her hand in his and moving his legs to the tune of the music.
As they both started dancing, they forgot the world around them. They even forgot that they were in a college campus and were dancing passionately and looking continuously into each other’s eyes. In between, they exchanged cute smiles, which echoed the lyrics of their love. This continued for some time until the anchor stopped the DJ. He was about to announce the winner of the Ms Fresher competition chosen by the jury members.
Ishita went backstage to collect her bag from the vanity room.
‘It’s my pleasure to announce our Ms Fresher for this year. This year the crown goes to Ms Priyanka Arya.’
Raman was disappointed that ishita had missed the crown. Raman and mihir had observed all the other girls present in the party and no one could match ishita. She undoubtedly topped the list. The group of guys who were earlier passing comments when ishita was on stage screamed ishita’s name loudly as the winner.
They could hear one of them say, ‘This girl is not as hot as the one who danced. Iremember the anchor announcing her name as ishita. She was f**king hot. If I get a chance to be with her for even a few hours, I would bang her real hard. She is irresistible. Oh man, what a figure she had. She is perfect.’
Mihir looked around to see Raman staring at them in anger. Raman was already drunk and these comments made him lose control. He had controlled himself when ishita was on stage, but this time he couldn’t. Even mihir couldn’t stop him. Rather, he didn’t want to stop him. There are few groups of sick guys in every college who have no respect for girls.
Moreover, when they are commenting on your ‘would be’ girlfriend, you can’t ignore it.
Raman too couldn’t tolerate it and pounced on them like a wild dog. Suddenly the music came to a halt and everyone stood still looking at Raman beating these guys like an action hero. Mihir joined in when he saw a couple of guys holding Raman and trying to hit him. He knew that within a few minutes the organizers would arrive and get hold of them, either throwing them out or pulling ishita up for having allowed them wrongful entry. While Raman was still punching the guys left, right, and centre, mihir called ishita, informing her about the incident, and told her to wait outside the college where they had parked their car. After informing ishita he immediately went to Raman to rescue him from the guys. They ran towards the main gate and within minutes, we were outside the college where ishita was waiting for us. Mihir lay flat on the bonnet and heaved a sigh of relief. Raman too was breathing heavily due to the chaos that had occurred in the last few minutes.
‘What happened? Will you guys tell me something? What made you two fight? Raman look at yourself, you are all messed up,’ ishita said in a caring tone touching his cheeks with her fingers.
Raman smiled looking at her. Before he could say anything, mihir interrupted their live romance session.
‘Guys, get inside the car. Let’s move from here first,’ he panicked.
Ishita opened the back door and got in quickly. Raman did the same. Mihir accelerated the car towards Churchgate station. Mihir looked at both of them from the rear view mirror.
They all had panicked and stared at each other through the front mirror. Raman started laughing and they both joined him. It was a hell of the evening and had sent a chill down their spine. Mihir parked the car at the side of the road and looked back.
‘I didn’t realize that in the chaos you both conveniently sat behind. I don’t wanna look like a driver, guys. How mean,’ mihir said jokingly.
‘Oops,’ ishita exclaimed. The next moment Raman got down from the car and came and sat on the front seat. He looked back and winked at ishita.
‘Where are we going?’ ishita asked.

‘mihir is going home but we both can stay back. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll drop you to your home. So don’t worry.’ Raman said looking back at her.
‘Yes sure. But mihir, why are you leaving?’ she asked mihir.
‘To give you privacy so that Raman won’t hesitate getting close to you,’ he laughed looking into the mirror. Raman immediately hit mihir hard.
Stop it mihir. You don’t have to be humorous all the time. Actually, he has some work which he can’t delay,’ Raman said shifting his eyes from ishita to mihir.
Though they didn’t speak anything, mihir knew he wanted to take her out alone so that he could execute his plan. He was still firm about proposing to her. Once they reached mihir’s apartment, he gave the car keys to Raman so that if they decided to stay together till late at night, he could drop her safely. Ishita insisted mihir to join them, but he made up an excuse and got down from the car. Raman had planned to take her to Raghuleela Mall, Vashi, so that he could spend more time with her.
Ishita came and sat on the front seat and Raman took to the wheel. Mihir bid them goodbye and Raman started driving towards Vashi.

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