Episode 1….
Five days passed in packing ishita’s clothes and other things.
Ishita’s parents decided to put up a small
get together before she leaves for Mumbai. Everyone was invited, their friends and family members.
In the party….
Ishita…ishita..come here,her father called her.
Ishita came..
Yes dad, she said
Beta meet mr.khanna our new business partner.
Hello sir, she greeted him.
Hello beta, mr.khanna said.
I listened that you are shifting to mumbai for studying.
Yes sir, ishita replied
Any problem beta?? Mr.khanna asked.

Nothing much but there is a residence problem. Where would she live?? Ishita’s father told.
If you like She can live with my daughter shagun, she lives there only. Mr.khanna suggested.
Ya sure that is a nice idea. what do you think ishita?? Her father asked.
Ishita In mind, no i want to live alone yrr what is this!!
What happened beta ?? You ok about it?? Her father asked.
Ya papa i am totally fine about it!!
Papa may i go?? Ishita asked.
Ya sure!
Ishita went to her room and started chatting with her friend.
So finally you are going!!
Ha yarr finally!!
Yes there you will also find your prince charming!!
Yeah dude
So what do you think how he will be??
Hmmmm.. he should be caring, a little possessive about me and yes he should be very much loving!!
Meanwhile in Mumbai,
Raman gets sudden hiccups..
What happened bhai, mihir asked.
Nothing yrr i think someone is taking about me..raman said.
Ohhhhh.. i think she will be your princess haan , said mihir teasingly.
Hmmmm, raman and mihir laughed.
In Chennai…..
Its morning ishu is ready to leave,
Ishita be safe and call us when you reach there, do not interfere in shagun’s matt….
Ya mom you are telling me this 25th time, said ishu interrupting her mom.
Ok ok now you go !! Her mom said with tears in her eyes.

Ok byeee mom, ishu said.
She left for airport with her dad, and soon she boardrd the flight and reached mumbai.
She called her dad and informed him.
She was waiting for shagun to come and then she saw written ishita iyer. She moved towards that board and there she saw standing a girl wearing a tank top and geans. Hi!!, Ishu waved a hi to her .
Hi! I am shagun khanna. She said.
I am ishita iyer, said ishu.
Come let’s go, shagun said.
Ishu in her mind,
Finally i am here, in Mumbai the dream city. I am here to find my prince charming!!
The screen splits into two and ishu and raman are shown with smiling faces!!

Hoes it guys???

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  1. Very very superb first episode….

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      Thanx guru

  2. superb starting…..

    1. Minniee

      Thanx ishan

  3. Nice part Minniee!

    Lol Raman hic-cup and think that someone is missing him and waiting for the princess, how cute!!!

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    Really nice

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