It All Started With Cycling- A ShivIka TS by Jerry- Shot 2

Yeah ! He has. How can The Shivaay Singh Oberoi can not have spare bicycles ? He definitely has, but how can he leave the chance to travel in the same cycle as hers. The secret room of the Rosebump track has many ! He nodded in affirmative to her decision of traveling on cycles, showing that he was okay with it but only his inner soul knew how is heart was begging him to go to her.

He made her comfortable on the back side of the cycle whereas he sat in front. Anika needed something for support but hesitated to hold him. She sat holding the the lower back of her seat. Shivaay started humming a song.

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni so bhi khabar
Ki Teri saasein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas vahi umr bhar haaye…

Shivaay so wanted her to hold him but then the most magical thing happened that he wished from the almighty. The credit goes to the speed breaker through which anika’s head directly hit his back and she clutched his shirt. Both felt something. He cannot say it as love at first sight but it was something he wished, he wanted, but the reason he don’t know why.

Jitni hasi yeh mulaqaate hai
Unse bhi pyaari Teri baatein hai
Baaton me Teri Jo kho jaate hai
Aaon na hosh me mai kabhi
Baho me hai Teri zindagi hayee….

She signaled him to stop, as her home came. He instantly stopped. She got down and said “so…”. He replied dreamily ” so what?” still wondering how can god create someone so beautiful. She asked friends? He nodded and replied “sure”. As anika was going, he asked her will you come tomorrow? She replied ” yeah bbye”.

Shivaay came home tip toeing and went to his room. He slept thinking and dreaming about her. He got a four hour sleep and woke up at 7. At the breakfast table Pinky started with his usual blabbering about finding her daughter in law. Omru spoke in between telling that nowadays it is difficult to find wife as they are money minded and will we always after their money. The love and affection that they should give will not be there. At that moment Shivaay instantly thought about Anika, she made friends with a mere driver. He began thinking if she would be there as her wife, she would take care of her family very well. He again smiled. Rudra saw his face and was surprised to see him glowing like a bulb at times blushing. He said ” bhaiya have you found a bhabhi for us? You are smiling, you never smile even after cracking the biggest of deals. I am sure it must be that Sanya in your office. This is so wrong, you should have told us, after all we are brothers. O see bhaiya has become a paraya dhan”. Shivaay wanted to stop him and tell that there is nothing of such sort and he can smile. Obviously. After his continuous tries, he was able to make him understand and then left for the office.

In office as usual everyone was doing their work silently followed by a pin drop silence. There was strict discipline for which Shivaay himself took care. As soon as he arrived everybody wished him a “good morning” , to which shivaay replied “a very good morning” , still smiling. Everyone was beyond shock as this was the first time in their life that their sir replied to their greetings and that too with a smile. Whole day at the office he spoke politely giving surprises to his staff members.

Later in the morning at 3 he woke up, got ready and went to The Rosebump. She arrived a little late whispering a “sorry”. She asked ” shikhar can you help me pedal faster, as I can cycle but really slow” showing a puppy face. He replied “okay”. He asked her to sit in front and he sat at the back. He kept his hand on hers at the handle. Once again both felt something, but he did not brushed his thought this time. He knew now that it was LOVE. He enjoyed to see her blushing. Now he knew it was not only him but she also felt magical. He made her learn and both were enjoying as sometimes shivaay deliberately brushed his cheek over hers and they spent a quality time. Both waved and went home.

Here anika was feeling so releived and contented and what not…. She was also new to this feeling but now she can’t say this to him. She liked her at the very first meet. He has all the features that a girl wishes in her prince charming , she stated- handsome(ufff) good post(not very gud but she’ll manage) and above all a good heart. There Shivaay was thinking to propose her as her mother was eagerly waiting for a grand child. He again blushed at his thought and vowed to tell her his real identity.


Heya cuties !! Hope this chapter met up to your expectations. All those who commented a very big vala thank you. Now do comment on this one too and tell me your views, along with all silent readers. Next one will be the last shot❤

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