Under the STARS..!! One Shot (OS)


Under the STARS..!! – One Shot (OS)

Swara’s and Sansakr’s 2 months relationship ended up to their BEAUTIFUL MARRIAGE…!!!
After one year of their married life..,

Sanskar had taken some vacation time for the holiday to do some hunting.

He is not the avid hunter he was when he was younger, but during this time of the year is when he enjoys going.

Swara was excited and looked forward to spending some quality time with her husband.

She envisioned quiet romantic evenings cuddled up with the man she love, candlelight meals, some nice wine and of course some hot raucous s*x.

Everything was coming together as Swara had hoped.

Needless to say Sanskar was really excited.

Swara had purchased some wine and the food she was figuring to prepare for Sanskar and her.

Swara had also purchased some special sleep ware from malls.

A wonderfully s*xy and naughty black teddy complete with garters and black fishnet stockings.

When Sanskar made it home from work on that final day before he was to start his vacation, Swara greeted him at the door throwing her arms around him and kissing him passionately.

“Whoa..!!! What was that for..?? Not that I’m complaining,”

Sanskar said smiling, his hands ran over Swara’s hips then around to her ass.

“What.?? Can’t a wife greet her handsome husband with a kiss.??”

Swara said then with one hand reached down and cupped his manly jean covered package.

Swara smiled as she felt his dick move in his jeans to her touch. They both kissed again as Swara continued to grope his crotch.

“I love you so much! I want some, take it out!”

Swara said as she unfastened her tan shorts and let them drop to the floor.

She wasn’t wearing any undergarments so he had plenty of visual inspiration.

“I take it Swara isn’t here!”

Sanskar said with a grin as he unbuckled his belt as and unfastened his jeans.

“It’s just me and you for a few days, Hubby! Hurry up and take those pants off, sir!”

Swara replied as she watched him push his jeans to the floor, exposing his hardening cock for her lustful eyes to behold.

“Leave the shirt on! OH, you look so hot..!! Come on Hubby and give me some love”

Swara said as she walked to the end of the couch and leaned over the arm, playfully shaking her naked ass at him. Sanskar walked up behind her fondling his dick bringing it to a full beautiful erection. She then felt his large hand grope her butt cheeks.

“Such a s*xy ass babe..!!!” Sanskar said as he continued to play with her ass cheeks. He then leaned down and began kissing her butt, his lips felt so warm, soft and moist. Swara groaned as she felt him spread her butt cheeks and run a finger over her tight little a*sh*le. Swara increased the stimulation of her clitoris as he continued to tickle her a*sh*le with his finger. Swara squealed as volts of sheer erotic electricity shot straight to her now pulsating core. This was a new experience for her and she was literally drunk with her desire. Swara moaned loudly as she brought to a powerful climax. Her body vibrated and her legs felt weak as she rode her orgasmic wave. Swara didn’t have much time to recover before she felt him slip his hard tool past her swollen pulsating core lips, stretching her as he slowly slipped in inch by inch until he was buried deep inside her.

Swara shivered in post orgasmic tremors as he began thrusting slow and deep, holding her hips with his strong hands.

Swara groaned, small whimpering noises escaped her lips as he began to increase the power of his thrusting. His powerful arousal bringing her closer to another orgasm.

Sanskar grunted and groaned like a wild beast as he pumped his large swollen cock into her like a jackhammer. Swara groan as he grabs a handful of her hair as he thrust into her, the power of his passion pushing her closer to another orgasm. Swara squeal as she feel another pending orgasm swell deep inside her, then explode. She gasp and pant heavily as her hot little core pulses and contracts around his tool.While Sanskar was near to Cumming then he growled as his cock began to throb inside her, delivering his hot seed deep into her cunt. Swara screamed and moaned loudly, enjoying the feel of her husband pulsating inside her as her core sucked his seed.They stay locked together for a couple minutes before he finally pulled his spent cock from her. She could feel some of his semen begin to ooze out of her as she made her way to the bathroom to clean herself.When Swara returned, Sanskar was sitting on the couch. He smiled when he saw her walk into the kitchen.

She grabbed two beers from the fridge then sat next to him on the couch.

“I love you my wifey..!!” Sanskar said with lightly kissed her lips.

“I love you too..!!” Swara say with a smile as she look into his deep brown eyes, her hand running along his naked thigh.

Sanskar then told her that one of his bosses had offered him the use of his hunting camp, and on how he was figuring on leaving early the next morning.

Swara’s heart sank and she could see her plans heading straight down the drain.

“Hubby, I thought we could spend some time alone together while you are off..!!” Swara replied, her voice telling of her disappointment.

Sanskar looked at her sensing her frustration.

“Well, why don’t you come with me..??? ”

Swara looked at him and laughed.

She had been to a few hunting camps in her life and they were nothing to write home about.

“Seriously..!! Exactly where is this place and who else is gonna be there..??”

Swara said, then took a sip from her beer.

“About forty miles east of here. Sits on a lake..!! Supposed to be really nice. It will be just the two of us. I figured we could leave around 5 am in the morning or we could leave this evening if you prefer..??”

Sanskar replied to Swara back.

Swara thought about it for a moment and then agreed suggesting that they leave that evening.

Both then dressed and packed. In about an hour’s time both were on their way.


After stopping and eating at a local steak house, both finally arrived.

Swara’s pov started..,

I must say that I was completely blown away.

This was unlike any hunting camp I had ever seen before.

Back along this dirt road that traveled deep into the woods and completely secluded (found it a bit spooky as it was dark when we arrived) was this beautiful two story country home.

A gate blocked the entrance that was secured by chain and pad lock. Sanskar unlocked the gate and we drove up to the house.

Swara’s pov ended.

“Are you sure we are at the right place..?? This is so beautiful..!!! ”

Swara said to Sanskar, feeling more comfortable about the whole situation.

Sanskar laughed and said to Swara that,

“Not bad, huh, Shona..?? We can run around naked and ‘MAKE LOVE UNDER THE STARS..!!’ if you wish. No one would know..!!! ”

That idea definitely intrigued Swara.

In the back of the house was a beautiful lake.

A large peer led out over the lake.

The yard was beautifully maintained and landscaped.

After glancing all around, Swara thought that she could live here for life time..!!!

Sanskar unlocked the front door and Swara’s jaw dropped.

No old worn out furniture there.

Beautifully decorated in a rustic outdoorsy kind of way.

A large stone fireplace immediately caught Swara’s eyes, definite romantic potential.

A huge 60″ wall mounted tv on another wall.

A large antler chandelier hung from the ceiling.

Of course everyone should have their usual hunting camp accessories, the mounted deer heads on the wall and a real bear skin rug.

The kitchen was spacious with a stainless steel 6 burner stove and a huge stainless double door refrigerator /freezer that were stocked with the basics, beer, condiment, sandwich meat, several packages of deer meat in various cuts, several packages of Bacon, 3 dozen eggs and more beer.

The cabinets were stocked full of canned goods.

In a separate section was the liquor cabinet, it also was fully stocked.

A rustic staircase led upstairs where the 3 bedrooms were located.

All the bedrooms were fully furnished and nicely decorated.

The largest bedroom had a large four poster king sized bed, fireplace and mounted 42″ flat screen tv.

Each bedroom had its own bathroom, each with shower, toilet and urinal. The largest bathroom had a large open walk in shower.

No tub, but hey that’s OK with Swara, she wasn’t going to complain about it.

After Swara’s little tour of the place she helped Sanskar unload the SUV, then both settled in.

Swara fixed them both a drink and then Sanskar suggested that both can walk out to the lake.

Hand in hand both walked out onto the peer, complete with porch swing and a couple wooden benches.

It was so beautiful to look out over the lake, the moon’s reflection rippling with the movement of the water.

It was so quiet and peaceful, and YES, romantic.

“Are you glad you came, Swara..??” Sanskar said with pulling Swara close and kissed her forehead.

Swara was speechless in front of her all feelings and excitement..!!!

She put her arms around his neck and kissed his sweet lips.

“I love it and I love you my Hubby..!!!! I love you so much..!!”

Swara whispered softly into his ear.

“I love you too my angel Shona..!!!”

Sanskar said softly and then kissed her.

Their lips parted and their tongues met and danced sensually as both held each other tightly.

“”Sanskar, remember what you said earlier about ‘MAKING LOVE UNDER THE STARS..???”

Swara asked and then giggled as she flicked the tip of his nose with her tongue.

“Sure I do, my love…!!”

Sanskar replied with a devilish grin.

“Let’s do it! Let’s make love under this beautiful starry night that the god has blessed us with. Can we do that, Hubby..??”

With asking this Swara gazed into his loving eyes.

“I would like that..!!! I will find a spot to build a fire; it is a little cool out tonight. ”

Sankar replied back to Swara.

“Great..!!! I will go get a blanket. I love you so much, Sanskar..!!”

Swara said and then hurried back to the house to retrieve a blanket.

She grabbed a blanket from the end of the four poster bed.

Sanskar already had a fire started in a clearing near the lake when Swara returned.

He helped her spread the blanket out, then took her into his arms and kissed her very passionately causing her core to drip with desire soaking the crotch of her tan pleated shorts.


“Ready to get flow out with me Shona..?? ” Sanskar said, his right hand cupped her left br*ast and tweaked at it’s stiff nipple.

“Oh yes my dear Hubby..!!!” Swara gasped, as his touch sent wonderful sensations throughout her body, but especially her now throbbing cunt. They both gazed into one another’s eyes as both slowly undressed one another.

It was a little cool, but Swara was oh so hot..!! Removing his shirt, She ran her hands over his broad muscular chest. Swara kissed and kissed on his chest when he unclasped her bra, slipping the straps off her shoulders. Swara smiled and shivered slightly as she let him slip the bra from her body exposing her br*ast and swollen erect buds. Swara didn’t shiver from the coolness of the weather, rather from her over whelming desire.
Then Swara gasped as he gently massaged her tits, wonderfully tweaking each nipple before kissing and sucking on each one. She squealed as he playfully and gently took one of her nipples between his teeth and pulled slightly.

“I love you, my sweet angel..!! I love you so much! You are just so beautiful and s*xy.” Sanskar said then planted a soft sensuous kiss onto her lips.

“I love you too, my Hubby..!!! My dear sweet husband, my lover!” Swara panted as her hands drifted down and began to unbuckle his belt and jeans. She slowly unzipped them then reached her hand in and cupped him. His dick swelled at her touch.Both kissed then Swara knelt before him and opened his jeans, slowly pulling them and his boxers down over his muscular thighs. His long thick cock now hung nearly fully erect before my eyes. She then played with his tool by her hands, He moaned deeply with her touch, Swara then looked up at her hubby and took his hands in her and said, “Make love to me..!!! I need you and I love you my sweet love..!!!”

Swara pull him down to her and both embrace and kiss.


As both kiss, Sanskar laid Swara gently back onto the blanket as their hands roamed over each other’s body. His hand drifted down her body, his touch sent erotic shivers through out her body. Swara whimper softly as his fingers slip past her pubic bush to her swollen core lips, tracing lightly over her clit causing her to gasp and softly say his name. He slips first one then a second finger into her hungry cunt. Her body arches as he works his fingers in and out of her. She moaned out as his fingers bring her to a powerful climax. Swara’s body quakes and her head spins, her breathing coming in short rapid burst.

“I love you so much! I so love watching you cum, my beautiful queen! I must take you now, I throb for you, my angel. ” Sanskar said then kissed and suckled on her right nipple.

“Take me! Take me now, my Hubby, Love me till satisfying your hunger for me..!!” Swara said this with panting.

Both kiss again as he mounts her, her legs open wide for him allowing him between them. Both look into each other’s eyes, Swara gasp as she feel the swollen head of his arousal slip between her swollen core lips.
Swara wrap her legs around his waist and pulled him into her, his cock filled her so wonderfully. Swara groaned and ran her nails lightly up and down his strong back as he slowly began to thrust. Swara scream with hr hubby’s name, her nails clawed at his back and shoulders as she spammed in orgasmic pleasure. Sanskar increased the power and speed of his thrusting. Swara barely recovered from one orgasm when another surged and ravaged her body. Swara squealed and gasped for breath and he relentlessly pounded into her.

“Turnover, Shona..!!” Sanskar panted. Swara groaned as he slipped his hard tool from her throbbing, sloppy wet cunt. Swara turned over and got on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder at him. He grasped her hips then thrust his tool into her in one powerful thrust. He began thrusting hard and fast, groaning deeply as he pumped her and he growled as his arousal began to throb inside her. Swara moaned loudly with crying out as she felt him explode inside her filling her with his hot seed.

Both lay on the blanket panting and gazed at the stars above, vulnerable and exposed and so much in love.

Sanskar then told her that he planned on her going all along and had asked his boss for use of the camp.

Swara’s pov started..,

We both made love several more times during the three days they were there, but MAKING THE LOVE UNDER THE STARS by light of a camp fire felt extra special to me. I honestly believe that the god smiled and blessed upon us that night.

Thank you, Sanskar, thank you very much for the romantic time at the camp. Thank you so much for your love and for just being you, my dear loving husband. I love you so much!

Swara’s pov ended.


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  1. Hey Sanswa…I am Sorry to say but you uses many Vulgur words in your FF…You should have keep that in mind that Peoples of Every Age Group Visits this site
    N read stories…Your one was way too Vulgur And in a sense abusive*Sorry to hurt you*…The Story Line was Nice..SwaSan were in a relationship They Married N one of them wished to have Love Under the stars..But could have Wrote it in a manner which was actually Justiabe N could have been read by people of Every Age Group…
    I am Sorry if I am Being Rude..Or If I HUrt You I have Not Intention to do so…But as a Reader its my right to Mark the Flaws in the Story…N to Guide My Lovely Writer..
    I Hope You Are Not Hurt..I am Sorry Again..

    1. MickeyMouse


  2. Hi r u there in wattpad!IF It s there plss give u r wattpad id nd I love your story fell in love by mistake so much
    nd it’s the first time I’m comntng!your story is so gudd

    1. Sanswa

      Oops sry..!! M not a8 wattpad, ty for reading

  3. Savanshi27

    Ufff ufff ufff!!!! Plz someone call a fire brigade…. it’s getting so hot here….
    OMG!!!!! this was erotic….
    means hotness overflowing at such a high rate?????
    u were awsm dear….
    what a thought haan….
    this was beyond normal romantic os and I must say u set TU on fire….
    still waiting for fire brigade?????

  4. mou(swasan lover)

    awesome.nnn ignore basher….hey marayam stop ur nonsense…. if ur prblm of this type of fiction why u read it….

    1. Excuse me…What I wrote was actually non of your Concern..N being a reader I have the right to mark the Flaws…N dear it was bulgur that’s why I pointed it out N not just me other readers too point it out…N u am not a badger bcz I asked sorry to her if my words hurt her…N badgers are people are you…You Eithout any Concern tries to poke their nose in every matter..,
      Sorry dear I didn’t wanted to be rude…Sorry if I literally hurts yoi N plz End the fight there itself …

      1. Sanswa

        And an toh aadat si hai mujko ase sunne Ki, so I didn’t get bother, nt to feel bad, I learnt to get adjust wid it, not wanting 2 hurt u, and will not come 2 bother u sooo much until 28th due 2 having xams, so many thnx 2 speak at my ff…!!!!

      2. Sanswa

        Hey guys plzz don’t faught 4 very much bad writer, not wanting to hurt any1 feelings, nd as i earlier said I didn’t write 4 any kind of cmmnt, so i’m nt at all bother abt any kind of rply. But feeling special at least u speak at my ff, loved ur way of expressing, getting totally flat on u, hey Mary am not 2 b sry I’m not bothering abt ur comment, very much thnx 4 bearing me until dis much

    2. @mou……
      maryam doesn’t have any intention to hurt sanswa….she is just pointing out how this much vulgar scenes can affect the younger ones who reads..and she was just telling swasan to keep a limit in the hot romances…..and most of them had stopped there reading in between due to the cheap scenes…and you can’t call her a basher as she was just pointing out the flaws in the story and guiding a lovely writer……..

      and sanswa….it would been good if you had note in first that it’s a hot hot hot romatic story…..

      i didn’t had any intention to hurt anyone…
      and …if any of my words has hurted then i am really really sorry

    3. Sanswa

      So sweet of u dear…!!! lvu u?, very bigwala thnx 4 bearing me.

    4. Sanswa

      U r such a so sweet dear,luv u, BT not 2 create bad relation wid any1 4 such a very bad writer, thank u so Much 4 reading my ff

  5. Ayonti(swasan)

    superb….I am big fan of ur fiction…. luv it… and ingore basher

    1. Sanswa

      Awwee☺, luv u dear, Many thnx 4 such a comment, feeling heaven by hearing DAT ‘ I can have also fan such lyk u…!!!’once again Thank I so Mich dear 4 ur love, waiae I’m also so Mich big fan of ‘ farina tanu 4swasan u r my luf n mavvo 4 his lust or luv’.. Just thought 2 share it aid u I hope u didn’t bother by my blabber, sorry 4 it then…

    2. Sanswa

      Awwee☺, luv u dear, Many thnx 4 such a comment, feeling heaven by hearing DAT ‘ I can have also fan such lyk u…!!!’once again Thank I so Mich dear 4 ur love, waiae I’m also so Mich big fan of ‘ fariha tanu 4swasan u r my luf n mavvo 4 his lust or luv’.. Just thought 2 share it aid u I hope u didn’t bother by my blabber, sorry 4 it then…

  6. pls post fell in love by mistake nxt chapter soon….

  7. Soujanya


  8. i didn’t read it full….bcoz it is soo vulgar…..
    there should limit to show hot romance….
    this is really cheap….

  9. This is so freaking cheap!! I couldn’t even read the story because of how vulgar it was.. There is another story written by someone on this page which I thought was the most vulgar story I’ve ever read but infront of your story that story is not even 1% vulgar.. Sorry If I Hurted you in some way but TU should take away this story because there are many young-aged people here who can absosutely not read this… There is a limit in writing stories which everyone should now but u…

  10. Hey dear…
    We all know that u r an awesom writer..so plzzz use this boon fr writing gud storiezz…
    U know what i mean…
    I hvnt even read it fully…jst 6-7 initial linezz nd i fell disgusted…sorry to say so…
    Bt yr it wzz reallyy too vulgar nd cheap..
    This site is open fr all so even kidzzz studing in 5-6classes are here too…
    Jst think what effect it will hv on them..
    Even the wordzz like…ahhh!! I cant write em all..bt i hope u understand..
    Dear m a silent reader of ur ficzz….bt today i hv to speak and point out d flaws being a reader…
    Sorry if it hurtzzz bt itzz d reality…

  11. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Outstanding dear…it’s so hot and romantic????… Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  12. SRSL

    Sanswa di if you are giving hot romance then please give a warning before.. I loved the concept but then I couldn’t complete reading it…I am only in 8th std..so I can’t understand half the thing…I am a frequent reader of you ff fell in love by mistake there also before giving hot updates give a notice so I can skip it….I am really sorry di if I hurt you.I did not want to hurt you but its a bit uncomfortable for some people like me…please do write more but then try to give warning…so so sorry if I hurt you…please forgive me…

  13. It’s fully awsm…. Just dhamaka….lvd it sooo sooo much…

  14. it’s disgusting….there are people of different ages reading this….
    i stopped my reading feeling disgusting…..
    you should have a limit for the hot romances………
    it’s soo vulgar….yuckk ….it’s really cheap…

  15. Sanswa

    Hey guys I’m feeling heaven by seeing your positive and negative love towards my writing… But want to favor from you all,plzz answer anyhow, I didn’t say this fst for my 12th chappy of ‘fell in love…’ as not wanted to get mixed your feelings in sadness just thought to give u pleasure at 12th chappy of my that ff, so not tell this time,the prblm is tat until 28th I’m totally off from TU as having exams guys, plzzz still hold ur all emotions, I promise will update like i did one by one, guys still so more interesting part is remaining in that u will definitely loves it, so I’ll not able to update ‘fell in love..’ Now till 28th, but from 28th n8 onwards will come back with more dhamaak, but by seeing ur love n dispiritness I’m asking dat if u want that precap which I gave want to fulfill them I’m able to do that only 4 u whether it will be short as per my gym adjustment, but ‘do tell me if u want DAT precap gets complete’ then I’ll start my work on that so do reply fast,any1 just say ‘Yes or No’ for that. I’ll get it den…

  16. yes. yes, yes…..I am big fan of urs…… I lyk ur concept…… jis yeh fiction accha nahi lagta skip it….why all r creation mess……

  17. Sanswa

    *tym adjustment,
    waiting in reply so DAT I can start my work on DAT immediate after getting ur rply in yes..!!!!
    Otherwise I will post that precap also from 28th only…if u’ll say no for it

    1. Yes please update.

      1. Sanswa

        U will get it den soon

    2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

      Yes please update..

  18. soo hott…. awesome, superb…..mujhe yeh nahi samaj ata… apko yeh fiction se prblm hai then skip itt….why all insulting writer….. n one more thing sanswa I am big fan of ur…..please ignore them…..

  19. Kaynatk01

    it was awesome i was wondering it must be you and it was just awesome

    1. Sanswa

      I thought u little bit lyk my hot chappies den y dnt u read hot chappy of ‘fell in love..’, kk must b as all saying m too much bad, but feeling so happier by saying that ‘M BIG FAN OF UR WRITING DEAR’ I h as read ur DAT ‘punarvivah wala ff’ just very much lazy in cmmentig as being writer also but literally I have read ur all ff n os, loved it DAT to d core

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    Sanswa i loved it…. n d people saying its vulgar r not even rgstrd n i guess its d same person not sure….
    N dun stop writing or feel bad… jus write for d people who loves ur story… it was amazing

    1. Sanswa

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    I speak from my heart.. u are truly appreciable.. writer never say bad please????

    1. Sanswa

      Which story?? M not getting, can u tell me it clearly??? Plzz

  22. SRSL

    Di I am really sorry if I hurt you by my comment but then the thing is that I love your stories and I want to read it… And when you give something very hot I can’t understand what it is and hence I skip it…if you don’t mind please forgive me for my harsh words in the previous comment…m really sorry…..

    Hope you did not feel bad….m sorry once again…??????

  23. MickeyMouse

    Hi, Sanswa.. just wanted to ask how old are you??

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